Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 122 Face-to-face Provocation
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 122 Face-to-face Provocation

Chen's father stared at his stunned son, urging him to come over.

"Xia Yu, I …" Chen Wenxuan looked at Xia Yu in embarrassment, not knowing what to do.

Xia Yu also did not know what to do, so she quickly said: "Uncle Chen, don't mention that. Wenxuan's going to get married. He and Bao Na are very affectionate."

Chen Wenxuan's father waved his hand, indicating Xia Yu to stop saying that. "Would I not know what kind of temperament my son has? Xia Yu, you're the only one Wenxuan has in his heart. I know, I implicated Wenxuan. If I were capable, he wouldn't have been so foolish to choose Bao Na. However, now he knows he did the wrong thing. Wen-xuan, come to tell Xia Yu that you know you were wrong."

Xia Yu was worried that he would be too agitated and this would do no good for his health. So she continuously winked at Chen at the side.

Chen Wenxuan probably did not expect his father would react like this. After being stunned for a while, he walked over and said with a smile: "Father, look, how bad you scared Xiao Yu."

"You silly boy, why don't you come over to say something? Ah yes, you should take Xia Yu out for some drink." Chen's father urged his son at the side.

"All right, all right, I'll take Xiao Yu out now." Chen Wenxuan said while giving Xia Yu a hint to follow him out.

Xia Yu took the opportunity to leave the inpatient ward. When they were downstairs, she said to Chen Wenxuan with a smile: "You should go back to company your dad. He is alone upstairs."

He did not doubt that he would be scolded by his father if he went back now. Chen Wenxuan smiled and said: "Xiao Yu, let me treat you dinner. Thank you for helping send my father to the hospital."

"No, thanks." Xia Yu did not want to have any unnecessary trouble that would cause Bao Na to be jealous.

"Xiao Yu, just consider this as a way to get rid of my father's worries." Chen Wenxuan hurriedly said.

Xia Yu was also not an unreasonable person, but she really had something to do today. "Any other day but today. I have an appointment with my friend."

"Xiao Yu, when did we become so distant?" Chen Wenxuan thought that Xia Yu was per-functory, so he felt quite disappointed.

"Actually, it was made long ago, with President Zhang's wife!" Xia Yu had lost all the af-fection on him since a long time ago, but since she used to have a relationship with him, she did not want him to be her enemy. Thus, she explained to him.

Seeing that Xia Yu was not lying to him, Chen Wenxuan felt much better.

There was a café beside the hospital. Chen Wenxuan suggested that they take seats for a while.

Xia Yu could not refuse but followed him. Fortunately, she did not sit there for a long time before Wanru gave her a call. She quickly said to Chen Wenxuan: "I have to leave now. Uncle Chen is up there alone. You should go to accompany him."

"I'll take you to the taxi." Chen Wenxuan walked to the crossing and tried to get Xia Yu a taxi.

Just then, a taxi passed by. The driver saw Chen Wenxuan was beckoning to him, so he stopped.

Xia Yu walked over.

Chen Wenxuan reached out and roughly held her shoulders, allowing her to get into the taxi. He said, "I won't send you off today. We'll meet another day again."

This was actually a normal move. However, someone who was scheming saw this scene and took a photo by the way.

Of course, Xia Yu did not know about all this. She got into the car and rolled down the window, waving to Chen Wenxuan. At this moment, the driver drove away.

However, the moment Xia Yu withdrew her gaze, she seemed to see Zeng Mina's beau-tiful face was smiling coldly.

Why was she here? Xia Yu turned her head and saw around carefully, but she did not see her.

Maybe she saw wrong. Xia Yu did not care about it as she took out her phone and read the news.

In fact, Xia Yu was right. Zeng Mina was really there and took an "intimate photo" of her and Chen Wenxuan and gave it to Bao Na.

A few days ago, she asked Bao Na to go against Xia Yu, but the latter didn't dare to do so. She wondered if Bao Na would still bear it when she saw this photo. Zeng Mina thought about how Bao Na would jump into a rage from seeing this photo, so her mood immediately became much better.

As Zeng Mina's expectation, Bao Na nearly exploded when she saw the photo. She called to Chen Wenxuan immediately and scolded him severely. She even threatened that she would go to the hospital and get an abortion.

Chen Wenxuan apologized for half an hour before she cooled down a little and let Chen Wenxuan go.

However, it did not mean that this matter would end like this. The main culprit, Xia Yu, had not received the punishment that she deserved. So Bad Na wouldn't be content with it anyway.

It seemed like she had been too merciful last time. Otherwise, why did Xia Yu not learn a lesson at all? This time, Bao Na was determined to make Xia Yu remember the experi-ence. She asked two more helpers to search for Xia Yu everywhere.

Xia Yu strolled along the street with Wanru. Then they sat in a restaurant to have a rest.

When Wanru had finished the order, she smiled at Xia Yu: "That dress really fits you. Why didn't you buy it?"

Xia Yu sipped water and looked at Wanru, saying: "Chen Wenxuan's father had a car accident and went to the hospital. Unfortunately, that driver was too poor to pay the medical bills. I happened to be there and helped him with the bills. So, I have no money to buy clothes now."

Chen Wenxuan did say that he would return the money to her, but his father's injuries were so severe, so he probably wouldn't be able to return her money in a short time.

"What? Xiao Yu, why are you with him again? " Wanru looked at Xia Yu doubtfully.

She couldn't have so quickly forgotten how that man treated her? She seemed to be quite smart, but why was she so muddleheaded on such a crucial thing?

