Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 97 You Are Not Qualified
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 97 You Are Not Qualified

Xia Yu looked at the material about the makeup that they brought and felt that it was a little difficult. It was what the Headquarters had requested repeatedly to bring over, but now they had left without even looking. Xia Yu did not know what to do next.

The assistant sighed and said, "Secretary Xia, please let us off lightly. The main company has already decided to let Young Master Mo help you deal with it, so don't be too overbearing. "

The assistant said this as if they felt wronged.

However, since Xia Yu had chosen to stop arguing, she didn't say anything else. She nodded to the assistant, indicating that she understood.

The assistant brought out the signed documents from Xia Yu, while Shen Mo walked in with a gloomy face.

They had been busy for so many days, but in fact, they did not expect to be able to defeat Tengfei in one fell swoop. They just wanted to see how Shen Yan would deal with this and how he would walk out of this predicament so that they will make plans accordingly.

They had thought of many possibilities, but they didn't believe that Xia Yu would bring along Tengfei's group of employees to question Old Madame in front of the board of directors.

Xia Yu's method was simple, direct and extremely useful!

Shen Mo thought about it and felt that it was entirely sarcastic. He openly and secretly asked the magazines to target the Tengfei, but now he had to step in to quell the matter personally.

"Young Master Mo, I'll be troubling you with the rest of the matters." Shen Mo did not speak. Xia Yu could not let this awkwardness continue.

"As a director of the Shen, of course, I have to help my company solve the problem." Shen Mo took a deep breath, suppressing his anger and said.

"Then, we will not disturb the work of Young Master Mo anymore. I still need to report to Young Master Yan about this meeting, so I'll be taking my leave! " After Xia Yu finished speaking, she ordered everyone to move the material back.

"What, Secretary Xia also learned to report to someone? When you left Shengda, you did not report to me." Shen Mo looked at Xia Yu coldly. At this moment, he was genuinely regretful that he did not listen to Zhang Hanyu's suggestion and allowed this woman to stay.

He would not expect Xia Yu to do anything for him due to the abundant talent in Shen Mo's company, but he would at least keep her so that she wouldn't create trouble for him.

Perhaps, Shen Mo didn't even notice that his tone had a hint of jealousy. Would Young Master Mo be jealous of others? The staff member of Tengfei who was sorting through the material couldn't help but stick out his tongue secretly.

Xia Yu smiled but did not say anything.

Shen Mo gazed at her without blinking. The two of them looked at each other. One of them was suppressing his intense emotions, while the other was remarkably calm.

"I still have something to do, so I'll be leaving first!" Shen Mo turned around, but Xia Yu was still looking at him. His footsteps were firm as he buttoned his suit and walked out, a breeze blowing as he passed her.

Shen Qiang entered: "Sis!"

"What's wrong?"

"I'll go back with you!"

Since the meeting was already over, he felt that there was no point in staying. It was better to return to work.

"All right, help me move the documents!"

Shen Qiang smiled when he saw the few large boxes on the ground. Why didn't they bring the entire Tengfei over?

"Sis, this time you have become famous in Shen."

"What did the directors say about Sister Xia?" Fang Feifei moved closer to them. Although Young Master Mo's face had not changed much throughout the year, she had never seen his face look as unsightly as it did today.

So she was very curious!

"Go on with your work. Don't be long-winded. Do you want to wait for the head office to come and help you move it?" Xia Yu said as she carried a big box out.

The others smiled at each other and hurriedly carried the box out. However, unlike when they came here, their footsteps were much lighter now.

No one had expected such an outcome. Initially, they thought that they would be scolded like dogs by Headquarters, but in the end, it was the people from Headquarters who were rendered speechless by Xia Yu.

“Aiya, this girl does have some guts. No wonder Young Master Yan thinks so highly of her. However, her actions today had offended Young Master Mo. Where would she go after a year?”

Everyone was worried about her.

"We've won a great victory today. Why don't we go celebrate for a bit?" After all the boxes were put away, Shen Qiang suggested to everyone.

"We still have work to do. Maybe another day." Young Master Mo was already angry, so no one dared to celebrate, so they tactfully refused.

Do these people have a backbone? Shen Qiang looked at everyone's figures from the back and angrily smashed something.

"Forget it. Everyone had their reservations. What if they lost their jobs? They also need to support their families. Don't force them. " Xia Yu patted his shoulder and laughed: "Didn't you say we were celebrating? How is Ruyi Restaurant? "

"All right, Ruyi Restaurant." Shen Qiang thought it's good that they don't go, I saved money."

The two of them cleaned up and walked out of the building together.

When Shen Mo returned to the company, he received a call from Zhang Hanyu. They discussed how to handle the reporters. Zhang Hanyu also reported about how Shen Qiang wanted to celebrate but being rejected by everyone.

"Don't mention those fence-sitters. Let's talk about Xia Yu. When will she be able to leave Tengfei? " Shen Mo had never thought that he would one day be troubled because of a woman.

"I'll talk to her after I finish my work these two days." Young Master Mo finally started to think highly of Xia Yu, but it was apparent that she had already chosen her side. At this time, it would probably be difficult for them to get her to leave Tengfei.

As for Shen Qiang, even though it was a small pity that his colleagues did not come to celebrate together, it was still his second brother who had won a match after all. So he was pleased, and he wanted to take the most luxurious room in Ruyi Restaurant.

However, there was already someone who booked that room. No matter how Ruyi Restaurant's manager explained, Shen Qiang refused. In the end, he could only say that his second brother requested that room.

