Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 90 He has a share too
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 90 He has a share too

Xia Yu glanced at Zhang Peng beside her.

Zhang Peng laughed and said: "You gals continue talking, I will go outside to smoke, and also contact Young Master Yan."

After saying that, he walked towards the elevator without looking back.

Xia Yu looked at Jiang Yayan. "Talk about what?"

"The matter regarding the child. It almost caused a deadly accident. Shouldn't we talk about it?" Jiang Yayan was very excited. Her eyes turned red.

She should pay attention to this, but was it appropriate to talk to an outsider like her?

Xia Yu was stunned for a moment but did not immediately reject. After all, it was not easy for an unmarried woman to raise her child.


"In the ward!"

After Jiang Yayan finished speaking, she turned around and entered the ward.

In front of the child? Xia Yu stood still for a few more seconds until Jiang Yayan came back again and held at the door of the ward to watch her. Then, she entered the ward of Jiangjiang.

Now Jiangjiang was fine. Xia Yu had saved him and brought him to the hospital and bought much delicious food for him as well. He naturally grew closer to Xia Yu.

"Auntie, I want you to hug me." Jiangjiang opened his arms.

Xia Yu smiled and said, "All right, let me carry you!" Xia Yu picked him up and put him on her lap.

"Miss Xia, the accident happened when the child went to see his father, but his father hasn't come to say a word or even have a look with him." Jiang Yayan spoke with tears flowing down.

When Jiangjiang saw his mother crying, he hurriedly lowered his head. Although he did not know why his mother was crying, his intuition told him that it was related to him.

He had done something wrong again and made his mother angry.

"Madame Jiang, I was going to discuss business with him this afternoon, but he had something to do so I came back first." Why did Xia Yu feel so awkward about this?

That bastard was having a good time outside and had almost implicated herself. Now she had to cover up for him? What is that crap?

"He doesn't have us in his heart at all." It wasn't that Jiang Yayan wanted to speak about Shen Yan in front of the child, how long had the child been in the hospital? She had called numerous phone calls to him with no response at all.

"Auntie, Daddy didn't want me?" Jiangjiang looked up at Xia Yu and asked timidly.

Xia Yu rubbed Jiangjiang's head and comforted him: "No, Daddy is too busy that he didn't know that you had an accident."

"He didn't want to know." Jiang Yayan sneered from the side.

Shen Yan was indeed wrong about the child, but it was not appropriate for Jiang Yayan to express negative emotions in front of the child, "Madame Jiang, whether you believe it or not, when the accident happened, I immediately called him. I am his secretary, and he doesn't know about the matters of the Jiangjiang either. If it weren't for some special circumstances, why wouldn't he have picked up the phone? "

Jiang Yayan said that Shen Yan was hiding from her and their son. To be honest, he did not mean to avoid them this time.

Xia Yu raised her head and looked at Jiang Yayan, and continued: "Madame Jiang, I was not able to talk too much about the private matters between you two at first. Now that the kid is old enough to know the fact, I think it's very much necessary for you to sit down and talk about a good solution. "

These words were said into Jiang Yayan's heart. She had always thought that way. Isn't it because he's ignoring her?

"Miss Xia, how about you help us make an appointment?" Jiang Yayan looked at Xia Yu who was in front of her as if she was grabbing onto her last straw.

"As long as it's something I can help with, I will certainly help. However, you also know that I haven't known him for long, so I don't know how effective my words will be. " It was not that Xia Yu did not give her hope. It was because her abilities were limited.

She felt that Xia Yu was saying it casually. If you ask her to help, she would tell all sorts of excuses. For someone as hypocritical as her, speaking to her was a waste of time.

Jiang Yayan impatiently said: "Since it's like this, then I won't waste any more words. You are his secretary, and you are the witness to today's matter. He can refuse to come, but since the child has suffered so much, he should at least show some mercy. "

Was there anything else in this woman's eyes other than money?

It was no wonder that Shen Yan didn't want to bother with her. Even an outsider like her felt uncomfortable when she heard this.

After all, in front of this child, Xia Yu was barely able to restrain the unhappiness in her heart and said: "I will tell him what happened to Jiangjiang when I meet him tomorrow."

"You keep your promise and don't try to trick me. If I can't get the money within two days, I'll send the child to their home. He has a share in this child as well, so why should I raise him by myself? " Jiang Yayan said with her shrill voice.

Jiangjiang, who was in Xia Yu's embrace, was frightened by his mother's appearance. He wanted to cry but did not dare to do so, so he curled his lips and stared blankly at his mother for a long while before timidly asking: "Mom, do you not want me anymore?"

"Yeah, I don't want you anymore. Your dad doesn't want to pay, so how can I support you?" Jiang Yayan said snappily.

"Mom, don't leave me!" Jiangjiang immediately started crying.

"You only could cry here? If you have the ability, go cry at your dad." Jiang Yayan pulled at Jiangjiang in an extremely sensitive manner.

Xia Yu hurriedly moved her arm away: "Madame Jiang, he is your son!"

"Can I have a child all by myself?" Jiang Yayan said arrogantly.

What is she talking about? If it wasn't for the fact that she was afraid of scaring the child, Xia Yu wanted to scold her. She forcefully suppressed the anger in her heart and tried to use a calm tone as much as possible to say: "No matter which of you two is the wrongdoer, it's Jiangjiang's fault. You shouldn't have shouted at the child like this. Just look at how scared he is. He was almost hit by the car today."

