Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 74 You Can Be with Anyone You Wan
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 74 You Can Be with Anyone You Wan

Wanru grabbed a calculator on the counter of a nearby shop and smashed it towards Zhang Hanyu's head.

Maybe because Zhang Hanyu was only concerned with the young girl beside him, he did not avoid the attack. Zhang Hanyu snorted, and he used his hands to cover his head, staring fiercely at Wanru.

Wanru raised her hand again, wanting to smash him again, but Zhang Hanyu grabbed her wrist and pushed her hard. He bellowed, "Don't be a shrew, or I’ll hate you more.

Zhang Hanyu's face alternated between dark and white as he pulled the girl towards the door with quick steps. Wanru followed her, grabbing the girl's hair with one hand and Zhang Hanyu's face with the other. The situation became chaotic once again.

Someone called the police and tried to stop Wanru.

However, Wanru had already lost control of her emotions. It was useless for Xia Yu to try to stop her. In the end, the police took all three of them to the police station. Xia Yu was worried about Wanru and followed her.

In the car, Wanru was crying his heart out. She did not scold, but cried, which made Xia Yu feel terrible. Zhang Hanyu tightly shut his mouth, not saying a single word.

This kind of thing happens to the police everyday. They were all used to it, but the police educated them anyway..

After being taken to the police station, Wanru calmed down and stopped crying.

The police permitted them to leave when they had calmed down.

Xia Yu raised her head and looked at Zhang Hanyu, just in time to see him looking at her as well. He and Xia Yu looked at each other for a while before he lowered his head.

Probably because he did not expect to lose face in front of his former subordinates, Zhang Hanyu looked a little dejected.

No one had expected a good weekend to turn out like this. Xia Yu walked beside Wanru, whose eyes became swollen from crying. Xia Yu comforted her for a while, but she responded quickly and didn't say anything else. She looked at Zhang Hanyu and the young girl who were walking in front, her eyes filled with resentment and grief.

"Xia Yu, I want to be alone for a while. You can go back first." Wanru turned and said to Xia Yu.

"Wanru, President Zhang isn't that kind of person, did you misunderstand him?" Xia Yu did not lie to comfort Wanru. She had known Zhang Hanyu for a few years, and to be honest, he was a very disciplined person.

"He wants to divorce me no matter what. Doesn't he have an affair?" Wanru took out a court subpoena from his bag for Xia Yu to take a look. "If there's no affair, would he ask for a divorce?"

Xia Yu was speechless.

"I've calmed down," she added. Don't worry about me. It’s just a divorce, right? A lot of people are doing well after divorce."

Although the corner of her mouth was raised, her smile looks worse than crying. Her eyes were red and she was close to tears. At this time, she might really only want to be by herself. Xia Yu acknowledged her words and said to her, "If you have anything to say, just call me."

When Xia Yu went back, Shen Qiang was sitting in the living room, browsing through the news online. He must have seen something funny and was laughing.

"What did you see?" Xia Yu changed into her in-house clothes and walked out, and sat beside Shen Qiang.

"Take a look for yourself." Shen Qiang handed over the tablet computer to Xia Yu: "That bastard Zhang Hanyu acts as if he was a decent person, and I really believe that. I didn't think that he would be caught red-handed by his wife. "

Only then did Xia Yu realize that the scene on the street had been posted online. The video had over 10 thousand hits, and the number is still rising.

"President Zhang isn't that kind of person, it must be a misunderstanding." Xia Yu defended Zhang Hanyu, since she couldn't believe he was having an affair.

"The evidence is conclusive, and you were there. You're not going to defend him, are you? " Shen Qiang pointed to the video.

"I am not defending him. After all, we've worked together for three years, and I've never heard of him having an affair. "

" The true face of Lushan is lost to my sight , for it is right in this mountain that I reside. "

Maybe it was so, Xia Yu thought of the court summons that Wanru showed to her as well as her words. If he was not having an affair and his wife was so gentle and considerate, why would he divorce?

"Sis, what are you thinking about?" Shen Qiang pushed her.

"I was thinking, how come you men never realize it when you're lucky? With such a good wife, a man is still fooling around outside. " Xia Yu couldn't help but sigh.

"It was Zhang Hanyu who didn’t appreciate his fortune. I also despise his behavior. He is a man, but he does not represent all men. " Shen Qiang corrected her.

Xia Yu ignored him, stood up and went to the kitchen to cook.

Shen Qiang lied on the sofa and hummed a song. He looked like he was in a good mood.

In the afternoon, Zhang Hanyu called Xia Yu and told her to come out. He wanted to talk to her.

Xia Yu also wanted to advise him not to divorce Wanru, so she agreed without hesitation.

By the time Xia Yu arrived at the Red lip Bar, Zhang Hanyu was already a little drunk. When he saw Xia Yu coming in, he quickly explained, "That girl is really the secretary of the Shenglian Secretariat. I had no affair with her. Wanru got it wrong."