The last time Shen Qiang came with Xia Yu to the Ruyi Restaurant, the Young Master Yan had acted very generously. Now that Shen Qiang was so unyielding, the manager of the Ruyi Restaurant didn't know what to do anymore. He quickly looked to the supervisor at the side and asked him to call Young Master Yan to confirm. If it's true, it means they would make good money tonight. After all, no one would give up on the money that was sent to them.

Not long after, the head waiter returned and nodded his head. The manager immediately gave the private room to Shen Qiang.

Shen Qiang walked into the private room satisfied. As he was waiting for the dishes to arrive, he casually chatted with Xia Yu, when the phone suddenly rang.

It was one of his classmates. It seemed to be very important. They talked for a long time.

Shen Qiang picked up the call in the room. Perhaps it was because the conversation was related to their privacy, he walked out.

Xia Yu did not mind. They would not serve food for the time being anyway.

She sat alone in the room drinking tea, and the door opened.

She thought that Shen Qiang had returned, and subconsciously looked around, only to realize that the one who had walked in was Zeng Mina.

It was unexpected to meet her here, Xia Yu thought that she walked into the wrong room, but she kept looking at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu then stood up and said politely: "Miss Zeng, what a coincidence!"

"It's not a coincidence. I came here specifically to look for you." Zeng Mina's expression was calm, and one could not tell whether she was happy or angry from her expression.

Xia Yu looked at the person in front of her, thinking, from the moment they met until now, they had never had a pleasant conversation, and it might not be anything friendly this time.

A flash of astonishment appeared in Xia Yu's eyes as she asked: "What business do you have with me?"

Zeng Mina stood two steps away from Xia Yu as she looked at her with an expressionless face. Her red lips opened, but instead of answering Xia Yu's question, she asked, "Xia Yu, I know that you went to the Tengfei to take revenge for your sister. However, if Young Master Mo doesn't want her, then what is the point in going against me? "

Xia Yu frowned. Her expression became indifferent as she replied: "Miss Zeng is overthinking."

Zeng Mina revealed a mocking expression, "Don't deny it. If that wasn't the case, why did you reject Young Master Mo's good intentions and not stay in Shengda? You slander me in front of Old Madame, and you even want to steal my room? "

Was she the one who reserved this room? It couldn't be such a coincidence.

Shen Qiang liked this room. Today, he was treating. He wanted to eat here, so as a guest, Xia Yu naturally had to listen to the arrangements of the host.

As for what she said in front of Old Madame, Xia Yu believed that it was all right and did not want to slander her. Zeng Mina should blame herself for doing despicable and evil things.

As for their relationship, Xia Yu indeed didn't like her. Xia Yu's eyes could not help but reveal an expression of unhappiness. She did not like Zeng Mina's forceful way of speaking. Who did Zeng Mina think she was?

Because she was engaged to Shen Mo, could she look down upon everyone?

"Miss Zeng, I am only stating the truth. If you think I'm against you all the time, I can't help it. "

"Xia Yu, what are you so proud of? Do you think that by doing this, Young Master Mo will be able to get along with your sister? " Zeng Mina said with a look of despise.

Zeng Mina thought that with her excellent figure and beautiful face, she would be able to marry into a wealthy family. She did not know about the difference between her own family and wealthy family.

"Miss Zeng, please be a bit more polite when you speak. Did you come here today to ask me why I rejected Young Master Mo, or were you unsatisfied to be ignored by Young Master Mo? If you want to ask me why I rejected Young Master Mo, then you are not qualified to ask such a question, because this is between him and me. If you are not satisfied with the fact that Young Master Mo has ignored you, I am sorry, but you have found the wrong person. " Xia Yu replied with a faint smile.

Anyone could say things that would embarrass the other, Zeng Mina could do it, Xia Yu could do it too.

Zeng Mina was the miss of the Zeng Family, so what? Xia Yu did not rely on the Zeng Family for a living. There was nothing to be afraid of. Just as Xia Yu had said, she had already said everything that needed to be mentioned in front of Old Madame, and she could be considered half a member of Shen Family.

Xia Yu had always emphasized that she had to rely on her abilities to live. What if she were to lower her stance now?

This woman was even more arrogant than her sister.

The makeup on Zeng Mina's face was slightly cold. It very appropriately reflected the kind of superiority that was emitted from her body. Her eyes shone with an unspeakable light.

After looking at Xia Yu for a while, Zeng Mina said: "Xia Yu, you don't take seriously of me, the future Young Mistress, do you?"

Zeng Mina's words were even more direct, and carried a bit of arrogance.

After her words, Xia Yu's face did not change. What she said today had caused Xia Yu, who initially did not have a good impression of her, to feel even more disgust.

Xia Yu looked straight at Zeng Mina, and after two or three seconds, she frowned, and asked doubtfully and unhappily: "Why do I have to take you seriously?"

Zeng Mina's eyes carried cold ridicule, and said coldly with disdain: "All right, you're straightforward enough! You must figure out what will happen when you go against me. Now, you can be so arrogant while following behind Shen Yan. Also, a year from now, are you going to resign? "

Xia Yu wanted to give it a try. If she did not resign after a year, would Zeng Mina throw her things on the ground and tell her to fuck off?

Xia Yu frowned, her beautiful eyes narrowing slightly. She looked at Zeng Mina and said with a smile that was not a smile: "Miss Zeng, I have yet to consider whether or not I should stay in Tengfei one year from now. Maybe after a few days, Young Master Yan will be unsatisfied with me and fire me, then you don't need to worry. However, right now, I am still an employee of Tengfei. I must be worthy of the salary the company pays me."

The door to the private room was open, but Xia Yu didn't lower her voice to speak. She said all this in one breath. Although her tone was not very strong, it still attracted the attention of people nearby.


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