Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 123 Getting a Powerful Man to Bail Them Ou
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 123 Getting a Powerful Man to Bail Them Ou

"My god!" Surprising shouts sounded in the restaurant.

Xia Yu's gaze was cold as she looked at Bao Na who was covering her face with her hand. "Listen, Bao Na! You thought you tried so hard to push me out and so you would win? You were wrong! I don't even care to compete with you! As for you and Chen Wenxuan … I have to say that you two are perfectly matching. I gave him up to you! "

Bao Na had never seen such an imposing Xia Yu before. She was completely stunned.

It was lunchtime, but there was no sound at all in the restaurant. Everyone was looking at Xia Yu's table, and some of them even took out their phones to shoot videos.

The two girls behind Bao Na initially wanted to give a hand. However, when they saw Xia Yu's cold gazes that were as sharp as knives, they became a little scared and did not dare to step forward.

Bao Na slowly turned her head while covering her face. She stared at Xia Yu viciously and said word by word. "Xia Yu, how dare you hit me?"


Xia Yu stared at Bao Na coldly.

How dared she? It was not enough yet.

"How dare you?" Bao Na subconsciously repeated. The hatred in her eyes became stronger and stronger as she stared straight at Xia Yu: "who the fuck do you think you are? You dare to hit me!"

Bao Na scolded in anger and was about to rush forward. She raised her hand to hit Xia Yu, but just then, a cup of tea was precisely splashed over Bao Na's face.


Bao Na screamed as she covered her face. The tea was somewhat hot.

Xia Yu was stunned and turned to look at Wanru.

Wanru stood straight and placed the teacup on the table with force. She stared fiercely at Bao Na as she roared: "You won't do that again, will you!"

Wanru had tolerated her for a very long time. She had never seen a woman as shameless as Bao Na.

Since you stole other's boyfriend, you were supposed to keep a low profile!

However, Bao Na was always fussing, seeming to want everyone to know. Wanru didn't realize why Xia Yu had to tolerate Bao Na, but she couldn't stand it anymore.

At least, Bao Na should not make an unreasonable scene in front of her.

If it were not Wanru, Bao Na would have already tried all means to blackmail her. However, it was Wanru. She knew this woman was desperate and reckless if she freaked out.

Facing such a woman, Bao Na couldn't do anything to her. She covered her face and screamed in pain. Meanwhile, she shouted in a loud voice that she would call the police.

She didn't dare to confront them straightly, but now she was hit. Furthermore, she was pregnant. She believed she had every reason to do that, so she shouted louder and louder.

Hearing that Bao Nan would call the police, Xia Yu got a little panicked.

What she was worried was not that Bao Na would call the police, but Wanru. Zhang Hanyu was always annoyed that Wanru lost temper regardless of the occasions. Their relationship was getting better lately. Xia Yu was worried that what happened today might…

However, Wanru didn't care. It was not the first time she was sent to the police station. She laughed coldly and waved to Bao Na contemptuously, "You want to call the police? Do it! Everyone's watching! "

She looked as if she would make the call for Bao Na if Bao Na would not. So it had finally provoked Bao Na's potential violence.

You deserved it!

OK. Bao Na sneered and quickly dialed 110.

In the end, Xia Yu, Wanru, Bao Na and the other two girls were all brought into the police station.

Xia Yu and Wanru were in one room, while Bao Na and the other two girls were in another place.

Soon after that, Xia Yu heard the sound of hurried footsteps outside, together with Bao Na's mother's voice. She was clamoring that she would deal with Xia Yu and beat her to death.

"Holy crap! As it's said, a crooked stick will have a crooked shadow. The daughter can't tell black from white. It seems what mother she has really mattered."

Hearing this, Wanru in the room was furious. She stood up and was about to rush out, but then she was stopped by a policeman.

"Sit there!" The policeman said.

Wanru looked at the policeman who had a severe expression and bit her lips. Then she sat down on the stool unwillingly.

Outside the door, the policeman was snapping at Bao Na's mother, and she stopped shouting. A few minutes later, the sound of footsteps faded away. Then there was complete silence.

"Sister, you've always been tolerant. What happened to you today?" Xia Yu sat beside Wanru and asked softly.

Wanru did hate the third person who destroyed another couple's relationship, but she had never got angry with anyone else other than those who were suspected of having affairs with Zhang Hanyu. Probably she was under too much pressure recently that she lost control.

"It depends. Bao Na's really looking to get knocked on her ass. If you don't show her a little bit of strength, she'll trouble you all the time. " Wanru hadn't been so released since a long time ago. She even felt a little regretful that she hadn't spilled the tea on the other two girls as well.

All right. But the price for being released was high. Xia Yu looked at Wanru and could not help but laugh.

"Don't laugh. That's what I want to do." Wanru asked her not to laugh, but she could not help but laugh instead.

The two of them laughed for a while. Then Wanru asked, "Xia Yu, you aren't someone who's easily bullied by others. Why were you restraining yourself in front of Bao Na? It can't be that you still have Chen Wenxuan in your heart, is it?"

Xia Yu sighed and shook her head: "How can that be? I'm not so stupid to think about him after what he did. That's too ridiculous. It is that Bao Na is pregnant. I can't lower myself to argue with a pregnant woman."

Bao Na was really her nemesis. She had been bothering with Xia Yu since they were at school. Nobody knew if her marriage with Chen Wenxuan would put this to an end.

Wanru nodded and understood. Xia Yu even dared to diss Mrs. Shen. Would Bao Na be her rival?

