Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 121 Wanru“s invitation
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 121 Wanru“s invitation

She tossed and turned on the bed for a while. She couldn't sleep anymore, so she sat up and lighted a cigarette.

After she had smoked two cigarettes, the sky began to get bright. First, there was a vibrant blue color. Then the color faded and a white color came out. A beam of light could be seen in the clouds.

She believed it was going to be good weather, and sure enough, when she stopped the car at the clinic door, she saw the sun peeking out, casting a few rays of light on the moss on the steps.

It was nearly eight o'clock, and there was no one behind the information desk. Wanru could only go in from memory of her last visit. She had to walk through a corridor, which was made of old bricks, with patches of moss in the cracks. The walls were gouged out with random little squares, each with a pot of green plants. All of them were of different shapes and colors, but all were growing well.

With plenty of time, she called Xia Yu and told Xia that Zhang Hanyu asked her to deliver the invitation to her.

The fact that Zhang Hanyu could hand over the invitation to Wanru meant that the relationship between this couple had already improved. Xia Yu was pleased, and she even said a lot of words with encouragement on the phone.

Wanru wasn't as happy as Xia Yu. She had met Zhang Hanyu for a longer time than Xia Yu and knew him better. She believed that the reason that Zhang Hanyu asked her to send the invitation to Xia Yu was merely to prove that there was no affair between him and Xia Yu. He wanted to tell her that if she wanted to ask Xia Yu about something, she could do it directly but stop doing anything embarrassing.

Speaking of the relationship between Xia Yu and Zhang Hanyu, Wanru was really in a dilemma. All these years, the rumors regarding Xia Yu and Zhang Hanyu had never ended. She had hired private detectives and had personally followed them. It didn't seem right to say that they didn't have any feelings of each other. But they had been keeping as friends all the time. She had spent a vast sum of money on this spy. To fill the enormous deficit, she could only save for her life.

She had also sworn not to watch over Xia Yu anymore. But once she heard of any news about them, she would become sensitive, and her heart would immediately turn upside down. She finally knew that she got an illness.

She took a deep breath, and her gaze once again fell upon the unique scenery here. She was also curious when she came here for the first time. This was not what she expected a psychological clinic to be. At least she hadn't seen any other clinics that had so many different types of plants.

After walking along the corridor for a while, she turned a corner and stood at the door of the consultation room.

She knocked on the door and soon heard a response.

"Come in!" She heard a man's voice which was low and magnetic.

She pushed the door and scanned the room. The consultation room was empty. The treatment room was inside, like a suite, with the door ajar. She walked further in, pushed open the door, and was in a room facing south, with large windows on the floor, and a small basin of green plants on the windowsill overflowing with sunlight. In the corner, in front of a wooden rack stood a man, half-bent over an incense that was almost burnt out from a censer.

"Doctor Zhou!"

The man turned back, holding a pair of scissors in his hand. The sun was shining through the window, he was standing there by the shadows.

"Here you are!" His voice was still calm when he said, "Take a seat, please. I'll go over once I'm done." Then he turned around again and cut off the almost burnt-out incense sticks. When he was doing this, he kept grabbing onto the center of his brows with a serious facial expression. Finally, he brushed off all the ashes from the incense that had fallen to the side with a small brush and covered the censer with the lid. Then, he turned around, smiled at Wanru and said: "Sorry to have you wait!".

Only at this moment, here came the picture. Wanru stared at him. His facial features were soft with a pair of glasses; he wore a light ink-colored sweater. He was tall and thin, and from his looks, he was still very young, but why did he give off a feeling of old age?

"No, I am earlier," Wanru replied.

Doctor Zhou put the scissors aside and wiped his hands.

"Let's go outside and have a chat."

Wanru was in a daze. She first heard the chirping of birds outside the window, followed by her breath. She felt a light fragrance lingered around her. When she opened her eyes, it was dim in the room, for the curtains had been drawn.

Seriously, how did she fall asleep? Wanru got up immediately; there was no one in the room. Only the censer on the wooden shelf was emitting white smoke.

She tidied up her hair and went out. Doctor Zhou was standing in front of the file cabinet, his brow still furrowed, he seemed to be looking at something important.

"Doctor Zhou!"

Doctor Zhou turned around. "You wake up?"

"Sorry, I just fell asleep."

Wanru looked at a clock on the wall. The needle pointed to twelve o'clock, which meant that she had slept for at least three hours.

Doctor Zhou smiled. "That's normal. You're not the first one who falls asleep here."

"…", Wanru didn't know what to say.

Embarrassed, she ran her hand through her hair.

Doctor Zhou walked over and asked, "How do you feel?"

"Not bad!"

This was the truth. Wanru couldn't sleep for most of the night; the few hours of sleep were filled with nightmares. But just now she felt that she had slept deeply with no dreams at all. This was unbelievable.

Doctor Zhou nodded his head. "The fact that you can sleep means that your condition isn't that bad. You need to adjust your mood and take fewer sleeping pills; otherwise, you will become dependent on the medicine."


