Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 107 Come If You Have the Guts
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 107 Come If You Have the Guts

Liu Sijie's movements could merely be described as extremely fast. In just a single night, most of the cosmetics shelves in all the major shopping malls in S City were clear of the Yu Family's cosmetics products.

Those still on the shelves were also being removed!

Director Yu wanted to cry, but no tears came out. He had worked so hard to achieve what he had today, but it was all ruined by that wastrel's decision.

Yes, there are many benefits to be gained by being on the right side for the Yu Family. But don't try to curry favor with Young Master Mo on the one hand, and offend Young Master Yan on the other side!

What has he got to do with the brothers' fight for power? He didn't even consider his own strength as he rushed to the front. He deserves it if he doesn't use his brain, but don't get his family involved!

Director Yu was in a grave mood. He went to the jail and cursed his disappointing son in front of the police.

Did Shen Yan want to destroy the Yu Family easily? Could he do that? Yu Feng did not dare believe it, but his father's expression did not seem to be fake either.

Yu Feng was startled for a moment: "Father, I need to see Young Master Mo, please pass a message for me!"

Shen Yan went crazy at this moment. Fine, I'll play with him.

Was the Yu family something he could destroy? Even if the Yu family were to crumble, Tengfei would only be a shadow of its former self. At that time, let's see what he will have to compete against Young Master Mo.

As long as Young Master Mo became the CEO, Yu Feng would still have a chance to turn the situation around.

This kid was still daydreaming. Director Yu really hated the fact that his son was such a failure!

"You brat, even if Young Master Yan cannot become the CEO, he should still be the second largest shareholder in the Shen family, right? Your relationship with him is so bad that even if Young Master Mo wants to support our Yu Family, it would be meaningless if Yan objected." Old Man Yu pointed at his son. He was so angry that he almost had high blood pressure. How come his son is so stupid?

That's right. If Shen Yan did not agree, Shen Mo would have to use his own money to help them. But that would only be a drop in the ocean.

Why didn't he think of it?

It's over. What should we do? Yu Feng slumped onto the chair.

Now you're afraid? After panting for a while, Director Yu said, "Is Shen Yan someone easy to deal with? If he was that easy, would you have been locked in and not able to get out? Listen to me, let the Shen Family settle their own matters. You don't need to join in the fun. "

After Master Yu scolded his son for a while, he went back to find someone to plead with Shen Yan. No matter what, he couldn't let the Yu company collapse like this.

If they wanted to talk, so be it.

Just as Yu Feng had said, destroying the Yu Family at this time would cause extensive damage to Shen Yan.

He was a businessman, and he would not do business that would lose money. Thus, when Director Yu invited him, he still gave face and took Liu Sijie along with him, leaving the company's matters to Xia Yu to handle.

The rest of the company was doing fine. Business as usual. They did what they were supposed to do.

However, Bao Na had a massive fight with Xia Yu yesterday, and she was caught red-handed by the Second Madame. But, the Second Madame showed a lot of mercy. She did not directly tell her to leave.

But Bao Na was a wise woman. This was a favor given by the Second Madame who wanted her to resign on her own accord so that everyone wouldn't feel awkward.

Thus, early in the morning, Bao Na came to the company to pack up her stuff.

Her colleagues saw and asked, "Bao Na, what are you doing?"

Bao Na curled her lips and said indifferently: "I'm planning to get married. My husband doesn't want me to work my back off and told me to quit."

Who would believe that Chen Wenxuan, a deadbeat, does not want you to suffer?

They had been working together at work for a long time, so they had some understanding of Bao Na's situation. Chen Wenxuan dumped Xia Yu because Xia Yu lost her job. Then, because Xia Yu became Young Master Yan's chief secretary, Chen Wenxuan wanted to make up with her. Bao Na and Xia Yu even fought over this.

No one would believe Chen Wenxuan felt sorry for Bao Na, but it seemed that Bao Na's resignation was real, so everyone tried to ask: "What, you want to be your own boss?"

"We'll be having a baby soon after getting married. How can we raise the baby with such a meager salary? So, we're going to start our own company. " As Bao Na spoke, she was even caressing her own stomach, intentionally or unintentionally.

Everyone immediately understood that Bao Na was pregnant, so she had to marry Chen Wenxuan. Her parents gave her a company as a dowry.

After all, they were colleagues. Everyone came over to congratulate her.

Bao Na's face was also full of smile as she took the opportunity to send out wedding invitations.

Everyone indicated that they would attend the wedding. Bao Na took the wedding invitations and headed towards the secretariat.

Is she getting married?

Xia Yu was startled. Why so fast?

Could it be because of what happened yesterday that the wedding date was moved forward?

Xia Yu laughed helplessly.

How could she turn around and look at Chen Wenxuan, the scumbag?

What's the point of Bao Na's protesting?

As Xia Yu's thinking in her head, Bao Na strutted over and took out an invitation to hand over to her, "Chen Wenxuan and I are getting married soon. Xia Yu, although you are his ex-girlfriend, I am a very generous person. Seeing that we have been classmates for so many years and have worked together at the same company for so long, I will still invite you to our wedding! Of course, if you don't have the guts, then don't come! "

Bao Na's public provocation immediately attracted a group of people to come over to watch.

Their colleagues all spoke up at once, "Xia Yu, go! Why not! If you don't go, that means you feel guilty, no? "

A few people, who were just enjoying the show, started booing from the side!

Bao Na said complacently: "That's right, she feels guilty after all. I'm a kind person, so I'm not going to force her!"

Feel Guilty? Why should I feel guilty? It's true that I don't like you guys, though.

Xia Yu was too lazy to bother with her!

