Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 82 You‘ve already boarded my pirate ship
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 82 You‘ve already boarded my pirate ship

The Second Madam glared at Xia Yu before stomping off to the side with her high heels.

Xia Yu and Shen Yan were the only ones left at the door. The two of them stood facing each other, the rain still falling. Shen Yan pulled her to stand under the eaves. Although the rain could no longer reach her, her face was pale, and her clothes were wet against her body.

This was the second time Shen Yan saw her in such a sorry state, to the point that his heart ached.

"I'll send you back. Change your clothes!"


Xia Yu raised her head, looked at Shen Yan, and pursed her lips. She was very uncomfortable in her wet clothes, and she wanted to go back, but could the Second Madam let her go?

"Xia Yu, I'm very open-minded. If you like my son, I will accept you for his sake even if I don't want to. However, what did you do? " The Second Madam stomped back in, and a swift figure appeared in the doorway. Before Xia Yu could even react, she felt something land on her face, and then crash onto the ground. A few of them were blown to Xia Yu's feet by the wind.

It was a stack of photographs, quickly soaked by the rain. Xia Yu picked up one that was facing up and saw that the picture was dark and blurry, but she could still make a rough estimate. In the photo, Chen Wenxuan was pulling her into the car. They were on the main road, close and intimate, their bodies pressed together.

"What, are you stupid? Don't you recognize him? Alternatively, do you dare not to admit that the woman in the photo was you? " asked The Second Madam.

Xia Yu held the photo in her hands and looked at Shen Yan.

Why is she looking at Shen Yan? She didn't ask anything, hoping he would give her an explanation first.

"Don't stare at my son. You drugged him, and he believes in you. However, I want to see your true face! I don't believe that a little slut like you is pure, as expected … " The Second Madam had a proud tone as if she had finally found out Xia Yu's weakness.

Xia Yu felt a chill on her back.

"You sent someone to follow me?"

"So, what! Don't you want to be Mrs. Shen even in your dreams? All right, I want to see what kind of person you are. In the end, I didn't see how capable you are, but I saw you secretly meeting with other men! " The more the Second Madam spoke, the more uncomfortable Xia Yu felt, as if she had done much dirty work. "Luckily not many people know that you are staying at Xiao Yan's house. Otherwise, the Shen family would be shamed!"

The Second Madam's words were fierce, and Xia Yu was still standing in the wind, cold and wet.

It was just a blurry picture. How could it let the Shen family be shamed?

How could she say that? Shen Yan restrained himself and said, "mom, can you go back first?"

"Why should I go back first? "Today, if you don't clarify the matter, don't go back!"

She just wanted Xia Yu to explain everything thoroughly, but she didn't expect Shen Yan to pull her by the arm, pulling her in front of the driver standing far away, "Send my mother back."

"I won't go back until you explain the situation clearly!"


Shen Yan almost roared out. The way he was angry shocked by the Second Madam.

"Young Master Yan, the Second Madam is doing this for your good!" The driver looked at Shen Yan with a complicated expression. Didn't the Second Madam's son understand her temper? What could she do if she got angry? The driver would not be able to stop her.

"It's not what you think at all. This is the hospital. You are not afraid of being caught by the reporters, so you stay. I'm leaving. " Shen Yan's words hit the sore spot of his mother. He left without looking back.

Sure enough, the Second Madam followed him, not with the same hard, ferocious tone she had used earlier, but only stamping her feet and saying, "You already know what the woman is like. Don't do anything wrong, okay? "

Then she gave Xia Yu a fierce glare and left unwillingly.

Finally, only Shen Yan and Xia Yu were left. "Xia Yu, I'm sorry. I apologize on behalf of my mother."

Xia Yu was silent as she retreated backward, maintaining a considerable distance between her and Shen Yan.

It seemed to be raining harder outside. Shen Yan frowned and said, "Why are you retreating? Will I eat you? " Shen Yan began to lose his temper, tugging Xia Yu aside to let her take a few steps into the glass corridor. Xia Yu shook off his hand and stood still.

"I'd better move out." Her tone was the same, her expression the same, cold and distant.

Shen Yan could not help laughing out loud, "I didn't think that you would care about these rumors."

"Who wouldn't care about rumors? Do you think everyone likes to appear on the cover of magazines as much as you do? " Xia Yu ruthlessly rolled her eyes at him.

Shen Yan was stunned for a moment, then laughed out once again. He extended his hand and held her hand: "It's too late for you to regret now. You've already boarded my pirate ship. Don't be angry, don't worry. What I've told you will be done. "

"What did you say?"

"I guarantee that no one in S City will dare to bully you!"

"And if I want your mother to apologize?" Xia Yu was curious. How could this man have the confidence to speak like that?

Shen Yan couldn't help laughing out loud. "You probably don't understand my mother yet. She was just a little too worried about me. However, if she knows that you have been wrongly accused, she will take the initiative to apologize even without you saying anything. "

Is that true? Xia Yu doubted Shen Yan's words.

She had seen plenty of domineering rich wives, but she had never heard of anyone voluntarily admitting their wrongs.

