Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 113 Go and Find Me a Beautiful One
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 113 Go and Find Me a Beautiful One

"Young Master Yan, Sister Xia is planning to job-hop." Zhang Peng smiled at Shen Yan.

"Sure, come to my office and talk to me when you're free." Shen Yan glanced at Zhang Peng who was putting on his clothes, then turned around and walked towards the stairs.

Zhang Hanyu shook his head at Zhang Peng and followed him down the stairs. Wanru and Xia Yu followed him hand in hand.

"Xia Yu, could you tell Young Master Yan that I need a ride? " Wanru got here by taxi. It wouldn't be easy to catch a taxi at this late time.

In the eyes of Wanru, Zhang Peng was a playful guy that was already on her blacklist. Today, she had come here on her own accord, and it caused Zhang Hanyu to lose face. He would not allow her to sit in his car, so Wanru could only beg Xia Yu for a ride.

"Wanru, I know that President Zhang has hurt your heart on many things, but can you really bear to leave him? Since there's still time for reconciliation, let's seize this last chance. I know that this will make you feel neglected, but at least it's better than regretting it for the rest of your life." Xia Yu held onto Wanru's hand and took the opportunity to persuade her.

Wanru lowered her head and replied, "Xia Yu, other people might not be clear about this, but aren't you clear about this? We can't go back."

"People have the power to change anything. Sometimes, the bystanders will have a more comprehensive understanding. It's not like you do not love each other, so why not try it?" Xia Yu continued to encourage Wanru.

"Can I?" Wanru asked hesitantly.

"I can't guarantee that it will work, but at least you won't regret it!" Seeing that she was tempted, Xia Yu kept encouraging her for a while.

Just then, a few men stood beside his car. Zhang Peng opened the car door and drove away, he knew that these two ladies would not take his car.

"Xia Yu, why don't you go with me in Hanyu's car?" Wanru sneaked a glance at Zhang Hanyu, then she guiltily lowered her head again.

"Be brave, you can do it!" Xia Yu continued to encourage her.

"Hurry up and come over, Young Master Yan and Xia Yu are busy people, they don't have time to accompany you here." Zhang Hanyu said as he frowned.

Was he calling her? Wanru was a little doubtful, and she couldn't react in time.

"Sister, President Zhang is waiting for you." Xia Yu pushed Wanru a bit to remind her, she then reacted and walked towards Zhang Hanyu's car.

Initially, she wanted to sit at the backseat, but Zhang Hanyu had already opened up the front passenger seat, so she had no choice.

The two of them were in silence, Wanru thought Zhang Hanyu wouldn't talk to her. And when they were about to enter the city, he suddenly spoke out, "Wanru. How should I tell you about this…? Since you're so worried about me meeting Xia Yu, send this to Xia Yu when you have the chance."

Zhang Hanyu handed the invitation over Wanru.

Wanru's appearance indeed caused Zhang Hanyu a little depressed, but only the secretary and Shen Mo knew that he was meeting Xia Yu.

And about who instigated her to come over here, Zhang Yu knew for sure.

"Scold at me, I made a fault this time." Wanru was not stupid, she had already treated Xia Yu like this, but Xia Yu was still putting herself in her shoes. Indeed, she felt guilty and regretful.

Zhang Hanyu had never seen Wanru acted like this before. After being stunned for two seconds, he laughed and said: "This is the first time you confess you are wrong in front of me, right? Forget it, Xia Yu will not bother about you. "

On the way back, Shen Yan had been in an excellent mood the entire time. He hummed a little tune while driving, and his arrogant attitude made Xia Yu felt uncomfortable.

Along the way, Xia Yu pretended to sleep to ignore him, whereas Shen Yan didn't bother her intentionally.

After arriving home, Shen Yan parked the car, walked to Xia Yu's side and laughed: "Are you very sleepy? How about I carry you back?" As he spoke, he really did want to make a move.

"Don't touch me, I can walk by myself!" Xia Yu's eyes immediately opened, and her body reflexively shrank back a bit.

"Then why aren't you getting off?" Shen Yan moved to the side and left her space to get off the car.

Xia Yu got down from the car like she was escaping, and quickly headed back home. Shen Yan frowned and did not say a word as he followed behind her.

At lunchtime on the next day, Xia Yu's phone rang. It was her former colleague, Wang Qiaoling.

Xia Yu picked up: "Hello, Qiaoling?"

"Ugh …" No one spoke from the phone, but there was a loud, clear sound of vomit.

Through the phone, a crashing sound could be heard. Xia Yu immediately imagined the scene of Wang Qiaoling pouting in front of the commode and bent over to vomit.

For a moment, she didn't have time to feel disgusted, so she instinctively grabbed onto her phone, frowned her beautiful eyebrows, and urgently asked: "Qiaoling, what's wrong? Where are you? "

After about six or seven seconds, Wang Qiaoling's hoarse and weak voice was heard. "Are you done with your work?"

Xia Yu quickly replied: "It's lunch break right now, I'm fine. Where are you? Why are you drunk like this? "

Wang Qiuling scolded in a low voice, "I'm having a discussion with a few sponsors right now. They know how to drink beer. They mixed beer with liquor and drank with a big beer glass, poured directly into the stomach."

"Take it easy!" Xia Yu was a little worried about her.

Wang Qiaoling burped and said, "It's alright, they're not much better than me. Oh right, Xia Yu, I have helped you keep the things that you left at the company, come and take them. "

It was only a few books. Xia Yu was afraid that she would run into Shen Mo, so she did not go over these days.

