Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 77 You Are Responsible
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 77 You Are Responsible

"President Zhang, this is what you call taking responsibility. Come on. You guys go to the hospital." Shen Qiang supported Xia Yu and stuffed her inside the carriage.

They arrived at the Central Hospital, and as soon as they stopped the car, the director came over with a group of doctors. Previously, Young Master Yan personally called the Director to inform him that his secretary was injured from the fall and that President Zhang would escort her to the hospital. Young Master Yan warned the Director repeatedly that he must let Xia Yu stay in the VIP ward, and give her the best doctor and the best medicine.

Who was this secretary? Why did Young Master Yan personally call and President Zhang escort her? As soon as the director had put down the phone, he called the best orthopedic in the hospital, and they waited together in the center of the courtyard.

When Xia Yu got off the car, the Director was shocked. They had the stretcher and the oxygen bottle ready, but her ankle was only a little swollen?

The Director looked at the secretary. She looked elegant and charming. According to Young Master Yan's usual behavior, the Director immediately understood that Young Master Yan was fawning on this lady.

Shen Family provides the hospital with quite a bit of funding for talent development and equipment upgrading every year, thus Shen Yan is the god of wealth for the hospital, how could the Director not follow his request?

As the Director gave the order, a group of doctors and nurses came and carried Xia Yu into the hospital, making Xia Yu very embarrassed.

Zhang Hanyu frowned: "Third Young Master, this is a bit too much."

Shen Qiang raised his eyebrows and said with a slanted mouth: "President Zhang, many people saw Sister Xia rolling down the stairs. The external injury is obvious, but whether there is an internal injury needs to be checked. "

Is it a bit too much? Shen Qiang could still let him know what is even more...

The corner of Zhang Hanyu's lips twitched a few times. If Shen Qiang insisted on doing an examination, then so be it! He took out a card and gave it to Shen Qiang: "Third Young Master, a foreign guest is coming to discuss business with me. Please take care of Xia Yu."

Shen Qiang glanced at the card in Zhang Hanyu's hand: "President Zhang, are you treating me as a nurse?"

"That's not what I meant." Shen Qiang was the third young master of the Shen Family, so Zhang Hanyu did not dare to offend him.

"Then what do you mean? Sister Xia deserved to be injured? Don't forget. You fought with your wife, called Sister Xia to complain, and got her to meet Chen Wenxuan. You implicated sister Xia. She's injured, so you're responsible. How can you have fun with a foreign guest? " Shen Qiang did not buy his explanation.

Shen Qiang spoke as if Zhang Hanyu was a heartless bastard.

"Third Young Master … All right, I will accompany Xia Yu here. " Zhang Hanyu had nothing to say and followed Shen Qiang into the hospital.

After the top-tier expert consultation, it was confirmed that Xia Yu suffered from slight soft tissue injury. Since her injury is at the ankle and may have sequelae, experts advise her to stay in the hospital and observe.

After a series of examinations and diagnoses, Xia Yu was sent to the ward.

Once she entered, she saw Shen Qiang holding a small fish bowl on one of his hand, and holding the fish food with the other side. He was gesturing over the surface of the water non-stop but did not let go of any fish food.

Seeing Xia Yu, Shen Qiang threw all the fish food in his hand into the water and brought it to Xia Yu: "Sis, I was afraid that you would be bored while you were at the hospital, so I specially bought a few small fishes to accompany you."

"Are you going to make all the little fish eat themselves to death? Please hurry up and change the water, don't let them eat all the fish food. "

Shen Qiang pushed the little fishbowl into Zhang Hanyu's hands: "Go, go change the water!"

Zhang Hanyu sighed silently in his heart. What was going on? He was also a President of a company. How could he be changing water for goldfishes instead of talking about a business deal worth ten million?

"Chen Wenxuan, you pervert! I will not forgive you!"

Zhang Hanyu cursed Chen Wenxuan in his heart as he carried the fishbowl out.

"Xiao Qiang, okay, you can ask President Zhang to go back, I‘m going to complete the discharging formalities too." Xia Yu was not shameless. She didn't want to be hospitalized because her foot was twisted.

"No!" My second brother ordered that you must completely recover before you can be discharged, President Zhang must also stay here to accompany you. " Shen Qiang said.

"Huh?" Xia Yu was a little confused: "President Zhang is also here?"

What do you mean by "completely recover"? It could only depend on Shen Qiang's standards. He could say three to five days or ten days. It didn't matter if Xia Yu stayed in the hospital since Shen Qiang and Shen Yan were bosses.

However, Zhang Hanyu could not stay here forever. His big company can't do without him.

"Don't look at me. They challenged us first. " Shen Qiang pouted: "That bitch! After so many years, the second brother was finally awake! I must wake up my big brother! "

Xia Yu was a little embarrassed.

Shen Qiang should not entirely blame Zeng Mina for their grudges.

"Ah?" "What do you mean?"

"Do you know why Mrs. Zhang was taking you shopping?" Shen Qiang sat down on a chair beside Xia Yu's bed and placed his hands behind his head.

"You mean, Mrs. Zhang asked me out for some other purpose?" Xia Yu's gaze swept across Shen Qiang's body. It could also be that way.

Wanru was fine, but a bit petty. When Xia Yu was Zhang Hanyu's secretary, she would often find various excuses to go into the company and investigate the relationship between the two of them. Several times she embarrassed everyone.