"I didn't try to take her hand either. I didn't know who hit her with a stone, but the skin on her head almost broke. I just checked to see if she was hurt. "

This was really an instinctive reaction. He did not expect it to be seen by Wanru, and Wanru was with Xiayu, which made it even worse. He really wanted to kill himself.

"President Zhang, I believe that you are not someone who has an affair. But I think you should make Wanru believe you. " Xia Yu sat opposite of Zhang Hanyu. Seeing his dejected look, he probably had also seen the video on the web. For a moment she didn't know how to comfort him.

"Wanru is a psychopath. If I could explain it to her, I wouldn't have to get divorced. " Zhang Hanyu said as he lifted his wine glass and took a sip.

"President Zhang, go easy on the alcohol."

"Xia Yu, if you treat me as your friend, there's no need to say anything else. Just drink with me."

Not only did Zhang Hanyu ignore Xia Yu's advice, he had even poured wine in Xia Yu's glass.

In the end, Zhang Hanyu became completely drunk, and so did Xia Yu.

Chen Wenxuan was drinking with a few of his classmates. One of them recognized Xia Yu. He pushed Chen Wenxuan: "Why is your wife drinking with others?"

At this time, Chen Wenxuan was also a little drunk, he said without thinking: "Nonsense, everyone knows that she is obedient to me, how can she come to a place like a bar?"

"She's right behind you. If you don't believe me, look behind you." The person sitting opposite him helped him turn around.

Zhang Hanyu could barely stand on his feet, and Xia Yu was staggering too.

Xia Yu? Chen Wenxuan's heart tensed up, but when he saw Zhang Hanyu's face, his expression changed again and again.

Under the influence of the alcohol, Chen Wenxuan impulsively walked towards Xia Yu and grabbed her hand: "Come with me!"

After that, he brought her to his car.

Without an umbrella, Xia Yu's body was almost entirely drenched by the time she got in the car. She was dizzy.

Seeing that she didn’t look well, Chen Wenxuan sighed: "I'll send you home first, change your clothes!"

"No need, I'll go back by myself."

Xia Yu wiped her face randomly with her sleeve, wanting to leave.

Seeing her cold expression, Chen Wenxuan became even angrier: "You want to cut off all connections with me in such a hurry?"

"We have no relationship at all!" Xia Yu took a deep breath and looked out the window. The rain seemed to be getting heavier.

"How could you say this? We spent five years together. "

"Is that so? I can't remember! "


Chen Wenxuan was a little speechless. He turned his face back from the window and stared at Xia Yu.

When was the last time he saw her? It should be the time he asked her about insurance. It was raining heavily, and they met briefly in the corridor. After that, things happened one after the other. The two of them seemed to be competing, avoiding meet each other until today.

"Xia Yu, I know you hate me …"

"No, if you didn’t appear today, I would have forgotten about you. Really!" Xia Yu frowned and looked at Chen Wenxuan in disbelief: "We no longer have anything to do with each other. Isn’t it funny that you still say these things? "

At that time, her expression changed greatly, her eyes were widely open, and Chen Wenxuan was obsessively looking at her.

Perhaps sometimes people just had to love someone and they almost lost their mind. Chen Wenxuan treated Xia Yu exactly like this, even though he had hurt her over and over again.

But he had always stubbornly believed that Xia Yu would always forgive him. He knew just how much Xia Yu loved him, to the point of giving up everything for him.

Xia Yu should be fine as long as he was by her side, she didn't care about anything else.

However, that was the old Xia Yu. The woman in front of him was a stranger to him.

"Xia Yu, I admit that I was wrong, but believe me, I really had my reasons."

"Stop!" Xia Yu interrupted him: "I don't want to hear your explanation."

She wiped the rain from her face again.

"You don't have to explain this to me. I don't think you're wrong. At least from your point of view, you're right." Xia Yu acted as if she was trying to defend him.

Chen Wenxuan laughed bitterly: "You don’t mean what you said!"

"I do."

"Why do you think that?"

Xia Yu sighed slightly, "There's no reason. Besides, there's no point in saying all this now. "

"You're still blaming me."

"I didn't." Xia Yu's voice suddenly became louder, she felt a headache: "I'm going home."

"Are you blaming me for being with Bao Na?"

"No, you can be with anyone you want."

"Why?" Chen Wenxuan's voice suddenly became louder too, he hated Xia Yu for being so resolute.

Xia Yu could not help but close her eyes, as she felt dizzy. When will this entanglement end?

The man in front of him had clearly lost a lot of weight, and the outline of his face was even thinner. He was wearing an old, rain-soaked hoodie, and he looked tired and alone.

This was not the Chen Wenxuan she used to knew. He used to be so talented, just like the God’s favored one. He should always stand in front of others in high spirits.

Xia Yu rubbed her palms together: "You really want to know the reason?"


"The truth?"

"The truth!"

"Alright! " Xia Yu breathed in calmly and looked at the windshield. The rain was still as heavy as ever, and the glass was filled with traces of water, as if the whole world was about to be swallowed up by the rain.


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