Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 104 It“s Good for Them to Think It Through
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 104 It“s Good for Them to Think It Through

Xia Yu didn't even want to look at him as she turned around and prepared to leave.

Chen Wenxuan quickly blocked Xia Yu's path once again and confessed emotionally: "Actually, the person I love the most has always been you. I was also forced to break up with you. I was forced by Bao Na to do everything. Let's get back together! I will be good to you. I will not marry her! "

Xia Yu looked at Chen Wenxuan as if she had seen a ghost: "It's your business, whom you marry is not related to me. We've broken up! Pleases get out of the way, or I'll call the security! "

Chen Wenxuan suddenly opened his arms and tried to hug Xia Yu, scaring her so much that she screamed and retreated.

"What are you doing?" Unknowingly, Bao Na had caught up with them and stood by the side watching them.

"You came at the right time to properly manage your man." Xia Yu's eyes were filled with disgust. She turned and was about to leave.

"Baby, it's none of my business. she seduced me." The corner of Chen Wenxuan's eyes twitched a few times. Before Xia Yu could agree to it, he could not fall out with Bao Na.

He couldn't have lost his sesame seed before he picked up the watermelon.

However, if he were to slander Xia Yu like this, wouldn't that mean that he had blocked the other path as well? He had thought of this as well, but he didn't have the time to think about it now.

"She is shameless, are you as shameless as her? Chen Wenxuan, how can you face me? I'm pregnant with your child, but you're fooling around with a siren. " Bao Na rushed over and attacked Chen Wenxuan at will.

"Baby, you're pregnant. please don't be angry, don't act too fiercely, don't hurt the child." Chen Wenxuan tried to hide and persuade Bao Na.

Bao Na is pregnant? At least she could bind Chen Wenxuan with her child, and he wouldn't come to bother Xia Yu anymore. Xia Yu turned and left while the two were still fighting.

"You shameless bitch. Stop!" Seeing that Xia Yu wanted to leave, Bao Na grabbed her arm and thought: "You want to run after you caused trouble. How can I let you run away so easily?"

"Bao Na, pay attention to what you are saying!" Who is a siren? Is Bao Na blind? Chen Wenxuan shamelessly asked Xia Yu to get back with him. Now that Bao Na was still angry at her, Xia Yu did not know what was wrong with this woman's head.

Xia Yu glanced at the hand that was grabbing her arm impatiently and said: "Let go!"

"I won't let go. "You dare seduce my husband. What else do you want to do?" Right now, Bao Na was pregnant. She puffed her belly up as if she had nothing to fear and acted arrogantly towards Xia Yu, then reached out her hand and hit Xia Yu.

"Why did this girl hit people?"

"She said the girl seduced her husband."

"It can't be, so many people saw it. That man came over to pester that girl first, but she ignored him."

The customers beside started to discuss among themselves. Bao Na heard them but did not stop. Last time when Chen Wenxuan was beaten up, and their car was destroyed, she believed that it was Shen Yan who did it, but she did not dare argue with him. This time, she had grabbed Xia Yu, so she had to take this opportunity to vent her anger.

At this time, Shen Yan also arrived at the company. In regards to the cosmetics issue in the T Market, Shen Yan made a beautiful counterattack. Many people in the company focused their attention on him. The incident with Yu Feng made everyone surprised. After that, Shen Yan took the opportunity to send Yu Feng to prison and even figured out the truth behind Yu Feng's plot to frame Tengfei.

Shen Yan was able to send Yu Feng to prison quietly, and even the Young Master Mo himself was unable to let him out. Now, everyone had a new understanding of Shen Yan's ability.

As a result, when they heard Shen Yan say that there would be a meeting, the entire company's Headquarters s started to dash. Everyone trembled with fear as they checked the data they were responsible for several times. Then, after going through it in their minds a few times and confirming that there was no error, they rushed to the meeting room in preparation for the King's review.

The moment Shen Yan appeared in the meeting room, the big room was immediately enveloped by heavy pressure.

He did not speak but looked around. All his subordinates could not help but lower their heads.

Shen Yan sat down on his seat and spoke calmly: "Let's begin the report!"

Liu Sijie immediately turned and nodded to the people below him: "We will start with the Sales Department. Mr. Zhang, Please."

Zhang Yuan had always looked down on Shen Yan, but for some reason, he was a little nervous today. As the first employee to report, he probably felt a little pressured.

He couldn't help wiping the sweat from his forehead, and with the folder in his arms, he began to report on his work.

"Sales performance has fallen slightly this month compared with last month. We have a few lessons to draw..." Zhang Yuan tried his best to keep his voice calm as he started to report in detail.

Zhang Yuan had said something wrong and quickly came back to correct it.

He thought that Shen Yan would be immediately angered, and carefully raised his head to look, but he saw that Shen Yan was staring out the window the whole time.

Zhang Yuan followed his sight and looked out of the window, but didn't see anything.

Furthermore, sitting here, other than many tall buildings, he couldn't see anything else.

However, Zhang Yuan did not dare to remind Shen Yan. After he reported everything, he stayed silent for a long time, waiting for his orders.

Shen Yan frowned and asked: "Will it rain today?"

The employees looked at each other in surprise and replied, "Yes, President. The weather forecast says there will be heavy rain today. "

Shen Yan's eyes drooped, causing people unable to see his emotions. After a long time, he slowly said, "Continue. Next."

