Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 86 Pick any one of them
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 86 Pick any one of them

Zhang Peng was so nervous and adding the words he had told Shen Yan before, the more Shen Yan thought about it, the more he felt that this brat was planning to do something terrible to Xia Yu.

This bastard, Shen Yan had already reminded him many times that he still dared to pursue Xia Yu. It seems that Shen Yan had to seriously talk to him: "Zhang Peng, it's fine if you don't understand this sentence of mine, but remember the next one, Xia Yu is not your type. If you go against her, don't blame me for getting angry at you. "

"Young Master Yan, I know she's your secretary. How would I dare?" Zhang Peng intentionally replied with a smile, but the smile on his face was extremely unnatural.

Shen Yan circled the party one or two more times. A large group of people was surrounding Shen Mo. Shen Yan felt that it was boring and returned early.

At this time, Xia Yu and Shen Qiang were in the villa.

Xia Yu washed some fruits and made a platter, bringing them out to eat with Shen Qiang while watching TV.

"Yo, your lives are comfortable!" Shen Yan looked in their direction.

"That's right!" Shen Qiang put a grape into his mouth without looking back.

"I'll wash my face first!" Shen Yan loosened his tie and changed into his slippers. Then, he tossed his briefcase to the side and went straight into the bathroom.

Xia Yu quickly followed, just in time to see Shen Yan grab her pink towel. She snatched the towel away and shoved the blue towel into his arms.

"What are you doing?" Shen Yan looked at the towel in his hand and asked.

"I just bought this pink towel. In the future, you will use this blue one, Xiao Qiang will use that white one, and Liu Sijie will use the striped one. No one can get it wrong. " Xia Yu said as she prepared to hang her towel in its place.

She seemed to have a strong motive for saying this. Shen Yan grabbed the towel in Xia Yu's hand and touched it with his hand. It was indeed new. Shen Yan's mood immediately dropped.

The towel he had used to wipe his hair was entirely new. Could it be that just because he used it once, Xia Yu ignored it and threw it away, changing it with a new one?

Was Shen Yan that dirty?

The corner of Shen Yan's lips twitched, he looked at Xia Yu and asked, "Why would I need to use the blue one?"

Blue is pretty good. Xia Yu glanced at him and said in her heart: "You're too picky!"

Xia Yu replied, "If you don't like blue, then trade it with Xiao Qiang. He uses blue. You use white. "

"I don't have a problem with that!" Shen Qiang said from the side.

He was just blabbermouth!

Shen Yan glared at Shen Qiang, and said very straightforwardly: "I don't like the white one."

"Then use the striped one!"


Heh, why is Shen Yan so hard to deal with? Xia Yu frowned, her gaze landed on his hand holding the pink towel.

The last time he took Xia Yu's towel, Xia Yu threw it away and repurchased another one. Today, he retook this pink one.

Did he like pink? Xia Yu looked at his face and couldn't help but shiver.

A man who likes pink is too weird!

"Pick any one." Xia Yu had no other choice. She could only allow him to do as he pleased.

After all, he was the master of this place.

This girl's eyes were full of disdain. She was saying that he was too feminine!

Being stared at by Xia Yu, Shen Yan was a little terrified in his heart. He felt uncomfortable and then started to throw a tantrum, "I won't choose, I'll use whatever color I want in the future!"

Shen Yan was deliberately making things difficult for Xia Yu! He was a man. Why did he do that? Xia Yu would never forgive his temper. She grabbed the pink towel and tossed the blue one in his face.

"You will use the blue towel from now on!" Xia Yu has given the order!

"As I said, I don't like it!" Shen Yan pulled down the towel on his face.

"Emotions need to be developed slowly, just like being in a relationship. You can't just fall in love with a girl the first time you see her. With skin contact, you'll find it good. " Xia Yu curled her lips, ignoring his protest, and directly took away all the other colored towels.

Shen Yan did not want to use it. He decided to think of his ways.

Develop feelings with a towel? Only Xia Yu could think like that. Shen Qiang who was at the side burst out laughing, Xia Yu's words were truly interesting!

It looked like Shen Qiang was right to choose to move in. Living with them would never be boring.

"You …" Shen Yan pointed at Xia Yu's back, but there was nothing he could do about it. He could only dejectedly enter the bathroom.

After washing his face, Shen Yan sat down beside them and lit up a cigarette.

Xia Yu glanced at him. Isn't he fine after he used a blue towel? Just now, he was causing trouble!

Shen Yan realized that Xia Yu was looking at him. What was her expression? Shen Yan's foxy eyes slightly narrowed: "I didn't wash my face clean?"

"It's clean and pretty!" Xia Yu replied in all seriousness. Shen Yan knew that she was teasing him and he was angry, but he couldn't say anything.

Shen Yan stared blankly at Xia Yu for a while. He used the phrase "a good man should not fight with a woman" to straighten himself up, then reached for the fruit, but did not get anything!

The last piece of fruit was in Shen Qiang's mouth.

"You two are going too far!" Shen Yan looked at his empty hands and glared at Shen Qiang fiercely.

"You didn't say you wanted fruit. I ate it because I don't want to waste it. " Shen Qiang looked wronged.

"Go, wash some more fruits!" Shen Yan threw the plate on top of Shen Qiang's body. He had grown up, yet he was still toying with his brother. Nothing was interesting about it at all.

"If you want to eat fruits, go wash them yourself!" Xia Yu was unhappy when she thought of how he had dragged her, and been chased by Zhang Peng and had no choice but going into the men's restroom. Thus, she naturally stood by Shen Qiang's side.

Shen Qiang proudly stretched out two fingers towards Shen Yan, meaning "two VS one".

