Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 88 Don“t women always target the mistress?!
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 88 Don“t women always target the mistress?!

"You think you can run away today?" Luo Jiancheng's perverted fat face slowly came over, and his hands began to move as well.

Xia Yu instinctively shrunk her body and stared anxiously at the door. If no one came to save her, she would be humiliated by this scumbag today!

What should she do? She could not just sit there and wait.

However, before she could even react, Luo Jiancheng's dirty hands moved. Xia Yu felt disgusted, and when she saw him approaching, she reflexively slapped him.

"Little girl, that's hot!" Luo Jiancheng used his hand to touch the place where Xia Yu slapped him and playfully lifted her chin.

Xia Yu turned her head in disgust, wanting to escape from him, but she was controlled by him soon.

Luo Jiancheng's body was half-pressed against Xia Yu's. When the old man's scent assaulted her nose, Xia Yu almost fainted.

She unhesitatingly extended one of her hands towards Luo Jiancheng's face, but this time, Luo Jiancheng was already prepared. He grabbed both her hands and held them in one hand.

Xia Yu didn't have a hand to use as a weapon, and Luo Jiancheng could do whatever he wanted. First, he dubiously blew on her face, and the other hand wasn't idle either, touching Xia Yu's face and then moving downward…

"Luo Jiancheng, stop right now. Otherwise, you have to bear the consequences." When Xia Yu competed in strength with Luo Jiancheng, she was striking a rock with eggs. So She had to try to reason with him.

"What consequences? I want to try them out."

This girl, made Luo Jiancheng more and more obsessed and even more presumptuous: "You dare to hit me, don't you know that you will have to pay the price for hitting me?"

"Really? Then let me know what price you want her to pay. I could advise you!" The door opened from the outside, and Mrs. Luo walked to Luo Jiancheng's side in giant strides, reaching out to pinch his ear.

With a tug, Luo Jiancheng cried out like a pig being butchered, "Ah, dear, be gentler."

How could Mrs. Luo listen to him? She grabbed an item on the tea table and beat him up aimlessly. "You shameless old man. You cheat on me. You have quite the guts."

"My dear, it was Xia Yu who seduced me to sign the contract." In front of his wife, Luo Jiancheng had completely withered and wanted to push all the responsibility to Xia Yu.

Mrs. Luo's hands tightened even further: "I have long agreed to renew Teng Fei's contract, and she wants to seduce you with this contract? Don't you look at yourself? Is there anything attractive about you? "

Mrs. Luo attacked Luo Jiancheng without hesitation. His son was already in high school, so how could this young lady fall for him?

"Dear, why are you helping an outsider?" Luo Jiancheng said with a crying face. Wasn't a woman just picking on the mistress when she was jealous? How could she be different from others by beating her husband?

Mrs. Luo hit him a few more times, dragged him in front of Xia Yu, and sneered: "Looks like it's my fault, I forgot to introduce her to you. Xia Yu, my sworn sister. I can't be considered helping outsiders. "

While the couple was making a ruckus, Xia Yu took the opportunity to tidy up the clothes and hair that Luo Jiancheng had messed up. Seeing Mrs. Luo pulling him in front of her, she said indifferently: "Mr. Luo, as early as two years ago, I became Mrs. Luo's clothing consultant."

No wonder she suddenly became so fashionable. Why didn't she tell him about such a big thing?

Luo Jiancheng could not help but admit it this time, "Dear wife, I know I was wrong. You can't blame me for this since Young Master Yan has suggested it, it's not good for me to reject him, right? "

Very quickly, he tried to blame Shen Yan again. This time, he was not lying. It was unknown where Shen Yan was enjoying his time with Amy.

Thinking about that, Luo Jiancheng pouted. He did not take advantage of Xia Yu at all, even sacrificed Amy for nothing, this time, he won't cooperate with Teng Fei no matter what...

"You still have the nerve to say that? Get rid of that little demoness Amy." When he mentioned Shen Yan, Mrs. Luo remembered that she had been on guard every day, but he never thought that the little demon girl would be just under her watch.

"That's not a good idea." Luo Jiancheng was not merely feeling sorry. Amy was more delightful than his wife, so how could he bear to let her go?

"How dare you say no to me?" Mrs. Luo picked up Luo Jiancheng's ears again.

Xia Yu saw that it was about time, and stepped forward to smooth things over. "Mrs. Luo, we can talk later. Mr. Luo couldn't find a suitable secretary for the moment, so it was rather difficult for him to fire her just because you said it. Give him some time."

"Yes, Miss Xia is right. Give me some time." Luo Jiancheng hastily said.

Mrs. Luo had her own opinions on this matter. After all, she did not personally see them together, so it would not make sense if someone got fired without reason. So she said no more.

She let go of Luo Jiancheng and reached out to grab Xia Yu's bag, taking out the contract, and she used too much strength, she even brought out the key Xia Yu had in her purse.

She threw the document in front of Luo Jiancheng, and said in a domineering manner: "Luo Jiancheng, I agree to Liu Sijie's contract renewal, sign it and let Xia Yu go."

Luo Jiancheng didn't want to agree, but his wife caught him red-handed. Now what he can do was to sign his name obediently.

Since the contract was signed and his wife had beaten Luo Jiancheng, Xia Yu's earlier anger was significantly reduced.

