Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 105 Whose Fault Is It?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 105 Whose Fault Is It?

After the doctor came over, Shen Yan went straight back to the study room.

He picked up the document and was about to check and sign, but when the tip of his pen touched upon the paper, what he couldn't get rid of was the scene of Xia Yu falling and standing in the rain, looking at him with eyes filled with grievance.

Why did she feel grieved?

Where did this come from!?

Shen Yan clenched his teeth, threw the pen in his hand onto the table, turned around and left the study, and went to the treatment room.

As soon as he entered, his gaze descended upon that pure and pale little face.

The doctor saw Shen Yan coming over and immediately greeted him, "Young Master Yan."

"How is she doing?" Shen Yan could not resist asking.

"Not very good." The doctor replied, "She was severely wounded, and she was drenched in the rain. There are wounds on her body and they have been rained on. She's probably going to have a fever. She can get pneumonia. I have already cleaned up her wounds, many of which are starting to become red and swollen. "

"Wounds?" Shen Yan was startled: "How come there are wounds?"

"... Bruises as a result of bashing. She had probably applied medicine to the wounds, but it had all been washed away by the rain. As for the reason, we need to ask her when she wakes up." The doctor replied, "But luckily, although she was beaten up, her internal organs were not injured …"

"She was beaten?" Shen Yan's beautiful foxy eyes instantly became sharp, "What happened?"

Who was so daring to hit someone under the Young Master Yan?

He walked over with giant strides and instantly pulled open Xia Yu's sleeves.

On her delicate arm that was like a lotus root, there was a patch of bruises and a few scratches made by sharp tools. After soaking in the rain, the wounds have been so swollen that one could not bear to see.

Shen Yan did not check for any other injuries on her body. He reckoned those wounds would not be any better.

This stupid woman!

You didn't even resist when being beaten up? Why didn't you call him for help?

The nurse took Xia Yu's temperature and reported softly, "She's starting to have a fever."

The doctor hurriedly said, "Give her an injection immediately!"

The nurse turned around and gave Xia Yu intravenous drips.

She just lay there on the bed, at the mercy of others.

In the spacious bed, her tiny body appeared even smaller.

Her small face that was the size of a palm was hidden within her long hair, causing one to be unable to help from feeling pity for her.

Shen Yan suddenly turned and left with big strides.

"... I didn't …" Those words that accompanied the aggrieved tears slowly slid down from the corners of his eyes, instantly disappearing into her long hair.

"Heal her." Shen Yan left those words, and without further hesitation, turned and left the room.

Liu Sijie immediately followed: "Young Master Yan, could it be …."

"Force Yu Cosmetics out of the market. In half a month, don't let me see any their products in S City." Shen Yan said sinisterly.

A little girl like Xia Yu didn't have any enemies. Who would do such a horrible thing to her?

If Shen Yan had to name one suspect, the Yu Family would be the most suspicious.

Yu Feng was still in the Watch Room, and he had already admitted that he was discrediting Tengfei. Once the news was leaked, Yu's cosmetics returns came one after another, and the price of the stock plummeted.

It was all thanks to Shen Yan. However, even if the Yu Family had the guts, they would not dare to make a move against Shen Yan, so they could only take revenge on Xia Yu.

Shen Yan had said that if Xia Yu followed him and he would protect Xia Yu in S City.

Let alone she offended the Yu Family because of the company, even if it weren't, Shen Yan wouldn't let the Yu Family off the hook.

"Yes, I'll do it right away!" Liu Sijie also thought of the Yu Clan's actions as shameful. After he accepted the order, he did not say a word and went to carry it out.

Half an hour later, Xia Yu slowly opened her eyes.

What entered her eyes was no longer a desolate curtain of rain, but exquisite and gorgeous wallpaper and ornaments.

Is this her bedroom?

Am I back?

With great difficulty, she moved her neck and saw drips hanging on the side.

Looking down, she saw herself lying on a luxurious and exquisite bed.

She wanted to sit up, but she only had enough time to move her fingers before she cried out in pain.

Before she could even utter a word, she pathetically swallowed all the sounds she tried to make.

Her throat was swollen, and she could not speak a word.

"You're awake." A soft female voice came from the side.

Xia Yu turned her head with difficulty and saw a girl dressed in a nurse's uniform walking over carefully, adjusting the drips for her.

"You have a fever and have soft tissue contusion all over your body. For the time being, you should not move around. Do you feel any swelling or pain in your throat? " the nurse asked.

Xia Yu nodded with difficulty.

"Don't worry. The inflammation will go away. When the fever goes down, you'll be fine." The nurse quickly comforted her, "You nearly got pneumonia from the rain. Rest well now, and you will slowly recover! "

Just then, Shen Yan knocked on the door and entered, "You're awake?"

Just as she was about to speak, she saw that the Second Madame had followed him in. Xia Yu was startled. She had come personally, what did that mean?

Could Bao Na have complained in front of her again?

"Xia Yu, are you feeling better?" The Second Madame came over after receiving a call from Bao Na's mother.

In the phone, Madame Bao cried so hard that it seemed like tears were coming out.

Xia Yu was in the shopping mall, seducing Chen Wenxuan in front of so many people, and even beat up Bao Na until she almost miscarried and went to the hospital.

Second Madame might not believe her seducing Chen Wenxuan. With Bao Na's temper, it was more likely that she met Xia Yu and gave her a hard time. Initially, it was her who was petty, and Second Madame could ignore her, but Madame Bao said that Bao Na almost miscarried.