As they were chatting, the policeman walked over and said, "Those girls over there have been bailed out. Are you going to live here?"

Indeed, they couldn't take this place as their home.

Wanru said to Xia Yu: "I'll call Zhang Hanyu to come over and bail us out."

If he had not asked her to send the invitation to Xia Yu, they would not have met Bao Na. He started it, so he should come, or no one would.

Xia Yu grabbed her hand instantly, "No. President Zhang will definitely be unhappy to know that we are in the police station again. Let's think of another way."

Xia Yu was afraid that Wanru and Zhang Hanyu would bicker for this. She was thinking about whether she should call Liu Sijie or Shen Qiang. In the worst case, she could call her cousin.

The young policeman saw that they had still not made a decision after discussing so long. He shook his head and said, "I can't believe that you two are the first to set fire. You'd better quickly find someone to bail you out. When they called Miss Zeng, it'll be hard for you to get out of here."

There was a reason that the young policeman wanted to inform Xia Yu secretly. Just now Madame Bao came over. She shouted and yelled. Because she was not pleased that her daughter was in the detention center. Seeing that a young policeman received her, she naturally gave no respect to him and asked him to apologize to her daughter.

It was justified that a policeman did his official duty. The young policeman did not agree to Madame Bao's unreasonable requirements, and Madame Bao was enraged. She took advantage of the power she had and claimed that the young policeman had mistreated Bao Na. She even clamored that they would go to the hospital to do medical checks when they got out. If Bao Na were fine, then she would let it go. Otherwise, she would charge the little policeman and make him lose his job.

The young policeman was so angry that he almost vomited blood, but as a law enforcer, he could not lower himself to argue with an old woman. However, because of this, the balance of his sympathy clearly sloped to Xia Yu and Wanru's side.

It seemed that Xia Yu saw right at that time. Zeng Mina was really near the hospital. No wonder that Bao Na came over to make troubles for her.

After knowing the reason, Xia Yu realized who was the right choice to bail them out. She smiled at the young policeman at the side, saying, "Thank you. We are in a society ruled by law. If Zeng Mina violates the law, she will be punished by the law as well. I don't believe that she's able to keep us here for the rest of our lives."

The young policeman smiled and said, "Yes, they can't do that, but they can still find faults with you and let you stay here for a few more days. After all, this is not a good place. You'd better get out as soon as possible. "

Wanru agreed with the policeman. She was going to fly to Qing Hai soon. She didn't want to miss her plane. So she took out her phone again, "Let me give him a call."

"No need. It's safer to call Young Master Mo to bail us out." Zeng Mina was powerful. She might put them into the police station again with a call if someone unimportant came to bail them out.

Xia Yu felt that it would be safer to find someone with more power than Zeng Mina.

"Young Master Mo?" If Xia Yu chose Young Master Yan, it would make sense. However, she chose Young Master Mo.

Young Master Mo was really the one she could use?

"Yes!" Xia Yu nodded with certainty.

She took out her phone but didn't immediately make a call. Instead, she sent a message to her friend, telling him to see what Bao Na was doing after she left the police station.

In about five minutes, her friend replied. He told her that Bao Na had called Zeng Mina and reported that she had brought Xia Yu to the police station.

Zeng Mina was also overjoyed. She told her that the reporters had already been ready, and asked her to go to the Wanxiang Hotel now. She also requested Bao Na to speak as what she said to her.

All of this was like what she had expected. Xia Yu's lips curled up as she dialed Shen Mo's number.

"Who did you call to bail you out?" The policeman suspected that he heard her wrong.

In S city, everyone knew Shen Mo who was a rich and powerful man that nobody would offend.

However, this girl in front of him actually said that she asked Shen Mo to bail her out.

He really hadn't thought that she was related to Shen Mo.

Shen Mo was sitting on the sofa at the Wanxiang Hotel. A few politicians walked over with smiles and chatted with him.

As Shen Mo's secretary, Xiang Hui naturally could not avoid the people who came to curry favor with him. In fact, many presidents did not dare to get to Shen Mo directly, so they tried to flatter Shen Mo through him.

Xiang Hui put a smile on his face but became more and more impatient in his heart.

The phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated. Xiang Hui raised his glass to beckon the man in front of him: "Excuse me."

He walked to a quiet place and picked up the phone. Two minutes later, he hung up with a frown and walked quickly into the hall.

Shen Mo leaned on the sofa emotionlessly while his slender fingers were slowly shaking a glass of red wine. He was emitting a dangerous aura.

Xiang Hui walked over, bent down and whispered to Shen Mo, "Young Master Mo, something happened."

Shen Mo frowned. His eyes that were as sharp as eagle's eyes stared at Xiang Hui gloomily.

Xiang Hui said a few words in lip language to Shen Mo. Shen Mo's eyes darkened as he placed his wine glass on the table and stalked outside.

"I'm sorry everyone. Young Master Mo has to leave now." Xiang Hui nodded to the directors around him and immediately followed along.

Their figures quickly disappeared from the hall. It attracted quite a few attention.

"Secretary Xiang, what happened to Young Master Mo?" Zhang Hanyu held on to Xiang Hui.

"Something private. Not a big deal."

Xiang Hui smiled with a meaningful glimmer flashing in his eyes.

Zhang Hanyu's wife was also in the police station now. However, since they were currently divorcing, it was not suitable to tell Zhang Hanyu about it. So Xiang Hui could only vaguely reply.


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