Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 83 You Are Here Wearing This?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 83 You Are Here Wearing This?

"Kid, if you behave yourself before, do I need to be suspicious all day?" The Second Madam rolled her eyes at Shen Yan.

"Mom, even if I didn't behave properly this time, you still got a big treasure. Xia Yu was beautiful and decent, and she was also very good at household chores. You should be happy if your son is so lucky to marry her. " Shen Yan smiled. His mother was hilarious. Her son was not behaving according to the rules, and instead of teaching her son a lesson, she went to find trouble with Xia Yu.

"Kid, you spoke so well of her, do you like her?" Her son was usually not too serious, but he had never praised anyone like that. Did he like her?

"I said if I could marry her. I was going to chase her. However, with her stubborn temper, and you offend her today, she might not be filial even after we get married. You asked for it. Don't cry with me. I don't care about the conflicts between you two. "

Seeing his mother's nervous expression, Shen Yan couldn't help but joke.

"You stinking brat, you dare to joke with your mother, right? All right, you don't care about your mother and your wife's conflicts? If she gives me face, I won't argue with her. I will only give you face. Who told you to side with your wife? " The Second Madam laughed at her son's joke. She hit him a few times, and all her previous anger vanished.

"Second Young Master is the best at making the Second Madam happy." The servant Wang Ma came out with a bowl of bird's nest porridge and happened to overhear their conversation.

"Wang Ma, you made this for Grandma, right?" Seeing that his mother wasn't angry anymore, Shen Yan turned around and smiled at Wang Ma.

"Yeah. The old lady said we would eat together and asked me to prepare some for the two Madams. There's more in the kitchen. Second Young Master, please have some too. " Wang Ma smiled as she replied.

"I won't eat it. I have a party tonight, so I'll be leaving first. " Shen Yan stood up as he spoke.

"Don't drink too much, okay?" the Second Madam repeated behind him.

Shen Yan did not turn his head but just shook his hand, indicating that he heard.

"Second Madam, your porridge." Wang Ma placed the bird's nest porridge in front of the Second Madam.

"Thank you, Wang Ma. You can first send it to the old lady and the First Madam. I'll make a call." The Second Madam could be tough in front of her son, but today she was feeling sorry for Xia Yu because of how she treated her in the hospital, so she had to give Xia Yu a call.

In room number 6 of the Red lip Bar, Shen Mo and Zhang Hanyu were sitting facing each other.

"Hanyu, come and work at Da Mo Technology! If you can come, I can handle my company's affairs in peace. "

Da Mo Technology Co., Ltd. was the first company that was established by Shen Mo after graduation. Shen Mo spent a lot of time and effort on this company. Before the competition between Shen Mo and Shen Yan, he could still occasionally pay attention to the operating conditions of Desert Technology, but now that the game was getting more intense, he has no time.

However, after all, this company was Shen Mo's hard work, and he had always intended to let Zhang Hanyu manage it. This time, Zeng Mina provoked him and made him point the finger at Zhang Hanyu, forcing him to resign. Shen Mo also took this opportunity to let Zhang Hanyu take the job in Da Mo.

"All right, I'll try my best to take office as soon as possible." Zhang Hanyu agreed without hesitation. In the future, he would not be a part of the Shen family's company, so he could openly help Shen Mo without having to overthink into it.

"You'd better bring Xia Yu as well." Initially, Shen Mo didn't think much of Xia Yu. When Xia Yu tried to stop Zeng Mina from getting into Teng Fei, Shen Mo felt that she was avenging her sister.

Then Xia Yu threatened to make Luo Jiancheng sign a contract, threatened Zeng Mina to call the old lady and what she had said today in front of the old lady, had made Shen Mo start to pay attention to her.

"Since the Second Madam said that to Xia Yu in front of the hospital today, I don't think she wants to stay in Teng Fei any longer. The key thing is that she still owes Young Master Yan money. " Xia Yu initially stayed because of the money, but now even if she wanted to leave, she had to pay her debt. Otherwise, Shen Yan could threaten her at any time.

"The question of money is easy to solve. Didn't she have a sister who was a model? Although they were cousins, they were very close. If her sister knew that the Second Madam had wronged Xia Yu, she would find a way to repay the money. " Shen Mo had already planned it. There was no need for Zhang Hanyu to worry about such trivial matters.

Sure enough, Shen Mo understood Wu Shiyu very well. Wu Shiyu rushed to Shen Yan's villa as soon as she received the news.

When she arrived, Xia Yu had already changed into her home clothes and was currently making a phone call.

"Xiao Yu, the people of the Shen family are too domineering, don't serve them." Wu Shiyu was usually gentle and kind. If others bullied her, she would tolerate it. However, if her cousin was bullied, she couldn't tolerate it.

"It's clear that this was a trap set by Zeng Mina. She must have bewitched the Second Madam." Xia Yu did not intend to retreat. Did Zemina like to play games? Let her have enough.

"Xiao Yu, Zeng Mina is the future wife of the Shen Mo. Even if you can give evidence to the Second Madam, wouldn't she want to stand by Zemina's side? " Of course, Wu Shiyu also wanted to win in the game, but is Xia Yu able to win?

"Not necessarily. Do you know who just called me? It was the Second Madam. She apologized for what she said to me in the hospital today. "

The Second Madam apologized? Is it true?

