Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 95 Stray from The Topic
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 95 Stray from The Topic

"This question is a bit complicated. Let's put it aside for now and discuss the proper matters first. What do you think, directors?" The topic had been strayed away so that the small secretary Xia Yu could not handle.

"Secretary Xia, you said that you're the plenipotentiary just now, but you dare not to talk about it now?" First Madame glanced at Xia Yu. They say that this girl was bold, and today, she would like to see how bold she could be.

Xia Yu smiled and said: "This is not a question of whether I dare or not, but a question of whether it is suitable. So many shareholders have put down their work in hand only for discussing the issue of makeup, right?"

"We're talking about that right now. Secretary Xia, dare you saying that these two matters are not related?" First Madame kept progressing.

Xia Yu smirked and showed a smile reluctantly: "If you want to say those are related then those will be, but First Madame …."

She was still so young that with just two sentences could trap her. First Madame could not help on feeling proud of herself: "So be it. If it wasn't for your president being unscrupulous in his private life, why would the reporters target him? Why would the girl be so emotional? Why would the girl's parents come and knock on his door?"

"First Madame, everyone, it's not that our Young Master Yan is unscrupulous, I have got a basis of facts." As she spoke, Xia Yu took out a small camera and said, "There are a few conversations here that everyone will understand what had happened after hearing it."

The first recording was a conversation between Wu Qing and a female celebrity. She clearly stated that she wanted to participate in Tengfei's audition, but Zeng Mina had clearly stated aside that she had no hope of competing in it. It was because she had joined the audition as well, and there were not any reasons for Tengfei not going to hire their employees.

The second segment was the night before the preliminary auditions when Wu Qing finally decided to participate in the competition and invited Young Master Yan's friend Zheng Peng to be the persuader. Because it was not officially begun yet, Young Master Yan agreed to Wu Qing's request.

The third segment was about Wu Qing's reaction when she participated in the preliminary auditions, but Zeng Mina did not appear at the competition venue. When both saw each other, they ended with shooting each other and disbanded…

"That's enough! what do you mean?" First Madame slammed the table and stood up.

Xia Yu calmly switched off the camera "Everyone, I believe you all understand that just because the two celebrities not believing each other's strength, and thus gradually leveled up to the so-called ‘personal life of the Young Master Yan is not taken seriously' claim. Now, one of them is leaving while the other becomes the victim, yet they want our Young Master Yan to pay for it. Our Young Master Yan has the responsibilities of being a man, so let's get down to business. "

Xia Yu meant that one was the foster daughter of Shen Yan's elder, and the other was the future sister-in-law, their argument harmed Shen Yan, and every director could understand this clearly.

Shen Qiang smiled widely. He had known his second brother for more than twenty years, how could he not notice that he had such a positive side.

It seemed like he had been untrustworthy in the past, while his second brother was also a person who used to catch other's sight naturally. It was just that he was a low-profile person who did not like to be put under the spotlight, so he would have to unearth more of his second brother's certain power in the future.

Second Madame aside had already utterly relaxed at this point, recalling one day when her son said that Xia Yu was his senior secretary, the senior executive should have done what she had to do.

It seemed that his son had good judgment. He had chosen the right secretary.

"Then let's begin!" The topic has been strayed further and further away, and more and more people were involved. If this went on, how long would this meeting take? After looking at everyone on seats, Yang Weiye decisively made a decision.

"Don't worry, Xia Yu, as Shen Yan's secretary. You're here today as his plenipotentiary. Me, as your Old Madame, will take advantage of my age and ask some personal questions about him which you must answer truthfully. " Old Madame said aside.

"Yes, Old Madame, I will tell everything I know!" Xia Yu immediately replied respectfully.

"Two questions. First, did Shen Yan date Wu Qing? Why did Shen Yan bring her home on that day? Second, did Qi Guogang make an appointment with Shen Yan for Wu Qing? "

"Young Master Yan had told all secretaries that he doesn't have a girlfriend now. Young Master Yan brought Miss Wu to his house on that day is based on fulfilling Miss Wu's request. She was afraid of meeting Third Young Master during the preliminary auditions would be embarrassing and looking for reconciled with Third Young Master. Young Master Yan felt that her request was reasonable, so he agreed to bring her to see Third Young Master. Director Qi dated Young Master Yan. "

Old Madame's authoritative gaze swept across the other secretaries, and everyone nodded without any agreements made. After the previous scandal, many reporters had called the secretariat to verify their claims. It was what Shen Yan had told everyone at that time.

Very good! Old Madame turned around and said to her assistant: "Call Qi Guogang for me. Today, I want to ask him what abilities he has to ride on my Shen Family's neck."

It was too much. Old Madame did not lose her temper for many years. It seemed that Director Qi didn't have much luck today, and meanwhile, the other directors lowered their heads.

In less than half an hour, Director Qi arrived with Hong Yu. They first paid respects to the Old Madame: "Mom …"

"Don't call me that way, Director Qi. I can't take it!" Old Madame interrupted him. She sat in the same position and didn't even raise her eyes.

