Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 115 I“ll look after her
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 115 I“ll look after her

"Mina, what Miss Wang said makes sense. We need to talk business slowly, how can we make a deal simply by a meal?" Shen Yan was also shocked by Zeng Mina's words. Does this young miss even know what she's saying?

Oh, my brother, how are we going to live with this?

Shen Yan was sweating profusely in his heart for his brother.

"Shen Yan, you are the one benefit from this so you definitely would say in that way. Your secretary has already snatched away the deal, of course, you are happy with this. "Zeng Mina has her focus at Shen Yan.

Wasn't she making trouble for no reason? Xia Yu just showed up at the gathering and greeted each other. She did not even mention anything about work, how did she snatch away the business?

Wang Qiaoling was so angry that her entire body was trembling. If she didn't try her best to restrain her impulse, she might have slapped her.

Only now did she understand why Xia Yu would rather be a secretary than stay in Shengda. It was all due to this woman's temper that no one could take it.

"So what if I am the one who asked her to come? You can fire me if you cannot bear it." Wang Qiaoling was agitated that she also scolded at Zeng Mina.

"Shen Yan, you heard it? I can't scold at her even she did something wrong?" Zeng Mina was so shocked that her jaw almost fell off, and people say that Xia Yu was arrogant, turns out that the employees in Shengda are all like this, they just turn hostile towards superior whenever felt unhappy.

Ever since she got engaged with Shen Mo, the young miss had already treated herself as one of the bosses of Shengda. However, the Shengda's staffs did not recognize her and were disgusted for she asked people to do what she thought was right all day long.

Since Wang Qiaoling had already started arguing with her, she did not care about it anymore: " The company leaders will judge whether I did right or wrong. What does it have to do with you, Miss Zeng?"

"You…how dare you to talk to me like that?" Zeng Mina was utterly stunned. If Xia Yu dared to scold at her, it was because she was confident. She didn't place her in her eyes because she knew that Shen Mo doted on her cousin.

Who gave this woman the guts to speak to her like that? Zeng Mina raised her hand and slapped her.

"You hit me?" Wang Qiaoling was also stunned. She naturally covered her face with her hand as tears welled up in her eyes.

"Mina, that's too much!" Shen Yan's handsome face darkened. He knew that Zeng Mina was pampered, but the fact that she was pampered to this extent had truly surprised him.

"Too much? That's mainly because she was not your employee." Once Shen Yan spoke, Zeng Mina was even more confident that Wang Qiaoling was Tengfei's spy. She has the evidence with her, so she was bolder to argue with Shen Yan.

"Impudent, Zeng Mina, get out immediately!" Shen Yan was also furious, what kind of nonsense was this young miss talking about?

"It seems like I have got the point, so you are getting angry because of embarrassment? I won't go out today. Not only that, but I also will tell Old Madame. " Zeng Mina sneered, she had seen how Tengfei dealt with the spies last time.

Whatever, Shen Yan lost the patience to persuade her. He directly picked up the phone to call the security guards.

The secretaries outside were all waiting for Shen Yan to kick her out, they were all watching her make a fool of herself.

Seeing that Xia Yu had returned, Ma Weiwei walked over to her and whispered, "It's been going on for almost an hour already. You have to be careful, I think she's here for you."

Xia Yu knew that Zeng Mina was unhappy and wanted to take revenge. Otherwise, she wouldn't have barged in today. Xia Yu smiled at Ma Weiwei and said: "It'll be fine."

After that, she pushed the door and entered Shen Yan's office.

"How come Miss Zeng said in that way. Both TengFei and Shengda are part of Shen's company. Even if Director Chen cooperates with Tengfei, what losses would the Shen's suffer?" Xia Yu looked at Zeng Mina and said thoughtfully and slowly.

"Xia Yu, since it's like that, you should go to work at Shengda, why did you go to Tengfei?" Zeng Mina was waiting for her. Seeing her come over, she naturally threw the others to the side.

Xia Yu laughed lightly and said: "Whether I am in Shengda or Tengfei, the internal transfer of Shen's staff should be handled by the personnel department of Shen's. Miss Zeng doesn't seem to be working in Shen's personnel department, right?"

"You …" Zeng Mina was instantly speechless from the anger.

Did you feel better now? Shen Yan shot a glance at Zeng Mina and felt like laughing.

However, this was his office after all. As the host, he can't be that rude, right?

He waved his hands towards Xia Yu, signaling her to pull Wang Qiaoling out.

"Xia Yu, go grab some drink with me!" After rushing out of Tengfei, Wang Qiaoling dragged Xia Yu into the taxi: "Sir, Red Lip Bar please."

"Oh, my sister, you still want to drink?" Xia Yu gasped.

"If you're a friend, then speak nothing. If you don't want to go then get off the car."

"If you want to go, then go."

Xia Yu could only sacrifice her life to accompany this princess.

"Why!? Why do they have to do this to me! I feel bad! I feel bad! "

After a cup was finished, Wang Qiaoling began to wail and cry.

She hugged Xia Yu's neck tightly and cried in her arms. Her tears were like broken beads of a necklace as they rolled down her face.

Hearing her wailing and feeling the wetness in her chest, Xia Yu's heart ached. She reached out and patted her back again and again, "Stop crying, and just treat it as her farting!"

"Xia Yu! Why they did this to me! I was working so hard, but I ended up like this. I can't stand with it. "

"Qiaoling, why do you have to lower yourself to a bitch like Zeng Mina? Just ignore her."

