Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 75 It“s Not Importan
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 75 It“s Not Importan

"Because the Chen Wenxuan I love is already dead."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean …" Xia Yu rubbed her eyes again. After wiping off the rain on her eyelashes, Chen Wenxuan's face became even more distinct, "You are no longer the Chen Wenxuan in my mind."

Chen Wenxuan was nervous. In that instant, his mind was completely blank. He asked after pausing for a few seconds: "Xia Yu, I really have reasons."

"Is that so? "It's no longer important."

"Don't you want to know?"

"It's no longer important."

Chen Wenxuan lowered his head and could not hold back his laughter. He looked up into her dark eyes again. Her eyes used to be very clear, but why are they so intense now?

She was as calm as ever, and he felt like being burnt to ashes. The anger in his heart had been forced out. Right now, Chen Wenxuan could really kill people.

"You gave up our relationship so quickly?" Chen Wenxuan reached out and grabbed Xia Yu's neck. At that moment he wanted to strangle her. They had been together for five years! Had this woman really lost her conscience?

Chen Wenxuan roared. He clenched his fists tighter and harder. Xia Yu felt that the hands around her neck were pinching her heart.. Her heart ached so much that she could barely breathe.

Two months ago, she had asked, "Do you know what it means to be husband and wife?"

He replied seriously, "Yes, two people living together. All I need is you! "

She still remembered the way Chen Wenxuan said those words, how gentle he looked, like a white cloud or a breeze.

However, the moment he heard that Xia Yu was fired, he unhesitatingly proposed to break up.

Now he was asking her why she'd given up on them so quickly. She wanted to laugh.

She didn't know if he had thought about the past five years that they spent together when he was with Bao Na.

She simply closed her eyes, relaxed, and gave up struggling.

After a while, the fingers on her neck suddenly loosened. She felt his mouth press into her lips. She was caught unawares, and his tongue was already in her mouth. Xia Yu tasted the salty smell of rain. Her mind was blank for a moment as her arms reflexively hit on Chen Wenxuan's shoulder randomly.

"Let …" Let me go! "The sound came from between her teeth.

Chen Wenxuan rolled her tongue around, and then slightly loosened it: "No way!"

Is he crazy? This was on the street, and people were outside the car!

Xia Yu retreated backwards in shock.

Xia Yu could only scratch his arm with her nails, but all that resistance only made him more reckless.

"Xia Yu, I won't allow you to forget me."

He kissed her hard. His words echoed in her ears like a deep voice’s singing. Xia Yu no longer had the strength to resist, which further increased Chen Wenxuan's arrogance. A pair of tangled figures appeared on the rain-spattered rear window.

In an SUV that was a few metres away, Shen Yan stared at the car in front of him with a dark expression. The rain washed against the windshield again and again. The intertwined figures were sometimes blurry and sometimes distinct, but he could almost tell the woman's expression through the rain and mist. Her eyes must be closed tight at this moment, and she was gasping and shivering in the man's arms like a fish that can't breathe.

This reminded Shen Yan of the day when there was such a heavy rain. Her wet, limp body lay on his knee, her eyes closed, her mouth half open, her breath coming in shallow gasps.

Shen Yan knocked on the armrest of the backseat coldly. The man and woman in the opposite car were still entangled. Were they kissing passionately? And in such a public place!

Shen Yan felt a fury in his heart erupting like a volcano. It was silent but it was fast, like an unstoppable disaster, almost to the point of engulfing him.

"Liu Sijie!" He knocked on the front seat.

Liu Sijie turned his head around, "What's the matter?"

"Could you go knocking on the window of the car in front of us?"


"Go quickly!"

When he said the last two words, Shen Yan seemed to be roaring. Liu Sijie was so scared that he immediately got off the car.

Liu Sijie sprinted to Chen Wenxuan's car while bending low.


"Hey, hey!" He knocked loudly on the window. Chen Wenxuan, who was sitting in the back seat, heard it and let go of Xia Yu. He rolled down the window and the cold wind carried the rain.

Liu Sijie didn't know what to do either. He did not care what the people in the car were doing, and could only muster up the courage to shout: "My apologies, my boss need to talk with Xia Yu."

Xia Yu's only thought right now was to escape.

When Chen Wenxuan released her hand, she arched her back and prepared to open the door. Her hand had just touched the doorknob when the door swung open from the outside. The rain poured in quickly, and someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the car.

Before she could react, someone had already wrapped an arm around her waist and covered her head with a coat. The rain could not reach her, but she was plunged into darkness. She could only hear the rain and the sounds of the traffic around her, and could still smell the familiar scent of cigarette.

After that, Xia Yu was carried by someone and walked a few steps, and was then thrown to the front passenger seat of another car.

