Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 73 Don’t Run Away.
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 73 Don’t Run Away.

His face showed an expression of disgust, and his deep eyes seemed to be filled with a layer of ice. He looked at her coldly, and what he said hurt much.

Who was the shameless one?

Xia Yu was so angry that her entire body was trembling. She shook off his hand and sneered: "Young Master Mo, let me tell you as well. Since I have already left Shengda, I will not return."

Hearing her words, Shen Mo's face alternated between dark and white. His eyes were as fierce as if he wanted to eat her. He gritted his teeth and said, "Remember what you just said. Even if you kneel down in front of me and beg me in the future, I won't forgive you."

Hearing this, Xia Yu's fury burned out all of her rationality in an instant. Just as he turned around, she blurted out, "I am afraid Young Master Mo would be disappointed. There won't be that day. "

Shen Mo had originally planned to leave, but after hearing what Xia Yu said, he turned around again.

She had the guts to talk to him like that. Shen Mo felt that he really underestimated her.

Shen Mo's eyes were filled with coldness. He walked towards her step by step.

Seeing Shen Mo's furious face, Xia Yu instinctively retreated. She had used up all her courage then. When her back hit the wall, she couldn't retreat anymore.

Seeing Shen Mo's vicious expression, she gritted her teeth and ran, hoping that she would be able to get rid of him. However, she had overestimated herself. Shen Mo was like a wall that could not be crossed. He grabbed her and fiercely whispered into her ear, "Do you dare to say it again?"

Xia Yu really did not. Her eyes were filled with fear, and her palms were covered in sweat.

"What are you doing?" Shen Yan asked. He heard a sound outside, so he opened the door and saw what was happening.

"It’s none of your business. Scram." Shen Mo said unscrupulously, without letting go of Xia Yu.

"Big brother, you are going too far. She is my secretary, not your servant." Even if Xia Yu was a servant, she still had human rights. What was Shen Mo doing?


He only replied Shen Yan with one word.

His answer came straight to the point without the slightest hesitation.

Shen Yan squinted her beautiful eyes. Since tonight was destined to be unquiet …

His gaze paused on the glass at the side for a moment, then he grabbed it in his hand and smashed it onto Shen Mo's back. Then, the glass fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

Shen Mo felt something hitting him from behind. He turned around to look at Shen Yan, revealing a shocked expression on his cold face. He never thought that Shen Yan would smash him with a glass.

After shocked by this, his face turned ashen, and his eyes narrowed.

"What happened? Why did I hear the sound of breaking glass? " Old Madame came out of her room and looked at her two grandsons.

"I accidentally broke the glass just now." Xia Yu hurriedly admitted her mistake again.

Old Madame replied and yawned. She turned around and went back to her room. She was tired, too.

"Big brother, you must remember that she is my secretary." Shen Yan held onto Xia Yu's hand and took out his phone to call Shen Qiang: "Let's go back!"

"Second brother, it's already so late, how about …" Shen Qiang didn't want to go back, but when he walked out of the room and saw the expressions on his two brothers' faces, he choked back the words he was about to say.

"Let's go!" Shen Yan held Xia Yu's hand and walked to the center of the living room.

"Stop!" He wants to run after hitting someone? Who did he think he was?

Shen Mo's ice-cold voice sounded out behind Shen Yan.

"Big brother, grandma needs to sleep." Shen Qiang stood between them, afraid that they would actually fight.

"None of your business!" Shen Mo pushed Shen Qiang away.

Was he really going to fight? Great!

Shen Yan turned around!

"Xiaomo, what are you doing? You are an older brother, you have to act like an older brother!" Old Madame's voice sounded from upstairs, successfully interrupting a fight that was about to erupt.

After the three of them got into the car, Shen Qiang asked, "Second Brother, what happened just now?"

Shen Qiang remembered that they had already reconciled, but Shen Yan was arguing with Shen Mo again.

"I smashed a glass at him. He was unhappy and wanted to fight against me." Shen Yan sighed: “What did you guys tell Qingqing?”

"Second Brother, I don't want to say anything to her." Shen Qiang curled his lips and shirked the responsibility away squarely.

"I didn't see her today." Xia Yu said.

"Then who sent the gift to Qingqing today?" They shirked their responsibilities faster than the other. Shen Yan's foxy eyes slightly narrowed as he scanned their faces.

This time, no one tried to shirk the responsibilities. Xia Yu pointed at Shen Qiang, and Shen Qiang also pointed at himself.

That’s right! Shen Yan finally understood what was going on!

Xia Yu and Shen Qiang immediately turned their heads to the side.

After returning home, Xia Yu received a call from Zhang Hanyu. Shen Mo told Zhang Hanyu about what happened and he knew that Xia Yu made Shen Mo angry again.

Zhang Hanyu sighed, "Xia Yu, are you still awake?"

"I'm going to bed. What's the matter, Mr. Zhang? "

"What do you think when I told you to go work in Shenglian?"

Xia Yu made Zhang Hanyu feel very helpless. He understood Shen Mo too well that it was not wise that Xia Yu kept provoking Shen Mo’s patience.