Wu Shiyu was stunned for a moment before she quickly added, "So what? It was her fault in the first place."

"It doesn't matter who is right or wrong. The important thing is that the Second Madam doesn't like Zeng Mina." Of course, Xia Yu was not that naive, because the Second Madam made a phone call and was grateful.

The Shen family had always been in a fierce internal fight. Since Xia Yu was already involved, she couldn't let herself get beaten and run away. Even if Xia Yu wanted to run away, Zeng Mina would not necessarily let her run away.

Zeng Mina was a vengeful person. She wouldn't let Xia Yu escape unscathed. Therefore, if Xia Yu wanted peace, she had to make Zeng Mina admit defeat.

Wu Shiyu had also heard about the relationship between Zeng Mina and Shen Yan. Second Madam had reason to hate her. This time Zeng Mina used the Second Madam again, and the Second Madam must have hated her even more. "Xiao Yu, but I still think it's better if we don't interfere in these matters."

Her cousin's worry wasn't unreasonable. Xia Yu nodded: "Sis, of course, I know. I will also leave Teng Fei at the right time."

Wu Shiyu had no better option but to leave it to Xia Yu. Xia Yu chose to continue staying in Teng Fei. The two chatted for a while longer. Wu Shiyu had to prepare in advance to participate in a show tonight, so she left.

Xia Yu played the game for a while. It was already time for dinner, so she stood up and prepared to cook.

The door opened, and Liu Sijie walked in. "Xia Yu, quickly change your clothes. There's a party tonight. Young Master Yan wants the two of us to go."

"Wait a moment." Liu Sijie personally came to pick up Xia Yu. No matter how unwilling she was, she couldn't say it. She put on light makeup and a white dress.

When Xia Yu and Liu Sijie were standing right in front of the door to the party, Zeng Mina was right in front of them.

"Miss Zeng is here. Wasn't she engaged to Young Master Mo? Why didn't Young Master Mo come with her? "

"They are engaged, but I heard that she is still obsessed with Young Master Yan. Not long ago, she asked Yan to take a walk in the rain. Mo must be angry."

Shen Mo is the eldest young master of the Shen family, and every girl in S city wants to marry him. How could Zeng Mina make both brothers fall in love with her?

The girls looked at Zeng Mina from all directions with envy and hatred. They were saying nasty things behind her back.

Zeng Mina pretended not to hear anything. As the saying goes, a man who does not arouse the envy of others must be a mediocre man. The more unpleasant their words, the more they proved that she was much better than they were.

While consoling herself in her heart, she quickened her pace and walked inside.

The reporters began to raise their cameras, and the flashlights started to shine on her back.

Suddenly, someone shouted, "Young Master Mo is here."

"It looks like Young Master Mo is angry. The two of them came in one after the other. "

"Zeng Mina did such a shameless thing. No man would be able to stand her, let alone Young Master Mo?"

The flash instantly changed direction, crazily heading towards a spot not far behind Xia Yu. She stopped.

It was just a small matter, but with how they interpreted it, Xia Yu didn't know what to say.

She shook her head and entered the party with Liu Sijie and the others.

"You're here wearing this?" Shen Yan slanted his eyes at Xia Yu, not knowing what to say to her. The women here were all dressed up, and no one dressed up more plainly than she did.

"No problem, I'm just here to fill up the numbers." Xia Yu chuckled twice.

Shen Yan helplessly shook his head. Just as he was about to say something, someone came over to greet him. He had no choice but to socialize with them.

After Zeng Mina entered the party, she tried several times to find an opportunity to speak to Shen Mo, but Shen Mo cleverly avoided her. She knew that he was angry about what had happened today, but then she saw Xia Yu unexpectedly smile at her.

This was just Zeng Mina's psychological effect. Xia Yu did not pay attention to her. However, it happened that Xia Yu was greeting a friend who happened to be standing right next to Zeng Mina, who assumed that Xia Yu was smiling at her. Zeng Mina was upset that Shen Mo had ignored her, fearing that others would notice the displeasure between them. Suddenly, she raised her head and met Xia Yu's gaze.

Xia Yu only greeted her friends, but Zeng Mina thought she was laughing at her, so the hatred in her stomach accumulated to the point where she couldn't speak.

At this moment, Luo Cheng came over with a cup of wine. Zeng Mina smiled and greeted him, "Director Luo, where is Madam Luo?"

"You know her well. When she was playing cards, she couldn't even remember who her husband was. Why did she come here? "Luo Jiancheng didn't tell his wife where he was going on purpose, especially at a party like this where celebrities gathered. Maybe he would have good luck with women.

"So, Mrs. Luo was playing cards. I haven't played cards with her for a long time. I want an appointment for another day. " Zeng Mina laughed tenderly, raising her head to look in Xia Yu's direction, she said as if she had just seen Xia Yu, "To keep Secretary Xia, young master Yan fired Fang Yuan. They were classmates for many years. It looks like Young Master Yan values Secretary Xia. "

In Luo Jiancheng's eyes, all of Zeng Mina's expressions, actions and words were naked seductions.

However, this woman was Shen Mo's fiancée. No matter how daring he was, he didn't dare to have any ideas about her. Luo Jiancheng swallowed hard and looked in the direction that Zeng Mina had pointed.

He was surprised to see Xia Yu standing among the birds like a noble peacock.


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