Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 76 Who Did it?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 76 Who Did it?

Xia Yu was frightened and had a fever in the middle of the night.

Shen Yan took care of her for an entire night. Xia Yu's fever finally subsided til the sky slowly brightened up, which made him heave a sigh of relief.

"What happened last night?" In the morning, Shen Yan asked Xia Yu in front of her bed while carrying half a bowl of porridge.

"President Zhang was not in a good mood. I went to chat with him for a while." Xia Yu struggled to sit up and took the bowl from him.

"Xia Yu, I've reminded you before, Zhang Hanyu is currently getting divorced from his wife. It's not wise for you to be alone with him." Shen Yan said as he frowned.

"But after all, he is my former superior. I can't possibly ignore him, can I?" Xia Yu somewhat regretted drinking wine yesterday. If she did not drink, Chen Wenxuan would not have dragged her onto the carriage. She said to Shen Yan: "You dragged me out of his carriage … Thank you!"

"Let me repeat once more. You're an adult, yet you have no sense of security at all." When he thought of how Chen Wenxuan hugged and kissed Xia Yu fiercely last night, the anger in Shen Yan's heart immediately fled.

"I was too careless last night." Thinking about last night, Xia Yu felt that there was still the smell of alcohol in her mouth.

Moreover, when Chen Wenxuan found out that Shen Yan had taken Xia Yu away, he returned to the place where he and Bao Na live. He thought that as long as he did not mention this matter, Bao Na would not know of it.

However, when Bao Na was shopping, she coincidentally met the classmates who were having dinner with Chen Wenxuan that day. As they were chatting by the side of the road, they talked about Chen Wenxuan's relationship with Xia Yu.

That classmate didn't know that Xia Yu and Chen Wenxuan had already broken up, and thought that the two of them were quarreling, and Chen Wenxuan caught Xia Yu dating with another man on the spot on that day.

Chen Wenxuan became jealous and dragged Xia Yu into the car, arguing with her loudly.

Bao Na thought: "I paid for your car. You brought Xia Yu in it to do intimate things! "

Bao Na turned around to look for Chen Wenxuan and coincidentally met him on the way home. Bao Na did not care about the passersby around them and started scolding him.

She cursed like a shrew and beat Chen Wenxuan, "What did you do? Is your old lover unforgettable? Let me tell you if you dare to betray me …! "

There was more than one person who saw Chen Wenxuan and Xia Yu at the scene that day, and it was equivalent to that he was caught red-handed by Bao Na. How could Chen Wenxuan possibly dare to quibble?

The only thing he could do was to beg for forgiveness and put the blame onto Xia Yu, "Wife, I was wrong! That day, Xia Yu came to meet me. She said that I couldn't leave her, that she still loved me! However, how could I like her? The person I love has always been you! Wife, I guarantee that I will never be seduced by her again! "

Hearing Chen Wenxuan's words, Bao Na spat fiercely, and said: "I knew that shameless woman wanted to seduce you! No wonder she had a face like a siren, she only knows how to seduce men! "

Bao Na naturally thought that everything was Xia Yu's fault. She was waiting to reckon with her on Monday at work.

Early Monday morning, Bao Na did not let Chen Wenxuan drive her to work. Instead, she took a taxi and bought a cake on the way.

"Xia Yu, hold it. I have something to ask you." Bao Na stopped Xia Yu at the staircase.

"What is it?" Xia Yu did not like Bao Na from the start, and since Chen Wenxuan had treated her like that last night, Xia Yu had even less desire to talk to her.

"You shameless woman seduced my husband, and acting as if you don't know anything." Bao Na slapped the cake in her hand onto Xia Yu's face.

Xia Yu was shocked, screaming as she retreated.

She did not expect that there are stairs behind her. She screamed and fell.

Amid her panic, the cake in Bao Na's hand flew towards Shen Qiang, who just happened to pass by, and smashed onto his body and face. Shen Qiang's hands grabbed the banister, which enabled him to stabilize himself and avoided fall.

Xia Yu fell to the ground. She tried to stand up, but a sharp pain in her ankle made her sit down again.

She pulled back her skirt and saw that her ankle was red and swollen, apparently injured.

A cake suddenly smashed Shen Qiang and did not know what happened.

Anger rose up from the bottom of his heart, and he instinctively raised his hand towards Bao Na.

"Third Young Master, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to smash you with the cake." Bao Na was frightened to death and quickly explained incoherently, "It was all the fault of this shameless woman, Xia Yu. I wouldn't have been so angry if she hadn't seduced my husband. "

Shen Qiang's hand paused in midair, and then lowered down. Anyhow, he is a man, and he couldn't hit a woman.

However, Bao Na saying that Xia Yu had seduced Chen Wenxuan ignited the anger in his heart: "Bao Na, do you think that everyone else is as blind as you? No one would want Chen Wenxuan even if you offer him to someone else. Why would Sister Xia go and seduce him? "

In Bao Na's heart, Chen Wenxuan was like a god. If anyone else had said that, she would have gone crazy. However, she did not dare to vent her anger at Shen Qiang, so she could only lower her head and not speak, cursing Xia Yu a thousand times in her heart.

