Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 124 We could only be friends
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 124 We could only be friends

Xiang Hui did not say it clearly, and Zhang Hanyu could not continue asking. He watched them enter the elevator before going back.

After getting downstairs, Shen Mo got in the car: "What's going on?"

Xiang Hui turned his head and replied, " Young master Mo, Miss Xia got into a fight with someone. Now she's in the police station."


Shen Mo was tugging his tie and then suddenly stopped. He frowned as he stared at the secretary Xiang Hui.

Miss Xia, Xia Yu?

Wasn't she Shen Yan's secretary? Even if she wanted some help, she should ask Shen Yan. Why did she tell him?

"Xia Yu just sent us the records of the conversation between Miss Zeng and Bao Na. From the conversation, it's not hard to tell that Bao Na making things difficult for Xia Yu and Mrs. Zhang was Miss Zeng's idea." Xiang Hui explained.

Mrs. Zhang, Qin Wanru?

Was she also involved in this?

Couldn't Zeng Mina keep quiet for a while?

The adultery thing already made Shen Mo very awkward. It had only been a few days, and Qin Wanru was involved in it. Yes, Zhang Hanyu did not like her anymore. However, as long as they did not get divorced, she was Mrs. Zhang.

Didn't Zeng Mina know that Zhang Hanyu was working for him? She had used his wife several times, and now she sent her to jail.

Shen Mo held his phone tightly, and his handsome face was full of anger: "I don't care what method you use. You must make sure that the news of Qin Wanru being in the police station with Xia Yu will not be reported by the media."

"Yes, I'll do it right away."

"Call the police chief."

"Yes, sir!"

Xia Yu never thought that she would be released by the Police Chief himself. There were a few men in black suits waiting for her outside the police station, and there were a few cars.

Xia Yu looked at them. She did not know them at all until the police chief smiled obsequiously and said: "Miss Xia, please pass my greetings to Young master Mo. I will pay a visit to him another day."

The eldest young master's prestige was much higher than the second young master. No wonder everyone was trying so hard to flatter him.

At this moment, Xia Yu had regretted more or less.

If she were to show her sincerity to the eldest young master now, would he still accept her?

Xia Yu thought in her heart.

"Sis, get in the car." Shen Qiang walked over with a smile. Only she had the guts to bother the eldest brother.

"Then we'll go first." Xia Yu looked at Shen Qiang and said to the police chief.

The eldest young master personally made a phone call, and the third young master came to pick her up. Miss Xia was not an ordinary person.

The police chief was deeply shocked by this scene.

"Miss Xia, Mrs. Zhang, take care!" The police chief bowed and scraped.

She dared to ask Shen Mo for help. Wanru thought with her lips trembling. Then she wanted to get in the car.

"Wanru, didn't you say you were going to Qing Hai for a tour? I'll drive you to the airport." Zhang Hanyu also came, he stopped Wanru when she was getting in the car.

When the police chief saw that another critical person had arrived, he couldn't help but say a few words of greeting.

After politely talking with the police chief for a while, Zhang Hanyu left with Wanru.

"You can't blame me this time, and it was you who asked me to send an invitation letter to Xia Yu. I also didn't expect that Zeng Mina would treat her like this." This time, Wanru was utterly innocent, and she was dragged into it. The police statement could prove it.

Zhang Hanyu exhaled and said: "Yes, you are innocent. It's my fault."

Indeed, he was the one who asked Wanru to do it. What else could he say?

"Hanyu, I know you like Xia Yu. If you want her, I'll give you a chance." After a moment of silence, Wanru suddenly asked.

Zhang Hanyu did not expect Wanru to say this, but he did not avoid the question. He smiled and said: "Do you know why I like her?"

He admitted it so readily. She thought he would cover it up. Although she had prepared for this, she still felt upset.

"Why?" Wanru turned her head to look at Zhang Hanyu, but quickly retracted her gaze.

"Don't you think that she's very similar to the former you?" Zhang Hanyu was still looking ahead.

The former her? Wanru thought in her heart. Undeniably, Zhang Hanyu was right. The old her was just like the current Xia Yu, who had hopes and treated the relationship seriously.

Zhang Hanyu was not a legal child, and his mother died with hatred. Even on the day of his mother's death, his father didn't show up to see her at the hospital, nor did he attend his mother's funeral.

Because they committed a promise that they had to keep their relationship a secret, he had to do this because of the family business. Therefore, Zhang Hanyu hated his father for so many years. He refused his father's help and finally made his fortune.