But Bao Na did not think so. In her opinion, Xia Yu did not dare to go!

She thought that with the Young Master Yan supporting her, she would be able to contend against me?

In the end, Chen Wenxuan still wanted to marry me, but she and Young Master Yan aren't getting anywhere.

From this point of view, Bao Na had won. Not only did she win, but she also had a landslide victory.

Hence, she had the qualifications to show off in front of Xia Yu.

Shen Qiang came over. Seeing that Bao Na was about to bully Xia Yu again, he suddenly took a step forward, took away the invitation from her hand, and stuffed it into Xia Yu's hands. "Go, why aren't you going!"

Yesterday, her second aunt had spoken on her behalf, but this girl was courting death, so she couldn't blame others.

It was only because Bao Na was pregnant that she dared to bully Xia Yu, but she did not dare bully Shen Qiang.

Shen Family's Third Young Master. She would never dare to clash with Shen Qiang even if she had guts!

With her family's background, she really couldn't stand Third Young Master's torments.

Therefore, Bao Na hatefully looked at Xia Yu and said: "I hope that you will have the guts to come to the wedding!"

After saying that, Bao Na pushed her way through the crowd and left.

Xia Yu held onto the invitation card with a helpless look on her face.

Marriage will last for a lifetime. Doesn't she want to create a good memory? Does she really want Xia Yu, who is an eyesore for her, to attend the wedding to make herself uncomfortable?

Since she didn't care, what was there to be afraid of?

After returning to the office, Xia Yu threw away the invitation, turned on the computer and started preparing.

The matter of Yu Feng's father, Yu Xiaosheng meeting with Shen Yan, quickly spread to Shen Mo's ears.

This time, he really suffered a huge loss. Not only did he have to deal with Shen Yan's matters personally, he even sacrificed Yu Feng. Yu Xiaosheng was the kind of people who go with the flow, and it was likely that he would soon lose Yu's support.

"Shen Yan, for the sake of Xia Yu, actually went against the Yu Family. It looks like he has fallen in love with Xia Yu." Shen Mo received the news that after Xia Yu had been beaten up in the shopping mall yesterday, Shen Yan first sent Liu Sijie to deal with the Yu Family and then fired Bao Na.

Doing so much just for a woman. This really was not Shen Yan's way of doing things.

But he really did it., which truly surprised Shen Mo!

If he really liked Xia Yu, then his engagement with Zeng Mina wouldn't be that meaningful anymore. Shen Mo was annoyed!

"I don't think it's all for Xia Yu. Yesterday at Tengfei's regular meeting, Young Master Yan hinted that a storm is brewing, but the middle management still seemed to be hesitating. It is most likely that he claimed to destroy the Yu Family so that he could make an example out of them." Zhang Hanyu said after hesitating for a moment.

Shen Mo nodded his head. This is one possibility.

But now that the Yu Family had made a compromise, those at Tengfai who would go with the flow would be shaken up.

"Go and have a talk with Xia Yu!" No matter what, Shen Mo could not let Xia Yu get too close to Shen Yan.

"Alright, I'll go look for her now!" Shen Yan was taking Liu Sijie with him to negotiate with Yu Xiaosheng. It was the perfect time to meet Xia Yu.

Zhang Hanyu did not hesitate to drive to Tengfei personally.

Just as Xia Yu went downstairs and was about to change medicine at the hospital, a blue Porsche suddenly stopped in front of her.

The car windows instantly dropped down, and Zhang Hanyu's face immediately appeared in front of Xia Yu.

"Xia Yu?" Zhang Hanyu looked at her in surprise. "Are you injured?"

He did hear that Xia Yu had been beaten up by Bao Na. But he thought, Bao Na was also a girl, so how much could she hurt Xia Yu?

But when he saw Xia Yu, he realized that he had been too naive and his heart ached.

Xia Yu looked over when she heard his car. She did not expect to meet Zhang Hanyu here. She laughed, "What a coincidence!"

Zhang Hanyu frowned.

He was a gentleman, and would not sit idly by even if he saw a stranger get hurt, let alone it was Xia Yu who got wounded.

Xia Yu was his former secretary, a girl that he admired a lot.

Zhang Hanyu immediately got out of the car, and opened the door for Xia Yu, and said, "I'll take you to the hospital."

Xia Yu shook her head in panic, "It's alright. I'll go myself."

"Get on the car, when did we become so distant from each other?" Zhang Hanyu frowned as he looked at Xia Yu, "Since your injuries are this severe, you're not going to leave it all behind you, yeah?"

The news traveled fast. Even Zhang Hanyu knew about it.

As the idiom goes, "ill news flies apace". Xia Yu laughed bitterly, then walked towards his car, "What else could I possibly do? She's pregnant, even if I sue her, it would be useless!"

Bao Na was utterly confident!

Xia Yu walked forward. There was a worn-out floor tile crushed under her feet. Usually, Xia Yu would have dodged it. But today, since her whole body was in pain and her steps were tiny, she stepped right into it.

Stumbling forward, Xia Yu subconsciously cried out, "Argh…"

"Be careful!" Zhang Hanyu immediately took a step forward and carried her.

Xia Yu staggered, and suddenly fell into his embrace.

"Ah, sorry!" Xia Yu hurriedly retreated a few steps and stood up straight.

"Do you still need to say sorry to me?" Zhang Hanyu was very dissatisfied with Xia Yu's attitude.

Reaching out to pull open Xia Yu's sleeves, he saw that her arms were all black and blue, and not a single part of her was intact! He could not help but frown, "Why are your injuries so severe? I'll carry you to the car! "

Were those wounds severe? He did not see how miserable she was yesterday. Shen Yan used specific medicine, and after one night, she was already much better.


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