Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 117 Would You Let Her Be with Me?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 117 Would You Let Her Be with Me?

Miss Bai, namely Bai Hong, was the young miss of the Bai Qi Group, as well as Zhang Peng's fiancée. The Bai and Zhang families were both top-ranked business tycoons in S City. They had a lot of business dealings with each other, so their engagement was also for mutual financial gain.

She and Shen Yan were both players, so it was reasonable for them not to interfere with each other.

Although Shen Yan had a good relationship with Zhang Peng, he still kept his distance from this Miss Bai.

However, Shen Yan was the dream lover in S City. Although the Bai Family and Shen Family were both famous in S City's business circles and Miss Bai was also a remarkable young lady in S City, she still liked to get close to Shen Yan. However, Shen Yan was utterly uninterested in her.

Today, as the host, Shen Yan had to give some face to Bai Hong, which was why he spoke a few kind words.

These words were beneficial to Bai Hong, she immediately beamed with joy. "Young Master Yan, you are an interesting person and have a way with words, no wonder so many girls like you." As she said that, she was about to reach out her hand to grab him, but Shen Yan immediately moved his body subtly to the side in an ingenious manner.

"Miss Bai, you're too kind."

"How could that be? My eyes are very accurate. You are a gentleman, and you're considerate of ladies, but unfortunately … " Bai Hong curled her lips. She originally wanted to say "It's a pity that I'm already engaged", but after thinking for a moment, she didn't say anything. She then took out a name card from her golden bag.

Shen Yan glanced at her name card and did not accept.

"Take it, you bad guy!" She raised her eyebrows and stuffed the name card into Shen Yan's hands, seizing the opportunity to rub his chest: "Remember to look for me, idiot!"

Shen Yan: "..."

"Miss Bai Hong!" Someone in the crowd called out to her, and suddenly, Baihong's playful expression turned into a docile one.

"Director Luo, I'm here!" She lifted the hem of her skirt and left. Before she left, she didn't forget to give Shen Yan a flirtatious glance.

Shen Yan felt his scalp go numb, he looked up, Bai Hong was already leaning on Luo Jiancheng's shoulder, but she was tall and slender, while Luo Jiancheng was short and fat, she was half a head taller than him, so the two of them standing together was not in sync.

"You've recently become someone with a heavy taste!" Shen Qiang was tired from playing at the party, he suddenly came out of nowhere, and patted her second brother's shoulders.

Shen Yan squinted at him: "What do you mean?"

Shen Qiang glanced at the name card in his hand: "How can you fancy such a coquettish and lowly woman?"


"Looks like you've been single for too long. Now your taste for women changed day by day. I feel that it would be better if Qingqing were your girlfriend! "

Shen Qiang had always been sarcastic. Shen Yan spat: "Don't mock me!"

"Are you angry?"

"There's something wrong with you!"

"Who are you speaking for? The fake white face or the siren? " The more Shen Qiang said, the more excited he became.

Shen Yan glared at him: "You just have problems!"

"Tsk tsk … You're really angry."

As the two of them were arguing, another person came over and said, "Second Young Master Yan."

Shen Yan frowned even more. He actually really hated being called that. It was Okay to call him by name or by the name of "Young Master Yan", but what did the word "second" mean? The meaning behind it was that he had always been inferior to Shen Mo.

"Director Luo." He turned around and greeted Director Luo. In a second, he had smoothed out his displeasure, and by the time he turned around, he was back to be a gentleman.

Luo Jiancheng and Bai Hong walked over with their arms crossed. He took a glance and confirmed that there was no one behind Shen Yan. Since the last time he was beaten up by Shen Yan, this was the first time they had been so close to each other. "Old Madame and your brother didn't come?"

"They're both busy. I'm here on their behalf."

