Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 111 Playing Too Big
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 111 Playing Too Big

"It's not that I don't see that he wants a divorce. I just don't know what to do. Thank you for taking me as a friend and for taking care of me." Wanru sighed, she raised her head and looked at Xia Yu, and seemed to be deeply moved.

Xia Yu patted Wanru's shoulder, intentionally using a relaxed tone to ease the atmosphere. "You scared me to death, I thought there was a big problem. Don't cry, the others will think something happened between us."

As she wiped her tears, Wanru pouted and said, "What could possibly happen between the two of us? Xia Yu, can you believe me? "

"Of course, I said you're my sister, how can I not believe you?" Xia Yu smiled and said while hugging Wanru's shoulder.

"How does Young Master Yan treat you?" Wanru went straight to the point.

Xia Yu thought back to the scene just now and tried hard to restrain herself from blushing, "It's just like that."

"Like how?"

"It's the relationship between a superior and a subordinate."

"Then I am relieved." With Wanru was Zhang Hanyu's side, she had a chance to hear a lot of rich wives discussing how Shen Yan treated his previous girlfriends.

Shen Yan's attitude was "to take no initiative, make no compromise, and take no responsibility."

The only thing he was willing to do was paying. However, this was precisely what many women loved the most.

People always say that women like bad men, but the premise is that this man must be good-looking and rich.

Shen Yan had both advantages, and the ailments of him were also cultivated by the gold-digger girls.

Xia Yu laughed. If Wanru had only heard rumors about Shen Yan's problem, Xia Yu had personally witnessed it. However, it wasn't convenient for her to criticize him now. After all, he was her boss, and he pays her!

She could not take his money and speak ill of him.

Seeing Xia Yu smile without saying a word, Wanru thought that she did not believe her, so he exaggerated on purpose: "Did you know he had a girlfriend named Jiang Yaru? That woman is tough to deal with. If she knew who was having an affair with Shen Yan, she would have ripped her into two. "

Jiang Yaru is truly hard to deal with. Last time, she had a private meeting with another man at the coffee shop and didn't take care of the child properly. The child almost got into a car accident, and not only did she not reflect on it, she even seized the opportunity to stay in the hospital, forcing Shen Yan to come forward and take his responsibility.

For this kind of woman, there was bound to be no good ending if someone gets into a conflict with her. Xia Yu nodded and said: "She truly has a vicious heart!"

Seeing that Xia Yu was believing her words, Wanru continued: "She is not only ruthless, but I also heard that she suspected that Shen Yan had a new girlfriend. Without any concrete evidence, she ran over to the company and caused that girl to lose her job. Wasn't that scary? "

Has something like this ever happened? Xia Yu subconsciously nodded.

Wanru's expression was very serious as if this had really happened. Her goal was to scare Xia Yu.

"So, I sincerely advise you not to fall in love with Shen Yan. He already has a girlfriend, are you willing to be a third party? " Wanru continued to persuade Xia Yu.

"Sister, why do you say that? Don't mention his girlfriends, can a stingy woman like me live in his rich family? " Xia Yu laughed and looked at her bare feet.

As a lady of a wealthy family, there was a price to pay.

Wanru looked at her feet and smiled. She patted her leg and said, "Hurry up and put on your shoes. Wouldn't it be awkward if other customers came?"

"It's fine, I was looking at the door, no one came!" Xia Yu still wanted to let her feet relax a little.

Just as the two were talking at the long table, they heard a familiar low voice of a man coming from behind them. "Xia Yu!"

When Xia Yu heard this voice, she was so shocked that she almost threw the plate on the ground.

She turned her head, but she did not see Shen Yan on this floor.

"Hey, here it is."

Xia Yu raised her head and saw that Zhang Hanyu was standing on the stairs as he waved at her. Shen Yan stood beside him.

Xia Yu was looking up against the light so she could not see the expression on Shen Yan's face. She was secretly relieved that they were so far away that they probably hadn't heard what she had just said.

Shen Yan shouted towards them, "Come play!"

Still playing? Not going home tonight?

Xia Yu turned around to look at Wanru and replied: "Okay, come over right now!"

"Xia Yu, you have to resist the enticement!" Wanru said softly from the side.

Xia Yu laughed, then whispered into her ear: "I'll just treat him as a eunuch, he's a eunuch. Will I like him? "

A eunuch? Wanru chuckled.

This girl was too ruthless.

Shen Yan turned around and looked at Zhang Hanyu: "Xia Yu and Mrs. Zhang are getting along quite well."

Zhang Hanyu answered: "It can be said that Xia Yu is Wanru's only friend."

Friend? Were they friends?

Shen Yan looked at them, then turned his head. Zhang Hanyu had already gone up, so he followed him.

There were several billiards tables in the middle of the room, and resting chairs were arranged around the walls.

On the side of the billiard table, Zhang Peng had already picked up his bats and was ready to start. Seeing Xia Yu come up, he immediately smiled and said: "Sister Xia, how about you accompany your brother to play?"

Was he here too? It was quite a lively night.

Xia Yu had already put on her high heels and walked towards the table. She said: "We will agree on the rules in advance, we will not gamble."

Zhang Peng laughed: "Then let's bet on something, right?"

Xia Yu said: "I don't have money; I can't participate in gambling."

