Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 120 - The Greatest Hero
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 120 - The Greatest Hero

If Shen Qiang knew that he bet about his family's matter, he would have directly smashed his head. Zhang Peng didn't even dare to think about it, so he said, "I just think that it's impossible for Uncle Qi to eat with Auntie Shen."

"It might be a little difficult, but they are a family after all. Sooner or later, they will sit together." Xia Yu didn't think so. Only because she said that Director Qi immediately apologized to his son.

In other words, he had always been looking for a way out of this predicament. Even though the idea she had given him was far-fetched, he still accepted it gladly. Wasn't he just looking for a way to settle with his family?

Now that even Shen Qiang was willing to guide them through, Xia Yu was more optimistic than Zhang Peng.

"Sister Xia's words are reasonable, if the family is really at peace, you and Shen Yan would be the great heroes of the Shen's Family." Zhang Peng squinted his eyes slightly.

"I don't dare to take credit." She had scolded Director Qi today, and she felt fortunate already that he did not find trouble with her.

"I'm serious, if it weren't that Shen Yan was hosting the charity, Wu Qing wouldn't have begged Uncle Qi to come over. If they didn't come, Shen Qiang wouldn't have shown his might, and if he didn't show his might, Hong Yu wouldn't have called you either …"

"Alright, that's enough! Are you going to go see Jiangjiang, or go home? " Xia Yu interrupted him.

After accompanying them for the entire night, Zhang Peng wasn't so stupid to go back and listen to their nagging again: "I still have other things to do, where are you going, I'll send you there first."

"Go to work if you need to. There's still a lot of works to do to clean up the mess here. I have no idea how long it will take. I will just take a taxi back." Shen Yan had already gone, and Shen Qiang was leaving with his father. How could Liu Sijie deal with all of these messes? Since Xia Yu had come, she naturally had to help.

"Alright, I'll go now!" Zhang Peng waved goodbye to Xia Yu and turned to leave.

When Bai Hong aside saw Zhang Peng, she immediately let go of Luo Jiancheng and chased after him.

Even though they had agreed not to interfere with each other's private life, they were, after all, engaged. Since they met at this kind of occasion, they naturally had to return together, or else others would think that something was wrong between them.

But Zhang Peng did not seem to notice her, and directly drove away.

"Miss Bai, Mr. Zhang seems to have been affected by someone, you have to be careful." Wu Qing glared fiercely at Xia Yu, but Shen Qiang was already about to get angry, she wondered what kind of medic has she given him that made Shen Qiang called his father ‘Dad' when he came over rather than arguing.

How hard it was for her and her mother to separate them! It was entirely ruined by this woman. Just thinking about it made her feel unhappy. She wanted to look for trouble with Xia Yu, but she didn't have any evidence, so she pulled on Bai Hong's and wanted to make Bai Hong hate her as well.

Bai Hong naturally saw that Xia Yu and Zhang Peng had come together, and because of the intimate relation between Zhang Peng, Shen Yan and Shen Qiang, and there has been such a big mistake at the end of the charity meeting, it was reasonable for Xia Yu to call Zhang Peng here to pacify Shen Qiang.

The most important thing was that although Zhang Peng was a playboy, Shen Yan had warned him before, he could not touch Xiao Yu.

Although he did not say that Xia Yu was his woman, Zhang Peng was not stupid, so he naturally understood what he meant.

Wu Qing was so angry, if it was not jealousy, what was it? Since you're jealous, is there a need for me to be jealous as well? Bai Hong laughed, pretending to be very generous: "I trust them very much, but Miss Wu must be careful, she's the most popular person to Young Master Yan."

"I have nothing to do with Young Master Yan!" Wu Qing hurriedly denied it.

"Is that so? It's best if it's true. If it isn't, then you are in trouble." Bai Hong walked past her with a smile.

Want to make fun of me? You, Wu Qing, are not qualified.

Stupid and arrogant woman, laugh it off, laugh it off when she was in bed with him, it will be too late for you to regret.

Wu Qing scolded Bai Hong in her heart. When she turned around and saw Xia Yu's back, her beautiful face turned sinister, and her hands unconsciously clenched tightly.

It seems that she couldn't continue pretending. He had to show this scene to his uncle. Shen Yan took out his phone and recorded it. Immediately, he sent it to Director Qi.

He even added something along: Uncle, everyone knows that you have spoiled the mother and daughter from Wu's family, so after all these years, no one dared to persuade you to settle with little Qiang, just in case that they would take revenge. Xia Yu has offended Wu Qing today, so you need to ensure her safety.

Shen's family could not hate this pair of mother and daughter to this extent, how could they tried to make up any reason to accuse them at any time? At that time, Director Qi's face did not look good, but after looking carefully at the video, his heart tightened.

Wasn't this child's expression too terrifying? Anyone who saw this would feel scared.

Seeing that Shen Yan was so protective of Xia Yu, it seemed that he had fallen for Xia Yu. Speaking of this child, she was indeed far better than Qingqing. As an elderly, Director Qi also wished Shen Yan to find a girl with a better personality.

Director Qi mistook Wu Qing's hatred towards Xia Yu as jealousy, and he quickly replied: Don't worry, I won't interfere with your private matters. If Wu Qing is taking revenge on Xia Yu because of me, I will be the first one not to let her go.

Having your promise is great. Shen Yan kept his phone and entered the charity hall from the backstage.

Of course, what happened at the charity scene also quickly spread to the ears of the Old Madame and Shen Mo.

