Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 81 How come I lost my mind today?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 81 How come I lost my mind today?

Since Shen Mo has said so, then Zhang Hanyu would resign. The old lady was the first to leave the room. Shen Qiang signaled his second brother with his eyes before supporting the old lady towards the elevator.

Zeng Mina gave Xia Yu a fierce look. Today, she didn't seem to be able to defeat her, and she even made Shen Mo lose a right-hand man. She knew he was going crazy, so she didn't say goodbye to him and took the other elevator very quietly.

Of course, Zeng Mina did not forget to tell Bao Na about Xia Yu's arrogant attitude, "Nana, I also want to help you take revenge, but the old lady is too biased towards her second grandson, there's nothing I can do."

"How can your old lady be like this? I don't want to talk about the boss behind his back, but what else can he do other than having an affair? Sister Mina, if you go to Teng Fei and ask around, you will know that the employees all hope for Young Master Mo to become the CEO soon so that they would no longer have to face the playboy.

Damn it. Bao Na was holding the phone with shaking hands. She hadn't had a job since graduation. Her pocket money, as well as the money she had spent to buy a car for Chen Wenxuan, were all given by her parents. Now that the car had been smashed into scrap metal, of course, she felt heartache.

"Nana, I know you've suffered a lot this time. This time the car was smashed, and you probably won't get any compensation. I'm just not convinced. She, Xia Yu, a commoner, was everywhere seducing men, how could Shen Yan be completely enchanted by her. The Second Madam was someone who cared about her face. If the matter regarding Shen Yan and Xia Yu were to spread out, how would she have any face in her circle of friends? " Zeng Mina kept sighing, and after venting her anger for a while, she hung up.

"Xiao Qiang, you don't have to send me off. Keep Assistant Yang with me. Go to work. " At the entrance of the hospital, the old lady told Shen Qiang to return to work.

"Old lady, are you going to let Zhang Hanyu leave the company?" Assistant Yang could not help but want to plead for Zhang Hanyu. She was thinking for the benefit of the company because Zhang Hanyu was indeed a talent.

"There's no need to hurry. Let's wait and see." The old lady leaned back and closed her eyes.

At this moment, only Xia Yu, Shen Yan, and Shen Mo were left in the ward.

"The performance is over. "Are you going to live in the hospital as a hotel?" Shen Mo coldly snorted, "Pack your things and leave."

Shen Mo spoke to Xia Yu as if it was granted. Shen Yan became angry upon hearing his words, "Big Brother, can't you have a bit of grace? "My secretary was injured and hospitalized. I've already approved her sick leave. Are you going to intervene in this matter?"

The dignified young master of the Shen family, didn't he have no sense of grace? Shen Mo started the conflict, and Shen Yan was forced to deal with him. Now that Shen Mo has lost, is it OK for him to be unhappy? If he had known earlier that he could not afford to lose, he should not have provoked trouble. His mood fluctuated so much that it was like he had intermittent schizophrenia.

Shen Mo sneered. Grace? It's a joke to talk about grace with someone like Shen Yan. Is he a man of grace? Should he say that he was a man of amorousness?

Shen Mo looked at Shen Yan as if he was poisoned. "You think that I'm bored and want to interfere in your business? Look at yourself, you've caused the company to lose a talent for a woman, and you've also interrupted the old lady. "

Now, Shen Mo hated Shen Yan more and more every day. Shen Yan was the same towards Shen Mo.

Ever since that day when they had quarreled over the affair with the traitor, the two of them had always been looking for an opportunity to beat each other up viciously.

Hearing Shen Mo's words, Shen Yan immediately said with disdain: "Big brother, isn't the truth the exact opposite of what you said? Was it your fiancée or my secretary who started it? Don't tell me you didn't see her threatening Ruan Yun in the ward just now."

"You … Since you were questioning her actions earlier, why didn't you stop her and ask her about it on the spot, so that you could avenge your secretary?" Shen Mo coldly snorted. Shen Yan asked him what he saw. He said he only saw Shen Yan very high-profile as he sent an almost entirely healthy person into the VIP ward. He wasted both medical resources and the proper functioning of the company.

"You think my secretary is as despicable as your fiancée?" Shen Yan's words were full of ridicule.

The feud between the two of them had been building for a long time. The last time they had quarreled, they had not fought because the old lady had been there. At this point, they mocked and ridiculed each other, just like those shrewd women who were cursing and swearing at each other.

At that moment, before Xia Yu could understand what Shen Yan's words meant, a mocking sneer suddenly appeared on Shen Mo's ice-cold face. Before she and Shen Yan could react, Shen Mo had already taken a big step forward, grabbed Shen Yan's collar, and waved his other hand towards Shen Yan at a breakneck speed.


Shen Yan retreated a few steps before he managed to stabilize himself. His big brother was getting bolder and bolder, sneaking up on him when he wasn't paying attention. Shen Yan could not help but laugh.

Shen Mo used all his strength to give this punch to Shen Yan. Shen Yan was heavily hit this time.

Xia Yu suddenly opened her eyes wide. Young Master Mo had beaten someone, which was unbelievable. She was completely stupefied.

When she realized what had happened, she didn't even have the time to help Shen Yan up when she saw Shen Mo walk over, his entire body exuding a murderous aura that she was completely unfamiliar with.

If she didn't see it with her own eyes, Xia Yu wouldn't believe that the cold Shen Mo would be so good at hitting people.

