Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 99 I“ll See Who Dares to Touch Her
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 99 I“ll See Who Dares to Touch Her

No matter how strong a woman is, once she meets someone who loves her, she will act daintily and independently.

Xia Yu's reaction might be natural, as it had nothing to do with liking him.

However, Second Brother is not used to caring about others. He should have a reason for showing such care on Xia Yu. "Do I look like someone that used to label others? Sis, my second brother is pretty good, admit it."

"Stop, I can't take it." Hearing these words, Xia Yu couldn't help on laughing.

"Sis, tell me, what's bad about my second brother?" Xia Yu's attitude showed disagreement with what he had said. Shen Qiang was a little bit neglected.

His second brother was the alpha-male of S City, women who wanted to marry him could make most likely to form in a long queue that could make many circles surrounding S City.

Marrying him would be a huge advantage. Just be a mother no need to give birth. How great would that be? " She didn't want to get involved with a man that many people thought of.

"Didn't you like Jiangjiang?"

"Excuse me? I should steal her son from the mother only because I liked him?"

Xia Yu rolled her eyes at Shen Qiang.

What she said did make sense. Shen Qiang thought for a moment and smiled.

When they finished the hotpot, it was already late. They both put on their coats and started chatting as they walked out.

Today, Xia Yu was wearing an orange-red outer garment. Her skin was already bright, and this color made her skin seem brighter and rosier, giving her a unique appearance.

Shen Qiang praised her as they walked. His exaggerated tone almost made Xia Yu laugh out loud.

"Third Young Master, Miss Xia, please wait!" Just as the two were chatting happily, Yu Feng and his men blocked their path.

This woman was quite bold. She dared to say at the Shen's meeting that there was a problem with Yu's products. Now, he wanted to ask her directly, whether there was a problem.

"Why are you here?" The one who spoke was Shen Qiang.

Although the Yu Family's business is huge now, it was nothing many years ago. Yu Feng was following Shen Mo's lead back then, so everyone in Shen's family knew who he was. In the past, Shen Qiang did not have a deep impression of him. He only knew that he was one of Shen Mo's followers.

Since Yu Feng was here, then his big brother should be here too. Shen Qiang looked at Xia Yu worriedly: "Sis …"

What's wrong with this? Was she afraid of them even though she had done nothing wrong? Xia Yu smiled at Shen Qiang: "Don't worry, I will be fine."

It was no wonder that Young Master Mo held her in high regard. Yu Feng also had the intention to challenge Xia Yu. Thus, he said: "I want to invite both of you to have a drink, would you like to?"

Xia Yu smiled and said: "Thank you for your good sake, Young Master Yu. You saw it too. We have just finished our dinner."

"So, you won't do me the honor?" Yu Feng squinted his eyes, his expression extremely ugly, as though it is your highest honor that I, Young Master Yu, am treating you for a meal. How dare you not to appreciate my kindness!

Shen Qiang become severe and said: "So what if we won't do you the honor? Have you got any honor from anyone?"

Now that even Shen Mo was willing to respect him, how dared Shen Qiang spoke with such manner! In front of loads of people here, Yu Feng was embarrassed, so he said gravely, "If that means both of you aren't willing to show me respect, then I can only offend both of you."

With that, Yu Feng waved his hand, and the few men behind him immediately surrounded them.

Xia Yu and Shen Qiang stepped forward at almost the same time to stand in front.

Shen Qiang stretched out Xia Yu's hand and hid her behind him, a smile still hanging on his face: "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"What else can I do instead of this? Miss Xia is slandering our Yu Clan, and that would possibly break our business down." Yu Feng waved his hand, and those people stopped. It would be best if he can avoid fighting with the Third Young Master of Shen's family.

"My sister is just doubting and not slandering your Yu's. We can't do anything if you want to take the blame yourself. We still have got things to do. Get out of the way!" Shen Qiang glared at Yu Feng, and his tone was cold.

"But now, everyone thinks that there's a problem with our Yu products. Those reporters have blocked the Yu company's gate. What do you think we should do?" Yu Feng also frowned.

"You should look for those who said that. What can you get if you act against us?" Shen Qiang was furious, wasn't he making trouble for nothing?

"If it weren't for what Miss Xia said at Shen's meeting, there would not be such a thing. So, I have to take Miss Xia with me." Didn't Shen Qiang say that he was unreasonable? Yu Feng was genuinely unreasonable.

It seemed like it would not be easy for them to escape unscathed today since Yu Feng did this on purpose when he saw them being alone. When Shen Qiang was talking with Yu Feng, Xia Yu had already called the police secretly.

Initially, Xia Yu didn't want to blow the matter, but he was too overbearing so that she couldn't be blamed for it. Didn't he say he was the victim? Let the police know how innocent he is.

Xia Yu pulled Shen Qiang back, purposely shouting: "This is a well-governed society. I think they aren't bold enough to kidnap us in public. Isn't he feeling neglected? The police will be here in a moment. Let them deal with it."

Shen Qiang received Xia Yu's gaze and understood that she had already called the police. He then said: "They want to kidnap us. I will tell them the truth when I see the police."

Yu Feng was furious. He only wanted Xia Yu and Shen Qiang to admit defeat, he never thought that they would call the police.

