Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 112 Why Don“t You Be My Secretary?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 112 Why Don“t You Be My Secretary?

Xia Yu was barefoot just now downstairs, so Shen Yan knew that her feet must be hurting. He beckoned the waiter over to get her a pair of slippers. Xia Yu put on the slippers and stood on the carpet. Her legs relaxed after being tired for the whole day, making her even more relaxed.

She believed that Zhang Peng couldn't beat her, and this psychological hint allowed her to play in the second round carefree. Although there were two balls left, she had used a full minute less than the previous round.

Seeing that she had finished hitting the ball and left briskly and quick steps, Shen Yan said to Zhang Peng: "It's not shameful to be completely naked, it's truly shameful that you can't beat a woman. I can see that she doesn't treat you seriously. Keep that in mind. "

Zhang Peng stood up, and right before he went to the table, he glanced at Shen Yan and said, "Why didn't you ask someone to bring me a pair of slippers? Bros before hoes."

With that, he turned and left.

Shen Yan's beautiful foxy eyes slightly narrowed as he smiled and said to the waiter beside him, "Prepare a bath towel for him. I don't want him to say that I'm not considerate enough."

The smile on the waiter's face widened, and he quickly realized that it wasn't right and immediately pursed his lips.

In the end, Zhang Peng gave up on the game. He turned to the waiter and said, "Go and get me a large towel."

The waiter nodded and replied in a calm voice, "I've prepared everything for you."

Zhang Peng turned his head to look. On the right side of the deck chair, there were several large bath towels in different colors such as white, light blue and light yellow.

Zhang Hanyu laughed with gentleness and elegance, while Shen Yan rolled his eyes at him with ridicule, thinking he was hopeless.

Zhang Peng could see through these people who were hitting him when he was down. They were all just waiting to see him embarrassed.

As he put down the cue on the table, he unbuttoned his shirt and looked at Xia Yu, asking, "Do you want me to go completely naked or just with my underpants on?"

Xia Yu saw that he had already consecutively undone two buttons, and the skin on his chest already revealed. It seems that he was fearless. She quickly said, "Don't go completely naked."

Fine, you're the winner. You have the final say. Zhang Peng obediently threw away his shirt, bent down, and started to take off his pants.

Although Wanru had married Zhang Hanyu for many years, she was a decent woman. She had never seen such a scene before. When Zhang Peng took off his clothes, she turned her head to the side.

After waiting for a long time, Wanru thought he probably took off his clothes and wrapped the towel around himself. Only then did she turn around.

Who knew that he was quite slow, and when Wanru turned around, he was just bending over and tugging at the leg of the pants, with his white buttocks facing Wanru. She was so frightened that she couldn't help but scream and hurriedly covered her eyes with her hands.

When Zhang Peng heard the scream, he said calmly, "I have my underwear on. What did you scream for?"

He took off his pants, pulled out a white towel and wrapped it around his waist. Separated by the table, he looked towards Xia Yu and spoke out, "Tell her to put down her hands. Many people can't see even if they want to."

Xia Yu patted Wanru's shoulder and said softly, "It's alright, he's done."

Wanru lowered her head and slowly took her hands away. Her face was flushed.

"It's not like you've never seen a man before. Why are you acting so pretentious?" Zhang Peng's eyes were filled with contempt, and intentionally or unintentionally, he looked at Zhang Hanyu. Could it be that there was something wrong with his sexual orientation, that after being married for so many years, they had been sleeping separately?

This could be a big possibility. Otherwise, how could he be so heartless towards such a pure and innocent wife and decide to divorce? As he thought about it, his eyes couldn't help but stare at Zhang Hanyu.

"Kid, since when did you have such a hobby?" Shen Yan waved his hand in front of Zhang Peng. Is there something on Zhang Peng's face? This fellow was utterly dumbfounded by what he saw.

"I am thinking whether Mr. Zhang will go with Mrs. Zhang or Mrs. Zhang will go with Xia Yu. Kid, what are you thinking about?" Only then did Zhang Peng realize that his mind had wandered, but he was not willing to admit it and tried to explain irrationally.

Shen Yan looked at him but did not expose his lies, and said indifferently, "Why to bother. It's so late now, why don't you sleep over and go back tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow, why tomorrow?" Zhang Peng panicked. No one saw him dressed like this at night, it was alright, but in the daytime …

Isn't Shen Yan a little too vicious?

"What about the other two girls? Are they safe if they go back at night?" Shen Yan rolled his eyes at him in annoyance, and the look in his eyes was filled with disdain. You're so disgraceful that you lost to a girl, in the future, in front of outsiders, don't ever tell me that we know each other.

"Why is it not safe? Don't you two men protect them? " Zhang Peng could no longer be bothered with Shen Yan's gaze and continued to shout on the side. Tonight, he would leave no matter what.

However, Shen Yan's attitude was firm, and Zhang Hanyu acted as if he was following Shen Yan's lead.

Zhang Hanyu, this brat, does he have any backbone? The two of them are mortal enemies, and they joined hands just like that? If this were in the past, Zhang Peng would never believe that they worked together perfectly.

It is true that there are no eternal enemies but only eternal interests.

"It's not like I'm making a bet with all of you. It's up to Xia Yu to decide whether we go back or not." Shen Yan is such a heartless bastard. I'd rather plead with Xia Yu. Zhang Peng grinned as he moved closer to Xia Yu.

