Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 98 You Weren“t Like This Before
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 98 You Weren“t Like This Before

A few passersby looked over, seeing Xia Yu and Zeng Mina standing at the entrance. Those two girls had a dispute that had not yet developed into a severe condition, but the atmosphere was so obviously that passersby could easily tell that some girls were going to have a great argument.

Zeng Mina also frowned with an expression of surprise and unhappiness. Was Xia Yu not taking my respect?

Zeng Mina's voice couldn't help on growing sharper: "Don't you feel grudged about leaving Tengfei? You had fawned over Shen Yan so much, wasn't it shown your willingness to keep following his lead? "

Come on! This person was not going to end the speech.

When she heard that Zeng Mina's voice was growing louder, she did not want to be outdone, so she raised her voice and replied: "You are funny. How I fawned over Young Master Yan is none of your business, right?"

Xia Yu did not show any respect to Zeng Mina, so everyone aside who knew them was dumbstruck.

Zeng Mina stared at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu also stared at her in converse, with an 'if you have the ability, you can deal with Shen Yan, don't waste your time talking nonsense here' look on her face.

After Shen Qiang finished his call with his friend, he found Zeng Mina at the entrance.

How long has it been since I left?

Wasn't she looking for troubles? He stood in the middle between Xia Yu and Zeng Mina and suggested softly, "Ah, what are you arguing about? We're all very familiar with each other, let's talk properly. "

Even though he said that, a glint flashed through his eyes. He just wanted to watch the commotion, and would rather the two of them fight rather than keep quarreling.

He was sick of Zeng Mina, ever since his big brother got engaged to her, how much trouble had she brought him?

If Shen Qiang were not afraid of his mother, he would have already scolded her just as Xia Yu did.

In his heart, he felt that the Zeng's Family wasn't that great, and Zeng Mina wasn't great either. However, the two outstanding men of Shen's family fancied her.

Was "power" really that important?

Even though he knew that she would be his future sister-in-law, Shen Qiang still pretended to ignore it.

Zeng Mina rolled her eyes and said aggressively: "Xiao Qiang, Xia Yu only worked in Tengfei for a few days, and seems like she didn't learn what respect means. How bad is her personality?"

Xia Yu flipped her eyebrows and replied, "Do you mean I would have a better personality if I have followed Miss Zeng's lead? Miss Zeng, please don't forget, I am an employee of Tengfei, my direct superior is Mr. Shen Yan, and Tengfei is a subsidiary of Shen's family. Miss Zeng, firstly you are not one of the company's seniors; secondly, you didn't hold any shares of Shen's family, what makes me lack of respect?"

Sister Xia, how dare you to say it? Zeng Mina was about to be pissed-off.

Shen Qiang lowered his head, pretending that he did not hear anything.

Zeng Mina scoffed, looked at Xia Yu and said, "Good, very good! Xiao Qiang, you are the witness, remember what she has just said."

It seems like Xia Yu forgot to check the weather before she left home today since she hadn't met any good thing for rest throughout the entire day. While Xia Yu was extremely angry, she pushed the breath to her mouth, which helped her to calm down unexpectedly.

She nodded her head as said, " I will be responsible for everything I said. Why are you pulling Third Young Master into the conversation? It is all because of your lacking ability! If you were talented, you wouldn't have disregarded your dignity and argued with me. Please don't say that I didn't remind you that this is a public place. If some paparazzi took pictures and posted on the internet, you can't blame it on me again."

Xia Yu coldly glared at Zeng Mina. The words were extremely sharp and sensitive. Zeng Mina was a celebrity, but she was not. If you wanted to quarrel, I would do it. I have nothing to care about.

Zeng Mina's eyes opened widely. She did not expect Xia Yu would embarrass her in front of Shen Qiang. Her face alternated between green and white rapidly and stopped with a gloomy look.

The anger in her heart had almost reached the point of hatred.

Shen Yan did not participate in today's board of directors meeting, and he allowed this woman to represent him. At the meeting, even Old Madame was looking at her expression, and everyone said that it was Shen Yan's command which made her acting in such an arrogant way.

What Xia Yu was doing right now made her convinced that Shen Yan was supporting her from behind. Otherwise, how dared Xia Yu make her look bad in front of everyone?

Everyone knew that Xia Yu was stolen from Shen Mo by Shen Yan.

It was also the most embarrassing thing to Zeng Mina. From the bottom of her heart, she did not want Xia Yu to stay in Shengda, but now Xia Yu had grown in Tengfei, Zeng Mina found it even harder to take.

Everyone now knew that Shen Yan had successfully picked up a secretary from Shen Mo's hands. Although Shen Mo wanted to offer the PR Manager position to Xia Yu, she was still not interested.

Now Xia Yu said that in front of so many people, Zeng Mina felt like she was slapped in public.

Zeng Mina and Xia Yu stood in front of each other, emitting a powerful aura, and no one gave a sign of giving in.

"What's going on?"

Followed the voice, the crowd turned to look and saw Li Yan standing not far away. In one hand, he held the sunglasses that he had just taken off and looked at the group of people gathered in front of him, with Xia Yu and Zeng Mina in the middle. Both of their faces were filled with unquenchable anger.

Zeng Mina immediately changed her face, and welcomed him with a smile: "You have arrived? I met two old friends, nothing serious. "

Li Yan nodded, and when he walked past Xia Yu, he intentionally looked at her.