"Mr. Zhang, I …"

Xia Yu understood Zhang Hanyu's good intentions. Who would want to be involved in the internal conflict of a rich family? But there was no difference whether she worked in Shenglian or worked in Tengfei. She would just have to change masters, and in the future, she would be loyal to the Young Master Mo.

This result was not what she wanted.

"She didn't agree, did she? I already knew that she has determined to work for Shen Yan. " Shen Mo looked at Zhang Hanyu with impatiently. In his impression, Zhang Hanyu was not an indecisive person.

"I'll ask her out some day to have a talk." Zhang Hanyu still wanted to make a final effort.

"Do whatever you want!" Shen Mo didn't want to talk to him.

Shen Qiang came out of Second Brother's bedroom, and just as he was about to go to Xia Yu's room, he heard that Zhang Hanyu was calling Xia Yu. He smiled.

His big brother was really serious in competing with his second brother. He started to poach from his second brother again. Didn't he always look down on women? Shen Qiang shook his head and returned to his bedroom.

The next day was Saturday. Xia Yu slept until she woke up naturally before habitually turned on her phone.

She was surprised to find that there were a few missed calls, and also surprised to find that these people were calling her.

One of them was from Zhang Hanyu’s wife, Wanru. If Xia Yu didn't know their relationship was tense, she would have thought that Zhang Hanyu asked his wife to persuade her to leave Tengfei.

Xia Yu dialed back."Wanru, I'm sorry, I slept a bit late last night …"

"I'm the one to say sorry. You're always busy, and I'm disturbing your rest." Just like her name, Wanru was gentle and soft.

"Wanru, don't say that. It is a nice day today, how about we going shopping together? " Wanru was a full-time housewife, and in the past when Xia Yu was Zhang Hanyu’s secretary, the two of them often went shopping together.

"I think so too." It seemed that Wanru was very excited. It had been a long time since the two of them went shopping together.

The two of them strolled from the third floor to the fourth floor, and from the fourth floor to the first floor. Each of them carried several large bags.

"Xia Yu, the screen of my cell phone is broken. Is there a repair shop nearby?"

Wanru took out her cellphone. Although the phone could still work, the touch screen was not sensitive enough. The screen had to be changed.

"It's only a few hundred meters away. Let's go, I'll take you there!"

Although Zhang Hanyu was very rich, Wanru was still very thrifty. She would not throw away anything that she could still use, and Xia Yu understood this. She took Wanru to a phone repair shop and gave the phone to the owner. The owner opened the back cover, looked at the model and said, "This phone is an older version, it may have stopped production. This kind of screen was not easy to find. If you want to change it, give me five hundred yuan! "

Hearing that he charged five hundred yuan, she immediately pulled Xia Yu and said: "Let's go to another shop. The price is too ridiculous."

They went to another shop. However, after looking at the phone, the boss directly said that there wasn’t the accessory and that he couldn't fix it.

"Wanru, you should just go buy a new phone." Xia Yu felt that she was thrifty enough, but it seemed that Wanru was thriftier than her. She even felt that her being so sparing attributed to Wanru.

Wanru also felt that it might be more worthwhile to buy a new one. Thus, they went to the mobile phone market and checked several stores. Suddenly, Wanru pulled hard on Xia Yu, and her nails almost dug into her flesh.

"Wanru, what's wrong?" Xia Yu turned around and found that her face was pale white, and her entire body was trembling.

Wanru didn't answer. She took out the cell phone from her bag with trembling hands and made a call. The first time she called, no one answered. She continued to make three calls before it was answered. Because Xia Yu was close to her, she heard their conversation.

"What are you doing!" Her voice was trembling, as if she was trying hard to restrain herself.

"I'm working!" The person on the other end of the line sounded impatient.

"Hum. Really?" Wanru howled as she ran forward.

Xia Yu was completely dumbstruck. It was only when she heard someone shouting nearby that she reacted and immediately ran towards Wanru.

Wanru was grabbing the hair of a young girl, slapping her hard in the face and even kicking a man beside her. She scolded as she fought, "Zhang Hanyu, you basterd. How dare you lie to me and mess with another woman?"

Wanru had completely lost control of her emotions. She had a ferocious expression on her face, while the young girl whose hair grabbed by her was crying out in pain with a terrified expression.

Xia Yu gasped. She really did not expect to meet Zhang Hanyu here.

Zhang Hanyu's face darkened. He dodged Wanru's leg, then extended his hand to push her away, "Stop hitting her. She's my secretary."

Wanru was staring at Zhang Hanyu and the young girl, she sneered, and then roared, "Are you treating me as an idiot? Would you hold hands with the secretary? You never held hands with Xia Yu before. "

The more she spoke, the angrier she got. A sorrowful expression appeared on her face. Gradually, her voice also became choked with sobs.

The bystanders slowly surrounded them. After hearing Wanru's words, a few onlookers started to heckle, "President and young beauty, a match made in heaven."

Zhang Hanyu's face became darker and darker, following that, he pulled the girl's hand.

His action was even more ruthless than slapping Wanru viciously. Xia Yu worriedly looked at her only to see her face become pale and tears flow down from the corners of her eyes. Seeing her so sad, Xia Yu felt agonized.


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