Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 103 Both Are Irresponsible
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 103 Both Are Irresponsible

When the two of them arrived home, Shen Qiang was already lying in the living room watching television. Seeing them enter, Shen Qiang only said one sentence: "You're back?"

His eyes remained fixed on the television.

Xia Yu said: "You're back so early?" Then she went to her bedroom.

Shen Yan sat down beside Shen Qiang. "I had thought that you wouldn't come back so early."

"I'm not crazy enough to go out and hook up with girls. Why didn't I come back earlier?" Shen Qiang curled his lips and said snappily: "If you want to enjoy the romance with Sister Xia, say it out, why are you so secretive? Am I an untactful person in your eyes? Will I disturb you two on purpose? "

"Kid, what are you saying? I just wanted to thank her for helping me yesterday." Seeing that his brother was overthinking, Shen Yan couldn't help but laugh. "Didn't you say that your Sister Xia is different from the others? How could she be so cliché? "

"I believe in my sister's character, but some people's motives are hard to say." Shen Qiang crawled up from the sofa and sat on it. He looked at his brother curiously: "Second Brother, have you taken a fancy to my sister?"

Shen Yan glanced at his brother in disdain, "What are you talking about? Does your second brother look like someone who would casually fall for girls? "

"Yes!" Shen Qiang answered him with certainty.

Shen Yan thought, he could not explain himself clearly to this brat, so he looked in the direction of Xia Yu's room: "Xiao Qiang, you have a fair assessment, compared to Chen Wenxuan, is your second brother more outstanding?"

Shen Yan really couldn't understand how that bastard Chen Wenxuan could compare to him. If the two of them stand together, Shen Yan was confident that he would be more outstanding in every aspect.

Chen Wenxuan was Xia Yu's former boyfriend, but it was entirely unreasonable for her to not care about Shen Yan at all when Shen Yan was living with her every day.

That's impossible!

Shen Yan still wanted to quibble that he did not fancy Xia Yu? Shen Qiang despised him!

Shen Qiang's eyes swept across his second brother and then said very straightforwardly: "Since you want me to judge, then I'll speak the truth. In my sister's heart, you are no different from Chen Wenxuan. You are both irresponsible towards relationships. "

"Your second brother is on the same level as Chen Wenxuan?" Shen Yan pointed at his nose with a surprised expression. Was Xia Yu blind?

Shen Qiang nodded seriously: "Maybe in my sister's heart, you're not even as good as Chen Wenxuan. He's just sitting on two chairs, and you've got many chairs. "

"Go!" I don't want to talk to you! " Shen Yan was furious. Could it be that he was such a person in Xia Yu's heart? He suddenly felt bored.

Second Brother's expression showed that nothing had happened tonight.

Aiya, the second brother has his failures too! Shen Qiang became even more excited. He looked at the door of Xia Yu's room, and said with a tone of worship: "Sister Xia, from today onwards, you will be my number one idol."

Stinking brat! Shen Yan ruthlessly pushed Shen Qiang aside as he stood up and walked towards the study room.

At this time, Xia Yu was already lying on the bed, but she couldn't fall asleep no matter what.

Her eyes stared at the ceiling. In her memory, Chen Wenxuan was a man with ideas, ambition, and talent.

Now, Chen Wenxuan was in such a terrible condition.

Xia Yu sighed, thinking that she still had to go to work tomorrow, she forced herself to sleep.

However, the more she forced herself to do so, the more she could not sleep. She tossed and turned in bed for a few hours, but her stomach only grew more and more uncomfortable.

Although the food for dinner was delicious, it was too much for her to digest.

Xia Yu turned over in bed for a while. She really couldn't take it anymore, so she called Shen Qiang: "Xiao Qiang, my stomach is hurting badly… …"

"I'll take you to the hospital immediately!" Shen Qiang had just fallen asleep, and after hearing Xia Yu's words, he quickly got up.

Shen Yan had not slept yet when he heard movement outside, he came out and found that Xia Yu looked so painful that she was covering her stomach with her hands was sweating profusely, he was shocked.

"I'll hold her. Hurry up and drive." Shen Yan quickly walked in front of them.

Shen Qiang passed Xia Yu to Second Brother, then went to drive the car.

"Are you stupid enough to do this for such a crappy thing?" Shen Yan rolled his eyes at Xia Yu.

"What are you talking about? I have indigestion. " There was something wrong with this man's brain. No matter what it was, he could link it together in that direction. Xia Yu had nothing to say.

"You don't usually have indigestion?" Shen Yan scoffed. She usually liked to eat snacks. Today she wanted to eat ice cream after seeing Chen Wenxuan, and she had a big cup of it?

She ate so much, of course, she would have indigestion!

Xia Yu felt that she could no longer communicate with Shen Yan. It was he who bought ice-cream for her. Xia Yu shut her mouth.

Just then, Shen Qiang drove the car over, and immediately, Shen Yan helped her get in the car.

"What did you have for dinner? Why does Sister Xia's stomach hurt so much? " On the way, Shen Qiang asked while driving.

"It's just a very ordinary western cuisine." Shen Yan could guarantee the safety of all kinds of food.

Shen Yan ate with Xia Yu, but he was fine, this was sound proof.

"Maybe I'm not lucky enough to enjoy those delicacies." Xia Yu said weakly.

Shen Qiang drove very fast, and in a short while, he arrived at the hospital. They sent Xia Yu to the emergency, and the diagnosis turned out to be acute gastroenteritis, so Xia Yu needed to stay in the hospital and to be put on a drip.

After dripping a few bottles, Xia Yu was a lot better. When the sun rose, she felt a little hungry: "Xiao Qiang, can you buy me something to eat?"