"What is she doing here?" Since the last time Shen Qiang scolded Zeng Mina, they had never spoken towards each other again. Shen's had just finished the board of directors meeting, and this woman had already come to look for Xia Yu for arguing. It couldn't be that she was meddling in Shen's affairs again?

"She is not happy with us, who snatched her reservation." Xia Yu pulled out the closest chair and sat down, pouring herself a cup of tea. In the afternoon, she had a war of words with the directors, and now after she spoke a few words with Zeng Mina, she felt her throat had gone dry.

After hearing Xia Yu's words, Shen Qiang burst out into laughter: "You said that she booked this room before? I wonder if my big brother still has the mood to come over and eat? "

Shen Qiang felt good inside. Before, he still felt a bit uneasy, thinking that he was bullying a weakling. However, now, he thought he had made a very accurate decision.

This child does not give respect to Zeng Mina. Xia Yu also laughed, "Do you think that your big brother is the only man she knows? Didn't you see the man who wore sunglasses just now?"

"Li Yan?" They were currently working together in a movie in which two of them were lovers. It was not surprising that Zeng Mina invited him to dinner. Shen Qiang nodded and did not continue to talk about them.

Just then, the hot pot was served. Shen Qiang placed the food into the container and said: "Seeing as you have worked hard in the war of words in the meeting, let me serve you dinner tonight."

"What a smart boy." Xia Yu laughed, then said: "Your second brother still hasn't appeared, seems like he has determined to ask your big brother for more benefits."

"My second brother never suffered since he was young. This time he suffered greatly from this matter. He must take this opportunity to extort money from my big brother. Otherwise, that person would not be my second brother for sure." Shen Qiang placed the cooked food into Xia Yu's bowl, and casually said, this kind of situation was very usual to him.

Just as they were talking about Shen Yan, Xia Yu has got a call from him.

Xia Yu showed the phone to Shen Qiang and laughed: "He called. I'll pick up the phone first."

Shen Yan's voice on the phone was still deep and sexy as ever: "It is so late at night now, where have you been?"

Why was he acting like a housewife? It's off work time, why should I report to him?

Shen Yan sounded like he was blaming her, but there was also a concern in his tone. Xia Yu noticed it, so she smiled and said: "Shen Qiang and I are having hotpot outside."

Shen Qiang rolled his eyes aside. When did his second brother become so pretentious? Didn't the manager him when they were trying to snatch Zhang Mina's reservation?

Do you have nothing to talk about?

Yeah, why does he call even if he had nothing to talk about? It was a big problem and worth studying.

When he raised his head to look at Xia Yu, he saw that she was still on the phone with his second brother, and her tone became much gentler compared to that when she first arrived in Tengfei.

Ah, this is another problem. Shen Qiang could only nod his head aside.

As for the two people who were still talking, after a short period of silence, Shen Yan asked again, "Where are you eating?"

"Ruyi restaurant." Xia Yu paused, and then said: "Did you have dinner yet? We have just started eating. How about joining us? "

"Maybe next time. I still got things to deal with." Shen Yan smiled and reminded her: "Don't overeat heavy food. It won't be good if you get a nosebleed like last time."

Did he make a phone call just for telling me not to have massive food? Xia Yu didn't understand it, but she still nodded obediently.

After hanging up, she looked at the phone for a long time, feeling that there was something wrong with the man today.

"Sis, when did you two start?" Shen Qiang's eyes swept across Xia Yu's body a few times. This secret has been kept good. He did not notice it even he was with them every day.

"What?" Xia Yu raised her head and looked at him dazedly, unable to react for a while.

"I mean, when did you two start the relationship." Shen Qiang repeated.

What's wrong with this child's brain? How dare he think that she was in a relationship with Shen Yan? Xia Yu couldn't help with a blushed face and rolled her eyes at him. "Stop nonsense!"

Is it? Shen Qiang didn't think so.

"Sis, don't deny it, you weren't like this before. Why do I feel like you're just a patient little wife in front of my brother, not even dared to say a word? Your face blushed when you make a phone call with him. " Shen Qiang did not miss the expression and tone of Xia Yu just now, which made him felt extremely shocked.

Is it? It did seem a little unnatural. This was all because the question that he asked was not part of Xia Yu's consideration at all and it made her a little muddled… Why is Shen Qiang saying like they were in a relationship? Moreover, it sounds like Shen Yan was dominant in this relationship."

Just a moment ago, Shen Qiang had said that she was a patient wife.

It made no sense that he suspected she and Shen Yan were in a relationship, how dare he even describe her as an obedient sheep. This was something that Xia Yu couldn't accept no matter what, she immediately clarified: "Don't be stupid!"

"Then why is your face blushing?" There were too many suspicious points, and it was not Shen Qiang intended to be against her.

Blushing? Is it? Xia Yu really couldn't deny this thing.

She was not a bashful girl. She did not blush even when her classmates teased her because she was in a relationship with Chen Wenxuan.

Logically speaking, it was Xia Yu's first relationship, so it should have been easier for girls to be shy. However, at that time, Xia Yu was just like a boy, wild and unruly.

"Do you think that what I said makes some sense?" Shen Qiang moved his head a little bit closer. The truth was about to be revealed. He found Xia Yu a little bit nervous.

"What nonsense are you talking about? You didn't even hear what he said. You're just randomly labeling people here. It is not what you think." Xia Yu was used to being independent, so she felt a bit weird when others cared for her.


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