Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 87 The Unwritten Rule
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 87 The Unwritten Rule

"I'm almost done with selecting the dessert. No matter how anxious you are, this short period is fine, right?" Xia Yu looked at the sweet in her hands and frowned. Tengfei had been established for more than ten years, and the benefits were always excellent.

It was impossible that the company did not have any translators! In this case...

Xia Yu heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that Shen Yan would need to spend more effort to make Tengfei better.

"Come back as soon as you can!" Luo Jiancheng was sitting next to him. It was not convenient for him to say too much.

Shen Yan calculated in his heart that it was time to adjust the staff and work of the Sales Department.

"All right." Xia Yu hung up the phone. No matter how many problems the company had, they had to solve them one by one. The key now is to keep the clients.

Carrying the two bags of dessert, Xia Yu quickly returned to the company.

Someone was waiting for her in the hall. The man was like seeing a savior when she returned. Some took the bag from her, and some led her to the Spanish client.

The client was in the lounge. Xia Yu walked to the door of the lounge, sighed a breath of relief, and then knocked on the door.

In the room, Bao Na sat on the sofa while the Spanish man sat opposite to her. The atmosphere was a bit awkward.

Seeing Xia Yu, Bao Na heaved a sigh of relief, and said: "Come over here."

Xia Yu walked over with strides, greeted the guests, sat across him and spoke to him in fluent Spanish.

Seeing Xia Yu conversing with the customer without any obstacles, Bao Na straightened her back. She was embarrassed to the point of being ashamed, but she could only pretend to smile and accompany them.

"Secretary Xia is a talent." Luo Jiancheng and Shen Yan were standing in the hallway and saw Xia Yu sending off the client.

Xia Yu spoke Spanish fluently as if she was speaking her mother's language. Luo Jiancheng praised her sincerely.

Xia Yu was also good-looking. If there was one thing Luo Jiancheng had to find out about her, it was that she was too cold.

No matter who thought about it, being aloof was not a weakness. The capable people were all somehow aloof.

Very quickly, Luo Jiancheng found another excuse for Xia Yu's shortcomings.

"You have to pay more attention to our cooperation." Shen Yan knew what Luo Jiancheng was thinking. He ignored his words.

Luo Jiancheng laughed and said: "Don't worry Young Master Yan, I will give you an answer as soon as possible."

"Then it's a deal, looking forward to good news from you!"

"Then it's settled." Luo Jiancheng looked in the direction that Xia Yu went in meaningfully, and started walking towards the elevator.

Shen Yan frowned. He walked back to the office quickly and told Liu Sijie to come over immediately for a meeting. The sales department's problem was imminent.

But not long after the meeting began, Luo Jiancheng called and informed Shen Yan. He had already thought about it and decided to renew the contract with Tengfei. However, he had a condition, which was that Shen Yan had to take Xia Yu with him to sign the contract

Shen Yan knew what Luo Jiancheng meant. However, the company was still waiting for the money, and he also wanted to see if Xia Yu dared to threaten Luo Jiancheng. Alternatively, if it was because Shen Qiang was by her side that day, she had only used his identity to force herself on Luo Jiancheng.

Thinking about that, Shen Yan immediately called Xia Yu and went out of the company.

His Mercedes-Benz was full of power, and in the blink of an eye, they had arrived at the spacious area in front of Luo Jiancheng's residential area.

Luo Jiancheng and his secretary, Amy came up to welcome them. Luo Jiancheng shook hands with Shen Yan first: "Young Master Yan came fast."

Shen Yan's foxy eyes circled Luo Jiancheng's face, revealing a faint smile: Director Luo has summoned me, do I dare to disrespect you?

After the two chatted for a while, Luo Jiancheng extended his hand towards Xia Yu: "Miss Xia, it's been hard on you."

He grabbed Xia Yu with his greasy, fat hands and refused to let go, his eyes still running all over Xia Yu's body.

Xia Yu hated him so much that she immediately felt uncomfortable in her heart. She wanted to punch him.

However, in the end, her reason had the upper hand. After a short mental struggle, Xia Yu quickly smiled and nodded: "Director Luo is too courteous. Young Master Yan has personally come. I am just doing my job.

Luo Jiancheng's eyes sized up Xia Yu's face and said happily: "Xia Yu is truly sensible, to have such a good working attitude is truly rare. Young Master Yan, you should give Secretary Xia a salary increase. "

"If I do as Mr. Luo says, her salary will be higher than mine."

Luo Jiancheng was an old pervert. He wanted to touch any woman no matter what. He wasn't worried that one day he would be stabbed in hand.

Shen Yan smiled, narrowed his eyes, and greeted Luo Jiancheng with a smile that was not a smile.

Xia Yu was unwilling to pay any attention to him and hid to the side.

After Shen Yan greeted Amy, seeing that Luo Jiancheng was unable to get close to Xia Yu, the two froze and walked over, trying to ease the atmosphere.

Luo Jiancheng could only make a few jokes, but his eyes never left Xia Yu. Seeing that her nose was covered in a fine layer of sweat, Luo Jiancheng hurriedly took out a tissue from his pocket and passed it to her.

Xia Yu did not accept it but immediately thanked him. She picked up the tissue in her hand and smiled: "Thank you, Mr. Luo, there's no need, I have my own."

Luo Jiancheng wanted to please Xia Yu, but failed, he looked at the tissue in his hand, and unconcernedly said: "Come in and sit. The air conditioner is on. It's cooler in the room and it's too hot outside."

He led the way, with Xia Yu and Shen Yan following closely behind.

"Young Master Yan, can I have a few words with you alone?" Amy tugged on Shen Yan's sleeves.