"That's true. I heard that you guys want to develop that land to the north, Old Madame must be very busy, but I'm a little curious about the fact that Young Master Mo is not here, he has always been passionate about this kind of thing! "

What Luo Jiancheng said was right, five years ago Shen Mo had already engaged in philanthropy, and in recent years he had even appeared frequently in various public welfare undertakings. The number of his donations was also tremendous, and some media even called him "living Buddha".

Shen Yan couldn't help but sneer in his heart, "He's not feeling too good these past few days, which is why he's absent."

Luo Jiancheng glanced at Shen Yan. He knew that these two brothers had always been at odds with each other, so he did not ask anymore.

"He is not feeling well, and everyone can understand his absence. Furthermore, Second Young Master Yan has bidden and bought a bracelet on behalf of the Shen Family. "

"I am only doing my best. I am not as generous as Director Luo!" Shen Yan said as he shifted his gaze to Bai Hong's chest. On her chest was a necklace, and the pendant was a large sapphire blue diamond. This was what Luo Jiancheng had bought from the auction. He placed the necklace on her neck right away.

Ah, luckily Zhang Peng had promised Xia Yu to look at Jiang Yayan for her if he were to see this scene, who knows how he would feel.

The corner of Shen Yan's lips curled up, revealing a ridiculing expression.

Shen Qiang turned his head to the side, afraid that these messed up things would dirty his eyes.

Bai Hong not only did not feel that there was anything wrong with it, but she was also actually very pleased with herself as she caressed the pendant with her fingers, "Director Luo has always been a kind person. He always says that the poor kids in the mountains don't eat well nor wear warm clothes, so he always comes to the charity auction. I like this necklace, but Director Luo has already won the bid, so I can't fight with him for it. He knew my birthday is coming, so he gave it to me as a gift. "

Bai Hong's voice was soft and sexy at the same time. If it were anyone else who didn't understand the situation, they would think that they were a loving couple. In fact, one of them had a wife and child, while the other had been engaged for several years. Even more absurd was the fact that this woman had just flirted with other men a few minutes ago.

Shen Qiang stuck out his tongue non-stop from behind.

Shen Yan only laughed and did not speak. He had seen too many of these people since he was young. They were all pretentious, hypocritical, and good at acting.

"Alright, since Young Master Mo isn't here, I won't disturb you guys anymore. Goodbye!" Ever since Luo Jiancheng had been beaten up by Shen Yan, on the surface, he had to respect him, but at the same time, he was afraid of him, so Luo Jiancheng bid farewell and prepared to leave.

Bai Hong took the opportunity to wink at Shen Yan when the man beside her didn't notice, and Shen Qiang, who was standing behind him, almost vomited blood.

After the two of them left, Shen Qiang bared his teeth and said: "Was Zhang Peng foolish or blind? Does he plan on marrying a woman like Bai Hong?"

Shen Yan: "..."

Shen Qiang suddenly laughed and said, "However, my sister is different. She was not only beautiful but also affectionate. Second Brother, you have to do your best. "


"Just pretend you don't understand!" Shen Qiang said in disdain.

Shen Yan laughed: "If I don't pretend, can you let her be with me?"

"Young Master Yan can even say something like that? Is there something wrong with my ears? " Shen Qiang looked at his second brother in shock.

"Fuck you!" Shen Yan shook his head and was about to leave.

"Why is Bao Na here? Did you invite her? " Shen Qiang pulled at his second brother's bow.

Shen Yan looked towards the direction he indicated. Amongst the crowd, Bao Na was in a white dress and holding onto Chen Wenxuan's arm.

"Why are those two here?" Shen Yan couldn't possibly give them an invitation. There was only one possibility as to why they were here, and that was that they had paid a high price for the invitation from someone.

"Which two?" Shen Qiang deliberately asked.

Shen Yan frowned: "Chen Wenxuan and Bao Na!"

"They're going to get married soon, and the wedding invitations are out, don't you know?"


