Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 96 It“s Extremely Unfair
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 96 It“s Extremely Unfair

"If every little problem needs to be reported to my brother, isn't it trying to keep him busy till died? Sister Xia is the person in charge of the audition. If she says so, then so be it." Shen Qiang glanced at Hong Yu and said.

"Xiao Qiang, Miss Wu is still receiving treatment in the hospital, and you guys here tried to disqualify her from participating, it seems nothing but retaliation!" Tengfei was already troublesome, but Xia Yu was still trying to cause more troubles, this was too inappropriate.

Shen Mo stood up to say something on behalf of the company as well.

As soon as he finished his speech, all the other directors nodded their heads to show their support.

Shen Qiang laughed accusingly and glanced around with his eyes. He stared at Director Qi's face and said: "Everyone seems to agree with this. How about Director Qi?"

"After all, you guys don't have any pieces of evidence to prove that there's a problem with the Yu Family's cosmetics, so it's not appropriate to disqualify her for this. If you guys want to do this, then we can only deal with it as a matter of business." Although Director Qi was talking to Shen Qiang, his eyes were on Xia Yu.

Just a little secretary dared to disrespect him. If he did not teach her a lesson, he was afraid that she would think what she did was amazing.

"Director Qi, it is still under investigation that if Miss Wu has used either our cosmetics or the Yu's cosmetics before the incident, but you can't deny that she has used the Yu's cosmetics, right? Since she has violated the rules of our company, what's wrong for us to follow the rules to deal with this case? Just a moment ago, Director Qi said that it would be a matter of business, how about we ask the judicial authority to investigate? "Xia Yu did not have the slightest bit of cowardice in front of the infamous Director Qi...

"Are you sure you want to do this? Little girl, sometimes it is right to insist on being strict, but you must also know how to be flexible." So, what if it was given to the judicial authority? Could they find out the truth just like that?

What was the truth? Maybe it was just that this little girl hadn't figured it out yet.

Xia Yu laughed: "what Director Qi said is right, we know what you mean. We still need to allow Miss Wu to participate in the competition."

"Not only to let her participate in the competition. Someone needs to be sent to the hospital to look after her." Hong Yu continued aside.

"Then why don't we hold a press conference for apologizing to her. Young Master Yan admits all the mistakes made and he is the one who's disqualified. His sacrifice might bring satisfaction to everyone and a happy ending, isn't it? "

Sending someone to the hospital to look after her… How he dared to say that.

"Xia Yu, what are you saying?" Second Madame scolded aside.

"Am I wrong? Since he didn't want Young Master Yan to be elected, then why bother by letting him participate? In this meeting room, there are his loved ones, as well as his elders who had watched him grow up. If he is truly not capable enough, he will accept it wholeheartedly, but you guys are plotting to smack a shitty bowl on his head, don't you guys feel bad in your mind?" Xia Yu did not look at Second Madame nor shut her mouth. Her speech shocked everyone.

“Is this an interrogation? Who gave this girl the guts?”

"How dare you!" Without waiting for anyone to speak, Old Madame could not hold back and slammed the table to stand up.

How many years had it been since Old Madame slammed the table last time? Just how angry was she to be in such a bad mood?

Everyone who was sitting aside had their hearts trembling!

She got angry because she was embarrassed? Xia Yu smiled slightly and looked at Old Madame's sharp eyes: "Old Madame, did I say anything wrong?"

"Little girl, how dare you doubt my words?" Old Madame and Xia Yu looked at each other for a while. Old Madame can see a sense of tenacity, stubbornness, and an unyielding spirit from Xia Yu's eyes.

How many years had it been since she had seen such sharp eyes in this office? However, today, she saw it on a secretary of a grandson who never seems to be promising.

If she was Shen Mo's secretary, what kind of achievements could she have? She was wondering if she should feel gratified for having such an employee in the company or she should feel sorry for her.

She was lost in thought, and this girl was still questioning her about being unfair to Shen Yan. Is it that obvious when she was thinking about Shen Mo?

Doesn't she love Shen Yan, her grandson? Of course, she does. Otherwise, she wouldn't stand out and let him participate in the competition. However, in the end, she was not an ordinary grandma. She had to consider the future of Shen's family, so she could only put her kinship aside.

Xia Yu smiled lightly: "Old Madame, you guys did it so obviously, using the word ‘doubt' isn't that appropriate, it should be ‘certain'."

"What to be certain of? Am I unable to make a fair judgment on this matter? Alternatively, is Shen Yan was still not allowed to become the president of Shen's family if he wins? " Old Madame looked at Xia Yu with a calm expression.

Since you say so. Good!

Xia Yu stood up and gave a report that Liu Sijie had sent from the T city to the Old Madame's assistant: "This is the list of cosmetics allergies victims in the T city. These people all have one thing in common, after receiving the money transferred from the same mysterious account on the same day, they all bought cosmetics from the department store."

"Here, I want to emphasize that apart from them, other consumers who bought the same cosmetics on the same day at the counter hadn't been diagnosed with any problems."

Xia Yu then handed another investigation report to the Old Madame's assistant.

"Liu Sijie suggested Young Master Yan to ask the judiciary to deal with this. If you agree, Old Madame, I will call Liu Sijie right now and ask him to call the police."Xia Yu looked at Old Madame calmly. Since you used to say that you wanted a fair judgment, I would like to see how reasonable it could be.