As the three of them were fooling around, Liu Sijie came in, "Young Master Yan, the makeup contract has expired. Originally, Mrs. Luo agreed to renew it, but for some reason, Luo Jiancheng suddenly delayed it again and again. "

What's going on with this Luo Jiancheng? Shen Yan thought for a while and said: "Isn't Li Feiran on good terms with him? Let her push it. "

"Logically speaking, the PR Department should be the one to follow up on this contract. If Li Feiran follows it, we'll have to consider it her work results. " Liu Sijie thought and decided that they have no other choices, and accepted Shen Yan's suggestion.

"En, and also transfer Bao Na to the Sales Department tomorrow." Seeing that Liu Sijie was about to leave, Shen Yan reminded him again.

"Yes, sir!" Liu Sijie nodded in agreement. Bao Na wasn't suitable to work in Tengfei. Shen Yan arranged this to take care of the Second Madame's face.

Bao Na didn't think so. In her opinion, this was Xia Yu deliberately making things difficult for her. In addition to some others' provocative words, Bao Na hated Xia Yu even more.

However, no matter how much people discussed, it could not change the fact that Bao Na was demoted to the Sales Department.

Li Feiran had always been a snob. Her attitude toward one depends on the position of the person. She would flatter whoever was her superior. Li Feiran naturally did not think much of someone like Bao Na, but Zhang Yuan had purposely assigned Bao Na to her department.

"Miss Bao, Director Luo is coming over in a while. He likes to eat dessert, go and buy some." Li Feiran was too clear about Bao Na's ability in work. She doesn't know anything.

However, since Bao Na was Second Madame's man, she couldn't reject her orders, so she asked her to do some odd jobs.

Bao Na was unwilling in her heart, but she couldn't directly disobey orders as a subordinate, so she could only reluctantly walk out of Li Feiran's office.

Just then, Luo Jiancheng also arrived. Li Feiran hurriedly welcomed him with a smile.

"Director Luo, you came! Whom are you going to sign the contract with this time? " Li Feiran walked over with a charming smile, and very naturally wrapped her arms around Luo Jiancheng, pressing half of her body onto his.

With a beauty taking the initiative to throw herself into his embrace, all the bones in Luo Jiancheng's body went soft. If it weren't in public, he would have lost control of his lust a long time ago.

"There's no need to ask that question. Of course, I'm signing the contract with you." Luo Jiancheng's fat hand pinched and pinched again on Li Feiran's hands.

"Really? "Then I'll prepare the contract?" Li Feiran was immediately overjoyed; she wanted to take this opportunity to finalize the matter.

"Yes, yes, prepare the contract first." I'll talk to Young Master Yan and then come over to find you. You wait for me. " Luo Jiancheng stared at her lecherously for a while before heading to Shen Yan's office.

"Bao Na, you learn Spanish, right? It just so happens that there is a Spanish customer who needs a translator. Come over here for a moment. " Zhang Yuan stood at the entrance of the reception room and waved at Bao Na.

Bao Na didn't want to buy snacks in the first place, so this was an excellent opportunity. She pretended to be troubled and said, "But Director Li told me to go and buy cakes for Mr. Luo."

"Would you prioritize your work? Let her send someone else. " Zhang Yuan said with irritation as he turned around and walked back to his office.

With Bao Na's ability, could she translate it?

Li Feiran threw the documents in her hands onto the table, making a loud noise. Her expression was unhappy, but she could only watch as Bao Na walked past.

Not long after, Shen Yan called and told Li Feiran to go out and buy some dessert. Shen Yan was very picky and asked for the dessert from the shop on Zhonghua Road.

Didn't Luo Jiancheng go to the President's office? So many secretaries have free time. Li Feiran thought: "Don't tell me I'm easy to bully?" Therefore, Li Feiran had to show that she was busy, "Young Master Yan, Director Luo asked me to prepare the contract. I am swamped right now."

After Shen Yan hung up the phone, he immediately called Xia Yu: "Go buy some dessert!"

"All right!" Xia Yu felt it was strange that men like to eat sweet food. However, she left the office quickly.

Zhonghua Road was not far from Tengfei. It only took about 10 minutes for her to get there by taxi. However, the traffic congestion in S City was always very severe, especially during commuting hours, which provides enough time for a person to have a beauty sleep in the car.

Xia Yu sat in the back seat of the taxi and looked at the time on her phone. It had been more than twenty minutes.

She was not in a hurry. She even hoped that she would be stuck here forever. That way, she would no longer need to go back to see Luo Jiancheng's lecherous face.

However, some people were getting anxious.

Her phone rang. It was Shen Yan.

He asked: "Xia Yu, are you back yet?"

Xia Yu glanced at the bag in her hands and answered with a smile, "Not yet. I'm still in the dessert shop. "

Shen Yan was a little anxious: "Quickly come back, Spanish customers need you to translate and interpret."

"There are no translators in the sales department?" Xia Yu replied calmly.

Shen Yan's tone was slightly impatient: "The Sales Department has sent Bao Na. I don't know if her translation certificate was bought. She doesn't understand a single word of what the guests are saying. "

If Shen Yan wasn't a President, he could do fortune-telling. This time, he guessed right. Miss Bao's certificate test was done by someone else. She had said shamelessly that she had not thought of going to Spain, and it would not affect her whether she was able to speak Spanish.

However, after all, she had been studying Spanish for so many years that it would be a shame if she didn't get a certificate, so she found someone to take the exam for her.

Zhang Yuan told her to talk to the Spanish. She would mess things up.

"I'll be back after I buy dessert." Although Xia Yu had already bought everything, she still couldn't grow two wings and fly back.

Shen Yan's tone sounded very anxious, as he urged her, "Hurry up!"

"I'm still at the entrance of the shop. It's useless for you to be in a hurry. You can only wait for me for a while."

"I have to wait?" Shen Yan was extremely anxious.


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