Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 93 No Big Deal
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 93 No Big Deal

The make-up incident was more severe than Xia Yu imagined. It was the first time that there had been a fault with Tengfei's products since the establishment of the company. The leading company paid so much attention that an official document was published on the morning of the next day, criticizing Shen Yan outright.

All Tengfei's employees knew this whole incident. The atmosphere in the company throughout the morning was depressing.

Shen Yan was busy with the whole morning making calls to settle problems. Liu XiJie even flew to T city...

Xia Yu stayed in her office alone. Just before noon, she received a call from the president assistant from the headquarter: "Tell Young Master Yan that he must be free in the afternoon to write a detailed report of the incident to the chairman."

Before Xia Yu could say anything, the other side of the phone call had already hung up.

Xia Yu stared at the phone in her hand dazedly for a while before putting it down. She didn't know what the problem was. It seems only individual incidents happened in a shopping mall, but headquarter kept blaming and questioning about the issue.

They assumed that it was Tengfei's fault, playing against Shen Yan markedly. Xia Yu hanged up the phone and stood up.

Even if she was resentful, she still had to notify Shen Yan.

At the doorway, Xia Yu met Shen Yan who was about to leave: "Young Master Yan, the headquarter just called, they asked you to give them a detailed report."

"Okay, we'll talk about it in the afternoon. I have an appointment, and I have to go now." All the major media outlets went crazy and reported the incident of Tengfei's cosmetics scandal on the headlines. Many dealers called to ask about it, and there were even people who required goods to be returned, so Shen Yan had to settle this matter as soon as possible.

After watching him entered the elevator, Xia Yu closed her office door and planned to finish her meal in the dining hall then returned to prepare the afternoon report. Meanwhile, she heard Bao Na said to Cai Yanyan: "I heard that Tengfei had been established for more than ten years, but anything like this has never happened."

"Isn't that so? Young Boss Yan is unlucky! It's only been a month since he came, and such a big thing happened. " Cai Yanyan shook her head, she organized the documents on the desk and planned to go to the dining hall to eat.

Bao Na glanced at Xia Yu and snorted: "You can't blame your Young Master Yan for being unlucky. If a god of misfortune were following behind him, no matter how lucky he was, she would have scared those fortune away."

Second madam insisted that Chen Wenxuan was going to rape Xia Yu. Luckily, she was saved by Liu Sijie, or else the consequences would be unimaginable. She also wanted Bao Na's mother to persuade her daughter to think twice about whether this kind of man worth to be married with.

Madame Bao never liked Chen Wenxuan, and now even Second Madame said the same thing. Her initially hesitant mind became even more inclined to let Bao Na break up with the guy.

However, Chen Wenxuan was someone that Bao Na liked, wouldn't splitting up with him meant taking half of her life?

Initially, Bao Na wanted to argue rationally with her mother, but a sentence from Madame Bao made Bao Na speechless, "Is Chen Wenxuan better than Young Boss Yan? In the past, you kept saying to me that the girl had been living with Young Master Yan, how come she is in love with him?"

Her mother used to follow her willing in the past, but now her mother began to question her. Initially, she wanted her mother to ask Xia Yu for reparation of the car, but she dare not to say anything under that circumstance.

Although Bao Na did not have any evidence to prove that their car was smashed by Young Master Yan or his men, she suspected Xia Yu was in related with that issue since Chen Wenxuan got beaten up and their cars got crushed after Xia Yu had this accident.

She was making a ruckus in the company, and the news of Chen Wenxuan getting beaten up spread like wildfire throughout the entire Tengfei. This time she lost her dignity and money, all of these had to be related to Xia Yu.

However, there was nothing she could do about it. She could only spread gossips secretly to vent her anger.

Xia Yu was not interested in fooling around with her. After she watched Bao Na following Cai Yanyan into the elevator, she walked towards another elevator.

The two elevators went up to the first floor one after the other. Xia Yu got off the elevator and was about to go to the dining hall. Her phone rang.

It was Wu Shiyu who called her, invited her for dinner.

Xia Yu kept her phone and walked out.

Currently, Bao Na was at the doorway holding Chen Wenxuan's arm, and walking towards a restaurant nearby.

Chen Wenxuan peeped at Xia Yu while she was coming out.

Xia Yu still looked the same as before, attracting his attention. However, she could no longer see his existence in her eyes.

"I'm here." Xia Yu waved to Wu Shiyu who was looking around.

Wu Shiyu walked towards her immediately. "Xiao Yu, I used Tengfei's makeup as well. It's pretty good. How can there be so many people who are allergic to it? Is it something wrong?"

She also learned of it only after she had read the news reports.

"It's just a unique issue of a specific mall, and no one yet can tell what went wrong, but those magazines started scrawling." The incident was in city T, but city S seemed to have an even more intense reaction, which Xia Yu did not expect.

"Young Master Yan must be very anxious." The news that appeared in the magazine must have a considerable impact on Tengfei. Even several of the celebrities that participated in the moisturizing cream audition had already had plans to leave.

Wu Shiyu hesitated a little. Hence, she came to Xia Yu to investigate the situation.

"That's right. I'm swamped." Xia Yu sighed. She was also nervous for Shen Yan.

No matter online or on the magazines, all of them reported that there was a problem with the products of Tengfei, which was unfavorable to Tengfei.

"Young Master Yan needs to calm this crisis down as soon as possible; otherwise, it will affect other products as well." After hearing Xia Yu's tone, Wu Shiyu could only mutter in her heart.