Why did he ask about the weather? Was he hinting that a storm was coming?

This was to remind everyone to choose which side to stand on. What should everyone choose?

Everyone felt nervous!

Fortunately, that was all Shen Yan said.

Zhang Yuan heaved a sigh of relief, wiped off his sweat and walked down.

The next employee, wiping his sweat, came up and began stammering his report.

Shen Yan did not say a single word the entire time. He only listened.

Even if the person reporting made mistakes, he would only raise his head and look at him, not investigate his error.

Shen Yan occasionally looked out the window. No one knew what he was thinking.

Not long after, the sky was covered in dark clouds, and a strong wind was blowing. In an instant, the rain began to fall heavily.

The rain fell like knives falling on the window, making a loud sound.

Liu Sijie was about to pull the curtains to block the sound of rain.

Shen Yan raised his hand: "No need, that's all right."

Liu Sijie closed the curtain and returned to his seat.

The people became even more uneasy. President is abnormal today!

If he was behaving strangely, something must have happened to him. Everyone felt as if they were sitting on pins and needles!

However, everyone had no choice but to report, so all they could do was wipe their sweat and raise their voices as they said on their work.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and it was getting more and more urgent.

The sound of the rain beating against the glass almost drowned out the sound of the report.

"Then that's it!" Shen Yan stood up and walked out.

Everyone stared at his back for a long time before they regained their senses. Who said Young Master Mo is a tyrannical President? The tyrannical aura of the Young Master Yan wasn't inferior to him at all!

Everyone thought, Old Madame, what exactly do you mean? If you are willing to use Young Master Mo or the Young Master Yan to manage your family business, you can say it clearly. We are all just ordinary people, what if we stand on the wrong side?

"Young Master Yan, what happened to those people today?" Liu Sijie turned back and glanced at the meeting room. It had already been a while, and no one had come out.

Shen Yan chuckled, "It's good for them to think it through."

Today, he had merely rung the alarm for them. It would not be the case next time.

Liu Sijie did not speak anymore. Seeing Shen Yan take the elevator to the first floor, he followed him down.

"Go home. I want to see what that girl is doing!" Yesterday, Xia Yu had gastroenteritis, and Shen Yan was anxious that she would eat all sorts of food by herself at home.

Why would the Young Master Yan care about others? Liu Sijie sneakily shot him a few glances, laughed and said: "Young Master Yan probably wants to try the food that Xia Yu makes, right? It's not that I want to flatter her. The chef in Ruyi Restaurant might not be better than her. "

"She's sick. How can she cook?" Shen Yan glanced outside the window and spoke absentmindedly.

Oh? Liu Sijie finally understood that Shen Yan was in a hurry to take care of the patient.

Along the way, the rain on the street had already accumulated five centimeters because it didn't have enough time to drain.

Raindrops were raging and crashing down on top of Shen Yan's car, making him very upset.

Seeing that the rain outside was getting heavier and heavier, Shen Yan could not help but say to Liu Sijie, "Drive faster!"

"Yes, sir!" Liu Sijie understood his mood, so he fiercely stepped on the gas pedal and sped back.

Shen Yan saw a slender figure that looked like a drowned chicken walking alone by the roadside.

It was raining so heavily, why did this girl come out here? Shen Yan's eyes locked onto her.

Xia Yu did not know that there was a pair of eyes staring at her, so she continued to walk forward amidst the rain.

Shen Yan was suddenly angry. Even if she did not bring an umbrella when she went out, she should have called a taxi or found a place to shelter herself from the rain.

When Shen Yan's Rolls-Royce passed by Xia Yu, she didn't even look up as she continued to receive the cold rain.

"Stop the car." Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu in the rearview mirror and suddenly said, "Go backward."

Liu Sijie immediately turned the car around and stopped beside Xia Yu.

Shen Yan slowly opened the car door and looked at Xia Yu.

Her innocent face was already deathly pale, and her lips were so cold that even the color had gone out of them.

Her black hair stuck straight to her face, making her palm-sized face seem even paler and more fragile.

"Xia Yu!" Shen Yan could not help but call her.

Xia Yu heard the sound and mechanically looked up.

The moment she saw Shen Yan, her beautiful big eyes instantly filled with tears.

She opened her mouth to say something, but she was too tired to say a word.

She trembled for a while before struggling to speak. "I … I... I... "I didn't push her …"

Before she even finished speaking, her body went limp, and her vision turned black as she fell straight to the ground.

As the rain splattered, she was like a broken doll, curled up defenseless on the ground and instantly lost consciousness.

Shen Yan watched as she fell in front of him. He rushed out the moment she fell.

What did she say?

Xia Yu did not push her?

Who is she? Why did you push her? Why did she say that Xia Yu had pushed her?

Who caused Xia Yu to lose her wits like this? Did something serious happen?

Liu Sijie frowned, his brain working very quickly.

Liu Sijie saw that Shen Yan got off the car without an umbrella. He quickly held up an umbrella, but Shen Yan's clothes were already wholly drenched. Shen Yan did not mind being drenched. he focused all his attention on Xia Yu: "Quick, call the doctor to come over!"

Liu Sijie immediately accepted the order, "Yes."


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