Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 110 How“s Your Relationship
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 110 How“s Your Relationship

"Yes. But in the end, I did fail him." Thinking about how angry her father was, Xia Yu couldn't help but sigh.

"I won't say that you failed him. Xiao Qiang and Liu Sijie both praised your cooking skills and said that you were qualified to be the executive chef in the Ruyi Restaurant. " Shen Yan smiled and said.

"Really?" The corner of Xia Yu's lips curved into a beautiful curve. Executive Chef! Furthermore, it was the head chef of the Ruyi Restaurant.

"Of course, it's true! It can't be truer!" Shen Yan's beautiful foxy eyes were filled with laughter, her voice was so gentle that water could drip.

This bastard. There were others too, and he was already picking up girls as if no one is around. Zhang Hanyu gulped down a mouthful of wine. He wanted to cough but felt that it was rude. So, he quickly swallowed the wine, and his face turned completely red.

"President Zhang, Japanese wine wouldn't make people drunk. And you have a good capacity for alcohol normally, how come? You didn't drink much today." Shen Yan would not let go of this excellent opportunity to tease him, and pretended to be concerned about him.

In the end, Shen Yan did not let Zhang Hanyu nor Xia Yu pay for the dinner. The waiter did not even ask them to pay.

Xia Yu felt at ease. Who told him to come here?

Zhang Hanyu was slightly unhappy in his heart, but he had to admit that the gap between them was too obvious.

After dinner, they were ready to go back. Shen Yan and Zhang Hanyu's cars were parked at the bottom of the stairs, so they needed to walk over.

Many of the lights on the roadside in the bamboo forest had already been extinguished, making it even darker than when they came. They walked in a row and did not speak at first, only hearing the rustling of the bamboo leaves on both sides of the road.

It was a strange thing to plant many bamboos in the mountains.

They were almost arriving at the car park when Xia Yu suddenly stopped in her tracks.

"About that …"


Xia Yu looked to her right and hesitated to speak.

Shen Yan looked in the direction that Xia Yu was looking, and at the same time, put his hands into his pockets: "What do you want to say?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to say that it's very late, and it's time for President Zhang to go back and rest. "

Today's meal made everyone feel awkward, but some of them didn't seem to notice and was still leisurely strolling around.


"Young Master Yan, Xia Yu, I'll be leaving first." Xia Yu was Shen Yan's secretary, and since they were living together, they would go home together. Zhang Hanyu took a deep breath in his heart and touched the invitation in his pocket. In the end, he did not take it out to give to Xia Yu.

He couldn't do anything that would make others feel embarrassed, and only Shen Yan, the bastard, could do that.

"Alright. President Zhang, how is your relationship with your wife now? " When Zhang Hanyu was about to leave, Shen Yan asked in a baffled manner.

"..." Zhang Hanyu was startled and was unable to react for a long time. It was evident that he was still digesting Shen Yan's words.

"Say it, will you?"


Zhang Hanyu was a little uncomfortable. He used his hand to rub his forehead and said, "It's still like that."

"Like how?"


"Do you trust each other?"


What was this bastard trying to do? Zhang Hanyu could not help but laugh, "What exactly do you want to say?"

Xia Yu also felt very awkward. Why would Shen Yan ask such a question? Zhang Hanyu and his wife were going through a divorce, what Shen Yan did was sprinkling salt on his wounds. She stood there, pinching her fingers. Fortunately, it was dark, and no one could see the expression of embarrassment on her face.

"Nothing, forget it." Shen Yan once again shook his head and raised his eyes to look at Zhang Hanyu who was a few steps away from him.

He was wearing a silver-gray suit, and it seemed like he came straight from the company for this meal.

"I'm sorry that I'm leaving first!" Zhang Hanyu turned around.

Shen Yan, this narrow-minded man, why did he have to ask about other people's private matters?

Xia Yu suddenly walked in front of Shen Yan. She was a full head shorter than him, so she had to raise her head to meet his gaze.

Shen Yan was a little nervous being watched by Xia Yu like this.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing, I just want to see the Young Master Yan clearly!" Xia Yu continued to look straight into his eyes.

"Wouldn't you be able to see more clearly if you stand closer?" Shen Yan smiled and reached out to hug Xia Yu's waist.

Xia Yu instinctively retreated, while Shen Yan instinctively exerted force in his hands. Xia Yu was suddenly unable to stand steadily and directly fell into his arms. Coincidentally, at this time, Shen Yan had lowered his head, and their lips were pressed together.

The bamboos around them were singing, and the wind blew across their faces, bringing the smell of moss and water.

Shen Yan's heart suddenly tensed up, he could feel her soft lips, but in just a few seconds, she had moved her lips away, taking a few steps back, standing on the path reflecting the white moonlight, she gently wiped her lower lip with her finger.

Then, Xia Yu turned and ran.

Shen Yan stood at his original position and stared blankly for a while before chasing in Xia Yu's direction.

"Don't go so fast..." Shen Yan grabbed Xia Yu's arm.

"Let go!" What was this bastard trying to do? Xia Yu wanted to bite him.

"Shh! Don't talk! " Shen Yan lightly pulled, and Xia Yu fell into his embrace once more.

The familiar scent of a man assaulted her nose. Just as she was about to struggle, Shen Yan's voice sounded out beside her ears: "Mrs. Zhang is currently greeting Zhang Hanyu, why are you running over there now?"