Wanru went outside to pay the fee for this consultation and cure. Passing by the corridor, she saw the lush moss and green plants again. The leaves were stained with water. Someone must have just come to water them.

This scene inexplicably made her feel very at ease. That sort of vigorous peace of mind had been absent for many years.

"Doctor Zhou..." She went back the way she came.

There was a patient in the room already. Seeing Wanru standing at the door, Doctor Zhou asked: "Miss Qin, is there anything else?"

"I'm flying to Qinghai tonight and will be there for about a week. Do you have time after that? I'll come back to you then. "

Doctor Zhou smiled gently. "Sure. You can make an appointment with my assistant. She will help you."

Wanru nodded her head and smiled at him for no reason, "Alright, I'll see you in a week then!"

Hearing her voice, the patient turned around to look at her, then quickly turned back without interrupting her conversation with Doctor Zhou.

When Wanru was about to leave, the patient asked Doctor Zhou, "Was that Miss Qin named Qin Wanru?"

"Mrs. Jiang, you know her?" Doctor Zhou asked.

"She is the wife of the Golden Alliance's President Zhang. I saw her in some public places before, but I didn't expect her to be your patient, too." Madame Jiang looked towards the door again.

Wanru heard their conversation; her body seemed to pause slightly, but she did not stop, nor did she turn around.

Madame Jiang seemed to be a little familiar face, she must have seen her before.

But Wanru couldn't remember where.

She did not deliberately think about it. In the past, she would often accompany Zhang Hanyu to attend boring banquets, so it was not strange that she could have met her before. She stood on the doorsteps for a moment, looking up. The midday sun was shining, birds were chirping to her ears, and moss was strewn all over the walls and crevices, and behind her, the walls were covered with green vines, which looked even more vivid and hopeful in the sunlight.

This was the first time in almost two years that she had a feeling of wanting to see tomorrow's sun. She could not help but took a deep breath, feeling extremely comfortable.

She took out her phone and called Xia Yu, set a place to meet, then she went there directly.

Since Wanru called Xia Yu early this morning, Xia Yu was always expecting to receive Wanru's messages. There weren't too many things to do today. She only had a discussion with Shen Yan on several contracts.

Shen Yan noticed that Xia Yu was keeping looking at her phone, so she asked: "A date?"

"Indeed. Mrs. Zhang said that she is going to travel around to relax and would like to have a meal with me before she leaves." Of course, Xia Yu couldn't say that Wanru came to give the invitation letter to her. Zhang Hanyu didn't plan to invite her, if he knew that she was going to take the invitation herself, Zhang would be so angry that he would vomit blood.

Mrs. Zhang was really interesting. She secretly watched over Xia Yu but now wanted to ask her out.

Shen Yan really suspected that she had some sort of personality disorder. Just as he was about to say something to Xia Yu, her phone rang, and Shen Yan swallowed the words that were about to leave his mouth.

Xia Yu thought it was Wanru. She looked down and saw that it was Chen Wenxuan calling.

She picked up the call right in front of Shen Yan: "Wenxuan?"

"Xiao Yu, my father wants to meet you!" Chen Wenxuan said.

Xia Yu couldn't react in time, "Ah?"

Chen Wenxuan repeated once.

"Eh?" Xia Yu then reacted, and asked: "Is Uncle Chen's body alright?"

"The doctor said that he has to undergo a second operation. For the time being, his life is out of danger." Chen Wenxuan roughly explained his father's situation.

"I was about to come and visit Uncle Chen, but I was a bit busy these two days, so I get delayed. I'll come and see him later." Xia Yu had a good impression of Chen's father.

Furthermore, the fact that he was injured had something to do with Xia Yu.

"I know you're busy, and I've already explained it to my father. However, he's a patient now, so I have no choice but to tolerate him and to disturb you." Chen Wenxuan said politely.

"Not at all. I should go visit him." After chatting about Uncle Chen's condition for a while, Xia Yu hung up the phone.

Shen Yan asked: "Chen Wenxuan's father wants to see you?"

Xia Yu laughed, nodded and said: "Yes."

"Don't say that I didn't remind you. I feel that Chen Wenxuan is not a simple guy to you." Shen Yan felt that it was necessary to remind Xia Yu.

Shen Yan had an instinctive aversion and deep-rooted disdain towards Chen Wenxuan.

"He's about to get married. You're overthinking." Xia Yu pushed open the door and walked out of Shen Yan's office.

After work, Xia Yu bought some nutrition products and went to the hospital.

Perhaps it was because of the surgery, Uncle Chen looked pale in his face.

But after he saw Xia Yu, a smile appeared on his face: "Xia Yu, glad to see you."

"Uncle Chen, you've suffered a lot." Xia Yu passed the gift she brought over to Chen Wenxuan who was standing by the side and walked over to the bed.

"As long as you can make up for your relationship, my suffering is worth it." Father Chen was obviously very excited, and kept chattering without stop, "Xia Yu, you don't know, when Wenxuan told me and his mother about your relationship, we two were so excited that we didn't sleep for an entire night. I know Wenxuan has let you down. Wenxuan, come over and apologize, and ask for Xia Yu's forgiveness."


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