Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 85 Ambiguous Posture
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 85 Ambiguous Posture

Xia Yu rushed towards that place. She didn't believe that her pursuers would be able to guess that she was hiding in the men's room. Just as she was about to feel proud of her intelligence, she embarrassedly discovered that there was someone in the men's restroom!

Moreover, he just so happens to be Shen Yan!

Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu in shock. Just as he was about to berate her, there was the sound of footsteps came from outside the washroom. A trace of nervousness flashed across Xia Yu's eyes.

Xia Yu didn't know if the person who was about to enter the men's room was the one chasing after her or someone who had nothing to do with it. To be safe, she grabbed Shen Yan's tie and pulled him into the cubicle the moment she heard the door open.

"You, uh …"

What was this girl doing?

Xia Yu's sudden action made Shen Yan extremely unhappy. His face had an angry expression, but he had only said one word before Xia Yu had already covered his mouth.

When her hand gently touched his lips, Shen Yan was stunned.

"Shh, don't talk."

He reacted and heard Xia Yu's soft request.

Also, Xia Yu did not notice anything strange about Shen Yan. She was afraid that his struggle would reveal her presence to the one outside. Using Shen Yan's body as a support, she stood on the toilet and then pressed him tightly against the wooden board in the cubicle.

Xia Yu wanted to cover his mouth firmly, so almost his entire body was leaning on Shen Yan. Their postures were very ambiguous.

Furthermore, because of her nervousness, Xia Yu's breathing became hurried. Her breath carried a hint of alcohol, and intertwined with her body's fragrance, spraying it on Shen Yan's face, causing his expression to become more and more dazed. He looked at Xia Yu deeply.

Xia Yu did not notice these details at all.

Her nerves were taut, and she listened carefully to what was happening outside.

Hearing the heavy breathing and footsteps, Xia Yu had already guessed that the person who had entered was her pursuer.

"Hmm? "No one."

Outside the cubicle, a cold voice could be heard.

Xia Yu's entire body tensed up. Her heart was in her throat.

Wait, this is Zhang Peng's voice.

She was a little suspicious when she was on the rooftop just now, but she had been wholly focused on Jiang Yayan and hadn't paid attention to that man. Now, she was sure that it was his voice.

Heh, Shen Yan has made a good friend!

Shen Yan frowned. Looking at Xia Yu, who was nervous, he understood her strange actions.

She was in trouble!

Shen Yan thought about the many troublesome matters that she had encountered in the past few days and felt that it was rather pitiful. So, he didn't stop her from pressing herself down on him.

Xia Yu didn't know what Shen Yan was thinking. She was only paying attention to the person who was chasing her.

She thought that Zhang Peng would leave if he didn't find her, but not only did he not leave, he even started searching around the cubicles.

Zhang Peng is that smart?

Xia Yu secretly cursed in her heart, and then looked at the black leather shoes outside the door in fear. She was so scared that she held her breath.

Zhang Peng pushed the door and found that it could not be opened. As if he was sure that Xia Yu was in this cubicle, he smiled and said, "Come out, I know you're inside."

When Xia Yu heard this, she knew that he said that on purpose. She held her breath and stared intently at the wooden door. She thought that if no one answered him, he would leave.

However, she had underestimated Zhang Peng's determination to find the peeping person.


The plank of the cubicle was kicked again.

"Don't expect that you can escape from this. Do you want to come out by yourself, or should I kick the door open and let you out? "

As the sound of knocking rang out continuously, the voice of the person outside the door became even deeper …

Xia Yu was so scared that her whole body was trembling, her heart was in her throat.

This voice … Shen Yan frowned even more.

The sound of kicking the door became louder and louder. It seemed that Zhang Peng would not stop until he found her. At this time, only Shen Yan could resolve this crisis.

She released the hand that was covering his mouth, wanting Shen Yan to say something and let him leave.

Shen Yan understood what Xia Yu meant. Since the girl arrived, she first attracted Luo Jiancheng's attention, and then let Zhang Peng chase after her.

It looks like she's had much fun tonight. Shen Yan's foxy eyes circled her body, but he did not move.

He had warned her not to be too high-profile, and now it was time for her to learn a little lesson.

He raised an eyebrow, pretending not to understand.

Shen Yan acted as if he didn't care about her death. Xia Yu looked at him, both angry and depressed.

She wanted to say something, but there was someone outside the booth and she couldn't. Her delicate face turned red, and she glared at the man who refused to save her.

Damn it, if it wasn't for him, would she have been forced into this state?

If she knew that he would do this to her, she wouldn't have helped him at all!

Shen Yan ignored her angry gaze and looked at the rich changes in her expression with interest instead.


The two of them stood there in a silent confrontation. The people outside kicked at the door again, harder than before.

The small wooden door had already loosened a little, and when Xia Yu, who had just regained his senses, saw this, her pupils constricted, and his body began to tremble as well.

If she didn't cover her mouth in time, she would have screamed.

With much difficulty, she recovered her wits and looked at Shen Yan nervously, her attitude softening as she pouted and pulled at the corner of Shen Yan's clothes.

Her pitiful appearance finally moved Shen Yan. Shen Yan smirked and looked at Xia Yu, then suddenly shouted towards the wooden door: "Scram!"

Zhang Peng did not expect a man's angry voice to come from inside. He was stunned, his eyebrows knitted together, thinking that he probably found the wrong person, so he turned around and left.

