Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 89 A Car Acciden
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 89 A Car Acciden

Everything with Xia Yu was fine thus Shen Yan was relieved, and planned to leave. He glanced at the keys on the coffee table.

Wasn't this her key?

Shen Yan recognized his house key, which he handed it over to Xia Yu, there was no way he would be mistaken.

That girl had always been cautious. If she hadn't panicked too much, she wouldn't have dropped such an essential thing like the key. It seemed like she left in a hurry.

How scared she must have been! Shen Yan's heart began to ache faintly again.

It was all due to this arrogant bastard, and the anger inside Shen Yan flared up again. He started punching and kicking Luo again until he could only scream for help.

Beating like this might cause someone to death. Amy, who was standing dumbstruck at the side, also came to her senses and quickly went forward to pull Shen Yan away. "Young Master Yan, stop. He might die."

Hearing Amy's voice, Luo Jiancheng wailed and hooted, "Amy, call the police!"

What a lousy day for Luo Jiancheng! He sacrificed his secretary, then was beaten by his wife. Now Shen Yan took off the gloves to him.

In any case, he did not manage to take any advantage of Xia Yu, but Shen Yan had indeed taken advantage of Amy. He could not allow Shen Yan to take advantage of him.

"Mr. Luo, you are both people with status, would it be good to lead this to the police?" Amy looked troubled, stammering not to call the police.

Aren't the police going to investigate?

Could it be that Luo Jiancheng will tell others that he fancied Shen Yan's secretary and wanted to molest her? Shen Yan was angry and beat him up! In the end, it was he who was wrong. Shen Yan might pay the medical fees for good, but from now on, how was Luo Jiancheng going to survive within his social milieu.

"You little slut, did you get hooked away just by sleeping with him? Don't forget who paid you. " Luo Jiancheng scolded her on the side.

Shen Yan felt disgusted when he heard it. He punched him in the mouth, "Shut your mouth up. I don't have such a disgusting hobby like you."

"For dignified Young Master Yan to be able to say something like that, it's truly hilarious." Luo Jiancheng laughed madly. In S city, everyone knew that even if Shen Yan hadn't slept with ten thousand women, there would still be eight thousand. However, now, he was pretending to be a righteous man.

"Mr. Luo, nothing is going on between us." Amy was afraid that Luo Jiancheng would be stupid enough to call the police, so she reported everything that had happened between her and Shen Yan.

Damn it. Cats don't eat fish sometime. What kind of luck did he have today? When Luo Jiancheng heard this, he completely withered.

Shen Yan gave Luo Jiancheng another hard kick. He took down the key and looked at it, then put it in his pocket and walked out. As he walked, he called Xia Yu.

Xia Yu left without a word. It seemed like she was angry, then he had to explain to her, but when he called, she was already on the phone.

He called again after a while, but still, no one answered.

Shen Yan had no choice but to put down the phone, planning to explain everything to her after returning to the company.

Mrs. Luo sent Xia Yu to the entrance of Teng Fei. Xia Yu stood there for a while, seeing Mrs. Luo drive away. Just as she was about to go back to the company, a small shadow was running across the road.

It just so happened that a small car drove over, and the child was in the middle of the road. Perhaps because he was scared when he saw the car coming over, he just stood still in the middle of the road.

"Be careful!" Xia Yu immediately ran over and hugged the child. They both fell to the ground due to inertia.

The driver also stepped on the brakes at the same time, and his mind went blank. It wasn't until he heard the child's crying that he finally reacted and got off the car.

"Young master Jiang? Are you ok?" It was only then that Xia Yu saw that the child being saved was Jiangjiang. He was crying nonstop, but Xia Yu did not know where he had gotten injured, so she was apprehensive.

Young Master Jiang did not reply but just crying.

Xia Yu looked around, Jiangjiang was after all a five-year-old kid, his appearance here meant that his mother was also nearby.

However, after looking around, she could not find any trace of Jiang Yayan.

At this time, the driver also came over with a pale face, "Sorry, sorry …How's the kid?"

Perhaps out of fear, the driver spoke incoherently.

He almost bumped into a five-year-old kid. It was natural for him to be scared like this.

"No external injury, but I don't know if there are any internal injuries." After all, he had fallen so that Xia Yu couldn't be sure.

After hearing what Xia Yu had said, the driver's heart was at ease.

Just like Xia Yu had said, whether he had internal injuries had to be examined by doctors first. The driver did not dare delay and called the police immediately, planning to bring Jiangjiang to the hospital.

"But where's his mother." Xia Yu helped Jiangjiang wipe his tears, coaxing him not to cry before asking: "Where's your mom?"

"Mom and uncle were talking about stuff, and she gave me the money to buy some coffee so I won't interrupt them. I took a taxi to find Dad." Jiangjiang rubbed his eyes and said to Xia Yu.

"Do you know where your mom is talking with your uncle?"

"Coffee shop!"

"Do you know the name?"

"I don't know."

"Do you know your mom's number?"

"I don't know."

"How did you get here?"

"Taxi. Mom said dad works at Teng Fei."

"What's your daddy's name?" It's good to know who's his father. The driver hurriedly squatted down and asked Jiangjiang.