With a "Peng" sound, Shen Yan sat on the driver's seat. He started the engine, turned the steering wheel, and turned on the headlights, letting them pass through the thick rain. The car quickly passed Chen Wenxuan's car and drove forward.

From the moment he pulled Xia Yu out of the car to the moment he disappeared with her in the car, the whole process only took less than minute.

Shen Yan's movements were smooth and fast, leaving Liu Sijie in a daze. Liu Sijie was stunned for a few seconds. Then, he started to chase after the car, but he could no longer see the car.

"Hey! What the f * ck is this? "

Liu Sijie stood in the rain and slapped his thighs a few times. He did not understand why the boss asked him to knock on the car window and bring Xia Yu away by himself.

Being forcefully thrown onto the seat by Shen Yan, she felt even dizzier after the intense impact. She leaned back, unable to get up for a long time.

The rain outside the window was getting heavier. She heard the sound of water as the wheels rolled over the puddles on the road.

Xia Yu sat up with much difficulty and turned to look at Shen Yan.

At this time, Shen Yan was also looking at her. The two of them looked at each other. Shen Yan's face was gloomy, as if his entire family had been killed. Xia Yu smiled lightly, her pale face was stained with rain.

Xia Yu did not speak. She used her hands to dry the rain on her face and slightly adjusted her sitting posture.

Shen Yan did not speak either. Just like that, the two of them kept quiet, listening to the wind and rain outside the window. This peace was broken by the phone in Xia Yu's pocket.

She didn't answer at first, because she knew who it was without answering. However, the phone kept on ringing, and Shen Yan's car was moving faster and faster under the sound of the ring. There were cars kept coming towards them, brushing past them. Finally, she picked up the phone.


"Xia Yu, where are you? What happened just now? I'm worried about you! " Chen Wenxuan said worriedly.

Hearing his voice, the scene from a few minutes ago started to appear in Xia Yu's mind. In the back of Chen Wenxuan's car, he held her in his arms and kissed her.

Now that she was sitting in Shen Yan's carriage, Xia Yu grabbed the doorknob tightly with her fingers, calming himself down a little.

"I'm fine!" It had been a long time before she finally spoke, and Chen Wenxuan's hanging heart finally relaxed.

"Then where are you?"

"In the car!"

"Whose car?"

What Shen Yan had just done exceeded everyone's expectations. It was raining heavily, and Shen Yan's car was running really fast, that's why Chen Wenxuan couldn't see the license plate. He thought it was weird.

"Who was that man?"

Xia Yu turned her head and glanced at Shen Yan who was driving. From the moment he got on the bus, he had been wearing a cold expression, just like a statue. The lights of the car opposite flickered on and off. When the car lights were far away, Xia Yu could only see his blurry outline. When the car lights were close enough, she could see his entire face, including that pair of deep-set eyes.

"He's my boss!"

Xia Yu's words received a long period of silence. Chen Wenxuan then hung up the phone.

Xia Yu sneered and kept her phone.

Shen Yan had already been sitting in front of the bed for over an hour, smoking half a pack of cigarettes, one after another. Xia Yu couldn't even sleep soundly. She kept mumbling, and there was a hint of suppressed fear in her voice.

"Don't do that!"

"Let go, let go of me!"

After returning, Xia Yu brushed her teeth again and again.

Shen Yan watched her until she went to bed.

He crushed half of a cigarette in the ashtray, then stood up and looked down at Xia Yu who was on the bed.

She had changed into clean clothes. Her face was pale from the rain, and her forehead was beaded with sweat. Under the light of the bed lamp, Shen Yan could see that her lips were slightly swollen, and she looked more charming and alluring.

Just now, the two of them had kissed in such an irreconcilable manner.

Shen Yan fidgeted with his fingers, bent down, and supported himself with his arms beside her shoulders.

Xia Yu frowned, revealing a painful expression.

"Don't do that, let go!"

"Chen Wenxuan, go away, go away!"

The name flowed out of her bright lips like an incanto. Shen Yan was extremely annoyed, he wanted to kill him.

Shen Yan's mouth twitched. He leaned over slowly, so close that he could almost touch the tip of Xia Yu's nose. At this moment, he could smell her warm breath. After the woman had fallen asleep, her facial features appeared much gentler under the light. She was not as cold as she usually was. Her long, curling eyelashes could even scratch his heart.

This was also the first time Shen Yan observed Xia Yu up close.


Xia Yu raised his leg and kicked the bed sheets. Shen Yan slowly stood up, bent his knees and pressed down on her lower abdomen, then stared at Xia Yu's reddened eyes: "Don't move!"

Her clenched fists relaxed, and her curled legs slowly straightened on the bed.

"Right, that's it. Relax!" Shen Yan's voice was deep and heavy. His words were like an incantation that lingered in Xia Yu's ears. He was like a wolf taming his prey.


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