However, just as he took a few steps, his expression froze, and his originally feminine face became fierce. He didn't believe that he wouldn't be able to find that person after searching the entire venue!

After walking a few steps forward, he suddenly realized that something was wrong. Why did that man's voice sound like Shen Yan's?

Damn it, this is bad! Right now, he couldn't care about finding people anymore as he hastily went to find Jiang Yayan, telling her that the person who was peeking at them earlier could be Shen Yan.

Shen Yan only turned his head when he heard Zhang Peng's footsteps walking further away, and looked at Xia Yu who was still in shock: "He's already gone, are you still not going to go out?"

"He scared me to death! He kept chasing me!" Xia Yu took a few deep breaths, and her mood slowly calmed down. She jumped off the toilet.

She patted her chest to calm herself down, then passed Shen Yan and pushed open the wooden door to the cubicle and walked out.

"Heh, wouldn't be afraid if you didn't do anything shameful. Tell me, what have you done to make him chase after you? "

Seeing Xia Yu's expression, which appeared as though she had just survived a calamity, Shen Yan crossed his arms in front of his chest and quickly followed her out of the cubicle.

He meant she had done wrong? As Xia Yu looked at Shen Yan, the scene on the roof flashed up in her mind, and her dark eyes roved shrewdly.

"You think I did something wrong? If it weren't for you, would I have been in so much trouble? " Xia Yu glanced at him disdainfully. All along, she had thought that Zeng Mina was the one who created trouble, but in fact, Shen Yan was even more so.

Xia Yu also had some knowledge and experience, but Shen Yan could always stir up a bunch of trouble. Why? She didn't know what to say about him.

Shen Yan pointed at his nose with a puzzled expression. Who was hiding in the men's restroom? Who shamelessly begged him to save her?

Had she forgotten so quickly?

"What are you looking at?" Am I wrong? " Xia Yu pushed Shen Yan, who was standing in front of her and walked out without looking back.

Did she mean he was wrong?

However, what was wrong with him?

They had to explain whose fault it was. Shen Yan quickly followed her out: "Don't go, how did I cause trouble for you?"

Xia Yu did not answer and continued to walk.

"Wait a moment …" Shen Yan quickly walked forward and grabbed Xia Yu's arm.

Luo Jiancheng, who was looking for Xia Yu, coincidentally saw her walk over. He was walking towards her. When he suddenly saw Shen Yan grabbing onto her arm, he stopped in his tracks.

Heh, this girl was acting very decent in front of him, so she was pretending. What was her relationship with Shen Yan?

Luo Jiancheng pinched his chin, looking deep in thought. After a flash of cunning in his small eyes, he quietly left.

"Let go! Men and women should not be intimate with each other! " Xia Yu glanced at Shen Yan's hand that was grabbing her arm in disdain.

Heh, who was the one that had covered his mouth just now and pressed her entire body on top of him?

Shen Yan squinted his eyes slightly as he looked at her.

What was he looking at? Xia Yu lifted her leg and stepped on him fiercely. Shen Yan felt pain and immediately let go of her hand, and even retreating a few steps.

She was wearing high-heals, she stomped her foot down, causing Shen Yan's face to go pale from the pain. He pointed at Xia Yu for a long time without saying anything.

"Young Master Yan, I have already greeted all the familiar merchants. You can stay here with Liu Sijie. I'll go back first. " Xia Yu didn't like this kind of chaotic occasion, so she took the chance to leave.

Zhang Peng and Jiang Yayan who were hiding at the side exchanged glances. They had known Shen Yan for a long time. Although he was always smiling, no man dared to speak to him like that, let alone a woman.

"It seems like the relationship between the Young Master Yan and Xia Yu is not ordinary." Zhang Peng was still thinking of seducing with Xia Yu, so it seemed like he wouldn't be able to get her. He couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed...

Jiang Yayan glanced at him, and said unhappily: "Nonsense! If it wasn't for Young Master Yan supporting her, would she dare to treat me that arrogantly? "

"Hur Hur Hur, that's right!" Zhang Peng thought, who would have thought that a woman would control the Young Master Yan?

"Cut the crap. Was the person who spied on us just now Xia Yu? Judging from the footsteps, it should be a woman. " Jiang Yayan was very jealous of Xia Yu, but she didn't have time to be jealous now. If she couldn't find the peeping person, she wouldn't feel at ease.

"I don't think it's Xia Yu. Otherwise, Young Master Yan would be quarreling with you immediately. " Zhang Peng was very disappointed. He had chased after the peeping person for a long time, but he couldn't find her.

He was more anxious than Jiang Yayan.

Shen Yan was his friend. If Shen Yan knew that Zhang Peng was messing around with his son's mother, the consequences would be dire.

"Find her quickly. If Shen Yan knew about this, maybe he would kill you. "

"Do I need your reminder?"

Zhang Peng glanced at Jiang Yayan unhappily and then continued to look for the peeper in anger.

"Master Zhang, what happened to you just now? Did the toilet door offended you?" After Xia Yu left, Shen Yan stood where he was, angry. Just as he was about to return to the hall, he suddenly saw Zhang Peng walking over. He remembered what happened in the toilet, and felt that it was necessary to ask him about it.

"Young Master Yan, what are you saying? I don't understand!" Zhang Peng was shocked. He remembered that it was Shen Yan in the toilet. Right now, he wanted to die.


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