Wanru was also here? Xia Yu was stunned!

No wonder Shen Yan said those weird words just now. Xia Yu was just wondering why he became so narrow-minded, but she understood now. She held onto his shoulder as she stood up straight, and turned her head to look towards Zhang Hanyu's direction.

They were standing opposite, and no one spoke. They just stood there for two minutes.

"Why are you here?" In the end, it was Zhang Hanyu who asked first, and his tone was heavy.

"You're here. Why can't I come?" Wanru sneered. "This place is really high class, and there's even a membership system. Since I still am Mrs. Zhang, it's not a waste to come here and see this place. What do you think?"

"I'm here for work!" Zhang Hanyu sighed. He could not explain anything to this woman.

"I saw it. Young Master Yan and Xia Yu are treating you to a meal, so I didn't disturb you guys! " Wanru smiled. She has her limits.

She didn't disturb them, but it was more humiliating than slapping him in the face. What did Shen Yan just say? She didn't hear it, but Zhang Hanyu was regretting it now. If he had recorded Shen Yan's words just now, he could play it for her now.

"So I should thank you?" Zhang Hanyu was furious in his heart, but in the end, he gave up on the idea of quarreling with her. After all, this was a restaurant, and a high class one.

Those who came here to eat were all rich and influential people, if the news that he was arguing with his wife were to spread, what would happen to Zhang Hanyu in the future?

"No need to thank me. It's the first time I've been here, and probably the last. The price here is too high, so I don't dare to come again. Therefore, I hope that I can enjoy it today. I wonder if you have time to accompany me." Wanru was smiling softly, her voice softer, like a virtuous wife.

"I don't have time!" The corner of Zhang Hanyu's eyes twitched. Was this woman finished?

"You're really rude, but you can do nothing about it."

Although she was laughing coldly in her heart, her face continued to carry a gentle smile: "It's already so late, what are you busy with? Young Master Yan is also with Xia Yu, can you leave alone? "

Did this woman have to drag the two of them in? Zhang Hanyu panicked and reached out to pull her.

But Wanru was already walking towards Xia Yu.

Zhang Hanyu was helpless and could only follow. Walking in front of the petite body of Wanru, he gave Shen Yan an apologetic look.

Shen Yan smiled and replied to him with an "I understand" look.

Then they went to the recreation room, and the two men went off to smoke.

Xia Yu sat down beside a table. There were all kinds of fruit wine on the table. Wanru drank the wine like it was a soft drink, but not only didn't she feel intoxicated, she thought that it was very delicious. The wine was ice-cold, and after drinking one cup, she wanted to drink another.

Wanru was extremely hungry. When she was in the dining room, she had wanted to eat something, but when she saw the price on the menu, she couldn't bring herself to order, and she waited until now to have a bite to eat.

The two of them stood by the long table with their plates in hand, and Xia Yu used her chopsticks to give Wanru food to eat...

They ate without a word for five minutes, or specifically speaking, Wanru was eating alone. Feeling a little full, she let out a long sigh and said, "I'm so tired that my body is numb."

She bent her left knee and lifted her foot back.

They were both wearing high heels, but Xia Yu's were a few centimeters shorter. Because the doctor told her not to wear high heels, she had been injured before and should avoid being injured by falling.

Seeing that there was no one else by his side, Xia Yu took off her high heels and stood on the ground barefooted.

In that instant, her feet felt much more comfortable, and she couldn't help but sigh.

Wanru smiled, "Everyone said that Young Master Yan placed special emphasis on a person's appearance. Aren't you afraid that he'll be angry if you act in such a reckless manner? "

"I can't let myself suffer just to satisfy him!" Xia Yu said disapprovingly.

"You!" Wanru as shaking her head and smiling, her eyes stopped at her arm: "Xia Yu, how did your arm get injured?"

Xia Yu followed her line of sight and calmly replied: "It's nothing, I just accidentally broke my leg."

Accidentally? Wanru didn't feel like it was accidental, she frowned. "When did you break it?"

Xia Yu disapprovingly said: "Yesterday!"

Wanru said, "Why are you so careless?"

Xia Yu answered: "I'm fine. The doctor gave me medicines, and I just need to apply it a few times. "

Wanru's face was still filled with worry, she said, "Does it hurt? Don't drink alcohol before it heals! "

Xia Yu laughed, and breathed a sigh of relief at her, and said indifferently: "I didn't drink. This is delicious, try it yourself. "

Xia Yu forced Wanru to eat so she couldn’t stare at her arm.

Wanru received the fruit from Xia Yu and felt bitter. Her eyes immediately reddened, and she choked with emotion: "Xia Yu, thank you. You're the best."

Xia Yu was shocked by her actions. She quickly picked up the tissue on the table and wiped Wanru's tears away as she asked anxiously, "Why are you crying? I treat President Zhang as my own brother, so you are my closest sister-in-law. Of course, I want to be nice to you! "

Wanru lowered her eyes and whispered: "I came to S City from T City by myself. I don't have any friends here. My husband is always busy with his work. He has no time for me. He always said I needed to make new friends. These few years, I have been watching from the sidelines. The people around him either do their best to prevent others from entering their circle or do their best to make use of others. "

Wanru was exhausted. Sometimes she really wanted to confide her feelings to her husband, but he felt that she was too troublesome, and the more he looked at her, the more annoyed he became. Now they were finally on the verge of getting a divorce.


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