It could be called as a successful event that it has gathered a load of money and supplements. It was only a bit troublesome that things happened in the end, which was the incident between Director Qi and Shen Qiang.

Old Madame pursed her lips and did not speak for a long time.

Shen Mo also frowned and was speechless for a long time.

"Young Master Mo, if your aunt's family makes peace because of this, I think their entire family will be extremely grateful to Xia Yu." Zhang Hanyu understood Director Qi and Shen Yang so well.

After being divorced for so many years, they had never been kind to each other. However, they had always been single. It wasn't that they didn't have anyone who liked them, but rather that they couldn't let each other go.

However, they were all people who wanted to be respected and were waiting for the other party to come to a compromise. Now that Director Qi had let go of his pride, it was only a matter of time before their family reunited.

Xia Yu encouraged Shen Qiang to save his father, and since she was a perfect friend of Shen Qiang, it was sure that he would be grateful.

This woman really knew how to meddle in other people's business!

Shen Mo exhaled and asked: "Last time you said you would talk to Xia Yu, what did she say?"

Zhang Hanyu laughed bitterly: "I haven't arrived. Young Master Yan had already arrived."

"In other words, you didn't have the chance to speak." Shen Mo laughed again. That brat had his eyes on her too tightly.

"However, Xia Yu will be attending the celebratory feast." Zhang Hanyu thought he had given the invitation to Wanru and wondered if she had given it to Xia Yu yet. It seemed like he has to ask her about this.

Shen Mo nodded and did not say anymore.

His aunt and uncle's matter had always been his grandmother's biggest worry. If they really settled, wouldn't grandmother trust Shen Yan even more? No, I have to do something!

Shen Mo had something on his mind, so he didn't even notice when Zhang Hanyu left.

Zhang Hanyu also noticed that something was wrong, he immediately called Wanru on the way.

Wanru looked at the invitation in her hand as she calculated in her heart.

If Xia Yu were really fell with Zhang Hanyu, he wouldn't be unable to deliver an invitation letter. That meant they didn't have anything to do with that. Zhang Hanyu had been looking for Xia Yu for business only.

Wanru thought of Zeng Mina, who had instigated her several times to deal with Xia Yu. If Xia Yu really went to Young Master Mo, wouldn't Zeng Mina grab this chance to keep accusing Xia Yu?

Thinking about everything that had happened since she met Xia Yu, Wanru felt that it was like they were pushing her into a fire pit.

"Did you send the invitation to Xia Yu?" Wanru had not spoken for a long time, Zhang Hanyu became anxious.

"She's our friend!" Wanru finally spoke.

Zhang Hanyu was startled and quickly said: "It's because she is our friend, so I have to invite her. What are you thinking about?"

"You know what Zeng Mina did." Wanru looked at the invitation letter, she said, "This is the first time you've asked me to do something. I'll definitely give her the letter, but I sincerely hope that you won't do anything that will let your friend down."

"Don't worry, why would I do that? You can come along and watch over her when the time comes." Zhang Hanyu didn't think that she would see him like that and was extremely angry in his heart.

What the hell was that woman's brain filled with all day long? He really wanted to take her to the hospital and find out if there was anything wrong with her mind.

"I won't be coming over. Tomorrow, after I send the invitation letter over, I'm going to Qing Hai." She sighed. After all these years of watching on him, she was exhausted. She wanted to rest.

"Go to Qing Hai?"

"For traveling, I've already booked the plane ticket."

"Have fun." It was also good if she went out to relax. Zhang Hanyu had always wanted her to go for a walk, and it was rare that she finally let it go.

"Hmm, don't just focus on your work. Pay attention to your health as well." After saying a few words, she hung up the phone.

She didn't even realize that she hadn't quarreled with Zhang Hanyu today, and could actually speak for more than ten minutes.

She put down the phone and lay down on the bed. Wanru has suffered from insomnia these days, and it's getting worse before she went to Qinghai, she called the psychological clinic where she had been to last time.

"Hello, Doctor Zhou?"

"Hello, may I ask who you are?"

"I came to your clinic about a month ago. I wanted to make an appointment to talk to you."

"Sure, after 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon."

Wanru thought about it, "There might be a problem. I have to catch a plane tomorrow night."

The other party paused for a moment, Wanru answered immediately. "Can I do the same as last time? I'll come and find you earlier in the morning."

"Last time?" The other person paused, then asked, "Can you tell me your name? I'll check your last visit. "

"Qin Wanru!"


"My name."

There was a long silence on the other end of the line, but soon there was rustling like flipping pages.

"Doctor Zhou? Are you still there? "

"Yes, then I'll wait for you at the clinic at eight tomorrow morning."

Wanru hung up the phone, Dr. Zhou used his hand to rub his forehead. The Longyan Fragrance in the small incense burner at the end of the table was almost burnt out. He used tea to extinguish the incense. He stared at the medical records in front of him "Qin Wanru, 28 years old…" The above sheet contained her basic information, and he flipped back to the first diagnosis: "There was a history of depression two years ago, improved after treatment, but recently insomnia became more severe, dizziness, vomiting, and long-term sexual anorexic."

Dr. Zhou looked at the records and then covered the censer with his hand.

So, he really had met her before. No wonder the name sounded familiar.

Wanru had fallen asleep at almost two o'clock that night and woke up around five o'clock the next day. Can you feel the pain of a person who has been deprived of sleep for a long time? She stayed up all night as if she had thought over everything she had experienced throughout her whole life. She felt as if her brain had been crushed by thousands of men and horses, but when she tried to grab onto something, she found that there was nothing.


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