"You don't believe me?" Seeing Xia Yu's doubt, Shen Yan stopped and said to her face-to-face, "How about we make a bet? If my mom takes the initiative to apologize to you, even if something like this happens again in the future, you can't propose to move, much less resign. If she doesn't apologize, then go wherever you want and write off our debts. "

"Young Master Yan, you have to keep your word." This bet seemed like Xia Yu had a higher chance of winning, so she agreed without hesitation.

"Should we write a written contract?" Shen Yan held Xia Yu's hand and walked towards the car park.

Xia Yu's clothes were wet. Shen Yan took off his coat and draped it over her body.

"Daddy, it's Daddy!"

Xia Yu suddenly heard a little boy's voice from behind her. She instinctively turned around and saw Jiang Yayan holding young master Jiang's hand with one hand and covering his mouth with the other.

Jiang Yayan nervously looked over, her eyes just in time to meet Xia Yu's. She quickly turned her head, "Don't speak nonsense. Where's your dad?"

"That's my dad." Young Master Jiang said as he opened her hand when his mother wasn't paying attention.

"If you say that again, I'll beat you up!" Jiang Yayan quickly dragged Young Master Jiang away.

Xia Yu turned to look at Shen Yan, only to see him staring straight ahead as if he didn't know what had just happened.

The two stopped talking. After Shen Yan sent Xia Yu back to their villa, he drove back to his house.

"Yo, you're back?" Shen Yan scolded the Second Madam at the entrance of the hospital. She was unhappy, so her tone was not much better.

The first Madam secretly smiled and found an excuse to leave.

It was inconvenient for her to interfere in the matter between the Second Madam and her son. If they fought each other, she wouldn't know whom to help.

"Mom, who gave you those pictures?" Shen Yan did not beat around the bush and directly asked.

"Why? You don't even want your mother for that little bitch, do you?" The Second Madam slaps on the table. She didn't argue with him outside just now for the sake of the Shen family. He was still talking to her like this at home, and she thought he was rude.

"Mom, you always say that whatever you do is for the face of the Shen family. However, as the Second Madam of the Shen family, you called her little slut to protect the face of the Shen family? " Shen Yan lightly glanced at his mother, then sat down at the side. "Did you know that the man in the photo almost raped Xia Yu that day?"

"What?" The Second Madam, who was in her fury, suddenly froze. Weren't they colluding with each other? It should be voluntary on both sides!

"Mom, how is the man in the photo compared to your son?" Seeing his mother in a daze, Shen Yan changed the topic.

"What are you trying to say?"

"I want to say, Xia Yu is often with me right now, how did she fall for this kind of little hoodlum?" Shen Yan curled his mouth. He was very dissatisfied that his mother had compared him to Chen Wenxuan.

"You mean you're not a couple?" The Second Madam found herself making a low-level mistake. However, facing her son's overbearing attitude, she did not want to admit defeat. "Even if she is not your girlfriend, she is not a good person either. She even wants to snatch her classmate's fiancé. "

Heh, Shen Yan's mother is becoming more and more unreasonable.

Shen Yan smiled and said, "Mom, what you said is not right. The reason why Chen Wenxuan proposed to break up with Xia Yu was that he felt that Xia Yu's family didn't have as much money as Bao Na's family did. Even if Xia Yu wants to snatch Bao Na's fiancé, she still needs her family to have financial strength. "

His son's words made sense. No one could stand being thrown off by a snobbish boyfriend, let alone Xia Yu, who had a strong personality. "But Mrs. Bao said that Xia Yu often pestered Chen Wenxuan."

"Bao Na gave you the pictures, right? Mom, you have to talk to Mrs. Bao. Xia Yu is a classmate of her daughter, Xia Yu is proficient in five foreign languages and has a strong working ability. Also, Bao Na only knows how to make a fuss. " Shen Yan also wanted to take this opportunity to talk to his mother about Bao Na.

Tengfei was a large company. If Bao Na could work well, it didn't matter if she was weak. However, she loved to show off and make a fool of herself. It would only be a bad thing if someone like her stayed in the company.

"Bao Na's a bit overdone, but you can't just wreck her car and fire her." Xia Yu had indeed been wronged, but Shen Yan had gone too far.

"Mom, I'm your son, so I won't accept that you've wronged me like this. I am the dignified the second young master of the Shen family, why do you describe me like I am a member of the underworld? " The Second Madam was another one to blame him for smashing the car. Shen Yan was speechless.

"Did you not send someone to smash the car?" The Second Madam looks into her son's eyes, trying to find a clue.

"When that bastard wanted to rape Xia Yu, Liu Sijie rushed over to save her. I was there. I was in a rage. If I had wanted to smash his car, I would have. Do I still need to wait a few more days? " Shen Yan didn't evade but looked straight into his mother's eyes.

"Liu Sijie is also at the scene? Chen Wenxuan molested Xia Yu? " Only then did The Second Madam discover that she had wrongly believed in someone.

"Mom, do you think your son will deceive you? It's over, and I don't want to talk about it anymore. However, Mom, Xia Yu is my senior secretary, do you think that the reason I paid her 20,000 yuan a month was to make her be troubled by these things? "

Shen Yan had already explained everything, and he still wanted to remind his mother. Xia Yu was indeed a beautiful girl, but she was also a highly skilled white-collar worker. Shen Yan hoped that his mother wouldn't just look at a person's appearance and ignore her essence.


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