Shen Yan is not someone who can be easily bullied either. After receiving Shen Mo's punch, he refused to take the hit passively. Thus, he wiped the corner of his mouth, looked at the bloodstains on the back of his hand, sneered, and assumed a fighting stance with Shen Mo.

Xia Yu realized that Shen Yan was planning to counterattack, so she rushed forward subconsciously and hugged Shen Yan's waist: "Don't hit. What are you two doing? You guys are in the hospital, don't do anything shameful. "

Aren't these two men afraid of losing face? Shen Mo directly punched Shen Yan's face. The two of them were already dozens of years old, why were they still so childish?

The two of them have relied on their brains, not fists, to achieve their current statuses. If they wanted to win everything by force, they should join the underworld.

Shen Yan struggled a few times, but Xia Yu tightly hugged his waist, so he had no choice but to give up. He completely ignored Shen Mo's bloodthirsty gaze and continued to mock him loudly, "Big Brother, I have always respected you. I'm competing with you because I want to learn a lot from you. However, this time, you are unwise. You let a woman mess around. Do you think she can influence me, control me? If that's what you think, you're disrespecting yourself and me. "

In fact, this was the wound at the bottom of Shen Mo's heart that no one should touch. Now, it was said out by Shen Yan. Very good, Shen Yan poked the part of his heart that hurt the most.

Shen Mo had to admit that he was engaged to Zeng Mina because of his brother's attitude towards him.

Once upon a time, Shen Mo realized that Shen Yan no longer circled him, no longer looking at him with reverence. He felt a bit uneasiness in his heart. As Shen's influence in the company grew, this uneasiness became more and more apparent.

He could not help but be wary of Shen Yan.

This kid deserves to be punished. He said such words in front of him. If not for Shen Yan, Shen Mo might already be sitting in the office of the CEO at headquarters. The funny thing is, Shen Yan still has his reasons here. Shen Mo's fist once again flew towards Shen Yan's face.

Shen Yan had Xia Yu in one hand, and with his other hand, it was impossible for him to beat Shen Mo. Most importantly, he did not intend to retaliate.

Seeing that Shen Mo's fist was coming towards him, Xia Yu turned her back to Shen Mo and buried her head in Shen Yan's embrace, not seeing anything. She also did not expect that although Shen Mo looked gentle on the outside, deep down, he was a violent maniac.

However, when she looked back, Shen Mo's fist had already arrived. She pushed Shen Yan away without thinking and stood in front of Shen Yan.

Although Shen Mo did his best to retract his strength when he realized this, his fist still landed on Xia Yu's body.

His punch struck Xia Yu, plus she pushed away Shen Yan with much force. Her center of gravity was unsteady, and she staggered a few steps before falling ungracefully onto the ground.

"Are you hurt?" Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu falling on the ground and rushed over without thinking, hugging her in his arms. Everything had happened so suddenly that he hadn't even noticed where he had hit her.

Xia Yu felt wronged. Why was she so unlucky? She came to Teng Fei to work, but had been toyed with by the future Eldest Young Madam and then beaten by Eldest Young Master.

Xia Yu was infuriated and could not be bothered to answer Shen Yan. She tilted her head but didn't say anything.

"Where did you get injured?" Shen Mo was anxious as well. His tone wasn't nice. He never thought he would hit a woman. Today he was in a state of confusion.

Shen Mo stood at the side anxiously, not knowing what to do.

Shen Yan hugged Xia Yu, unable to pull his hand out, so he kicked towards Shen Mo: "Scram!"

Shen Mo naturally wouldn't allow Shen Yan to kick him. He quickly moved to the side. Shen Yan's feet only touched his clothes, not injuring him.

"Am I asking you? What right do you have to tell me to scram! " Shen Mo did not give in at all. He wanted to argue with Shen Yan.

Are the two of them finished? Xia Yu shouted from within Shen Yan's arms: "Let me down, let me go! You two can fight however you want, don't embarrass me. "

The two men's expressions instantly turned awkward. Fighting in the hospital was indeed shameful.

The two of them snorted at each other, obviously looking down on each other.

They're childish! Xia Yu struggled out of Shen Yan's embrace and stood up, then walked towards the door.

At the entrance to the hospital clinic lobby, Xia Yu felt a breeze blow through the doorway. The sound of rain outside mingled with the Second Madam's sudden questioning. "You're in the hospital?"

Shen Mo immediately turned around upon hearing this. He was not interested in such things.

Shen Yan hurried to the hallway, passing a corridor made of tempered glass. He could see the downpour outside, but the second madam was standing at the end of the corridor, blocking what was behind her. Shen Yan couldn't see anything.

The distance between them was only 20 to 30 meters. Shen Yan felt like he had walked for a long time. As he neared the end of the corridor, he stepped around his mother and saw Xia Yu under the light. She stood there, soaked, with her head bowed.

"Second Madam, you misunderstand." Her voice carried over the sound of the rain, neither high nor low. It was somewhat cold.

The Second Madam didn't believe her and gave her a shove. "I can't be bothered to argue with you whether I misunderstood you or not. Leave my son as soon as possible. "

"Second Madam, I repeat, you have misunderstood. "If you want to fire me, let Young Master Yan give the order, he's the CEO of the company." Xia Yu still had the same tone.

Shen Yan quickly walked to his mother's side, not looking at Xia Yu.

"Mom, you go back first!"

"What is it? Do you want to chase me away? " The Second Madam was angry, but soon she nodded and said, "Well, since you've troubled the old lady, today everyone should explain everything!"


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