It was serious. Could Second Madame not feel concerned?

However, after coming over, she saw a different picture.

"Second Madame, I didn't push her. I didn't push her." Xia Yu was excited while holding onto Second Madame's hand.

At that time Bao Na beat her crazily, and Xia Yu kept on dodging. She was sure that she did not push anyone away. Somehow, Bao Na fell to the ground, and when Xia Yu looked over, her lower body was covered with blood …

"Don't be agitated. Bao Na is fine now." No matter how she looked at it, it was still Xia Yu who seemed severely injured, so Second Madame naturally has a scale in her heart.

Shen Yan had even thought that it was the Yu Family, but it turned out to be Bao Na who was causing trouble.

However, the Yu Family were no good guys. Let them be banned, and Shen Yan was too lazy to give orders for Liu Sijie to come back. Yu Feng and his brother had been friends for years, so if he let him go this time, it was unknown what Yu Feng would do to him after he recovered.

To be merciful to your enemy is to be cruel to yourself; Shen Yan is famous for not suffering a loss.

"Mom, as you can see now, Bao Na is not fit for working in Tengfei. Since she wants to settle her pregnancy now, let her stay at home to nurture her child." Shen Yan was too embarrassed to talk about her. He wanted to kick her away.

"Xiao Yan, I know Bao Na is a little overbearing, but she almost miscarried this time. It doesn't seem like it's a good time to fire her." Second Madame knew that his son didn't like Bao Na, but it's not ideal to involve private matters in work.

"Sis, how did you meet Bao Na just when you were having a day off today?" Shen Qiang, who had been standing at the door the whole time, suddenly said this. The conflict between Xia Yu and her happened in business hours, and it was in the shopping mall.

Xia Yu was resting. Could it be that Bao Na was resting as well?

Since she wasn't resting, she might have slipped out during work hours to play. What would others think of this kind of person who blatantly ignored the company's rules and regulations and is still allowed to stay in the company?"

Did this child have to say it so clearly? Second Madame helplessly smiled at Shen Qiang and said: "Xiao Qiang, when did you come back?"

"I just came back for a while." Shen Qiang walked a few steps into the room until he was in front of Xia Yu, "Sis, didn't I ask you to come back and rest? Why did you go to the mall? "

"Seeing that we were out of daily necessities, I wanted to buy some, but I just happened to see your favorite snack, so I went to buy them. How could I know that Chen Wenxuan and Bao Na were there too …." If Xia Yu had known that she would meet them there, she wouldn't have gone no matter what.

Shen Qiang nodded his head to show that he understood, he took out his phone and called the bodyguards at home, telling them to contact the shopping mall and extract the footage from that time to watch.

Why was this child like his brother, suspecting that Bao Na had other intentions?

Yes, perhaps Xia Yu did not do it on purpose. However, this child suspected that Bao Na was wrongly accusing Xia Yu. How was this possible? Bao Na didn't seem to be such an awful person. The Second Madame coughed twice in embarrassment. She looked at Shen Yan, hoping that he would say something.

However, Shen Yan didn't seem to notice, he went to the window and called the hospital where Bao Na was staying.

It was more like it. No matter what, she was a company employee. The CEO should be concerned about her.

"Yes, I want to know more about Bao Na's condition. Hmm, okay, you can send it to me later." After Shen Yan finished speaking, he hung up the phone, stood by the window and lit up a cigarette, slowly smoking.

Before he finished a cigarette, the person Shen Qiang sent to the mall replied him with a message and sent him a video.

When Xia Yu went to buy snacks, Chen Wenxuan saw her and followed her. Xia Yu rejected him. At this point, Bao Na came over and started beating her up and scolding her indiscriminately.

As Xia Yu retreated several steps, Bao Na suddenly sat down on the ground. She secretly took out ketchup and placed it on the ground, then shouted out that her belly was hurting. While Xia Yu was in a daze, Chen Wenxuan came over and carried her before walking out.

The whole incident was just as Xia Yu had said. She did not touch Bao Na, nor did she push her away.

How could the child be like this? Second Madame watched the video and frowned. If she did not see it with her own eyes, she would not dare believe it.

At this time, the hospital sent back Bao Na's case, and Bao Na was very healthy and did not have any signs of abortion.

"Mom …"

With everything clear, Shen Yan wanted to make sense of his mother. However, he was interrupted by the Second Madame, "I was the one who forced Bao Na into Tengfei, it would be better if I take care of this myself."

That's right. Second Madame kept Bao Na in the company due to her relationship with Madame Bao. It's okay that Bao Na does not contribute to the company, but if she were to cause trouble, Second Madame would not tolerate it.

Very quickly, Second Madame sent Madame Bao the video in the shopping mall. She believed that Madame Bao was a wise woman. After seeing this, Bao would understand without her saying a word.

Currently, Madame Bao was by Bao Na's side, looking at Bao Na who was crying on the bed. She was broken-hearted.

Even if Bao Na wasn't the apple of her eye, she was still a spoiled child. That Xia Yu repeatedly attacked her daughter, who gave her the guts?

"Na Na, don't cry anymore. Your child is important!" When she thought that Bao Na was pregnant, Madame Bao was even angrier. She had initially wanted to persuade her daughter not to be with Chen Wenxuan.

Now that they had a child, how could she persuade her?

"Mom, have I lost the child?" Hearing her mother mention her kid, Bao Na cried even harder.


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