With these words, Jiang Yayan was rendered speechless. She stared blankly at her son for a long time and saw that her son was looking at her pitifully. She reached her arms to pick him up.

Jiangjiang immediately hid into her arms and started to silently sob, as if he was a completely different person from the usual mischievous little scamp.

"Madame Jiang, the child needs to rest. I'll come to see him tomorrow." Xia Yu stood up.

"You're not allowed to leave. If he doesn't come, you have to stay with the child." How could Jiang Yayan be willing to let Xia Yu go? She once again shoved the child into Xia Yu's hands.

It was already dark. There was nothing much to do when she returned, so Xia Yu decided to stay.

Xia Yu placed the child on the bed, then picked up the water bottle and walked out.

"What are you doing!" Jiang Yayan immediately stared at her in alarm.

"Bring some warm water and wash the baby's face, Okay?" Xia Yu glanced at her unhappily, then turned and walked out.

This time, Jiang Yayan did not stop them, but when Xia Yu got the water, she was no longer in the room.

"Jiangjiang, where's your mother?" Xia Yu poured hot water into the washbasin to wash Jiangjiang's face.

"She went out to eat." Jiangjiang sat on the bed and looked at Xia Yu, asking, "Auntie, are you my father's girlfriend?"

"I'm not. I'm his colleague." Xia Yu lightly wiped Jiangjiang's face.

"Can you take me to see my Dad?" Jiangjiang looked at Xia Yu with hope.

"I'm afraid not. Children are not allowed to enter during work hours." Xia Yu pinched his nose, seeing that he was a little disappointed, she immediately consoled him: "But if Jiangjiang has anything that you want me to tell your daddy, I will do it for you."

"Tell Daddy I miss him and want to play with him." Hope ignited in Jiangjiang's eyes once again.

Zhang Peng, who was outside the ward, lightly pushed Jiang Yayan and the two of them came to a corner where no one was around: "I told you already, Xia Yu isn't the one who peeped at us. Now you believe me?"

"If it's not her, then who is it? Find the guy quickly before the guy reports our issue to Shen Yan." Jiang Yayan was still worried. In the past two days, she had been waiting for that person to come knocking on her door.

There's no reason to discover such a big secret … however, still pretended as nothing happened at all … So far, so calm. Maybe the other party has enough patience, but not her.

This accident of Jiangjiang was an excellent opportunity to negotiate with Shen Yan, but she felt guilty because someone had seen the adultery on the roof.

"Maybe that guy was passing by. Seeing someone up there, just turned around and left." Zhang Peng thought about it, and felt that there was nothing wrong with that guy keeping it quiet, just based on his title, telling Shen Yan the adultery or threating Zhang Peng and Jiang Yayan would just be courting death.

"You always think positively. If we let Shen Yan know about this, what would happen in the future? Could it be that you want to marry me? " Jiang Yayan also hoped so, but if it got out, the ones who were in trouble would be them and her son. She unhappily rolled her eyes at Zhang Peng a few times.

"You're saying nonsense again. My father already disdains that I don't have the talent like the hybrid Zhang Hanyu's. If I bring you back, wouldn't he directly kick me out?"

Zhang Peng had not thought of marrying her.

Leaving aside the problem in his family, if Jiangjiang called him daddy in the future, how would he face Shen Yan?

"I knew you were heartless." Jiang Yayan snorted and turned her head to the side.

Although she did not want to marry him, it made her lose face that she was rejected without hesitation.

Zhang Peng hugged her waist and laughed lightly: "Don't think about such unhappy things. Let's go out to eat."

Jiang Yayan was hungry. She looked towards the ward and asked: "What about Jiangjiang?"

"Together." Zhang Peng quickly replied. There were not only Jiangjiang in the ward, but there was also Xia Yu.

Although Shen Yan warned him many times not to think about Xia Yu, as his friend he would not break his words. However, eating a meal together was fine. Moreover, it was Xia Yu who took the initiative to call him this time.

"It's raining outside, that's why the child got scared, and it's better not to bring him out since Xia Yu is with him." After all, she's Shen Yan's secretary. If her master didn't come, she, as a servant, would naturally take his place.

Thus, Jiang Yayan and Zhang Peng went out to eat, leaving behind Xia Yu and Jiangjiang.

At around 10 PM, Jiangjiang was extremely hungry. However, Jiang Yayan did not even show up, so Xia Yu could only buy some food from the hospital's dining hall.

After dinner, Xia Yu told a story to Jiangjiang, and he fell asleep in his bed.

Xia Yu covered him with the blanket and carefully looked at his young and tender face. He was a pretty little boy, and it was unknown if it was because he had lived with Jiang Yayan for a long time, he was pretty similar to her, but he wasn't that similar to Shen Yan.

"Is the child asleep?" Jiang Yayan asked as she pushed the door and entered. She looked at the child on the bed.

"Yes, he has been sleeping for a while now." Xia Yu picked up her bag and walked out.

This time Jiang Yayan did not stop her, but the moment she went out, she said from behind: "Remember to tell him, send some money over, the child can't be hospitalized without money."

Xia Yu paused for a moment, and without saying a word, she opened the door.


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