"Young Master Yan is already thinking of a way. I believe it won't have too much of impact." Wu Shiyu's worry was also Shen Yan's worry. Otherwise, he wouldn't be unable to have lunch and ran over different places.

Xia Yu and Wu Shiyu's conversation was not very clear to Chen Wenxuan, but he had heard Shen Yan's name within, and with Xia Yu's frown, it seemed that Xia Yu's caring about Shen Yan in Chen Wenxuan's mind.

He thought that Xia Yu only had that Shen Yan in her heart. An inexplicable fire rose in Chen Wenxuan's heart.

That man only had a little money in his family. Other than that, what makes Xia Yu so stubborn towards him?

Were all women gold diggers? Even his Xia Yu could not be excluded?

When he thought of this, all sorts of emotions surged into Chen Wenxuan's mind. The most significant passion was that the things that should belong to him had been snatched away by someone else.

Even if Chen Wenxuan was not considered to be an extremely talented person, he was indeed talented. Just because his background is worse than others, it made him failed on doing everything.

Now, even the woman he liked had left him. The more he thought of it, the more aggrieved he felt. He quietly clenched his fists and swore in his heart.

The day that he succeeded, he will snatch Xia Yu back from Shen Yan.

Bao Na had been staring at Chen Wenxuan for a long time from now. She saw that when he looked in Xia Yu's direction, his handsome face became even more distorted. She thought he was angry at Xia Yu for getting beaten up, and felt a lot better in her heart.

The more Chen Wenxuan is angry at Xia Yu, the bigger the rift between them would be, and the less chance they would be back together again. Wasn't this what Bao Na wanted?

"Don't ruin your mood for that kind of woman." Bao Na consoled him.

Knowing that Bao Na has misunderstood him, Chen Wenxuan didn't mind. She mistook him was a good thing. "Baby, last time I told you that we should start a business together, what did you think of that?"

Chen Wenxuan had also drifted around the society for a few years and was no longer the hot-blooded youth that had just left school. He wasn't still fantasizing about the boss of the company who all had sharp eyes, knowing that he was a thousand miles horse, and let him display his talents.

He could see the situation now. If he wanted to realize his value, he had to be the boss himself.

"Of course, I want to start a business with you too, but I don't have any work experience, and it's not easy for me to ask my parents for money." Bao Na wanted to be the boss, but her mother didn't like Chen Wenxuan and refused to pay.

"I am thinking for you. You have already offended Young Master Yan, so I am afraid that you will be unhappy in the company. The reason I am doing this is that I do not want you to suffer." Seeing that Bao Na was still hesitating, Chen Wenxuan continued to persuade her on the side.

Chen Wenxuan's words had reached Bao Na's heart, isn't Shen Yan mocking her? From the looks of it, he most likely wanted her to leave by herself.

Rather than that, it would be better to accept Chen Wenxuan's suggestion. Bao Na was moved: "I'll find a chance to talk to my mother."

While they were speaking, Xia Yu and Wu Shiyu had already entered the Moon Watching Restaurant.

They planned to go initially, but since Xia Yu was there, Bao Na was not going. Chen Wenxuan still had something to beg her, so he naturally followed her to another place.

Xia Yu and Wu Shiyu found a relatively quiet place to sit. After ordering their favorite dishes, they started to chat and waited.

In a corner not far from them, Zhang Hanyu was eating and chatting with a young man.

Seeing Xia Yu and Wu Shiyu entered, Zhang Hanyu did not have much reaction, but the man kept looking at their direction.

"What happened to you, Yu Feng?" Zhang Hanyu asked.

"Shouldn't Xia Yu be quite busy right now? How does she have the time to sit here eating and chatting?" Yu Feng shifted his gaze from Xia Yu and looked at Zhang Hanyu, and said: "There is negative news about Tengfei everywhere, but Shen Yan has yet to make any moves. What exactly is he playing? Did I overestimated him?His true strength is that weak. "

Zhang Hanyu said: "I have also heard about it after we spread the news of the product's problem of Tengfei, many companies dare not to cooperate with Tengfei anymore. Under these circumstances, it would be a miracle if Tengfei could gain back their reputation."

Initially, Zhang Hanyu was still a little wary of Shen Yan, but until now, he still had not come up with any useful plans. Only now did he realize that Shen Yan was not as strong as he had imagined, and it seemed that he had indeed overestimated Shen Yan.

"With this kind of thing, your former secretary, Xia Yu, did not hesitate to offend Young Master Mo to be his follower, is there something wrong with her brain?" Yu Feng then looked at Xia Yu who was happily chatting with Wu Shiyu.

Zhang Hanyu laughed and said: "Her condition is quite special; how can I explain it? She came to Tengfei by chance, not because she wanted to help Shen Yan. "

It was naturally not convenient for Zhang Hanyu to tell her Shen Mo's private issues, so he spoke in a very vague way.

Yu Feng was an astute person. He reacted immediately. Although it was not clear that what exactly happened, he knew it was not convenient to continue the discussion.

The noon break was very short. Xia Yu and Wu Shiyu ate a little then returned to their companies respectively for work.

After returned to the office, Xia Yu saw that a few people gathered in the secretariat chatting, and the topic of their chat was related to the incident with the makeup scandal.

Xia Yu coughed dryly, she clapped her hands and signaled for everyone to stop, when everyone looked up, she said: "Everyone, I have to bother you guys for a bit, there is something I want to announce."


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