Shen Yan turned around and saw Amy looking at him coquettishly. He turned back and saw that Luo Jiancheng and Xia Yu had already entered the villa.

From the looks of it, Luo Jiancheng had long since planned for Amy to lead Shen Yan away. Shen Yan smiled as he looked at Amy with his foxy eyes. "Oh, Miss Amy, is there something you need?"

Amy deliberately squirmed and laughed, "How about we go to Young Master Yan's car to discuss this?"

Shen Yan made a please gesture, then opened his car door.

Xia Yu entered Luo Jiancheng's villa and looked around. It was a villa of more than 200 square meters with luxurious decorations, from the sofa to the carpet and even the lampshade. Every detail was flawless.

The room was still cold, and Xia Yu could feel the chill, but the sweat on her face did not disappear immediately.

Luo Jiancheng came to the bathroom door, opened it, looked inside, and then looked back at Xia Yu: "You must be feeling hot. You're sweating profusely. Why don't you take a bath at my place?"

His words stunned Xia Yu.

Luo Jiancheng had a calm expression, but it was as if a siren had rung in Xia Yu's heart. The smile on her face stiffened.

Xia Yu suppressed the anger in her heart and forced herself to smile as she replied: "There's no need. It's work time now. "

Luo Jiancheng leaned on the bathroom door frame, laughing meaningfully while sizing up Xia Yu: "I know you're here to work, isn't it cooler to take a bath first?"

Xia Yu could feel a strong power pushing blood towards her face. She couldn't see herself blushing, but she could feel her cheeks burning.

She clenched her fists a few times, then let them go.

"Ha!" Xia Yu laughed almost subconsciously as she replied reluctantly, "Thank you, Mr. Luo. The air conditioner is on, and I'll feel cool in a moment. "

Luo Jiancheng had a smile that was not a smile on his face. He stared at Xia Yu's pink face and asked with a low voice: "Is Miss Xia not going to wash?"

Xia Yu ignored him and directly walked to the living room.

Looking at Xia Yu's beautiful face which was tensed up because of unhappiness, Luo Jiancheng felt that he could not control himself any longer. He turned his body to the side, bent his right arm, and supported his head with it. "What do you want to drink, Miss Xia?"

Xia Yu's smile had already become official. She said: "Mr. Luo is too polite, I'm here to work, let us first talk about business."

With that, she took her handbag and took out the contract.

Luo Jiancheng reached out and grabbed her arm.

Xia Yu retreated to the side in fright, looking at him warily.

Seeing that, Luo Jiancheng could not help but smile. He let go and asked with a smile, "Why are you in such a hurry?"

"If Mr. Luo has not considered the details of the contract, I can come back another day." Since Shen Yan and Amy did not come in, Xia Yu was even more sure what Luo Jiancheng wanted to do.

This was Luo Jiancheng's territory, and he was a strong and robust man, so Xia Yu was not stupid.

"Miss Xia, Young Master Yan and my secretary have not finished discussing business, should we wait for them?" Luo Jiancheng felt that since Xia Yu was already here, she should have acted generously. She didn't want to give him a face! Luo Jiancheng was very unhappy in his heart.

"Then let them talk it over slowly. I can take a taxi back." Xia Yu picked up her briefcase and was about to leave.

Luo Jiancheng grabbed Xia Yu's arm, the flesh of his fat face trembled: "Miss Xia, don't pretend to be innocent in front of me. Young Master Yan has fallen for my woman, do you still want to leave? "

Xia Yu shot a glance at the fat hand that was grabbing her arm in disgust and said with an ice-cold tone: "Mr. Luo, Young Master Yan has fallen for your woman, you should go and find him. It's no use telling me about it. I'm his secretary, but I'm not him. "

"Hehe, you really won't cry until you see the coffin!" Luo Jiancheng ruthlessly threw Xia Yu onto the sofa. This was his home, and this girl could not escape his grasp.

Xia Yu did not panic at all. She sat herself down on the sofa, stroked the messy hair on her forehead and took out her mobile: "Since that's the case, I'll call Young Master Yan."

Luo Jiancheng pressed his hand down against Xia Yu's, "Miss Xia, did you just become a secretary today? You don't even understand this kind of unwritten rules?"

Xia Yu sneered and withdrew her hand from Luo Jiancheng's grasp: "Please clearly explain the unwritten rules that you speak of. I don't understand. "

Luo Jiancheng knew that Xia Yu was trying to stall for time. He thought, "Little girl, even if you try to stall for time today, don't you dare run away. Did you dare to threaten me? Do you think I can't do anything to you? "

Luo Jiancheng thought that Xia Yu was pretending to be confused, so he decided to keep playing with her the whole time. He had plenty of time anyway: "Looks like Miss Xia is pure. People who don't know you might think that you're a virgin."

Luo Jiancheng stared at Xia Yu's chest with his pair of lecherous eyes, Xia Yu subconsciously used her hands to cover her chest. This action caused Luo Jiancheng to laugh obscenely, and after laughing, he said, "I am just exchanging secretaries with him, isn't that exciting?"

"Afraid your wife will find out?"

"How could she know? Amy is my woman, and of course, she wouldn't say. Now, you’re mine, too. Would you tell my wife you were sleeping with me? Wouldn't she give you two big slaps? " Luo Jiancheng smiled proudly. Other than the four of them, no one else should know about this.

"Mr. Luo has a good plan. Of course, you would say that I didn't dare tell her after sleeping with you, but the problem is that we didn't sleep? " Xia Yu looked at the door calmly. If she had not made a wrong judgment, someone would come in immediately.


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