"I don't know." Jiangjiang shook his head again.

Why didn't a boy of his age know his father's name? The driver was speechless.

"I work at Teng Fei. How about I call the HR Department and ask?" This kid probably sneaked out to look for Shen Yan. This was something she could not let others know.

Xia Yu fumbled for a while before taking out her phone and called Shen Yan, but the caller ID showed that he was in the middle of a conversation. She hung off and called again but still in the middle of a conversation.

"Miss, nobody answers?" The driver was extremely anxious. He wanted to send the kid to the hospital for inspection as soon as possible.

Xia Yu shook her head, feeling sad for Jiangjiang.

The mother was dating someone in the coffee shop, unaware that her kid was lost, which is outrage. So did the father. He might be enjoying himself with the woman called Amy, but he didn't remember having a child.

"Auntie, I know you." Jiangjiang tugged on Xia Yu's clothes, his small eyes staring wide.

"Miss, this kid said he knows you." The driver seemed to have grasped at straws.

Xia Yu nodded her head: "We just happened to meet at dinner."

Jiangjiang nodded his head: "At the bamboo fence!"

This kid's memory was excellent. It had been many days already, but he was still able to remember it.

The driver was immediately disappointed again.

Police arrived. After asking about the situation, they took the kid to the hospital for a check.

While checking, Xia Yu called Zhang Peng.

Xia Yu called. Did the sun rise from the west? Zhang Peng glanced at Jiang Yayan at the side, then walked to the side to answer the call: "Sister Xia, you are calling. I'm so moved that almost cry. Do you know?"

"Master Zhang, here's the thing. You are very close to our Young Master Yan. You know many of his friends. I wonder if you can find out how to contact Miss Jiang Yayan? " Xia Yu stopped being polite and went straight to the point.

Recalling that night when he was with Jiang Yayan on the roof, Xia Yu couldn't help but get goosebumps. There was nothing much to talk about with someone like him. If not for Jiangjiang, Xia Yu would never call him.

So it was for Jiang Yayan. Zhang Peng glanced at her, who was drinking coffee and muttered in his heart.

That night, he searched the entire party but couldn't find the man peeped. After two days of being on tenterhooks, he calmed down and felt that that person was familiar.

Xia Yu directly called him to ask for Jiang Yayan's contact information. Could it be that the person at night would be her?

"Sister Xia, can't you just directly ask Shen Yan?"

Xia Yu did not want to waste time with him: "I tried to call Young Master Yan, but I did not manage to contact him. Liu Sijie is also out of contact. Sorry to bother you. It's urgent. Young master Jiang got into the hospital in a car accident."

"Out … A car accident? " Zhang Peng's words were slurred, no wonder that little brat was not walking around in front of him for a long time, he had already walked away.

Oh my god, how can I explain this to Shen Yan?

Zhang Peng was so scared that his face turned white, he anxiously went to find Jiang Yayan: "Quick, go to the hospital, Jiangjiang is in a car accident."

"Ahh …"

"Ah what? Let's go quickly!"

Zhang Peng dragged Jiang Yayan into the car.

"You black-hearted woman, you hit my child. I'll fight you to the death." Once they reached the hospital, Jiang Yayan grabbed Xia Yu and was about to throw a tantrum.

"Madam, I think you've misunderstood. It was this lady who saved your child." The mother left the child alone and was unable to distinguish between right and wrong. The police were speechless.

The driver, seeing that the mother had arrived, hurried over to apologize. "Madam, I'm sorry. I nearly hit your child. Luckily, the doctor said after checking that he was fine."

"How did you drive? If there's anything wrong with my child, I won't be done with you. " She had just found the wrong person, so this round shouldn't be wrong, right? Jiang Yayan grabbed the driver, not willing to let go.

"Madame Jiang, are you going to take a look at Young Master Jiang first?" Xia Yu shook her head. Wasn't it the first reaction of a mother when a child was in trouble?

This was the first time Xia Yu saw a mother acting like this.

Yes, child!

"Jiangjiang, where are you?" Jiang Yayan hurried to find her child.

Zhang Peng came to Xia Yu's side and asked softly, "Sister Xia, where did you meet Jiangjiang?"

"It's at the entrance of Teng Fei. He said that he's going to look for his father." Xia Yu did not hide anything as she told him the whole story of how she met the Jiangjiang at the entrance of the Teng Fei, "Child at this age needs a father's love. How pitiful."

Xia Yu sighed in her heart, feeling sad for Jiangjiang.

"You're right. Sister Xia, why don't you try to persuade Young Master Yan to admit this child?"

"It's not appropriate for a subordinate like me to say something. You are his friend for many years. Why aren't you persuading him?"

Just as the two of them were chatting, the police officer came over and praised Xia Yu's actions of saving the kid.

The child was fine, but he was a child after all, and the doctor advised him to stay in the hospital for two days. However, the accident was not the driver's fault, and after the accident, he behaved very well. Thus the police did not hold him responsible.

After the police gave their instructions, they left.

Xia Yu had also wasted a few hours here, and it was time to go home.

Just as she was about to say goodbye to Zhang Peng, Jiang Yayan came out of the room. "Miss Xia, come over here for a while. I have something to talk with you."


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