Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 108 Did You Date?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 108 Did You Date?

Just as she was about to reject, Zhang Hanyu already unquestionably carried her in his arms and walked towards the front passenger seat. Xia Yu could only hold onto his neck to avoid falling.

In the distance, a light gray Koenigsegg suddenly stopped!

Inside the car, Shen Yan watched the scene from a distance with a grim face.

No wonder Xiao Qiang kept calling him, telling him to come back to see. That was indeed something to see.

Good, very good.

Xia Yu!

She was even dating Zhang Hanyu in front of the company.

No wonder when he had a quarrel with his wife last time, you wanted to see him even though you knew there would be dangers.

So, it turned out that you two had been having an affair for a long time. Zhang Hanyu's wife was right, wasn't she?

Shen Yan tightly gripped the steering wheel.

Xiao Qiang had called to tell them about Xia Yu and Zhang Hanyu? Did they just meet, or was there something else?

Liu Sijie wasn't sure either. During this critical time, although Yu Xiaosheng had agreed to the proposal in principle, he could tell that Yu was still hesitant about it.

At this time, when Young Master Mo sent Zhang Hanyu over, it went without saying that he was trying to poach. Did Xiao Qiang hear anything? Liu Sijie took a glance at Shen Yan whose anger was all over his handsome face, took out his phone and called Shen Qiang.

"Xiao Qiang, what exactly did Zhang Hanyu say to Xia Yu?"

"Zhang Hanyu? I don't know!" Shen Qiang was a little confused. He called Shen Yan back to let him see how Bao Na bullied Xia Yu at work, and he wondered how his second brother was going to protect Xia Yu.

Now, Zhang Hanyu had appeared. What did he have to do with it?

You don't know? Then why you are calling? Liu Sijie was speechless, "He's right at the entrance of the company. Do you really not know?"

He had come and had even been run into my second brother.

Is second brother jealous?

Did he beat Zhang Hanyu up?

"I really don't know!" Shen Qiang was an honest child. He spoke his mind.

"Then why did you make one call after another?" Liu Sijie was very perplexed. He turned and glanced at Shen Yan, only to see him still staring at Xia Yu's direction.

"I just wanted to confirm that he is really dating Xia. You didn't think that Xia had turned the tables on us, right?" Shen Qiang curled his lips and didn't know what to say to him.

Dating? What the hell was going on in that kid's head?

"Oh, are you sure?" Liu Sijie was genuinely speechless. How come this kid makes jokes on such occasion?

"Yes, I'm sure that my second brother likes her! Tell him to do his best and chase after her. Too many people are thinking of dating a good girl like her. It would be too late if she got taken by others! At that time, he could only cry all over the place." Shen Qiang said very seriously before hanging up.

Cry all over the place? When your second brother comes up later, you will be crying all over the place.

Liu Sijie kept his phone. Just as he was about to explain, he realized that something was wrong with Shen Yan.

Does he really like her?

"How are you doing at your new company?" The last time Old Madame angrily fired Zhang Hanyu, Xia Yu thought that Shen Mo would find a chance to plead for him, but she never expected him to leave just like that.

"It's not bad!" Zhang Hanyu smiled slightly and said: "It's just a job. It's the same no matter where you work. Oh right, there's a celebration feast in two days. Will you be free to join?"

Zhang Hanyu's company had recently successfully worked with Jia Mei on a significant project, and both companies were holding a celebratory feast together. Xia Yu had also heard of it, and she naturally would congratulate him.

"I think so!" No matter what, Zhang Hanyu was Xia Yu's former superior. No matter how busy she was, Xia Yu had to go because she was invited by him personally.

The two of them talked about Zhang Hanyu's new job along the way lightheartedly.

After Xia Yu finished changing medicine, Zhang Hanyu immediately sent her home. "Are you still staying at Young Master Yan's place?"

"Aunt Wu hasn't come back yet, so I can only stay here for now." Xia Yu replied with a smile.

"Oh, alright then, take a good rest!" Zhang Hanyu thought to himself, maybe Aunt Wu would never come back.

But he could not say those words in front of Xia Yu, so he turned around and got into the car.

Xia Yu left ahead of time because she did not want to see Bao Na in the company. It was still early, and Shen Qiang did not come back, so she sat on the balcony reading.

"Hello?" The phone rang, and she answered it.

"It's me. Where are you?" Hearing her voice that was as cold as usual, Shen Yan couldn't help but rub his forehead and laugh out.

He was obviously furious a minute ago. How could he still laugh at this?

Looks like what Xiao Qiang said was right. He was sick, seriously sick. Liu Sijie did not want to be infected, so he just carried a bunch of documents and went out.

"I recognized your voice."

"Where are you?" Shen Yan asked again.

"At home!" Xia Yu answered truthfully.

"Have you finished dating?" Shen Yan's tone was a little cold.


With just one sentence, Xia Yu felt a sense of suppression. What did this mean? He met her at the entrance of the company, so he decided to take her to the hospital.

Didn't he go to negotiate with Yu Xiaosheng? How did he know? This man was terrifying. Even on the phone, he could make her nervous.

She paused, pressed her hand against the page, which was blown by the wind, and looked up at the distant clouds.

Xia Yu was startled for a moment before finally opening her mouth, "It just so happened that I met Zhang at the entrance of the company. He sent me to the hospital."

Just so happened? Shen Yan was holding his forehead.

"Hm!" He answered with a tone that was neither cold nor warm.

"..." What do you mean? Was he trying to call her just to gossip about her and Zhang Hanyu? Xia Yu didn't like this, but she could do nothing about it.