Xia Yu returned to her office. Seeing that she was limping, Shen Yan frowned: "She bullied you so much, yet you just accept it?"

Xia Yu sighed, "Forget it. The police can't even manage such a dispute. "

Shen Yan frowned as he looked at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu said softly: "Forget it, for Second Madame's sake."

The corner of Shen Yan's mouth raised, revealing a disdainful expression, "My mother would not be unreasonable. Next time you can't let her hit you like that! "

"Got it!" Xia Yu laughed and said.

Shen Qiang went to the bathroom to clean up the cake on his body and face before coming out.

He was the third young master of Shen Family, and it was unbearable that someone threw a cake at him.

Thinking about how that scumbag Chen Wenxuan treated Xia Yu like that, he couldn't hold it in anymore and went to the rooftop with his phone in his hand.

At this moment, Chen Wenxuan was fuming in the car park.

Before he could show off the new car that Bao Na bought for him in front of his friends, the car had already been smashed into a pile of scrap metal.

He only had a pile of scrap iron left! Even the engine was taken down!

"Who did it!" Chen Wenxuan roared crazily in the parking lot, "Who smashed my car?"

His shout drew a crowd of onlookers, who stood by the car and talked in surprise.

Who could disassemble a car like that?

Chen Wenxuan looked at the pile of scrap metal and wanted to cry but had no tears to shed.

This car couldn't even be repaired anymore, so it could only be sold as a waste.

Of course, if the person who collected the scrap was willing to drive here and carry the pile of trash back!

Chen Wenxuan growled on the spot for a long time, then remembered that he should go to the Real Estate Management Office to watch surveillance videos to find the bastard that smashed his car.

If he could find that bastard, he would beat him up.

However, all the staff in the Property Management Office told him the same thing: The surveillance equipment was broken! No one knew who did it!

As a result, he furiously roared for a long time in the Real Estate Management Office.

At first, the office staff was willing to explain to him, but in the end, they got tired of him, too, and they took out earplugs and blocked their ears, leaving him to yell.

No matter how much he roared, it was useless!

Anyway, this car was ruined!

He still had to go to work. He couldn't stay in the Real Estate Management Office forever. He realized that he could only take a taxi.

Before he left, he went to the washroom.

Just as he entered the bathroom, a sack fell over his head and covered his body.

Chen Wenxuan felt his vision go black, and then he was tied up.

Then two men pushed him to the floor and began to kick him.

Chen Wenxuan shouted, "Who are you? Why do you hit me? I want to call the police! "

Call the police? How?

"You dare to bully the third young master? Do you not want to live anymore?"

The more he shouted, the more the two men hit.

After beating him up for a while, the two intentionally stepped on Chen Wenxuan's ankle ruthlessly before they left. That was where Xia Yu was injured.

Chen Wenxuan's painful howls came out from the washroom.

However, no one went in to see what had happened.

As they left the washroom, the two men removed the sign outside that read "Cleaning Up" and left.

Chen Wenxuan laid on the ground for a long time before he broke free from the sack. He found his cell phone and tried to call the police.

However, he found that the phone he had just bought was already in pieces.

"What fucking bad luck! If I know who did it, I'll kill him! " Chen Wenxuan muttered to himself, "Aiyo-aiyo. It's painful! Who were they? Why did they hit me? "

Chen Wenxuan held onto his ankle, and couldn't stand up anymore.

After that, someone entered the washroom, found Chen Wenxuan who was sitting on the floor and called for an ambulance, sending him to the hospital.

Shen Qiang watched the entire process of Chen Wenxuan being beaten up from the surveillance video before returning to his office in satisfaction.

Shen Yan was currently making a call to Zhang Hanyu. No matter what, Xia Yu was injured because of him. If Zhang Hanyu did not complain to Xia Yu, Xia Yu would not have met Chen Wenxuan.

Zhang Hanyu was in the middle of a meeting, so he answered Shen Yan's phone and said implicitly: "I'm busy right now. I'll tell you later." However, Shen Yan completely ignored him and continued.

"President Zhang, Xia Yu was frightened after being drenched in the rain the night before yesterday, and now that she was pushed down by someone this morning and her ankle was injured, how do you explain that?"

"What? Young Master Yan, please explain it more clearly. " On Saturday, Zhang Hanyu got drunk and slept in the room at the Red lip Bar.

He thought that Xia Yu had left alone when she saw that he was drunk.

Shen Yan's words made him uneasy in his heart.

How could she be frightened? Unless...

"Young Master Yan, can you explain it more clearly?"

"Xia Yu was almost raped by that scumbag Chen Wenxuan! Fortunately, Liu Sijie saved her. " Shen Yan told him everything he knew.

Rape? Zhang Hanyu was so shocked that he stood up and ran out of the conference room, leaving a room full of his subordinates.

When she got off work, Xia Yu's colleagues supported her and slowly walked her into the elevator.

Once she was out of the company, Xia Yu saw Zhang Hanyu's car downstairs. Zhang Hanyu said: "Xia Yu, I've already applied for leave for you, please follow me to the hospital. As for the person that hurt you, I will not let her go. "


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