When Wanru, standing next to Xia Yu, saw him coming over, she reflexively took a few steps back. It was as if he was a hazardous person and she had to keep a safe distance from him.

Xia Yu rolled her eyes and crooked her finger at Zhang Peng.

Zhang Peng hurried over, "What orders do you have, Sister Xia?"

"Mr. Zhang, are you sure you want to go back tonight?" Xia Yu wanted to confirm.

Zhang Peng nodded his head: "There's still a meeting to be held early in the morning. I'm in a hurry to go back and prepare the materials." Zhang Peng said pitifully.

Xia Yu nodded her head: "Work is important. You really should go back!"

"Sigh, Xia Yu, you are still the most considerate one. Then, we have made a deal to go back tonight." Xia Yu was willing to go back? Zhang Peng smiled like a flower.

"I can go back, but I have a small request." Xia Yu glanced at Shen Yan, and quickly retracted her gaze. She whispered into Zhang Peng's ear: "The day after tomorrow, our Young Master Yan will host a charity donation party, I believe you know about it, right?"

The Shen Family hosts a large-scale donation party every year, and those who attend are basically famous people in S city. In the past, it was always Shen Mo who presided over it, but recently he did a few things that displeased the Old Madame, and this year, it would be Shen Yan who presided over it.

This was a rare opportunity for Shen Yan. As his friend, Zhang Peng was also happy for him. Zhang Peng nodded his head without hesitation: "Yeah, I know about it. I will also be there."

You don't need to go, Mr. Zhang. Jiangjiang is still in the hospital. He must be so alone without anyone being with him. Why don't you accompany Madame Jiang and stay with Jiangjiang in the hospital? Xia Yu smiled, then moved her small mouth next to Zhang Peng's ear.

"Xia Yu, this cannot be …" Zhang Peng was shocked and immediately rejected her.

Jiang Yaru had been waiting with great difficulty for this chance to make a hell of money out of Shen Yan. If he were staying in the hospital and stop her from leaving, it would be strange if she didn't kill him.

"You mean going back tomorrow morning?" Xia Yu took a glance, and her eyes swept across Zhang Peng's body.

"Xia Yu, can you change the conditions? How can you blame an orphan and a widow." Zhang Peng cried.

"What do you mean? Those without a father are orphans while those without their husbands are widows. Shen Yan is still standing in front of you alive, how did they become an orphan and a widow? " Xia Yu very seriously corrected Zhang Peng.

You even started to pick at my words. Fine, you have a point! It's my bad, OK?

Zhang Peng didn't get serious with Xia Yu, "Xia Yu, you don't understand what I mean, Young Master Yan doesn't recognize them."

"There are a lot of reasons for not admitting it. They can sit down and talk things over. Taking such extreme measures would only make their relationship worse." Xia Yu shot a glance at Zhang Peng before continuing, "I can tell that you pity the mother and son. Of course, they are indeed worthy of sympathy. However, have you thought about it? If both sides are seriously injured, it would still be the mother and son who will be at a disadvantage."

Needless to say, Xia Yu's words were reasonable. Shen Yan is not a person that can be cowed by force. The more Jiang Yayan made a ruckus, the more he ignored her. Not to mention the fact that even when Jiangjiang was hospitalized, Shen Yan didn't pick up her calls. Also, her message taken by him was rejected by Shen Yan.

Jiang Yayan was already going crazy. Somehow, she learned that the Shen Family had Shen Yan take charge of the donation party. She called Zhang Peng over and asked him to pass a message to Shen Yan. Either he would accompany them at the hospital, or they would scatter each other out.

Shen Yan had been Zhang Peng's good friend for many years, so he came here to try to persuade Shen Yan. Even now, that brat had not replied to him. Instead, Xia Yu advised him to take care of Jiang Yayan.

"Sister Xia, what happened just now was a scheme by you two, right?" Zhang Peng sighed. It took him a while to think of this.

Zhang Peng was reading too much into it. Xia Yu was Shen Yan's secretary. As Shen Yan's secretary, it was her responsibility to eliminate all potential problems when Shen Yan was hosting such an important event.

With such a vast hidden danger like Jiang Yayan right in front of her, even if Wanru didn't tell Xia Yu that she could cause trouble, Xia Yu would still be thinking of a way to get rid of the hidden danger. It was such a coincidence that Zhang Peng jumped into this mess.

Xia Yu took advantage of this opportunity. She laughed and said, "Mr. Zhang, by saying that, you are looking down on Young Master Yan. Would he threaten you because of this? I think no matter what, Jiangjiang is indeed pitiful. If his mother blocked his only chance of being admitted by his father, how regretful would that be? "

Shen Yan indeed would not threaten him because of such a thing. Zhang Peng also felt that Xia Yu had a point, so he nodded his head: "Alright, I will try my best to persuade her."

"I think Jiangjiang will definitely thank you. Put on your clothes, and are you really going to go back like this?" Xia Yu glanced at Zhang Peng and burst out laughing.

Zhang Peng rubbed his nose and laughed helplessly, "Xia Yu, why don't you become my secretary? I'd double your current salary."

He was sincerely envious of Shen Yan that Xia Yu could quickly settle such a massive problem like Jiang Yayan. If she were to follow him, he would be as carefree as Shen Yan in the future.

"The conditions are very tempting. I am very willing to accept your offer. If you can settle the contract between Young Master Yan and me, I will go to work at your company tomorrow." Xia Yu answered straightforwardly as if she really wanted to go over immediately.


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