Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 94 Unfair to Young Master Yan
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 94 Unfair to Young Master Yan

Almost at the same time, everyone looked at Xia Yu.

"The headquarters wants us to prepare the information about the makeup and report to them later. I'll give you half an hour. Hurry up, and we'll depart in half an hour. " After Xia Yu finished speaking, she walked back to her own office.

"How can we finish it in half an hour?" Someone behind Xia Yu muttered.

Xia Yu stopped in her tracks, turned around and said, "But they only notified me before dinner. I can't stop everyone from eating, right?"

“Notifying us at mid-day and held a meeting right in the afternoon, isn't this putting us on a show?”

Everyone's face did not look good, "Xia Yu, our products' qualities have always been good. What's going on?"

"We've received complaints from customers at the department store in T-city. Someone was using our makeup and suffered an allergy. Assistant Liu has already flown over to investigate, and the details still waiting for the results of the investigation. "These things had already been mentioned during the morning meeting. Xia Yu was repeating what has been said.

"In other words, we still can't determine it was due to whose fault. Did the headquarters overreact a little bit?"

"And the media, why do they insist that there's a problem with our company's products?"

"This seems like it's intentionally messing with us; it's going to make us stink!"

"It's fine if others have targeted us, but why is the headquarter trying to force us to death?"

Everyone started to burst out opinions aside, and the more they spoke, the more excited they became.

"We all feel that this matter is not normal, and it just so happens that I'll report it to the headquarters later." After Xia Yu finished speaking, she entered her office.

No one was stupid. The headquarters dealt with the problem in such a way this time. They were competing against Young Master Yan.

He was the second Young Master of the Shen family. Ordinary people dare not to oppose him. Since they had targeted him in that obvious way, no one could afford to offend those who had the power to play against him. They didn't have the guts to report to the headquarters.

Looking at Xia Yu's expression, she probably guessed it too. She didn't ask them to prepare the materials because she knew whether they had prepared; the results would be the same.

Poor Young Master Yan, his competition was beginning, and the headquarters had already shown him such vast power.

Don't just think that everyone didn't hold a high expectation on him, that was also because there was indeed a big difference between him and Young Master Mo, and that was just an objective assessment that everyone made based on an actual situation.

Since the headquarters had passed his candidacy, then they should have allowed both candidates to compete fairly.

However, what was this unreasonable accusation? Everyone's sympathy naturally turned towards Shen Yan.

Xia Yu called Shen Yan from her office: "Young Master Yan, how things are doing? Can you hurry back?"

Shen Yan exhaled and said: "Nothing. You guys go ahead. I'll go directly to the headquarters later."

Shen Yan's mouth was parched due to endless speaking, but the magazine did not have any signs of letting go as they had discussed beforehand, caused Shen Yan a headache.

If things continued to be like this, there would be more and more return purchases.

"You should focus on your issue. The headquarters is just asking questions. We'll keep an eye." Xia Yu thought and said to Shen Yan.

"Sure, give me a call if you need anything." Shen Yan spoke a few words to Xia Yu before hanging up.

Xia Yu hung up the phone and came out: "Is everyone ready? We'll leave when we're ready. "

It was evident that the headquarters were playing tricks on them. What was there to prepare? Didn't they want to check the materials? They were all here. They can check them whenever they want.

Thus, everyone brought all the information about the makeup, filled about four to five cars and went majestically to the headquarters.

They directly carried the documents into the meeting room, piled it up like a small mountain.

Just as they finished, the door of the meeting room was pushed open. Unexpectedly, it was Shen Mo who walked in.

Xia Yu nodded and was about to greet him. Meanwhile the president assistant called her to come over. She then walked out of the conference room.

When she returned, Shen Mo was sitting in the third seat at the long conference table with his smoke grey suit and Old Madame was sitting in the middle. Beside them were the president, vice presidents, the board of directors and the lawyer, meanwhile the chairs on the contrary side were empty, waiting for Tengfei's employees.

Just then the president's assistant also came in. He looked at Xia Yu and said: "Secretary Xia, please take a seat!"

Xia Yu looked at the others expressionlessly and sat down in the middle of those empty chairs. In front of her was a row of people, all of them looked gloomy, and Shen Mo was one of them.

Xia Yu couldn't help to think that they had finally come to this condition, need to sit opposite to each other and become two people who held different situation. However, he was looking through the documents in his hands the entire time. It was good too.

Seeing that Xia Yu had sat down, the people from Tengfei followed and sat down as well.

After sitting down, the meeting room became quiet for half a minute, until President Yang Weiye finished flipping through the documents and raised his head. The secretary beside him whispered in his ear, and he lightly nodded his head while the rest of others acknowledged immediately that something was going to happen.

When their eyes met, only then the assistant opened the notebook in front of him, holding his hands, and he said: "Secretary Xia said that Young Master Yan still has got issues to deal with and probably won't be able to make it on time, how about we start now?"

"Is he not going to attend such an important meeting?" Shen Mo spoke up from the side.