"How is your negotiation with Director Yu?" Xia Yu felt that it would be better to change the topic.

"Not bad!" Shen Yan only said two words.

Xia Yu was embarrassed, not knowing how to answer, "Then I'll hang up!"

Hang up? Shen Yan frowned, "Wait!"


After a while, Shen Yan did not have any other instructions, so Xia Yu hung up the phone.

She shouldn't be blamed for this. Shen Yan held the phone and didn't speak, and that was weird!

Zhang Hanyu returned to his office and got his secretary to make an extra invitation card.

The secretary came into his office near the end of the day with a silver envelope in her hand.

"Mr.Zhang, this is an invitation letter that you had me made at the last minute."

"Thank you. Put it on the table." Zhang Hanyu was busy with handling the documents with his head lowered, not bothering to look at her, but the secretary was still standing there and did not leave.

He then looked up and asked, "What's wrong? Is there anything else? "

The secretary glanced thoughtfully at the envelope on the table.

"Mr. Zhang, can I gossip with you about something?"

Zhang Hanyu laughed. He was usually a low-profile superior in the eyes of his subordinates and was very amiable.

"What do you want to gossip about?"

"Well..." The secretary immediately went to the front of the desk, "This is the invitation letter you wanted me to make. Isn't the Xia Yu on the invitation the girl who was widely alleged to have confronted Old Madame in the board of directors meeting?

When the secretary asked this question, Zhang Hanyu was stunned.

He took over the invitation letter and smiled. However, he seemed to be talking to himself. "So, her fame has already reached this high now?"

Secretary: "…"

"Previously, she was my secretary, but today, I coincidentally bumped into her again. Only then did I realize that I forgot to give her an invitation letter." Zhang Hanyu explained with a smile.

The secretary knew this history, and knew that the reason Zhang Hanyu came to this company had something to do with Xia Yu.

Mr. Zhang dared to invite Xia Yu? Wasn't he afraid that Mrs. Zhang would embarrass everyone at the banquet?

Of course, the secretary could only keep these words to herself. She would never have the guts to tell Zhang Hanyu.

After receiving Shen Yan's strange phone call, Xia Yu was not in the mood to read books. She stood up and was about to return to her room when the phone rang again, and it was a call from Zhang Hanyu, so she picked it up.


Zhang Hanyu looked at the name on the invitation letter in his hand and smiled: "The invitation letter. Should it be delivered directly to your company or?"

Xia Yu is Shen Yan's secretary, but she did not hear that Zhang Hanyu had invited Shen Yan. That fellow saw them talking at the entrance of the company, and was already extremely unhappy. He would immediately tear up the invitation if it were sent to the company.

Of course, Shen Yan did not just see them talking. It was Xia Yu who had automatically forgotten about the most essential part.

However, no matter what, it couldn't be delivered to the company.

"You know I'm not at the company right now."

"Afraid that Young Master Yan is unhappy? At worst, you can come to me. I seem to have told you many times, no? "

"Well... Let's talk about it later..."

"OK, I don't expect to impress you with an invitation letter. Tell me, how do you want me to give it to you?"

Xia Yu thought for a while. "Are you working?"


"When do you get off work?"

"It depends."

"Then …" Xia Yu hesitated for a while before opening her mouth: "If you have time in a while, how about we have dinner together?"

It was already dinner time. It wouldn't be proper if Xia Yu suggested that she would take the invitation and return home.

"Alright, I'll get the secretary to book a table and send you the address later." Coincidentally, Zhang Hanyu had something to discuss with Xia Yu, so it was good to have a chat while eating. So they made the deal.

After making an appointment with Zhang Hanyu, she called Shen Qiang and told him that she had an appointment tonight and that he would have to eat by himself.

Who did she arrange to meet? His second brother was still in the office, while Wu Shiyu was also busy. The person she was most likely to meet should be him.

But she told him that she had an appointment. Gosh, that is some serious matter. Someone is going to steal Xia Yu from the second bother. Should he tell his second brother?

At that time, it was already 4 in the afternoon, and her appointed time to meet Zhang Hanyu was 6. She spent nearly an hour to put on her clothes and makeup.

However, the makeup was quite simple. Xia Yu regularly only wore simple makeup, with just a few strokes of her eyebrows, rouge on top of her cheeks, and putting on a bit of lipstick, it is already considered a very formal makeup for her.

She rummaged through the cabinet again, found a paper box from the bottom drawer, and opened it to take out an evening dress with its label still hanging.

Xia Yu took the dress and looked at it in the mirror. It was good. She put it on. She walked around in front of the mirror and saw that it was not bad. Then, she went out.

The place for dinner was booked by Zhang Hanyu. She initially wanted to go to Ruyi Restaurant, but Zhang Hanyu seemed to be dissatisfied and gave her another restaurant's address.

Xia Yu took a taxi there. She thought it wouldn't be too far, but the taxi left the city, drove up to the mountain road, and got lost twice. Finally, the taxi arrived at their destination with the help of navigation.

The driver pointed at a row of stone steps in front of them and said, "Cars can't get in there. Please walk!"

After she paid, she got off the car and looked at the endless black stairs in front of her. By that time, the sky in the mountains was already completely dark, and the fog was very thick. The few street lamps did not help at the slightest.

Xia Yu looked around, and she felt a little bit scared. This place doesn't even look like a restaurant, and a crime scene is more like it!

After she was tricked by Zeng Mina onto the bamboo fence, Xia Yu was traumatized. When she arrived in the suburbs again, she could not help but think of that night.



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