As rich second generations, they were thinking about how to spend the money in their hands every day. Why would Xia Yu gamble with them?

She wasn't stupid, so she decisively blocked off the path of gambling.

Zhang Peng looked at Shen Yan who was at the side and said to Xia Yu: "What are you afraid of? He's here. "

Xia Yu also looked at Shen Yan, only to see him standing by the billiard table, and the table was even lower than his crotch.

At this moment, he was powdering the pole, while Zhang Hanyu was standing beside him.

These two men were probably playing a ball game, and Zhang Peng wanted to join in as well, so they called Xia Yu up.

Xia Yu looked at Shen Yan, and turned to Zhang Peng and said: "So what if he is here? You're the boss, too. How many things have you exploited your employees and desperately squeeze out their remaining value? But how many times have you taken the initiative to contribute? "

"Sister Xia, one is your former boss, the other one is your current boss. Don't tell me that in your eyes, they are this kind of people." Zhang Peng looked at Xia Yu in shock.

Extract the remaining value of the employee? Were they that horrible?

Xia Yu ignored his question and continued: "How can the bourgeoisie understand the predicament of the proletariat? Don't gamble on money, gamble on something I can afford."

Hearing Xia Yu's words, Zhang Peng stared at her and asked: "Say it yourself, what do you have to lose?"

Xia Yu immediately said: "Sigh, it's not something I can lose, it's something I can take out to bet on."

Zhang Peng smiled, his amorous eyes sweeping over her body: "Alright, I'll gamble with your high heels."

This woman didn't want to gamble, so he looked around and felt that he could only bet with this pair of shoes.

The moment he finished speaking, everyone looked towards Xia Yu's feet. Xia Yu herself felt it was strange, and lowered her head to look.

The shoes pinched her feet. He knew that Xia Yu did not want to wear them, so he did not want to embarrass her?

Just as Xia Yu was thinking, Zhang Peng had already said the second half of his sentence: "If you lose, you should walk home barefoot from here."

Heh, Zhang Peng was confident that he could defeat Xia Yu? Xia Yu's beautiful face revealed an expression of not knowing whether to laugh or cry. This man was too arrogant.

Instead of answering, she asked, "And if you lose?"

Zhang Peng was so shocked that her eyeballs almost fell out. Even Shen Yan did not dare to ask him like this. Zhang Peng looked at Xia Yu for a moment, then laughed: "Go ahead!"

Xia Yu smiled beautifully, and planned to give him the same punishment: "If you lose, you will also walk out of here barefooted."

Zhang Peng revealed a slightly mocking expression, with no comment.

Seeing the two of them bickering, Zhang Hanyu said, "How could Young Master Zhang bully a girl?"

"President Zhang said exactly what I was thinking. Sister Xia is a girl if the stakes are the same, then wouldn't I be bullying her? " Zhang Peng glanced at Zhang Hanyu and said.

Is that so? Xia Yu smiled and said: "If I let you take off all your clothes and return home wrapped in a bath towel, would you be unhappy?"


Zhang Peng did not expect Xia Yu to say that, and squinted: "The wager is that big?"

Xia Yu seemed to be severe and joking "If Master Zhang doesn't want to play, then we can just casually play two rounds without gambling, what do you think?"

He took off all his clothes and wrapped himself in a towel. It was quite refreshing.

Even if Shen Yan fought him, he might not win, let alone Xia Yu.

Furthermore, Xia Yu was much more likely to lose than Zhang Peng. It was not easy to walk on the mountain road outside. After leaving this door, Xia Yu would not even know where to put her feet.

Who would she ask to carry her back? Of course, it was possible for her to ask anyone, but it couldn't be him.

Zhang Peng's eyes wandered around Shen Yan and Zhang Hanyu a few times. One was her current superior, the other was her former superior. Zhang Peng really wanted to know who would she ask.

"Alright, I accept what Sister Xia said!" Zhang Peng said while grinning.

Shen Yan and Zhang Hanyu did not play anymore. The two of them walked to the chairs by the side of the table and started to watch the battle.

The first match began. Zhang Peng said to Xia Yu: "Best two out of three. Lady first."

Xia Yu asked: "Are you sure I will hit first?"

Would she be able to hit all the balls into the hole? Zhang Peng said unconcernedly: "You go first."

Xia Yu laughed, casually picked up a pole from the side, powdered it, and then bent down to prepare for the kickoff.

Her father taught her to play billiards. He had no other hobbies in his life. Apart from studying new dishes, he liked to play billiards. When no one played with him, he would make Xia Yu to play with him.

Therefore, Xia Yu's style of playing billiards was also very manly. Her moves were fast and accurate, not wasting any time, even an amateur like Wanru would describe it as "straightforward".

Xia Yu had already scored two goals. Once she entered the competition state, her beautiful face would subconsciously tense up a little, and her eyes would be focused and persistent. She watched around the table, putting a ball into the pocket every time she took a line.

Wanru didn't expect that Xia Yu was so good at it. She was very nervous just now, afraid that she would lose. After Xia Yu played a few rounds with, Wanru was wholly relaxed and became a cheering leader for Xia Yu.

Zhang Peng had wanted to tease Xia Yu, but was he dumbfounded now? Wanru wished to see him go home naked.



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