Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 78 You“ve Gone Too Far
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 78 You“ve Gone Too Far

"Miss Secretary's meaning is that Director Zhang misses his wife, so even when he's at work, he would go home whenever he's free, right?" Shen Yan appeared at the door, his pair of foxy eyes slightly narrowed as a smile yet not a smile appeared on his face.

He said it on purpose. Everyone knew that Zhang Hanyu and his wife had been separated for a long time.

"Young Master Yan, why do you come?" Seeing that Zhang Hanyu and his wife were embarrassed, Xia Yu could only change the topic.

"You think I have too much spare time? It's because you don't have a sense of self-protection that people are bullying you in the company. Now that you're in the hospital without family or friends, I'm afraid you'll be beaten up by someone else. If you get beaten up, I'll have to let my brother stay here with you. " Shen Yan walked in and stood in front of Zhang Hanyu for a while before using his foxy eyes to glance at Zhang Hanyu's secretary.

This secretary is a nuisance. Zhang Hanyu frowned after hearing Shen Yan's words, "Young Master Yan, is Xia Yu not safe here? You can ask her. "

Shen Yan slightly smiled, "She isn't clear, how can I ask her? If I were to ask, I would ask your wife and secretary, wouldn't I? "

Shen Yan turned his head and looked straight at them. His foxy eyes were still as beautiful as before, but in their eyes, there was an extra chill.

"Miss Secretary, why did you bring me here?" Wanru was stunned for a while before she finally regained her senses.

The secretary told Wanru that Xia Yu was Zhang Hanyu's the other woman and that she was innocent. In front of so many people, Wanru also wanted to see how she would defend herself.

"Mrs. Zhang, Xia Yu is your friend. She's injured. I think you'll come over to see her, so …" Her back was covered in sweat. She stepped back subconsciously, too embarrassed to know what to do.

"Is that so? Didn't you say that they were emotionally cheating? I don't quite understand what you're saying. Now please explain it in front of Young Master Yan and Zhang Hanyu. " Wanru took two steps forward, already resentful.

If it weren't for the fact that Shen Qiang was in the ward, she would have already rushed in to fight Xia Yu.

The secretary had set such a trap for Wanru. Wanru didn't want to spare the vicious woman.

Emotional cheating? Shen Yan could not help but burst out laughing: "Director Zhang, your secretary is really …. Not bad, not bad! No wonder Chairman Zhang could not help but pull her small hand along the street. "

Zhang Hanyu was evident in the viciousness of Shen Yan's words.

When Wanru walked in with his secretary, Zhang thought she was going to make a ruckus again. After listening to his secretary's self-contradictory explanation, he realized that things were not that simple.

Zhang Hanyu was very shrewd, but at this moment, he could not say anything. He had wanted to dismiss his secretary and ask her about the whole story later, but he didn't expect that Shen Yan would come at this time.

Shen Yan had long since wanted to find fault with Zhang Hanyu and criticize him. If Zhang Hanyu did not avoid him at this moment, then he was an idiot.

Zhang Hanyu's face darkened, and said to his secretary, "It's business time, what are you doing here? Put your resignation letter on my desk, and you can go. "

"Director Zhang, no … "Foreign client is throwing a tantrum..." The secretary almost cried. She didn't know that Young Master Yan and Third Young Master were so protective of Xia Yu. If she had known, she wouldn't have dared to do this.

She was so regretful that she almost cried.

"Director Zhang, you should go handle the work first." Now the truth had been revealed. Even if they beat up the person who made the mistake, it would be useless.

Shen Yan wanted to let the situation continue to ferment.

Xia Yu only wanted to pretend that she couldn't hear anything and she wouldn't say anything.

However, Wanru did not want to stop there. If this secretary wasn't Zhang Hanyu's mistress, then why did she wrongly accuse Xia Yu?

She grabbed the secretary's arm. "Don't go yet. You haven't explained to me what 'emotional cheating' means. "

Zhang Hanyu snorted. How could this woman say such words on such an occasion? He said coldly, "It's none of your business!"

His words angered Wanru so much that she almost jumped up. Did he like this woman? Did he want to protect her even if she wrongly accused his old subordinate and good friend? Even if Young Master Yan and Third Young Master were here now, would he still protect her?

Wanru thought that he had embarrassed her in front of so many people for this woman, so she didn't have to care what he felt anymore: "It's none of my business? Then why did she drag me here from home? To let me see your show of love? The video of you two holding each other's hand shopping goes to the internet, but you're still not satisfied? "

Mrs. Wanru is not a quiet person. Now that she mocked the two of them, she was also powerful!

"It seems that I made the right decision to come to the hospital today." Shen Yan thought. He looked like he was ready to watch a big show.

"Let's go!" Zhang Hanyu was furious. He had been toyed enough with by these two prodigal sons of the Shen family!

Could Wanru not cause him trouble?

"Take her away!" he snarled at his secretary.

"Who dares to touch me?" Wanru glared at the secretary, who backed off in fright. Wanru smiled contemptuously and turned back to look at Zhang Hanyu.