"Little girl, are you trying to checkmate me?" Old Madame handed the documents over to Yang Weiye, "You should also take a look."

Heh, they reacted fast. Even if he was the one who handled this matter, he might not be able to find so much information in such a short period.

At this time, Yang Weiye was genuinely impressed by this Shen Yan's helper. He raised his head and looked at everyone, and said to Old Madame: "Since everyone is here, why don't we discuss this with each other?"

"Yea, let's do what you said." Old Madame sat down slowly.

"All right, let's begin!" The next person to speak was Yang Weiye.

"All right, then let's begin!" His assistant raised his head and looked straight at Xia Yu: "President values the materials you have just given us. If there are any other questions, we can talk about them directly today." He was truly worthy of being a senior assistant that his speech was always easy to understand and tactful.

Xia Yu took another glance at Shen Mo, who sat a bit far away. He kept sitting with his arms crossed without any facial expression during the whole meeting.

She let out a hollow laugh. No wonder he was the president's assistant that his speech was perfect. He made it sounds like the headquarters treated Shen Yan well. At least, the senior executives still want to sit down and talk about this issue.

Xia Yu raised her head and said, "All right!" and stopped talking.

After waiting for a few minutes, people still haven't heard her saying anything, which made those people felt a little bit awkward. The assistant glanced at Yang Weiye and smiled, trying smooth things over, "Secretary Xia, it's all right, if you have any questions, mention it. Shen's family is a big family; every employee's opinion is important."

He spoke as if Xia Yu had the power to turn the tables on them, she could not help on laughing, while her expression showed a little coldness.

"I have no opinions. I respect all the decision made by the headquarters. I will cooperate with any subsequent procedures!"

Just a moment ago, she looked like she has thoroughly prepared for a big argument. However, now, her attitude had completely reversed. She did not argue. Her kind attitude was beyond the assistant's expectation.

"Then …" The assistant looked at Yang Weiye again.

Just now, she dared to interrogate Old Madame in front of these senior executives. Not making a sound right now did not mean that she was going to compromise. She was just wondering what the Old Madame would do.

She had decided to threaten Old Madame to join her side!

This little girl got some guts. No wonder Xiao Qiang was willing to take her as his master. When Shen Yang looked at Xia Yu again, his eyes showed a sight of approval.

Director Qi did not leave but went aside to attend the meeting. He saw everything that happened, even a small glance.

Looks like he had underestimated that brat Shen Yan. Forget about others and just talked about the two persons beside him, Liu Sijie had only been in the T City for a few hours, how come that he could investigate so many things.

Moreover, this little girl dared to go against the Old Madame. Interesting!

Yang Weiye was thinking in his mind as well that since they could investigate the whole thing with such results, they could find out something else. Right now, they were the one in control, and this girl was not someone to be trifled with. If they did not handle this issue well, it would not be easy for Old Madame to leave the argument.

"I suggest that all directors held a meeting in the small conference room. I hope Director Qi can join us as well." Yang Weiye looked towards the Old Madame, seemed to ask for her opinion.

Old Madame stood up and said "Let's go!

Only Tengfei's employees were left in the large meeting room. Fang Feifei looked at Xia Yu worriedly: "You shouldn't have gone against Old Madame like that just now."

Xia Yu exhaled and leaned back on her chair: "That's right, pretending to be deaf is fine for me, but I feel uncomfortable. It doesn't matter if it's Young Master Mo or the Young Master Yan, it depends on who can become the president, or it could be said that all directors will vote and choose whomever they want. However, what was this? I am not talking about Young Master Yan's grievances for now. All our employees earned Tengfei's brand after many years of hard work. I can't let it ruined."

"Yeah, it takes years to build a brand, but it takes only a few days to destroy it." Unfair. Extremely unfair." Hou Qing also sighed while his head was shaking.

It has been half an hour before anyone came in again.

Yang Weizheng's assistant nodded to everyone, then turned to Xia Yu and said: "The directors are very busy after our meeting was over just now, they had left. I will be the only one to summarize the meeting we held just now, did anyone of you has any objections?"

No one said anything. Xia Yu nodded and said, "No objections!"

"We can still bring some ideas up now. Any new ideas?" The assistant looked at everyone and saw everyone remained silent. He then took out a few sheets of paper from the folder: "This is the decision regarding the incident that Headquarters had agreed upon. It's all on this. If there were any opinions, we could discuss it now.

The result had already been decided, what could we talk about? I've never seen anyone act so pretentiously.

Xia Yu didn't even bother to look at it and replied directly, "No objections!" After returning the paper, the assistant felt that it was inconceivable for her to keep that attitude. She had been doing as an assistant for so many years, but she had never seen anyone that could be that rational.

Since she didn't want to fight over it, there was no reason for her to waste any more time. The assistant pointed at the signature on the last page, "Since Secretary Xia has no objections, please sign here!"

Xia Yu didn't even bother to look at it and directly signed her name on it. She then looked at the paper they brought with and said faintly: "Are we leaving these things here, or should we bring them back?"

Finally, all the documents were signed. Xia Yu raised her head and looked at the assistant while the pen was still in her hand.


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