Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 116 Troubles Really Come
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 116 Troubles Really Come

"It's all because Old Madame asked your second brother to manage the charity donation this time and she was discontented about not letting your big brother manage it." Xia Yu heaved a sigh of relief, seeing Shen Qiang's face filled with worry, she said: "I think today's matter is Zeng Mina's personal action, it shouldn't be a big problem."

"We can' tell yet!" Shen Qiang let out a long sigh, "Sis, you don't know that although charity donation is a good deed, it is not practically meaningful nor considered as an achievement. But ever since my grandfather and my two uncles died, my grandmother had set up a fund to help people in need, and it was initially held by her only followed by my big brother. Although she didn't say that the one who held the fund would be the future master of Shen's family, at least the one would be someone of great importance in Shen's family. "

So that was the case, no wonder Zeng Mina went crazy.

"It is a small matter that she messed around, what I'm worried about is that Jiang Yayan will use this opportunity to mess with the second brother." Shen Qiang's face revealed a look of worry. That woman was the second brother's biggest weakness.

"She is indeed troublesome. Yesterday, I had already asked Zhang Peng to watch her." Xia Yu reached out her hand and grabbed slightly on Shen Qiang's arm.

"I hope it works!" According to past experience, Shen Qiang was not optimistic.

However, it was still better to have someone kept an eye on her than nothing. Just tried our best and waited for the fate to judge.

While they were talking, Xia Yu's phone rang. It was Liu Sijie who called: "Xia Yu, where are you? Hurry back to the company and stop Jiang Yayan and her son as soon as possible. Don't let her enter the company. "

What a coincidence! Just talked about her, and she appeared instantly.

Xia Yu acknowledged and hung up the phone, then said to Shen Qiang: "Return to the company, hurry up."

"What's wrong, Sis?" He heard something, but not very clearly.

"Jiang Yayan is going crazy." Xia Yu exhaled, but even Zhang Peng was unable to stop her. Xia Yu was genuinely puzzled.

"Damn it!" Shen Qiang scolded. He did not care if it is forbidden that he immediately took a U-turn and the car head straight to the company.

When they almost arrived at the company, Xia Yu saw Jiang Yayan holding Jiangjiang's hand from far away.

"Stop the car, I'm getting off here." Luckily, they did not enter the company yet. Xia Yu heaved a long sigh of relief.

When Shen Qiang's car stopped, Xia Yu immediately went straight to Jiang Yayan and her son.

"Auntie Xia!" Jiangjiang had sharp eyes and immediately saw Xia Yu. He struggled out of his mother's hands and ran towards Xia Yu.

Xia Yu stepped down and picked him up, giving him a kiss on his little face: "Why are you out of the hospital?"

"Mom said she wanted to take me to see dad!" Jiangjiang was very excited when he thought of how he was going to see his father soon.

"Is that so?" Xia Yu smiled at Jiangjiang and raised her head to look at Jiang Yayan.

Jiang Yayan looked at Xia Yu, and she knew that meeting Xia Yu here could not be a coincidence, she knew it well: "Don't think of stopping me, or else I will shout here!"

"Alright, shout, shout out loud! As long as you shout it out, you and he will have a result immediately. "Xia Yu slightly laughed and said calmly.

"You …"

"I've seen people whose heads are filled with water, but this is the first time I've seen someone as stupid as you." Xia Yu laughed coldly and continued to speak. "Isn't half million a month too much for you?"

"Pah! My Jiangjiang is the eldest grandson of the Shen's Family, only giving a half million to us seems like a treat to a beggar!" When the topic came to living expenses, Jiang Yayan finally exploded.

"You still have a half million. If you drag him down, do you think anyone would give you even fifty thousand?" Xia Yu glanced at her, patted Jiangjiang who was frightened and said: "Other than him, is there a second person in Shen's Family who would admit that the child belongs to their family?"

The eldest grandson…how dare she even think about it!

"..." Jiang Yayan was speechless, it was only after a long time that she said, "But he has to see the child!"

"There are a lot of reasons for not seeing the child. You can't say that he doesn't have the child in his heart simply because of this. If it's like that, can you still show off in S City without worrying about food or clothing?" Xia Yu glanced at her, her tone revealing impatience.

What Xia Yu said was reasonable, if Shen Yan really did not want to take the responsibility, there were plenty of ways to deal with her. Would they still have the chance to mess with him? It was just that Jiang Yayan was not satisfied, after all, she had a son.

Jiang Yayan's expression was seen by Xia Yu, and it could be said that she was taking the initiative, "Madame Jiang, please forgive me for my bluntness, you wanted to force him to marry you, but your situation is so special. And you used the wrong method from the beginning, which has led to your relationship getting worse and worse. From a woman's point of view, I advise you to think carefully about it, after all, Jiangjiang is still his eldest son. If he can control the entire company, who will have the chance to take over his job in the future, I believe you know the answer. If you block this road, not to mention he will hate you for life, and most possibly, even the child will not forgive you. "

Jiang Yayan's body could not help but sway a little, and her complexion had also become deathly pale. Shen Yan was their only reliance. Without him, would they still have a relationship with the Shen's Family? It had to be said that Xia Yu had grasped the critical point of her.

"Auntie is a bad person, you bullied us like everyone else." Seeing her mother's expression, Jiangjiang swatted Xia Yu, wanting to escape from her embrace.