Zhang Hanyu immediately walked over to Wanru. The secretary felt that the situation had gone out of control, so she tugged at Zhang Hanyu's clothes and said, "Director Zhang, forget it! Young Master Yan and Third Young Master are still here. "

Zhang Hanyu also realized that he was losing control of himself, so he stopped and suppressed the anger in his heart.

"You two are sweet!" Wanru sneered.

The secretary lowered her head as if struck by lightning.

What an unreasonable woman! Zhang Hanyu gritted his teeth and said, "It has nothing to do with you!"

It had nothing to do with her? Wanru slapped the table. "We're not divorced yet. You used to say I was paranoid. Right now, Young Master Yan and Third Young Master are both witnesses. This woman doesn't admit the truth and wants to accuse Xia Yu. I can tell the judge everything in court. "

Wanru hated Zhang Hanyu for being so heartless. He had embarrassed her for such a scheming woman.

Zhang Hanyu also understood that what happened today was not Wanru's fault.

However, this was not what it appeared to be. Shen Yan just said that he let go of his work to vent Xia Yu's anger.

If Wanru continued to press him, it would only make the situation worse. Zhang Hanyu definitely could not allow this to happen, "What more do you want today? Must you quarrel with me in front of Young Master Yan? Xia Yu still needs to rest. "

"Heh, you guys acted so intimately in public, and she lured me here, wanting to wrongly accuse my good sister so that Xia Yu and I could become enemies. You think it's my fault. Zhang Hanyu, Xia Yu is your old subordinate, she wronged Xia Yu, but you would not say anything. Did your conscience get eaten by dogs? Does that woman delude you? " Wanru pressed Zhang Hanyu. Shen Qiang didn't want to continue listening to this anymore.

"Enough! We're at the hospital, so let's not talk about it anymore! " Shen Qiang wanted everyone to calm down. He patted Zhang Hanyu's shoulder and said, "Zhang Hanyu, you are also responsible. Even if you're going to divorce Wanru, you don't have to do this. Once a lover, always a lover. In the future, if you aren't husband and wife, you can still be good friends. In this dispute, Wanru was still a victim. Also, Sister Xia didn't do anything wrong but was implicated as well. You should still give her an explanation! "

Every word that Shen Qiang said was reasonable. Even Zhang Hanyu didn't know how to refute him.

"And you!" Shen Qiang then turned around to his secretary and said, "You already stole his husband, yet you still want to accuse others and instigate the relationship between friends wrongly. You've gone too far."

The secretary felt wronged, but she didn't dare talk back to Shen Qiang.

"Humph!" Shen Qiang's words were very fair. Wanru glared fiercely at Zhang Hanyu!

"I'll say it again. You have to explain."

"You …"

"All right, I don't have time to argue with you. Also, don't disturb Young Master Yan. Ruan Yun, go back to your office first! " Zhang Hanyu immediately pushed his secretary out of the room.

The secretary was angry, but she could only bear with it.

"Director Zhang's words seem to be saying that I have wronged Wanru. Since I'm here today, I want to know who's in the right and who's in the wrong."

Zhang wanted to stop this farce.

However, Shen Yan was still not happy and did not want to let them go.

Zhang Hanyu looked up, and four people surrounded him: the aggressive Wanru, the relaxed Shen Yan, the third young master who was waiting to watch the show, and the trembling secretary.

Zhang Hanyu could only compromise with Wanru. He walked up to Wanru and said, "It's all my fault. Don't be angry. Anger will make you age faster. " Zhang Hanyu's voice became more and more gentle.

This was the first time Shen Yan had seen the humble Zhang Hanyu, and he was surprised.

"Zhang Hanyu, you are willing to do anything for this woman." Wanru suddenly glared at him, throwing her body towards his chest.

"What do you mean? Do you think I'm old? "

"No. "Don't let your imagination run wild!"

"Am I imagining things? Your little goblin is standing right there. "

"Shut up!" When the secretary heard Wanru address her as "little goblin," her anger rose: "You can't keep a man's heart, you deserve it!"

"I can't keep his heart. I admit it!" Wanru gave Zhang Hanyu a hard shove, turned around and slapped the secretary, "So what if you have his heart? At this moment, I am still Mrs. Zhang, and you are the Mistress! "

What a resounding slap!

No one had expected this to happen. They were all stunned.

The secretary covered her numb face with her hands for a few seconds, then rushed over and squeezed Wanru's neck. "You bitch, I'm going to kill you."

Wanru didn't expect her to go crazy, so she was caught by the secretary before she could dodge. She found it harder and harder to breathe, and beat the secretary's arm as hard as she could.

If the secretary held Wanru like this, she might kill her. Xia Yu, who hadn't said anything until now, suddenly lifted the blanket and rushed towards them.

The few men also reacted. They tried to save her together. The room fell into chaos.

"Stop!" A nobleman walked in, his body emitting a cold aura. He looked at the scene in the room and frowned …


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