Yu's family wasn't afraid of the police at all. After sneering a few times, he said, "Since Third Young Master said we were kidnappings, then he might want to force us to take action. Brothers, please take Miss Xia onto the car."

"Who the hell dares to touch me?" When those people came over, Xia Yu changed from her gentle appearance and shouted angrily, as expected, she had scared off those who were approaching her.

However, she was only able to bluff for a short moment before those people quickly surrounded her …

They didn't dare to fight against Shen Qiang, so the others rushed straight towards Xia Yu. Just then, Yu Feng said again: "Brothers, please take Miss Xia onto the car!"

"What's going on?" Ruyi's manager also rushed over with security guards.

"It's none of your business. You better get your ass away from here, or else don't say that I didn't show you respect." Yu Feng completely disregarded the bunch of people from Ru Yi's restaurant.

"Young Master Yu, Third Young Master, and Miss Xia are our guests. We are responsible for their safety." The manager held a stern face. Yu Feng was the first person who publicly threatened Ruyi restaurant, so he also wanted to see how he would disrespect them.

"I'm just afraid that you won't be able to take the consequences. Why are you still standing there? Go and grab her!" Yu Feng turned his head and arrogantly commanded his subordinates.

"Let's see who dares to touch her!"

A deep and calm voice sounded out behind them, causing them to shiver for a bit when they heard it uncontrollably.

Hearing the voice, everyone turned around and saw a man in a black suit standing upright behind them.

He seemed to have a faint smile in his beautiful foxy eyes, but that smile was scary enough to make one shiver from the depths of their bones, making one involuntarily want to take three steps back.

Yu Feng was the first to recover from the shock, "Heh … It's unexpected. Young Master Yan is here. Since you are here too, then let's go together. "

Just a little tramp like you, you think you're qualified to speak to Me? Shen Yan did not even look at Yu Feng, he walked straight up to Xia Yu with elegant and steady steps, and reached out to caress her head: "I told you not to go out too much at night, you never listen to me."

His voice, as usual, was thick and sexy, without the slightest ripple of emotion. It could not be said that he was not in the least bit emotional; it could only be said that his feelings were only directed at Xia Yu.

Shen Yan's little bit of emotion made the onlookers think that he was thinking this: how dare you don't go home properly after work and come out at this late hour, I will deal with you when we are back home.

Who said just now that they had nothing to do with each other? However, his second brother's tone sounded like nothing but a boyfriend!

He came just in time. Xia Yu raised her head and smiled at him. Their gazes intertwined in the air and neither of them moved their eyesight away …

After looking at it for a long time, Xia Yu suddenly remembered that didn't he have got matters to deal with, why would he appear here suddenly?

Filled with questions, Xia Yu was about to open her mouth to ask, but Shen Yan reached out a finger and pressed it on her lips, "If you want to say something, say it when we get back."

Xia Yu has shut her mouth!

Being so thoroughly ignored, and the people he brought were even retreating, Yu Feng was furious.

He bellowed: "You guys, bring this adulterous couple to Young Master Mo!"

"To see Young Master Mo, does that mean my big brother told you to come here?" Shen Yan finally turned his head, and a beautiful smile appeared on his face.

Although Shen Yan's entire face looked like he was gentle and refined, somehow these people were trembling with fear.

Shen Family's second young master is well-known as a Smiling Tiger. The more enchanting his smile is, the worse your luck will be.

Now that he was smiling so brilliantly, it also meant that everyone would be in big trouble. The people under Yu Feng could bully ordinary people, but they did not have the guts to bully Shen Yan. They only looked at Shen Yan from a distance but did not dare to step forward.

Not only his subordinates dare not to go forward, but Yu Feng's heart was also trembling. He had always looked down Shen Yan, but when they indeed met face to face, he started to panic for some reason. He did not know why this playboy would be so threatening.

Shen Yan only glanced at them. Even though he didn't do anything, he gave people the feeling that he was able to look down on all living creatures.

In Shen Family, Shen Yan's parents did not love him, and Old Madame did not like him either. What's so scary about him? Yu Feng tried to bold himself in mind several times, but he still dared not to approach Shen Yan.

He started to regret what he had done. Initially, he wanted to scare Xia Yu and give Shen Mo a pleasant surprise so that he could fish for some benefits from Shen Mo. However, now, he was stuck in a dilemma.

He looked at Shen Yan. Thinking it would be embarrassing if he retreated, but he didn't have the guts to attack either.

How embarrassing! Weren't they so arrogant just now? Why wasn't he doing the same thing now? Ruyi's people stood aside and watched this commotion.

Just then, the patrolmen nearby who had received the call rushed over and arrived as fast as they could. Without even asking about the situation, they only glanced at Yu Feng and acknowledged that he was the bad guy.

If he isn't the bad guy, then who else would be? Could it be the two young masters of Shen's Family? The police would not question them even if they used their asses to think.

The leader then revealed his identity and walked towards Yu Feng's front, asking sternly: "What's going on?"

Heh, no one said anything. Once they came, they did not ask anyone but me. Did I have the word 'bad' written on my face?

It was ok to be embarrassed in front of Shen Yan, but how could he be afraid of a few little policemen? Yu Feng coldly snorted. "Is there anything to do with you? Go chilled outside."


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