"Then, do you have any commands?" Director Qi knew how much hate Old Madame has on him. He knew that no one wanted to see him in this room, so he went straight to the topic. He was looking forward to the end of the discussion so that he could leave so as not to be an eyesore.

"Let me ask on behalf of grandmother, what did Director Qi want to ask my second brother about?" Shen Qiang said from aside.

Just for such a small matter, with such a massive lineup, this Old Madame could put on a front. Director Qi did not know whether to laugh or cry, just one sentence, and that could be done quickly over the phone.

Even though he thought in that way, he dared not to show any dissatisfaction in front of Old Madame: "Qingqing has been hiding these days for crying. Her mother is very worried. I'm just trying to understand the situation."

"Director Qi's is trying to say that my second brother bullied your goddaughter?" Shen Qiang slanted his eyes and asked in an indifferent tone.

Why did this brat sound so awkward? Qi Guogang frowned, "Xiao Qiang …"

"Yes or no?"

"I don't think so. I think that Qingqing is a pretty good child; in fact, Xiao Yan should try to get along with her." Being questioned by a little kid, Director Qi was so angry that he had almost lost his temper, but he still needed to answer, since Old Madame was sitting beside him.

"I see, so you wanted her to become a prostitute, right?" Shen Qiang said sarcastically: "You should at least see what that woman looks like, what makes her match my second brother?"

"Shut up!" Director Qi finally got angry, he turned to Shen Yang and said: "Look at how you've spoiled him, is there anyone talks to father like that?"

"How I spoil my child is none of your business!" Shen Yang coldly said as she turned her head aside.

"You …"

"You what you? The entire S City knows me, Shen Qiang, was born without a father, why is there suddenly a father comes out now? " Shen Qiang saw he still wanted to shout at his mother even in front of his grandmother, Shen Qiang rushed to his front and questioned loudly, "I have a fever, Shen's family is in danger when the family needs a man, where did my father go?"

"You should ask your mom for that. If she wasn't petty, would it become like this?" Being criticized by his son in front of everyone, Director Qi was so angry that his high blood pressure almost busted out.

"You just feel sorry for that woman who was abandoned by a man but saying my mom is petty when you dumped her, how dare you set everything by yourself?" If eye sights could kill, Director Qi would have already been killed by him.

How much does this child hate his father? Xia Yu was so scared that she couldn't help to stand up and took a few steps back.

"Is this what I want? "Your mother is right here. Ask her if she insisted on getting a divorce." Director Qi's face turned palm and blush as he panted heavily.

"Heh, when you were holding that woman in one hand, your daughter in the other hand, you three were playing family games, my mother and I were behind you, but did you ever pity us even for a single sight? Moreover, now you're blaming my mother for divorce? " Shen Qiang was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

"Xiao Qiang, when did this happen? I don't know anything …"

"Do you know nothing about it, or just pretending that you know nothing?"

"Xiao Qiang, don't you believe your father? Anyway, forget about it, let's not talk about the past. "All these years, no matter what, it was the fact that he had failed to fulfill his responsibilities as a father, which made this kid became so extreme.

Director Qi felt guilty towards Shen Qiang anyway.

Shen Qiang laughed coldly: "All right then, go back and tell your dear daughter to stay away from my second brother. And you, we aren't that close to each other, don't pretend to be elderly and call my second brother over for questioning."

"Xiao Qiang, don't be so extreme, Director Qi misses you two. Qingqing approached you all because she wanted to resolve the knot that had been buried in everyone's heart for many years. She suffered a lot, for example, regarding this matter of allergy with makeup, look what her face has become, she did not even say a word to the reporter. If not the incident in city T has been spread out, she will keep hiding the fact." Shen Qiang's words were too harsh. Hong Yu could not bear to listen any longer.


Xia Yu coughed aside and walked up "Speaking of Miss Wu's allergy, let me interrupt. This is the result of our investigation. Director Qi, you are Miss Wu's father. Take a look. "

Xia Yu turned around and handed over the material.

"Do you suspect that Qingqing's problem was caused by using Yu's cosmetics?" Director Qi has a glance on it before handing it to Xia Yu.

"We can't exclude that possibility, but we are sure that no one participating in our company's audition has caught the same symptom that Miss Wu has." Xia Yu kept the documents and then said to Director Qi seriously: "Director Qi, there is one more thing. Miss Wu signed a contract during our audition, which is she must use Tengfei's products during the whole competition. If she has been caught using products with other brands, she will be disqualified immediately. Director Qi, although she is your goddaughter, the company has its' own rules, sorry about that. "

"Secretary Xia, have you discussed this decision with Young Master Yan before you made it?" This was too disrespectful to Director Qi, Hong Yu's face darkened.

"Director Hong, this rule was issued by Young Master Yan himself after consulting the officials from the middle and higher levels of the company. Young Master Yan has already said this before, once discovered, no need to report while executing it. " Xia Yu explained to Hong Yu.

"You … I think it would be best for you to ask Young Master Yan for instructions. I'm afraid you won't be able to take this responsibility. " Hong Yu kindly reminded Xia Yu.


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