She leaned pitifully on her pillow and stared at Shen Qiang with her big eyes.

Shen Qiang rolled his eyes in anger and thought: "Did you forget about the stomachache yesterday so quickly?" He helplessly looked at the transparent bottle.

"Can you eat now? I'll ask the doctor... "

"It's too much trouble to ask the doctor. Go ahead and buy some food. I want shrimp porridge, pasta, um. Buy me a few more chicken wings, the one with crispy skin and tender meat... "Hurry up."

Faced with Xia Yu's pleas, Shen Qiang could not take it and went to buy food for her.

"Only you can make him do things obediently. Do you know that he's a little tyrant at home?" Shen Yan shook his head when he saw how Shen Qiang listened to her and went out to buy food according to her request.

"He won't listen to you because you're his brothers and he wants to rely on you more. I'm a girl, so he's too embarrassed to refuse. " Xia Yu seemed to be in an excellent mood today. Her voice was soft, and there was a smile on her face as well.

What she said makes sense. Just as Shen Yan was about to speak, Xia Yu's phone suddenly rang a few times, and he did not talk, indicating for Xia Yu to pick up the phone first.

Xia Yu took out her phone, glanced at the caller's number and hung up expressionlessly.

The phone continued to ring, and Xia Yu hung up. After that, she lost her patience and switched it off …

The person who could make Xia Yu do this was Chen Wenxuan.

Shen Yan thought, he knew that Xia Yu was now one of his men, but he still dared to pester her without any reservation. He sure is bold.

I hope Chen Wenxuan is that brave! Shen Yan thought as he glanced at Xia Yu and then pretended as if nothing had happened. Chen Wenxuan sat on the sofa at the side, but he snorted coldly in his heart!

Ten minutes later, Shen Qiang returned with two bags full of food.

The room instantly became fragrant, and the smell made everyone hungry.

Shen Qiang took out the packed dishes and prepared to give the spoon to her.

"Ay, you can't eat greasy and spicy food. It's not easy to digest." The door was suddenly pushed open, and the nurse came over, shouting.

Shen Qiang reacted quickly, upon hearing the nurse say that she couldn't eat, he immediately packed all the food into the bag.

Xia Yu only opened her mouth but was unable to eat anything. She was so angry that she couldn't say a word …

Seeing her distressed, angry look, Shen Yan could not help but laugh, "All right, bear with it a little more. When you get better, I'll take you to eat. "

"And you take her out to dinner? If it wasn't for you, would she have been sick? " Shen Qiang choked his second brother.

Did he cause Xia Yu's illness? Shen Yan pointed at his nose, his eyes sweeping across the other two people in the room. However, both of them nodded affirmatively, and he had to admit it.

Well, this time her illness had something to do with him!

In the end, Xia Yu could only eat the nutritional porridge provided by the hospital, and all the delicacies that Shen Qiang bought were all eaten by Shen Yan and Shen Qiang. Xia Yu could only swallow her saliva and watch as they ate.

Xia Yu originally wanted to go to work after the dripping, but Shen Yan refused to let her go no matter what: "You should just have a good rest at home for the day."

"I've recovered." Xia Yu felt extremely apologetic. She had already caused the two of them to trouble for most of the night, and now that she was fine, it would be too much if she stayed at home and didn't go to work.

"Sis, this is a rare opportunity." Shen Qiang looked at Xia Yu from the side. Everyone knew that his second brother was stingy and wouldn't easily authorize employees to take leave. If Xia Yu insisted, maybe he would change his mind.

Xia Yu could only listen to Shen Yan's instructions. It was rare for her to have a day off. Thinking that it had been a long time since the last time she went shopping in a mall, she walked towards one.

After walking around the shopping mall, Xia Yu remembered that a lot of her daily necessities were out, so he bought some.

Xia Yu thought that since she was taking sick leave today, they might not go back to eat, so she probably should eat here.

Xia Yu entered the dining hall and ordered a set meal.

At this time, Chen Wenxuan was carefully accompanying Bao Na eating in the dining hall and saw Xia Yu when he raised his head.

Chen Wenxuan looked at Xia Yu, and the more he looked, the more he felt that her eyes were shining brightly. Then he looked at Bao Na who had a violent temper and a repulsive face and felt regret.

He ditched such a beautiful girlfriend back then. There must be something wrong with his head!

Most importantly, Xia Yu's salary had doubled from before. Furthermore, Shen Yan trusted her so much that her future was limitless. When Chen Wenxuan thought about losing the gold mine, his heart ached.

More importantly, he knew that he still liked Xia Yu, and Xia Yu still had some feelings for him. Chen Wenxuan thought that if only he could get back together with her. With Xia Yu's personality, he could regain control of her.

If that were the case, he would be able to save up a down payment for a house in S City in just a few years!

Although he had a misunderstanding with Xia Yu that day, he could still explain how he cared about her. Chen Wenxuan believed that with their many years of love and his glib tongue, he would be able to move Xia Yu.

Chen Wenxuan made up his mind and decided to talk to Xia Yu alone.

When he saw Xia Yu get up and leave the restaurant, seemingly go to buy snacks by herself, he immediately lied and told Bao Na that he needed to go to the bathroom, and followed Xia Yu.

Because Shen Qiang liked to eat snacks, Xia Yu bought what he loved and prepared to take it back to Shen Qiang.

Just as Xia Yu was about to leave after paying by WeChat, a shadow suddenly appeared and blocked her path. She was so shocked that she almost slapped the bag in her hands onto his face.

"Xiao Yu, I missed you so much." Chen Wenxuan looked at Xia Yu with an expression of deep affection: "I simply won't forget about you."

Xia Yu looked at Chen Wenxuan as if she had seen a ghost.

Is there something wrong with him?



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