Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 80 Are they lovers?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 80 Are they lovers?

Xia Yu watched as Zeng Mina's eyes gradually turned cold. She walked over and said, "Miss Zeng, I'm not familiar with you. You probably wouldn't have come to see me out of good intentions. If you are here to find your fiancé, you can all go now. After all, this is a hospital, and the most authoritative experts say I need to stay in the hospital for observation. If you are worried that it may cost too much money, you can get the doctor to handle the discharge procedures. There is no point in deliberately hurting an ordinary employee. "

Zeng Mina could not stand Xia Yu's proud and unyielding tone. She reached out her hand to pull Xia Yu away, carefully examining her: "Tsk, tsk, tsk, are you injured?"

Xia Yu's expression did not change as she said, "Is Miss Zeng questioning the diagnosis of the experts?"

"I didn't say that …" The corner of Zeng Mina's mouth stiffened as she retorted, "Xia Yu, if you are injured, no matter how much money you spend, the Shen family will be able to afford it. However, don't you think it's shameful that you found an excuse to confuse Shen Yan? "

"Miss Zeng, why do you call me shameful? Young Master Yan has no girlfriend, he's handsome, rich, and has a high education. I like him to pursue me. It has nothing to do with you, right? Yes, you want to say that I'm not from a wealthy family and that I'm not good enough for Young Master Yan. If you think so, I think you and Young Master Yan may have known each other for years, but you don't know him. Is he a man who needs a woman's money to live on? " When Xia Yu said this, she intentionally glanced at Shen Mo.

Relying on a woman's money? Whom was she talking about?

Xia Yu's words were mean. How could Young Master Mo not feel awkward after hearing this? Zhang Hanyu sighed in his heart.

It was undeniable that Xia Yu's words could dispel the anger in her heart. However, in this materialistic society, no one doesn't need money.

This girl! Shen Yan slightly smiled. He liked what Xia Yu said.

Compared to Shen Yan's smug look, Shen Mo's face instantly turned as cold as ice.

Was Xia Yu blind? How dare you speak like that? It's not that Shen Mo looks down on Shen Yan. Shen Yan doesn't have the opportunity to rely on a woman. Otherwise, he would have relied on her even more than others. This girl had some guts to say such words. Shen Mo thought, why didn't I keep her back then? With that mouth of hers, Shen Yan would probably find it hard to resist.

At this moment, Shen Mo was sincerely regretting his decision.

Secretary Ruan Yun was leaning against the wall with her palms covered in sweat.

Wanru was worried about Xia Yu but also admired her for being so brave to say that...

Shen Qiang's gaze darted back and forth between his two brothers. He was the easiest person in the room.

"You … When the old lady comes, you still dare to say that? " Her pretty little face contorted.

Zeng Mina once thought she was the most arrogant person in the world.

However, now, she had to admit that Xia Yu was even more arrogant than she was.

How could this be? She did not want to admit defeat!

"Why would I not dare?" Xia Yu stared at Zeng Mina, wanting to laugh. How old is she? Why do you always use your elders to scare people? She was probably no more than ten years old.

It was raining again, and the rain was hitting the glass.

Everyone could feel the wind coming through the porch. The sound of the rain was mixed with the old lady's sudden questioning, "What happened?"

The Shen brothers immediately walked out after heard this. The hunchbacked old lady had already appeared at the door.

"Grandmother … Xia Yu is bullying me. " Zeng Mina rushed over and held the old lady's arm, with a wronged expression on her face.

Shen Yan slightly turned his body to the side, blocking Xia Yu who was standing under the light.

"Is that so, Xia Yu?" The old lady's voice came over the sound of the rain. Her voice was neither high nor low, but it was cold and stiff, just like her personality.

Xia Yu smiled lightly: "I guess so. Miss Zeng is already very unhappy. "

"Can an old woman like me know why?" The old lady said as she sat down on the sofa.

"Miss Zeng is not satisfied with my relationship with Young Master Yan. She wants me to retreat after knowing the difficulties." Xia Yu said frankly.

The old lady's eyes narrowed, "You and Little Yan are dating? Since when?"

"I don't know. You need to ask Miss Zeng about this." Xia Yu's tone was calm, without any fluctuations.

She didn't know when her love affair had started, she even needed to ask about it?

Shen Yan cleared his throat and quickly turned around. He did not want to laugh in front of his grandmother.

"Xia Yu, how can you talk to the old lady like that?" Seeing the old lady frown, Zhang Hanyu lightly pulled Xia Yu a few times.

"I'm sorry, old lady. However, I can't lie in front of you, can I? " Xia Yu pushed Zhang Hanyu's hand away and looked at the old lady calmly.

With the old lady around, Zeng Mina was even more daring than before. She gave Xia Yu a push and said, "Don't put on an act here. If you and Shen Yan aren't in a relationship, would he seriously injure Bao Na's boyfriend and even smash his car for you? "

"Miss Zeng, are you sure I smashed his car?" Shen Yan turned around and looked up, his eyes dark and determined in the light.

"... The timing is so coincidental, could it be that it's not you? " Zeng Mina stretched out her neck to argue with him.

Shen Yan pointed at Zeng Mina and turned to Shen Mo, said, "Fortunately, she's not a police officer!"

Shen Mo's face was cold, "It is wrong for Mina to suspect anything without evidence. However, you can't just stop Mr. Zhang from work. "

Shen Yan can still do such a thing? The old lady looked at Shen Yan coldly.