After putting the contract into her bag, Xia Yu chatted and laughed with Mrs. Luo as she walked out of the villa and went into Mrs. Luo's car, which left the villa from the back door.

In Shen Yan's car, Amy was doing her best to seduce Shen Yan.

Shen Family's second young master was the man that women in S city wanted to sleep with the most. Amy had thought of him for a long time, and now that the man was by her side, she tried to get him laid right away.

However, Shen Yan did not seem to be in a hurry. He just sat there and stared straight ahead, as if Amy did not exist beside him.

"Young Master Yan, what do you think Mr. Luo and Miss Xia are exactly doing?" Amy turned over, her arms around Shen Yan's neck, and gave him a flirtatious glance, as she pressed half her body onto Shen Yan's.

Shen Yan frowned and pushed her away in disgust: "Sit down, I'm a germaphobe. If you have something to say, say it out. If no, get out of my car."

"Young Master Yan!" Amy looked at Shen Yan and didn't know what to do. Didn't they say that he was fickle?

However, the meaning behind his words just now was that she was dirty.

Shen Yan took out a tissue to wipe his hands, then threw it to the side: "Miss Amy, I never use anything that others have used before."

Amy blushed, lowered her head, and said in a small voice that almost only she could hear, "Then you've lost a lot, haven't you? Right now, Mr. Luo is probably with your Miss Xia … "

Luo Jiancheng wanted to scheme against Xia Yu, but he was afraid that he would not succeed. If he dared to touch her, it would be weird if this girl did not let him take off a layer of his skin. Shen Yan's lips curved up into a beautiful smile: "It's unknown who will lose."

"Young Master Yan, are you that confident in your secretary?" Amy did not think so. Who was Luo Jiancheng? As long as it was a woman he fancied, he would not let her go.

The two of them did not talk anymore. Soon, half an hour had passed.

Amy peeked at Shen Yan. After such a long time, she wondered if he still had any confidence in Xia Yu.

Of course, Shen Yan was also checking his watch.

Could it be that the girl was indeed somehow taken advantage by Luo Jiancheng?

Wasn't she usually brilliant? Knowing that he was outside, she could make a call, and he could rush in to save her. Could she have accepted the unwritten rule? Shen Yan recalled the mark that was left on her neck that time.

She could accept a one-night stand with an unknown person, and she could take unwritten rule.

He thought that she was different from the others, but who knew that she was just an ordinary person.

Shen Yan's heart suddenly became restless. Unable to sit still any longer, he fiercely opened the car door.

"Young Master Yan, please wait!" Amy followed, jogging after him.

She already told him that it was the same for all the secretaries; Xia Yu has been a secretary for three years. Even if she weren't extremely proficient in such matters, she would have done it easily.

He was the one who had to be careless. What was the use in regretting it now?

Shen Yan had already reached the door of Luo Jiancheng's house, extended his hand out and knocked on the door a few times. No replied. He turned to Amy and said, "Open the door."

It wasn't a good time to go inside. Adults should know what was going on inside there. Amy hesitated and didn't move.

"If you don't open it, then I'll kick it till it opens!" Shen Yan said as he raised his leg to kick the door.

Is he serious? That's not good.

Amy quickly opened the door.

Luo Jiancheng was curled up on the sofa, his fat face was beaten black and blue, while Xia Yu had disappeared without a trace.

Why is Director Luo looking like this? Amy got stunned as soon as she came in.

Was he beaten up by Xia Yu? How hard would it have been to hit him like this? This girl looked soft and weak and didn't seem like someone with strength!

"Where's Xia Yu?" Shen Yan's focus was not on Luo Jiancheng. She came into the house with Luo Jiancheng, but She was not here, and Shen Yan did not see her leave. Shen Yan was unavoidably anxious.

Hearing this name, the corner of Luo Jiancheng's eyes twitched.

The woman had the face of an angel, but the heart of a demon.

It's just for fun. If you don't want to play, no one will force you, right? To call someone's wife over, wasn't this too far away?

"If she's not here, then she's left." As Luo Jiancheng spoke, he caused the wound on his face to twitch, and it hurt so much that he could only grin.

Had she left? Shen Yan had been staring at the door of the house, and there was no reason for him not to see Xia Yu when she came out.

The foxy eyes circled Luo Jiancheng's face. Since he was injured like this, how tragic would it be for a weak girl like Xia Yu?

Shen Yan's heart skipped a beat, and his foxy eyes narrowed into a dangerous arc, while his hands couldn't help but clench into fists.

"Luo Jiancheng, let me tell you if Xia Yu is missing a single strand of hair,

I will cripple you."

"Young Master Yan, could any ordinary person possibly hurt your secretary? It would be nice if she didn't hurt anyone. " As Luo Jiancheng spoke, the wound on his lips twitched, and he quickly used his hands to cover it.

In his heart, however, he was stifled to death. His face was as red as a pig's head, and Shen Yan didn't even bother to ask as he was only thinking about his little secretary.

From what Luo Jiancheng said, Xia Yu didn't seem to be at a disadvantage. Shen Yan's heart relaxed a little.

Raising his head, he looked up and down at Luo Jiancheng again, thinking that he deserved to be beaten.

Shen Yan meant that Xia Yu should go as far as she could and beat Luo Jiancheng so severely that he had to stay in the hospital for three to five months.


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