It was difficult for Wang Qiaoling to keep it for her, so Xia Yu quickly replied: "Room number!"

"Jia Xiang Wei Dao No. 231. Come over here and help me avoid the drink." I'll inform them later, then you'll say that you were stuck in a traffic jam, and just got here. "

This girl, it seemed that she really can't hold on. Otherwise, she wouldn't have thought of such a trick. Xia Yu had always been a loyal friend, so she didn't hesitate at all: "Alright, you stay here for a while, I'll be there shortly."

After hanging up the phone, Xia Yu hurriedly carried her bag and stood up.

Seeing that, Shen Qiang hurriedly asked: What's wrong?

Xia Yu said: "I have something I left at my former colleague's. She asked me to go get them."

Shen Qiang said: "Where? I'll send you off. "

"No need, I'll take a taxi myself."

In the car, Xia Yu wanted to send a message to Wang Qiaoling to tell her to be safe, but after thinking about it, since she was sick from drinking too much, she probably had no time to check her phone, so she gave up.

While jogging to the no. 231, Xia Yu stood at the door, adjusting her rapid breathing. A few seconds later, she knocked on the door. After she heard the word 'come in', she pushed the door open and entered. She then smiled and nodded while saying, "Sorry, I'm late. I'm stuck in a traffic jam …"

Xia Yu had not finished speaking when she saw the faces of the people on the table in front of her, then she immediately froze in place, and the smile on her face was frozen too.

The young men and women at the table were all brightly dressed up. The man sitting at the central seat who was staring at Xia Yu right now was wearing a black shirt, which made his face look even brighter and more vigorous.

He had a pair of beautiful eyes that even a woman couldn't compare to, and it was as if they could hold the entire starry sky. It was so dazzling that it made people's hearts tremble.

Shen Yan?!

How could it be him?

On the left side of Shen Yan sat a beautiful woman with red lips and blonde hair. On the right side sat Zhang Peng. Further to the right of Zhang Peng, there was another beautiful woman … She still did not found Wang Qiaoling while she glanced over everyone.

And all of them were looking at Xia Yu, who was at the door, with different expressions.

Shen Yan looked at her, his expression did not change, but his right eye slightly twitched, as though he was surprised.

Zhang Peng recognized Xia Yu with a single glance, so he turned sideways and said with a smile: "How can it be you?"

Xia Yu was also stunned. Standing at the door, she opened her lips slightly, and awkwardly replied: "I came to find my friend."

Zhang Peng laughed and asked: Who are you looking for?

Xia Yu could only say: "Wang Qiaoling!"

Zhang Peng shrugged his shoulders, and said: "We do not have this person here, are you sure she is here?"

Xia Yu suddenly blushed, inexplicably feeling embarrassed. She quickly nodded and replied with a faint smile, "Sorry, I might have found the wrong room. Sorry for disturbing you."

With that, she exited from the room in a flash.

After the door closed, someone on the table said, "Why does she look so familiar? Where have I seen her before?"

Zhang Peng replied with a smile, "What kind of memory do you have? She is the secretary of Young Master Yan. Did you forget about it just like that? "

The man slapped his thigh, suddenly enlightened, "No wonder she's pretty."

Zhang Peng said exaggeratedly: "And this is called pretty? Then go and find me a beautiful one."

Everyone at the table was teasing, the eyes of the lady sitting beside Shen Yan turned, and she asked: "What is her name?"

Zhang Peng laughed, and deliberately asked: "You can ask Young Master Yan."

After walking to the side of the corridor for a few steps, Xia Yu took out her phone and called Wang Qiaoling.

"Hello?" Wang Qiaoling's voice was already hoarse from alcohol.

Xia Yu hurriedly said: "My queen, I'm here. Which room are you in?"

Wang Qiaoling drank too much and reacted too slowly. A few seconds later, she replied: "213, didn't I already tell you?"

Xia Yu raised her head and looked at the house number in front of her, 231. How much had she drunk that she couldn't even speak clearly?

With no time to argue with her, Xia Yu replied softly: "Just wait, I'll be there in a few minutes."

Xia Yu asked the attendant and quickly reached Room 213's door.

Taking a deep breath, Xia Yu knocked on the door, and after hearing the sound, he pushed open the door and entered.

This time, she purposely waited until she clearly saw the person on the table before speaking out.

There was a huge round table, but there were only five people on it. The four men were all unfamiliar. The only familiar face was the woman, and that was Wang Qiaoling.

Seeing Xia Yu at the door, everyone turned to look at her. Xia Yu immediately smiled as she nodded: "Sorry, there was a traffic jam. I'm late."

Wang Qiaoling was the first to stand up, smiling as she made introductions.

Xia Yu walked over and shook hands with them one by one.

The two male secretaries didn't shake hands with Xia Yu for too long, they were just being polite. The Chief of the Finance also chatted for three seconds, but when it came to President Chen, he held Xia Yu's hand, and before Xia Yu could take her hand away, his other hand suddenly came too. His fifty years old like face, which is full of wrinkles and lines, was covered with indescribable happiness.

He looked at Xia Yu and said, "Little Xia, you really made us wait for quite a long time."

Xia Yu could feel the warmth from his palms. This man held her hands tight. Undoubtedly, it's sexual harassment. She felt a weird feeling immediately, but she could only smile along as she nodded and said, "I'm really sorry, President Chen. You know the traffic…"


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