"Big brother, there's a reason why the second brother isn't here. He still got other important matters to deal with." Shen Qiang explained on behalf of his second brother.

"Of course, I know he has got a reason. Otherwise, the president would not gather everyone." There was a touch of sarcasm on Shen Mo’ lips. Such a superior company like Tengfei became a complete mess after he had ruled over the company.

"His second aunt, Little Yan is still young after all. He lacks a few management skills. As a mother, why don't you spend more time and effort on him?" First Madame was secretly pleased with herself. How dare a person looking for diggers to work without a digger? Second Madame wanted her son to compete with her son. That showed they had overestimated themselves.

Second Madame sat on her seat as though she was sitting on pins and needles. She never thought that such a small matter would cause such a commotion, and now that First Madame was overbearing again, it seemed like today would be a stressful day for Shen Yan.

"Xia Yu, give your president a call and ask him to come over immediately." Old Madame had not said a word until now, so Second Madame did not know what she was thinking.

Their only option was to bring Shen Yan here before she gets angry, and other things could be discussed any time after.

"Second Madame, I have full authority to represent him at this meeting. This is the arrangement made by Young Master Yan, please forgive me for not being able to agree." Xia Yu replied very calmly as she raised her head and looked at Second Madame.

"How impudent! Do you know whom you're talking to?" Second Madame slammed the table and stood up.

"It's true that you're a director of the headquarters, but I'm just a secretary of a branch's president. I only take his orders, sorry." Xia Yu said without hesitation.

"You …" Second Madame was so angry that she couldn't say anything for a long time.

When the other directors saw that Xia Yu had embarrassed Second Madame on the spot, they all looked towards Xia Yu and wondering who she was and how dare she talked in that arrogant way.

Xia Yu looked around and said gravely: "Every director, please respect the authority of our Young Master Yan on making decisions by our own."

"Heh, Secretary Xia is saying that the other directors have interfered with the internal affairs of Tengfei?" Shen Mo coldly said from aside.

"Yes, I do." Xia Yu looked Shen Mo in the eyes: "One of the sales counters in the T city had got some problems. Before we managed to find out the truth, the headquarters started a war of words against our Young Master Yan. It was more than just interfering with our decision-making power. It is more like a personal attack."

Hm? Shen Yan's secretary was quite bold. Yang Weiye couldn't help but size her up: "Secretary Xia, do you mean that the company's decision was wrong?"

"I dare not to infer right from wrong, but I feel that this is unfair to Young Master Yan." Faced with Yang Weiye's question, Xia Yu did not have any fear and immediately hit the nail on the head, "The issue this time is still under investigation. We can't tell whether our cosmetics or the shopping mall cause it or any other things yet. While the headquarters asked Young Master Yan to explain to them about the problem, everyone will easily think that something had happened to Tengfei, otherwise, why would Shen Yan, as the person in charge, be named and criticized?"

Yang Weiye nodded: "What you said makes some sense, but the problem now is that the major media are all scrambling to report, and their views are all in one-sided. I wonder how Secretary Xia will explain it?"

Yang Weiye turned around the computer in front of him and looked at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu glanced at it and calmly said: "This is something that I want to tell every director. Usually, the reporters will come from a different point of views, but it's different this time. All of those focused on the products' qualities of the Tengfei."

Although Xia Yu did not say it explicitly, she meant that someone was causing the trouble behind the scenes.

However, Shen Mo didn't see it this way: "It has already been a full day since the incident, so if your company can deal with it, the preliminary results of the investigation should be publicized. However, till now, you guys have not given any explanations, so how can people not make guesses?"

The other directors nodded their heads, "Young Master Mo is right. It seems like city S also has an allergic incident, and the guy seems to be a celebrity participating in the new product preliminary auditions of Tengfei."

Xia Yu said, "She is the little pop queen Wu Qing. I am not hiding this from everyone. Miss Wu's godfather invited Young Master Yan."

First Madame laughed coldly: "This is all because he didn't behave well."

Xia Yu exhaled lightly: "First Madame also feels that the possibility of someone framing him is higher, right?"

"I …" First Madame glared fiercely at Xia Yu and did not say any other words.

Xia Yu coughed lightly and said, "It's not that we can't handle it, but the relationship is so complicated that Young Master Yan has no choice but to weigh the pros and cons."

"What does he need to weigh? What a bullshit." A vice president spoke, "His personal feelings affected his work! Ridiculous!"

Xia Yu coughed a few times this time, "Director, you are tight. Personal issues should be discussed only privately. Even though it is discussed in private, we still cannot force Young Master Yan to agree with it, much less that it's a company affair. "

"Xia Yu, what did you say?" Old Madame, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly opened her mouth.

Xia Yu answered very respectfully: "Old Madame, I mean Young Master Yan did not let his personal feelings affected his work, But Young Master Yan cannot decide what others think. right?"

"If he didn't provoke a problem, would her godfather called him to come over?" First Madame muttered at the side. She even looked at Second Madame using the corner of her eyes, which means "look what your son has done".


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