"The wedding is in the next few days. Chen Wenxuan's father also came, but he was hit by a car. I wondered if the wedding could still be held as scheduled … Where are you going?" When Shen Qiang was talking nonstop, Shen Yan had already turned around and left.

Shen Qiang chased after Shen Yan by a few steps.


Shen Yan was gone.

Shen Qiang could only stroll around alone. Before he had even taken two steps, he heard that Zeng Mina and Qingqing were talking, "Your votes are temporarily behind in the audition. You and Shen Yan have truly broken up? "

Qingqing's slightly frowned and replied in a low voice. "It's not as serious as you think."

She was angry about the audition, but she had made a mistake. Her attitude was not firm enough, so she accepted Yu Gongzi's gift, the BB cream.

Master Yu was such a bastard, he actually framed her.

Shen Yan was someone who especially cared about his reputation. This time, he did not directly announce the truth and only made Qingqing apologize, which was already giving a face to her foster father.

Right now, Qingqing's only thought was how to make Shen Yan change his mind. She didn't care about other advertisement or things related to work.

Is it not about the audition? Zeng Mina sized her up with suspicion in his eyes: "Then what did he do to you?"

After all, Zeng Mina was an outsider so she couldn't tell her.

In the beginning, Qingqing had relied on her godfather and did not think much of it. When she got home, her mother said she was ill-advised, and she didn't take it to heart. Only when she saw Shen Yan ignore her in front of her did she feel that something was wrong and began to think of a way to remedy the situation. But Shen Yan was cold to her.

Now, when Zeng Mina tried to ask her about the reason, she found it hard to say. She felt that she was extremely arrogant before, but now she felt too awkward.

Qingqing's expression changed a few times, then replied: "I was wrong with that matter, I really didn't do it on purpose."

Hearing that, Zeng Mina immediately said: "Don't be anxious, give him a call, explain everything clearly."

Can it really be as simple as you say? Then do I need to nag you now?

Of course, Qingqing could only say this to herself in her heart. Zeng Mina was Shen Yan's future sister-in-law. If she were to say it out loud accidentally, and Shen Yan knew about it, wouldn't Shen Yan say that she was too emotional?

"I've explained it, but that bitch Xia Yu sowed discord between us, and Young Master Yan was at her most enraged." Qingqing could not continue. Xia Yu was only a secretary, she had been dumped by her boyfriend a while ago, and she still didn't have a new boyfriend. She was a psychopath so she would do some bad things to destroy other people's relationships.

With someone like Xia Yu by Shen Yan's side, no matter how Qingqing tried to explain, it was useless.

Hearing Qingqing mentioned Xia Yu, Zeng Mina could only shut her mouth.

She was good-looking and had a high education. The most important thing was, Shen Yan liked this type of girl.

Did Zeng Mina dare to say that Xia Yu was not good?

Zeng Mina did not speak. Qingqing was anxious. She looked for Zeng Mina with hope, and it wasn't because she only wanted her to be a listener.

"Miss Zeng, everyone says that the Young Master Yan trusts you, so I will have to ask for your help on my matter with Young Master Yan." Qingqing never thought that she would come to plead with Zeng Mina one day, but for Shen Yan's sake, she could only do this.

Zeng Mina looked up at Qingqing with a serious expression: "Qingqing, when did he trust me? You still think so? Let me tell you this, yesterday, Shen Yan asked the security guards to kick me out of the company because of that woman. "

"Really?" However, Qingqing must do something. The way that slut, Bai Hong, looked at Shen Yan was obviously abnormal. If she still did not do something, there would really be other women who would snatch Shen Yan away.

Zeng Mina patted Qingqing's shoulders in sympathy and comforted her: "Miss Qingqing is smart. You will definitely find a way to make Young Master Yan forgive you. But …"

Zeng Mina wanted to say something but hesitated.

"Miss Zeng, just say it directly." Qingqing was in a terrible mood today, and now that Zeng Mina had stopped midway through her sentence, she became even more annoyed.



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