"Grandma, it's not second brother's fault. Yesterday, Director Zhang had asked Sister Xia out, but Chen Wenxuan had almost raped her on the way home. The second brother asked Zhang Hanyu to come here to ask about the situation. " Shen Qiang hurriedly explained.

The old lady didn't know if the others would believe that Xia Yu and Shen Yan was a couple, but she wouldn't believe it.

She guessed that Zeng Mina was unhappy about the audition and the bamboo fence, so she wanted to use her status to scare Xia Yu.

The old lady felt that although Xia Yu was very respectful on the surface, she was very arrogant as well. No one can throw sand in her eyes. Although Zeng Mina was at fault, she was still Little Mo's fiancée. Old Lady would not embarrass her. However, the old lady didn't want to let Xia Yu down either.

Thus, the Old Lady's gaze stopped on Zhang Hanyu's face for a moment.

His look was not bad, but he was too unfaithful. He had only been transferred to Sheng Lian for a short period, but he had already developed an extramarital affair with his secretary, and it had even created a storm in the city.

With his character, she couldn't let him get too close to Little Mo.

"Mr. Zhang, I shouldn't interfere too much in the relationship between your youngsters. However, you also have to pay attention to your image. After all, you're the president of the company, and she's the secretary. "

"Old lady, there is no extramarital relationship between my secretary and me. My wife had her suspicions, which had nothing to do with the secretary. I was the one who failed to discipline my wife. Upon hearing the old lady's words, Zhang Hanyu could only bear all the responsibilities.

He hastened to explain and apologize.

"I do not suspect without proof. Miss Zeng called me to say that Zhang Hanyu and Xia Yu's extramarital relationship has been going on for a long time. He wanted to divorce me because he wanted to be with Xia Yu. I don't want a divorce. My relationship with Xia Yu was not bad, so I asked her to return Zhang Hanyu to me because of our friendship. However, before I could open my mouth, I saw Zhang Hanyu walking down the street, holding his secretary's hand. That's why I rushed up and hit her. "

Wanru felt that her marriage with Zhang Hanyu was beyond redemption. Just now, Zeng Mina was lying again. She was already sure that she was that kind of person. She looked down on her. Since she was going to be divorced from Zhang Hanyu, she didn't want to take responsibility for Zeng Mina's wrongdoings, so she told the truth.


Why did she say that? Zhang Hanyu frowned, obviously unhappy.

"Director Zhang, just now Third Young Master, said that once a lover, always a lover." Even if there is no longer any feeling between us, you can't let me take on all the faults, can you? " Wanru sneered and turned to face the old lady: "You don't know, it was Zhang's secretary who brought me here. She also said that Zhang Hanyu and Xia Yu had a relationship of emotional cheating. "

"Is that so?" The old lady jabbed the ground with her cane. The company could not keep such an employee because of what she had done.

"Old lady, I have my difficulties. Someone forced me to say that. " The secretary was terrified. The old lady was angry. She might be fired, and she didn't want to leave the company.


"Ruan Yun, I didn't expect you to be vicious …" Zeng Mina quickly walked up to Ruan Yun, grabbed her arm and whispered in her ear, "Shut up!"

"Miss Zeng, I will be fired." Since things had come to this, Ruan Yun could no longer care about her.

"Isn't it just a job? I can ask my father to arrange a position for you at Zeng's. However, if you dare to talk nonsense, you'll have to return the money to me right away. " Zeng Mina told her almost through gritted teeth.

The secretary's mother was still in hospital. How could she afford to give it back to Zeng Mina? So the secretary nodded her head in despair, and she gave Zeng Mina a hard shove and shouted, "Yes, I brought Mrs. Zhang here on purpose. She shouted in the street yesterday and hit me. What am I going to do? Who dares to embarrass me, I will also embarrass her. "

After saying that, the secretary rushed out of the ward while covering her face and crying.

Everyone present was shocked. They hadn't expected such a thing to happen.

Zhang Hanyu did not expect his secretary to do this. He reached out his hand to rub the bridge of his nose and said, "Old lady, I'm sorry. I will get her to write a review letter."

"Just a review letter? Our Shen Clan's reputation is only worth a single review letter? " The old lady pointed at her grandchildren.

She had overestimated these grandchildren. She thought they were competing with each other, but at least they had kept the bottom line.

In fact, the competition had only just begun. They were already raising their sabers, wishing that they could kill each other with a single slash. Did they still have any kinship between them?

What the old lady was worried about was also what Zhang Hanyu was concerned about.

If the rumors of the Shen brothers' infighting spread, there would be other people fanning the flames, which would have a tremendous negative impact on the company. Zhang Hanyu had already considered this point.

"It was because of me. I was primarily responsible. I'm willing to resign."

"Director Zhang, we can't completely blame you for this." Shen Yan also knew about Zhang Hanyu's working ability, even if he left the Shen Corporation, he could still help Shen Mo.

Shen Yan never did anything that harms others while bringing no benefits himself.

However, Zhang Hanyu was Shen Mo's man after all. If someone was going to plead for him, it shouldn't be Shen Yan. Therefore, Shen Yan asked, "Big Brother, what do you think?"

Shen Mo sneered in his heart, "So what if you can force Zhang Hanyu away? Even without him, I could squash you like ants. We'll see."

Shen Yan and Shen Mo stood face to face. Shen Yan half pursed his lips, while Shen Mo's face was ice-cold, "Since the company has regulations, we should carry it out. Otherwise, what's the use of having regulation? "


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