Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 79 As You Wish
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 79 As You Wish

"Big brother!"

"Young Master Mo!"

Shen Mo's body exuded a strong killing intent. The room immediately quieted down, and everyone's breathing became clear.

Wanru put her hand on her neck and looked up. The handsome face of the man in front of her looked as if it had been carved from heaven. His tall, slender figure looked incredibly sexy in the package of a hand-made suit. His whole body was exuding a noble aura, and at the same time, it was accompanied by a burst of cold. It was so cold that no one dared to approach him.

Wanru leaned against Xia Yu's body and didn't move, not because she was calm, but because her legs were weak.

The secretary ducked into a corner.

Why aren't they continuing to fight?

Aren't they bosses and senior white-collar workers of the company? Everyone put down their work and came here to play like thugs and scoundrels.

Shen Mo's gaze swept across everyone's face in the room and finally stopped at Zhang Hanyu, "Follow me!" His tone was not friendly.

Zhang Hanyu looked at Shen Yan, then turned to Xia Yu and said, "Rest well, I will come back to see you after work."

Why was he still planning to come? Did he think it was not enough?

Xia Yu wanted to tell him not to come back because she was going home. However, before she could say anything, Zeng Mina's voice came from outside the door, "Sorry to interrupt. Has Mr. Zhang come to visit Miss Xia? I think Miss Xia is in good shape. "

As soon as Zeng Mina entered the hospital, she heard that even the Director of the hospital had personally served Xia Yu.

People like her loved to be in the middle of chaos. Xia Yu snorted, "Does Director Zhang need to tell you where he's planning to go?"

"Not really. I feel that Director Zhang has stopped working and has come to take care of you, so you should be in serious condition. However, from the looks of it, you don't seem to be seriously injured. Why did Mr. Zhang come here? To have a date? Your date in the hospital is unique. " When Zeng Mina walked in, her high heels made a crisp sound.

"Miss Zeng, my wife is still here. Please be careful with your words!" Zhang Hanyu said to her fiercely. He didn't understand why Young Master Mo married such a foolish woman.

"What are you doing here?" The coldness in Shen Mo's eyes intensified, as though he was about to erupt.

"Since Miss Xia is injured, and Mr. Zhang doesn't even care about business matters and personally came to visit, then I must do the same. However, Xia Yu shouldn't have any injuries. Maybe it's because someone doted on her, so she intentionally acted like a spoiled child. "

Zeng Mina's words were right.

However, who doted on her? It was not that Zhang Hanyu did not want to admit it, but he did not dare to because he was not qualified!

Zeng Mina did not even look at Zhang Hanyu. She came to Wanru's side and said with a smile, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Zhang. I do not wish to sow dissension in the relationship between you and your husband. I don't understand why Mr. Zhang cares so much about this former subordinate. "

Zhang Hanyu clenched his fists and thought, "What does it have to do with you whom I care about?" He wanted to rush over and beat her, but he suppressed his anger in the end.

"Young Master Yan called me to say that Xia Yu was injured because of me. I should have come to visit her." Zhang Hanyu answered. After all, Zeng Mina was Shen Mo's wife. He didn't want to bother with her, but he still had to give some face to Shen Mo.

Zhang Hanyu made a mental struggle before gritting his teeth and replying to her. He resisted the urge to throw her out.

Oh? It turned out that Shen Yan doted on Xia Yu! Zeng Mina turned around and carefully sized Shen Yan up.

"What are you looking at?" As the CEO, Shen Yan can't care about his subordinates? " Anger could be seen in Shen Qiang's eyes.

"Shen Yan, as far as I know, Xia Yu was a third party to the marriage of Chen Wenxuan and Bao Na, that's why Bao Na had a conflict with her. Also, Chen Wenxuan was even more injured, so why didn't anyone care about them? " Zeng Mina ignored Shen Qiang in this incident. Now that Shen Mo was here, no matter how mean Third Young Master was, he would not dare to act against her in front of Shen Mo.

She wanted to rely on Shen Mo's identity to take revenge.

"Chen Wenxuan is one of Teng Fei's employees?"

"No. However, Bao Na was. Why don't you comfort her? "

"Bao Na's hurt?"

"Of course. The trauma of the heart is more serious than the trauma of the body. "

Zeng Mina did not give in at all.

If they continued to argue, the ward would most likely turn into a battlefield again.

"Enough. She's older than you. Are you going to be unreasonable only because she's unreasonable?" Shen Yan stretched out his hand to pull Shen Qiang to his side.

Zhang Hanyu was speechless.

However, Young Master Yan had a severe look on his face.

He was criticizing Zeng Mina in a disguised manner. Zeng Mina thought "Shen Yan, you bastard, how dare you speak to me like that?"

"Shen Yan, you're biased towards Xia Yu!" Zeng Mina said, stamping her feet.

"So what if I am? Bao Na is not your relative. Why do you speak for her? " Unable to hold himself back, Shen Qiang spoke once more.

"Xia Yu's morals are corrupted. Anyone with a sense of justice would despise her."

Moral corruption? Why did she say that about her? Xia Yu was surprised by Zeng Mina's thoughts.

"Miss Zeng, the truth is the exact opposite of what you said. Isn't Bao Na the third party to step in?" When Xia Yu was working as Zhang Hanyu's secretary, Wanru saw Chen Wenxuan and Xia Yu together more than once.