Jiang Yayan hurriedly walked forward to catch the child: "Jiangjiang, Auntie Xia did not bully us. She did this for our good."

"Is that so?" Jiangjiang turned to his mother in confusion. She was already crying, why is Xia Yu doing this for them?

"It's like this!" Jiang Yayan vigorously nodded her head, "It's because your father still has some important matters to deal with, so we cannot see him for the time being. Let's return first, and wait for your father to finish the important matters and come to find us."

Xia Yu was different from the other secretaries. Jiang Yayan really did not dare to instigate a negative image of Shen Yan in front of her.

Jiangjiang turned around and looked at Xia Yu: "Auntie, is that right? Will Daddy really come back to see us? "

"Father will definitely go to see Jiangjiang, as long as Jiangjiang is obedient!" Xia Yu touched his head.

Sister Xia was pretty good, she had settled Jiang Yayan with just a few sentences. Shen Qiang had thought that they would quarrel, and he had already thought of several countermeasures, but in the end, not a single one had been used.

Jiang Yayan came to find Shen Yan anxiously. She was more afraid of causing a ruckus with Shen Yan than anyone else.

Carrying her child, she quickly walked back. It was as if someone was chasing after her.

She didn't dare to stop until she made a turn at a cross. She leaned her back against the wall and panted heavily. She didn't usually feel it, but running for a while with a child in her arms is really tiring.

"Look at you. If the others don't know anything, they might think that the mistress has met the wife, and was taught a lesson by the wife." Zeng Mina suddenly appeared in front of her, and she was looking down on her.

Suddenly hearing someone speak, Jiang Yayan was startled, she raised her head, and seeing that it was Zeng Mina, she could not help but blush.

Although Jiang Yayan hooted in front of Shen Yan's secretary, she was just pretending to be tough. If she really met someone like Xia Yu, she would immediately wilt.

At the very least, a mistress would still have the love from the husband, but she was not even a mistress.

She knew her own abilities but being slapped in the face, she could not stand on, "Well. How come Miss Zeng said this? If you are not afraid of her, why did you not even participate in Tengfei's audition?"

A single sentence caused Zeng Mina speechless for a long time.

While Zeng Mina was stunned, Jiang Yayan quickly carried Jiangjiang and left. Zeng Mina was not someone nice, she might argue with Jiang Yayan after she realized it.

Damn Xia Yu, even a woman like Jiang Yayan, dared to tease me, I swear that I won't let you off.

Zeng Mina's face instantly distorted and her hands were tightly clenched.

Jiang Yayan did not dare to cause trouble, but was there no one else that might cause discomfort to Shen Yan? With Shen Yan's dissolute personality, he has lots of problems that might be accused by others. Xia Yu, you could only wait to see Shen Yan make a fool of himself.

After taking a few deep breaths, Zeng Mina then turned around and walked away.

"Sis, what are you looking at? Are you still worried that Jiang Yayan will come and cause trouble? " Shen Qiang frowned as he looked in the direction that Jiang Yayan had run in. Even he was worried, not yet to mention Xia Yu.

"No, I feel that Jiang Yayan was very strange!" Xia Yu looked to be deep in thought. No matter how she looked at it, Jiang Yayan was not a reckless person. How come she would try to do something irrational like this?

"This woman is crazy. You still use common sense to measure her? It's getting late, let's go back." Shen Qiang thought that he understood Jiang Yayan better than Xia Yu, so he said rudely aside.

Xia Yu nodded and followed Shen Qiang to get into the car. Afterward, she sent Liu Sijie a message and explained the situation over here.

It seemed like Jiang Yayan was still a little afraid of Xia Yu, why not let her kept an eye on Jiang Yayan tomorrow? Liu Sijie suddenly thought of this and sent a message to Xia Yu.

What Liu Sijie worried about was rational, so Xia Yu nodded and agreed.

In a luxurious private club on the outskirts of S City, the spacious balcony on the top floor was set up as an aerial garden with at least a thousand square meters. Unfortunately, the weather these days was not good, so for the sake of the guests' comfort, the organizers spent a considerable amount of money on building a shack on it by using insulated glass.

The rest were extremely luxurious as well. The band from abroad was costly, and it took a considerable sum to invite celebrities for entertainments. There were expensive carpets under people's feet that cost around a few hundred thousand, and crystal lamps that cost around millions above people's head. Even the cups you might casually take to drink with were all handmade products from a specific studio.

This was the upper-class society. There was a group of wealthy people wearing professionally customized clothes that cost almost several hundred thousand and jewelry that might require millions. They basically had luxury lives, but tonight, they all gathered here for the same purpose.

What for? Charity!

This was a charity auction hosted by the Shen's family, Shen Yan usually wouldn't like this kind of circumstances which is full of hypocrites. He believed that genuine kindness comes from the bottom of the heart and not showing off. Shen Yan didn't want to socialize with these people, but because of his identity, he had to participate.

It wasn't easy for him to endure until the end, and everything went smoothly. Shen Yan asked Liu Sijie to take care of the rest and was going to leave.

"Young Master Yan!" A sweet voice of a woman came from behind him.

Shen Yan could not help but frown and turned around.

"You're leaving just like that?"

"It's about time. I still have things to do!"

The woman raised her eyes and said coquettishly, "So quick! You didn't even greet me when you saw me!"

Shen Yan laughed: "Miss Bai has always been the focus under this kind of circumstances. Seeing that you have so many people surrounding you, I wouldn't go over to disturb you!"



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