This was also the reason why Xia Yu chose not to be his secretary after transferring Zhang Hanyu to Sheng Lian.

"You already know them for a long time. Don't you know them? I think Mrs. Zhang will be here soon. " Shen Qiang glanced at the door.

Zhang Hanyu went to change the goldfish's water. He should be back soon.

"Third Young Master, where should I put the fishbowl?" Zhang Hanyu brought in the fishbowl.

"Leave it opposite Sister Xia's bed. "Yes, there it is." Shen Qiang said while grinning.

"President Zhang, you can go back to your work first! Xiao Qiang, you go back to the company. There are doctors and nurses here. I'll call them if I need to. " Xia Yu felt very awkward.

"No problem, I've already arranged for business matters." As Shen Qiang sat here, Zhang Hanyu did not dare to leave.

In the hallway, Zhang Hanyu's current secretary and his wife Wanru seemed to have heard what he said and frowned.

What did he mean? The foreign guest had specially come to meet with Zhang Hanyu to discuss business and was angry because of being stood up by him.

The secretary turned to look at Wanru and said, "Mrs. Zhang, do you know for whom President Zhang is going to divorce you?"

Wanru's eyes widened, and he almost crushed the flower in her hand.

She had suspected them, but there had been no conclusive evidence.

"Last Saturday, I went with President Zhang to book a hotel for a foreign guest. Halfway there, a little rascal hit me on the hand with a slingshot. "Look, the bruises haven't disappeared yet." The secretary held out her hand for Wanru to look.

There was a bruise on her hand, and it didn't look like a new one. Wanru started to believe her words.

However, she had hired a private investigator before, and the private investigator had followed Xia Yu for a long time but had not seen her together with Zhang Hanyu once. However, Zhang Hanyu was a workaholic, why would he give up the chance to negotiate with a foreign guest for Xia Yu's sake …

"Mrs. Zhang, emotional cheating is even more unacceptable." Many people had wrongly accused Zhang Hanyu's secretary. The netizens condemned her, as did her colleagues at the company. She had to restore her innocence so that Wanru would know who the other woman was.

Emotional cheating? Wanru was repeating those words as she walked into the room, "Xia Yu, are your injuries serious? What did the doctor say? "

Wanru walked in with flowers. Her face squeezed out a smile.

Although she believed the secretary's words, she had gotten along well with Xia Yu after all. She did not want to accuse Xia Yu until she had conclusive evidence wrongly.

"Sister-in-law, I'm fine. Xiao Qiang insisted on letting me stay in the hospital. " Xia Yu was very embarrassed and subconsciously hid her feet under the blanket. The doctor had given her some medicine. Thus, she was recovered, and she was still in the VIP ward.

"Why are you here?" Zhang Hanyu frowned as he looked at his wife.

"Let me take a look at Xia Yu." Wanru smoothly stuffed the flowers into Zhang Hanyu's arms.

Zhang Hanyu glanced at the flower in his hand, then walked to the bedside table and placed the flower in a vase: "Xia Yu needs to rest. You can go back."

His voice was cold.

Does he want to drive me away? Doesn't want me to be here? Wanru had involuntarily clenched her fists.

"President Zhang, the foreign guest …" The secretary looked at Zhang Hanyu and asked carefully.

"I'm not free right now. Let the Vice President see him first. " Zhang Hanyu interrupted the secretary's words. He wanted to leave as well, but could Shen Qiang allow him to?

"Han Yu, go back to the company. I can stay here with Xia Yu." Wanru was suppressing the unhappiness in her heart. From the looks of it, the secretary was right.

Zhang Hanyu must have given up such an important business meeting for Xia Yu.

"Xia Yu has always been hiding the truth!"

Wanru was thinking, "I treated you as a friend. You fooled me like that. When Zhang Hanyu is gone, let's talk about what happened. " Her eyes were filled with resentment.

"Mrs. Zhang, how did you know Sister Xia was injured?" Shen Qiang stood up and squinted his eyes as he asked her.

Xia Yu fell in the company. Shen Yan called Zhang Hanyu, and only then did Zhang Hanyu know about this.

Right now, Wanru had appeared in the hospital together with Zhang Hanyu's secretary. Xia Yu sized up the two of them …

Zhang Hanyu understood Xia Yu too well. She was brilliant.

Zhang Hanyu was also very curious, Wanru was fighting with her secretary on the streets the day before yesterday, how come they two appear together now?

Could it be …

The secretary felt a burst of panic as Xia Yu, and Zhang Hanyu stared at her. She could not help but explained, "I thought President Zhang was at home, so I called Mrs. Zhang …"

What a terrible excuse! After Xia Yu got injured, when Shen Yan forced Zhang Hanyu to come and take care of Xia Yu, only Zhang Hanyu's secretary knew about this.

After hearing the secretary's explanation, Xia Yu revealed a faint smile.

Even if the secretary didn't know where Zhang Hanyu was, she knew that the two of them were separating.

She was recognized as the other woman, and she knew that Wanru hated her. How could she take the initiative to call Wanru?

"I, I…" I heard that President Zhang went home … "That's why I called Mrs. Zhang …" The secretary was sweating nervously.

"Oh?" Zhang Hanyu turned and stood face to face with the secretary.


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