At that time, Chen Wenxuan and Xia Yu were very fond of each other. Wanru thought they would get married, but on the day Xia Yu lost her job, Chen Wenxuan asked to break up.

Wanru's marriage has never gone well, so she felt sorry for their breakup for a long time.

After all, they had been lovers for five years, so it was normal for them to be unable to forget each other. Defining Xia Yu as a third party is a bit far-fetched. Wanru thinks the word "rekindling" is more appropriate.

"On Saturday, my wife misunderstood me. I called Xia Yu to ask her to come out and explain what had happened. That day, Chen Wenxuan suddenly pulled Xia Yu into the car. How could Xia Yu be the third person? " The others also knew that Xia Yu was wronged.

Did Zeng Mina deliberately come to make things difficult for Xia Yu? Zhang Hanyu could not bear it any longer and refuted her words.

Zhang Hanyu asked Xia Yu out to explain the whole thing? Did he want Xia Yu to pass the message to Wanru on his behalf?

Wanru looked up at Xia Yu. Xia Yu was also looking at her and nodded gravely.

Wanru was surprised and quickly glanced at Zhang Hanyu. Her eyes met his.

Wanru panicked and quickly lowered her head.

Shen Yan found the couple's words funny. They had quite a tacit understanding. Why do they get divorced?

"Director Zhang, I know Xia Yu was your secretary before, so you wanted to protect her. However, think about it, in such a large crowd, if she didn't want to get on the car, how could Chen Wenxuan force her? They were in the car. How many intimate things have been done? " Zeng Mina lifted her head to look at Xia Yu, her eyes filled with loathing.

Shen Yan's brows wrinkled. A dim light flashed through his beautiful foxy eyes as he coldly said: "How do you know what they did in the car?"

How dare he speak like that? Zeng Mina was slightly exasperated. "You were also there at that time. Do you dare to say that they did not do anything intimate in the car?"

"How did you know I was there?"

"You …"

Can't she answer? Shen Yan shook his head.

Xia Yu silently breathed in, then looked out the window, not saying a word.

"What does his presence have to do with you?" Shen Mo's frown deepened.

"No, I met the injured Chen Wenxuan and Bao Na at the hospital's entrance. You didn't see their sad faces. Chen Wenxuan was beaten up very badly, and his car was also smashed. " Shen Mo was already very unhappy, and Zeng Mina quickly explained.

"His car was smashed? "What did it look like?" Shen Qiang is interested in this.

"Xiao Qiang, can you have some sympathy?" Shen Mo glanced at Shen Qiang and helplessness could be heard in his voice.

Xia Yu had just been bullied by Bao Na, and Chen Wenxuan had been beaten up. How could there be such a coincidence?

"I'm just curious!" Shen Qiang chuckled. He felt delighted in his heart. It turned out that the two bodyguards at home were still of some use.

Shen Qiang intended to give them some compensation.

Right, he decided to pay them.

"Mina, this is a personal feud between the Tengfei employees. Shen Yan is the CEO. He knows how to handle this. " Shen Mo was here to pick up Zhang Hanyu, so he did not want to get involved with Shen Yan's matter.

"Got it." "I also care about Shen Yan. I was afraid that he would fall for her trap, so I said those words …" Zeng Mina glanced at Xia Yu arrogantly.

Why didn't Xia Yu speak today? Zeng Mina felt that she had defeated Xia Yu, and she was satisfied. She pretended to be a good girlfriend beside Shen Yan.

"How did my second brother fall for it?" Shen Qiang didn't understand what she meant.

"Didn't you say they were in love?"

"Did I say that?" Shen Qiang pointed at his nose.

Did Shen Qiang say it before? When and where?

How do you explain it today? Looking at Shen Qiang's stupefied expression, Zeng Mina was delighted.

"Shen Yan, I know you like Xia Yu, so you got jealous when Director Zhang asked her out. You went there to watch them, didn't you? How boring. I didn't mean to say it, but do you think she's worthy of you? "


"You are a reasonable person. You should know what the level means! The Shen family cannot accept her. Why must you persist? Why would you get into a fight with Auntie in the future? " Zeng Mina seemed to be trying very hard to persuade Shen Yan.

"And, as you know, our kind of marriage has something to do with interest. What can Xia Yu do for you? Her family can only burden you and make others laugh at you. "

Zeng Mina's words were sharp. However, this was her strength. She would always know where the opponent's weakness and her advantage lay.

Xia Yu suddenly replied: "Okay!"

Zeng Mina paused. "What do you mean?"

"It will be as you wish."

"Don't say that. You feel like I'm breaking you apart. However, I'm telling you this to get you to see the facts. The difference between the two of you is too great. Even if you can be lovers now, all kinds of problems will arise in the future. "Longer pain is worse than shorter pain."

Xia Yu smiled and said, "Miss Zeng, you don't have to feel guilty. Do you think I should let you separate us? "

"Xia Yu, I'm doing this for your good. If you don't believe me, you can wait and see what happens in the future. " Zeng Mina sneered as she looked at Xia Yu.

"Miss Zeng has always thought of others. Thank you for your kindness. However, I always felt that you should use this passion for the people you should use. For example, Young Master Mo, he's your fiance. " Since Zeng Mina was so concerned about Xia Yu, she should give her some advice.


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