"No, that's not the case." Xia Yu told her that Chen Wenxuan's father came for her but got hit by a car on his way. "Although it was an accident, it still has something to do with me. How can I ignore it?"

Wanru was stunned for a moment. It was so coincidental that he had a car accident. In that situation, even if she were in Xia Yu's shoes, she would probably make the same choice.

"Is he okay?"

"Quite bad. I went to see him in the morning and was told that he needed a second op-eration." Was it said that misfortunes never came singly? Chen Wenxuan was not rich and was going to get married soon. The wedding ceremony and feast would cost a lot, but unfortunately, he ran into such a matter.

"What?" Wanru didn't expect that. She couldn't help but shout in shock.

Wanru forgot they were in the restaurant now. Her loud voice immediately attracted the attention of other customers.

"Keep your voices down!" Xia Yu quickly reminded her.

Wanru also found that everyone was looking at her. She nodded before looking to Xia Yu and saying: "Xiao Yu, I know you have always been loyal to your friends, but Chen Wenxuan has already broken up with you. What happened to his family has nothing to do with you!"

It wasn't that Wanru had no sympathy. She also heard about how Chen Wenxuan and Bao Na treated Xia Yu before.

It was better to stay as far as possible from people like them.

Xia Yu nodded and said, "I know …"

"What are you two girls talking about? Would you like to tell me?" A soft voice suddenly sounded from their back.

Xia Yu's expression suddenly got stiffened as she looked straight at Wanru and her eyes narrowed.

It seemed that what happened now just proved what the saying went. You should never talk about people during the daytime, while you should never speak about ghosts during the night.

Seeing that Xia Yu's expression was a little unnatural, Wanru raised her head and looked to her back, only to find three fashionable dressed girls standing behind Xia Yu.

They were all good-looking, except for their smoky makeup and black eyeliners that made them look like pandas.

Especially Bao Na, she stared straight at Xia Yu's back. Her lips circled up in ridicule, indicating that she wanted to do something malicious.

"Do I know you before? Why should I tell you?" Wanru instinctively came to hate them. She always had a prejudice against those who destroyed other's relationship.

Bao Na gave a glance at Wanru and turned her gaze back to Xia Yu. She mocked and provoked: "You should ask Xia Yu what did she do."

Hm? What did she do?

"She can do whatever she wants. What does it have to do with a passerby?" Wanru did-n't buy it. She retorted with a firm tone.


Wanru's words displeased Bao Na, but she was Zhang Hanyu's wife after all. Although they were divorcing now, they were still a couple. Before they got divorced, Bao Na still had to give a face to Zhang Hanyu.

Furthermore, today, she came to Xia Yu. She had no time to care about others right now. Bao Na let out a heavy snort, and pointed straight at Xia Yu: "Are you scared? Don't think that you can get away with it just by pretending to be deaf and dumb."

Xia Yu was confused about why Bao Na knew what she did not know? Xia Yu turned around. She really wanted to know what it was.

"Xiao Yu, why do you waste your time with her?" Wanru advised at the side.

Xia Yu's back was facing Wanru when she stared straight at Bao Na and coldly said: "Bao Na, just tell me what it is!"

Bao Na's lips curled up as she put a mocking smile on her face. She looked at Xia Yu with disdain: "Shame on you! You know that I'm going to marry Wenxuan, so you begged Wenxuan and got nothing from that. Therefore, you turned to our father who was going to attend our wedding. You must have pushed him down when he didn't agree to help you. I think that is why he got hit by the car, isn't it?"

How could she make up such a story? It was a pity that she didn't be a writer.

In her eyes, she was such a heinous and wicked woman?

"Bao Na!" Xia Yu was so angry that she stood up abruptly. Her eyes seemed to spit fire as she stared at Bao Na. Her small hand clenched into a fist in anger.

Because of Chen Wenxuan, her relations with Bao Na had always been deadlocked. She knew that Bao Na didn't like her, actually so did she.

However, no matter how much she disliked her, she shouldn't have created something out of nothing.

"You are ashamed into anger because I revealed what you're thinking? Wow, look at your face. Your face's so red that it seems to explode. Why are you looking at me like that? So? Do you want to hit me? " Bao Na said in disdain.

"Bao Na, don't be mindless!" Since she was pregnant, Xia Yu could only tolerate her helplessly.

"You're the mindless one. Your mom is the old mindless, so she gave birth to the little mindless." Bao Na seemed to know Xia Yu's scruples. Especially, she hated most to be said she was mindless. What was more, it was Xia Yu who said it. So she retorted imme-diately.

Bao Na could argue with her, or say some harsh words to her. However, she shouldn't even scold her elders.

Xia Yu was so angry that her eyes turned red. She pointed at Bao Na and said, "You apologize to me!"

"Ha-ha …" Bao Na laughed. This was what she wanted. Xia Yu was so angry that she stamped her feet, but she still did not dare to do anything to her.

Having achieved her goal, she was delighted. She didn't even care how many people were looking at her in public. She used malicious eyes to stare at Xia Yu and said word by word, "Why should I apologize to you? Who do you think you are? Even the man you like doesn't want you anymore! Poor bastard!"

Bao Na took advantage of her pregnancy. Last time, she beat Xia Yu so severely that she got a bloody nose and a swollen face. This time, she wanted to do the same thing again. She came over while waving her arms.

However, she made a mistake this time. If she had only insulted Xia Yu, that would be fine, but she even scolded Xia Yu's mother. How could Xia Yu endure this?

"Pah!" Xia Yu's mind was controlled by anger instantly, and she even forgot that Bao Na was pregnant. She fiercely slapped Bao Na on her face! The slap made her palm numb.


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