Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 114 Something Happened.
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 114 Something Happened.

Director Chen pretended to be unhappy, but he replied with a smile, "Little Wang said she wanted to introduce a friend to us. Since we're old friends, of course, we have to wait. But you came too late, so you have to take some alcohol as punishment."

After a few cups of wine, Xia Yu's head was also dizzy. Fortunately, they had drunk almost enough before she got here. Otherwise, it would be tough for Xia Yu to get out of the room.

She held the thing she got from Wang Qiaoling and stood at the intersection waiting for a taxi.

A man in his fifties walked over: "Miss Xia, Xia Yu, right?"

The man asked politely.

Looking at his dressing, he looked like a migrant worker from the countryside. Xia Yu was sure that she did not know him, but since he could call out her name with such courtesy, Xia Yu returned the greeting with a polite smile.

"I am Xia Yu, How about you?"

"You are really Xia Yu? I've seen your picture, and I can't mistake it. " The man was obviously very excited, he quickly introduced himself: "I'm Chen Wenxuan's father, you can call me Uncle Chen."

Chen Wenxuan's father? Xia Yu looked at him carefully.

When she was in a relationship with Chen Wenxuan, she heard that his hometown was in the countryside. As for his parents, Xia Yu had never seen them before.

It seemed like his father coming for his son's wedding. Although Xia Yu hated Chen Wenxuan a lot now, his father had not let her down, so Xia Yu nodded her head in a friendly manner.

"Uncle Chen, I am delighted to meet you. I still need to go to work. I'll invite you for some tea another day." After the greeting, Xia Yu wanted to leave.

But Uncle Chen seemed to have something to say, seeing that Xia Yu was about to leave, he quickly stopped her: "Xia Yu, I came specially to look for you today. I know he's the one who made the fault in your relationship. I've already scolded him, and he knows that he's wronged. Can you give him another chance? "

This was different from what Xia Yu expected. Furthermore, she did not know him, so it was not convenient for Xia Yu to say anything. She just politely said: "Uncle Chen, we have already been separated for a long time, and Chen Wenxuan was going to get married soon.

"Xia Yu, it's not what you think, Wenxuan really likes you." Chen Wenxuan's father continued.

Bao Na had already sent out her wedding invitation, there were no points for saying all this. Xia Yu was just about to find an excuse to leave, and she saw a taxi stopped right there.

"Uncle Chen, I'm in a hurry. Bye-bye!" Xia Yu opened the door and got in.

Seeing that Xia Yu was about to leave, Chen Wenxuan's father chased after her.

"Bang!" A loud sound rang out.

Although Xia Yu did not see anything, a possibility suddenly flashed past her mind, and she turned around immediately to look outside the car.

She couldn't help but took a deep breath when she saw that Chen Wenxuan's father collapsed on the road.

"Uncle Chen!" Xia Yu shouted, and immediately got the driver to stop and see what was going on.

Uncle Chen was covered in blood and had fainted, causing Xia Yu's entire body to tremble uncontrollably.

Without thinking, Xia Yu picked up the phone and called the police.

She then called Chen Wenxuan again, but he did not pick up for a long time. Her heart sank little by little, and when she was about to hang up, the phone was picked up.

"Hello?" Chen Wenxuan's low voice came out from the phone.

Xia Yu clenched her phone tightly, and said anxiously: "It's me, Uncle Chen was hit by a car, it's near the Jia Xiang Wei Dao, come over quickly."

The ambulance quickly came to deliver Uncle Chen to the hospital. Xia Yu stood outside the operation room with her legs turned soft. The nurse couldn't bear to see her, so she helped her to sit on a chair aside.

"The doctor is trying his best to treat him, you are the wounded's family, right? Please pay the bill first."

The nurse gave a stack of orders to Xia Yu.

Xia Yu's mind buzzed, she was in a daze for a few seconds, only then did she waked up and looked down at the bills in her hands, only to be shocked by the number on it.

"Why does it cost so much money?"

Xia Yu was utterly dumbfounded.

"Is that worth to be called as much? It is costly for only the blood transfusion, while not yet to mention the cost of hospitalization … The money is only for today. Hurry up and pay it! " The nurse said.

Chen Wenxuan still had not come, so she could only stand up with the bills and walk towards the toll office.

Xia Yu stood in the empty hall, looking at the small window that was brightly lit.

What should she do? Her money was far from enough for this!

She picked up her phone and called Shen Qiang. Only he could help her.

After telling him everything that had happened, Shen Qiang was quite loyal and did not say anything else and transferred the money to her account immediately.

Anyway, when Chen Wenxuan came over, he would pay the money back. After all, the person inside was his father.

Xia Yu had just paid the admission fee, and she turned around and saw Chen Wenxuan come over.

Just as she was about to speak, a clamor came from the door. She turned towards the door and saw a nurse standing at the door. She looked at Xia Yu and said: "Miss Xia, the police officer in charge of traffic accidents has arrived."

Chen Wenxuan also heard it, he looked at Xia Yu and said: "Let's go, we'll go listen to what they say."

Xia Yu followed Chen Wenxuan towards the door.

Two uniformed policemen stood in the corridor outside the door.

After Chen Wenxuan and the police shook hands, just as he was about to say that he was family of the person who was hit, a man suddenly rushed out from behind the police officers and hugged Chen Wenxuan's legs, kneeling on the ground while crying loudly.