Of course, Xia Yu know her temper. Zeng Mina was selfish and meant that she would take revenge on anyone that caused her minor trouble. Since she had set her eyes on Wang Qiaoling today, then Wang Qiaoling would definitely have a tough time in Shengda in the future.

Anyway, she is the future wife of their boss. Although Xia Yu told Wang Qiaoling not to be afraid of her, she was still worried about her.

Wang Qiaoling continued to wail and cry as she vented her feelings. Xia Yu hugged her tightly as she kept consoling her. There were many empty wine bottles on the tea table.

Right at this moment, a phone rang. Xia Yu looked at the phone on the tea table and saw that it was Wang Qiaoling's phone. On it, a caller ID showed that it was Zhang Peng!

Zhang Peng? Xia Yu frowned, she did not want to pick up the call at first, but at this moment, Zeng Mina walked over with two women.

After all, Wang Qiaoling was working at Shengda, Xia Yu felt that it would be better not to start a conflict with her. She quickly reached the phone and pressed the answer button, "Hello, are you looking for Qiaoling? She's drunk. Come over!"

In the black Rolls-Royce, Zheng Peng was holding his phone and listening to a series of heart-wrenching wails, then he frowned.

Hearing that the crying belonged to Wang Qiaoling, his heart tightened.

"Where are you?"

"The Red Lip Bar..."

Xia Yu had not even finished speaking when there was a busy tone, indicating that the call had ended.

At the same time, looking at the phone that had been smashed into three pieces, Xia Yu sighed helplessly. Wondering if Zheng Peng has heard what she had said just now!

"Wang Qiaoling, you really are colluding with Xia Yu. Since that's the case, then go to Tengfei." Zeng Mina sneered.

Wang Qiaoling was a clothing designer, so Zeng Mina clearly showed that she was making things difficult for her.

Seeing that Wang Qiaoling was still crying in her arms, Xia Yu helplessly sighed, and lightly patted her back.

If you're sad, cry out loud. It's better than keeping it in your heart, isn't it?

Ten minutes later, a black Rolls Royce arrived at Red lip. After got off. Zhang Peng frowned as he looked at the scene in the hall.

When he saw Wang Qiaoling and the others, he walked over.

Zheng Peng's face looked solemn, he slightly opened his mouth and spoke in a cold voice: "Miss Zeng, Qiaoling is my friend. If you can take charge on behalf of Young Master Mo, from now on, Qiaoling has officially left Shengda."

Why is Zhang Peng here? Zeng Mina was slightly shocked in her heart.

He was a famous, wealthy junior who relied only on his interests to do things and could do anything for his friends. If anyone offended him, he would never let it go.

"Since she is a friend of Young Master Zhang, let's forget about this matter. However, Young Master Zhang, there is a reason behind this matter. I will explain it to you in the future. But you must believe me, I definitely did not want to fight against her. "Since Zeng Mina didn't want to bring this matter to Shen Mo, she naturally lowered her stance.

Zhang Peng coldly snorted twice, and no longer paid any attention to her.

Zeng Mina felt that it was boring and left dejectedly with the two girls that came with her.

"I can't believe that sister Xia is friends of Qiaoling!" After Zeng Mina left, Zhang Peng immediately switched to a smiling face and explained his relationship with Wang Qiaoling: "Qiaoling and I used to be neighbors, we are just like siblings."What happened just now?"

From Zhang Peng's attitude toward Wang Qiaoling, Xia Yu could tell that they had a deep relationship. Xia Yu completely understood Zhang Peng's explanation.

It was not that Xia Yu was petty or liked to play behind others' back, it was just that Zeng Mina really needed someone to teach her a lesson.

Without holding back, she told Zhang Peng everything that had happened.

At this time, Wang Qiaoling had already stopped crying and fell asleep in Xia Yu's embrace. From time to time, she would even sob, and even after falling asleep, her brows were still knitted tightly!

Seeing her like that, Xia Yu sighed, then carefully stood up and put her down, allowing her to rest on the sofa for a while.

However, just as she got up, the private room's door was suddenly pushed open by someone outside, and then, Shen Qiang walked in.

Looking at the scene in the private room and the empty wine bottles on the table, Shen Qiang frowned: "Sis, you really can drink."

"I didn't have much to drink." Xia Yu laughed, and quickly looked at Zhang Peng: "I still have some matters to deal with, Qiaoling will be depending on you to send her back."

Zeng Mina had just left, of course, she did this for her to see. Wang Qiaoling and Zhang Peng were friends, if Zeng Mina wanted to deal with her in the future, she would have to consider it.

"En, alright!" Zhang Peng nodded and turned to look at the sleeping Wang Qiaoling.

Xia Yu turned her gaze to Wang Qiaoling and frowned: "She was feeling a little depressed today, she just cried for a while, at least she has vented her anger!"

Hearing that, Zhang Peng's face changed, he fell silent for a moment, then nodded: I will take good care of her!"

"Alright, then I am relieved!"

As she said that, Xia Yu carried her bag and directly walked out of the private room. Shen Qiang hurriedly followed behind her, and after he walked out, he didn't forget to close the door.

"Sis, why is it so troublesome?" Shen Qiang muttered in his heart as he was holding the steering wheel.

If granny found out about this, I could not imagine how angry she would be.


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