Chen Wenxuan was stunned, he looked in shock at the man kneeling on the ground crying, the police couldn't even pull him up as they tried to pull him with all their might.

"Big brother! I was wrong, I shouldn't have hit your father! But I didn't do it on purpose! I'm rushing home to take care of my wife! My wife is about to give birth! I have three children to take care of at home, and I really don't know how he got out of the road all of a sudden! Big brother, I beg of you, I'm here to work … "

The man's wailing voice filled every corner in this quiet corridor of the hospital.

"Get up and speak!" Even if he was angry, there was no point in doing such a thing. Chen Wenxuan wanted him to stand up and explain everything clearly.

"I won't get up! Forgive me, big brother, I didn't mean to hit him! " the man howled.

"Get up! You actually dared to run away after hit someone!? " a traffic policeman shouted angrily.

… ….

The man did not care about the traffic police, he just tightly hugged onto Chen Wenxuan's leg, and kept crying out that he did not do it on purpose, that his family was poor and had no money.

Being attracted by the man's voice, the nurses on duty all ran over to watch the commotion.

Seeing that there was no way around it, Xia Yu looked at the man helplessly, sighed and said: "Even if your family is in trouble, you should at least negotiate with the victims' families, right?"

"Ah? How are we going to negotiate? Can it be like he doesn't want me to pay for it? "He raised his head and looked straight at Xia Yu, and quickly realized that Xia Yu was not someone related, and looked at Chen Wenxuan again. "Big brother, are you… are you sure you don't want me to take responsibility? "

"There won't be something good like that ever happen on you. You want to run away after hit someone, and you want to be irresponsible for this?" Without waiting for Chen Wenxuan to speak, the traffic police aside spoke out.

But before the traffic police finished his words, the driver had already gotten up and ran away. In a blink of an eye, he was gone.

What kind of person is this? Looking at the empty corridor, Xia Yu felt helpless. Raising her head to look at the traffic police, she said tiredly: "What should we do?"

"This is a hit-and-run accident. We will investigate him and affix his criminal responsibility." The traffic police said, "After being caught, he had no regret at all, and the punishment will be increased because of this. You guys can rest assured, the police will definitely find him and bring him back. Take good care of the wounded, and we'll find the hit-and-run driver. "

It seems there's nothing more they can do. Xia Yu looked at Chen Wenxuan and said: "Uncle Chen is still in the operation room."

Chen Wenxuan lowered his head, and let out a grunt. Seeing the hospital admission ticket in Xia Yu's hands, he extended his hand and took it: "This is my father's hospitalization fee, right? Thank you for paying it for me, I will return it to you another day."

"Let's go see Uncle Chen first. We'll talk about the hospitalization fees later." Xia Yu did not want to speak anymore, so she turned and walked back.

They returned to the operation room and waited. After a while, she raised her hand and looked at her watch.

It had already been so long, why hadn't he come out yet?

Xia Yu was anxiously waiting for the results when her phone suddenly rang.

"Hello?" Xia Yu picked up.

"Xia Yu, head back to the company immediately." The phone call was made by Shen Yan. After throwing those few words, he ended the call.

"Xiao Yu, you should go if you are busy. I'll be fine here." Although Chen Wenxuan did not hear the contents of the phone call, he could guess a little from Xia Yu's expression.

Now that his father was undergoing surgery, even if Xia Yu stayed, she wouldn't be able to help.

"But …" Xia Yu looked at the door of the operation room, thought for a moment and said: "Something happened at the company, I'll come over to visit Uncle Chen later."

Presumably, Shen Qiang already told Shen Yan what happened, but Shen Yan still called him back in such a hurry, there must be something important.

Xia Yu didn't dare to waste even a second and immediately returned to the company.

Before she could even enter Shen Yan's office, she heard Zeng Mina asking Shen Yan with a high-pitched voice, "The Grand design department is discussing business with Chief Chen, what did Xia Yu go there for?"

"Miss Zeng, didn't I explain it to you already? Xia Yu went to get her things, and only chatted a few words with Chief Chen." The one who spoke was Wang Qiaoling, she had never seen such an unreasonable person like Zeng Mina.

So what if Xia Yu ate with them? Had she never eaten with someone from another company? For such a small matter, they even had to cause trouble to the Tengfei.

Wang Qiaoling felt that it was too embarrassing, and did not wait for Shen Yan to speak as she explained.

Shen Yan smiled. His intentions were similar to Wang Qiaoling. Since they were familiar with each other and they just so happened to meet, it was normal for them to have a drink or two.

If such a small issue was pursued, they could only say that there was something wrong with the one who did it.

"Wang Qiaoling, doing business is like fighting in a battlefield. Have you ever heard of it? When you were discussing such an important contract with Chief Chen, you let an outsider casually barge in. If this contract was lost, would you be responsible for it? " Zeng Mina suddenly slapped Shen Yan's desk, pointed at Wang Qiaoling and roared.

"Miss Zeng, please speak logically. Today's meeting with Chief Chen was only arranged to talk about cooperation. Whether or not we can succeed depends on if both sides have the willingness to cooperate. Who can guarantee that we'll succeed?" Wang Qiaoling was infuriated. This person was genuinely baffling.

"Wang Qiaoling, what do you mean? You don't have any confidence, and you're using the company's money to treat them a meal. What do you think the company is?" After Zeng Mina heard Wang Qiaoling's words, she was stunned for a while and became furious later on.


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