This was what Wanru admire and love him the most. She thought they would be together forever but never thought that their marriage would come to an end so soon.

She had always thought the other girl was powerful, but she didn't know that she was the one who had changed a lot. "I will sign the paper as soon as possible."

She felt pain in her heart, but she still spoke out these words that she thought she would never say in her life.

"Why are you so anxious to break up with me?"

"Xia Yu is a good girl, and there must be many guys chasing after her. Since I am prepared to give you two a chance to be together, I won't eat my words."

It was he who wanted a divorce, right? Now he achieved his goal and started to act pretentiously. Wanru had lived with him for a long time and didn't know he was pretentious.

"If you're trying to give us a chance by divorcing me, I don't think it's necessary. Because we can't be together." Zhang Hanyu shook his head and said.

"Can't be together?" Wanru was stunned. "Then why do you say you like her?"

"If I marry anyone I like, there will be many wives."

"You …"

"All right, forget it. Enjoy your travel." Zhang Hanyu did not want to think about it anymore.

Did she misunderstand them? Wanru was in deep thinking.

Zhang Hanyu left after seeing Wanru passed the security check. It would be hard to say that he didn't have any feeling of a girl like Xia Yu. However, at that time, Xia Yu had Chen Wenxuan by her side, and now, she had Shen Yan.

He had a wife who was pestering him, and he would never know what she was going to do.

Therefore, this was the best situation for him and Xia Yu.

Xia Yu didn't know what Zhang Hanyu was thinking, and she only saw him come and pick up Wanru. This surprised Xia Yu. The couple was unpredicted. A few days ago, they fought each other to death, and now they made up.

After all, this was a good thing, and Xia Yu was happy for them. She got in the car, and the cars quickly started. Xia Yu quietly sat on the back seat, the phone in her hand suddenly vibrated.

Chen Wenxuan!

He still dared to call her. How could he not be afraid of Bao Na?

Xia Yu looked at the flashing words on the screen. She frowned and hung up.

At the entrance of the police station, Chen Wenxuan looked at the phone.

Initially, he did not dare to come over after being scolded by Bao Na.

However, his father still wanted him to bail Xia Yu out. His Father felt that Bao Na's temper was too bad; she did not even respect his son.

They were not married yet, but his son had suffered a lot. What would happen if they got married?

However, Xia Yu was different. She had already broken up with Chen Wenxuan but still sent his father to the hospital and paid the medical fees. Father Chen did not have a good education and could not speak of beautiful words, but he knew one thing: you should marry a good girl.

Chen Wenxuan was afraid that Bao Na would be angry, but he was also fearful that his father would be unhappy. Furthermore, Bao Na scolded him in his father's ward, and this made him ashamed in front of his father.

Therefore, when his father asked him to bail Xia Yu out, he came over very quickly. However, he didn't expect to see such a scene.

It seemed that he and Xia Yu couldn't be together again. While he was looking at the phone in his hand, his lips curled up with a bitter smile.

All in all, it was all his fault. What else could he say?

Seeing Chen Wenxuan standing there in a daze, an officer said: "Mr. Chen, your friend has been picked up and left."

The officer said a few times before Chen Wenxuan managed to react. His eyes flashed and put the phone back into his pocket, forcing out a smile: "Sorry to trouble you, officer."

"My pleasure." The officer smiled and said, "Your friend was fortunate. I heard that Young Master Mo called the chief personally."

Furthermore, the Third Young Master had come to pick her up personally.

Chen Wenxuan's expression was stiff for a moment, but he quickly recovered from it. He smiled at the policeman and said: "Thank you for telling me this. I have something to do, and have to go now."

Chen Wenxuan turned and walked out with his eyes suddenly turning cold.

He swore to himself that one day, he would make his fortune and tread all those rich second generations who had looked down upon him underfoot. He would let Xia Yu see it, that he, Chen Wenxuan, was indeed a talent, and he deserved her love.

He liked Miss Xia, right? The policeman looked at Chen Wenxuan's back and heaved a long sigh. Miss Xia had a friend like Young Master Shen, how could she put a person like him in her eyes?

In the car, Xia Yu looked at Shen Qiang: "I haven't seen you in the past two days. What are you busy with?"

Even if Xia Yu didn't ask, Shen Qiang was prepared to tell her everything that had happened in the past two days. When he saw she take the initiative to ask him, he immediately smiled like a flower. "There isn't anything I can be busy with but accompanying my parents."

After being inspired by Xia Yu, that night, Shen Qiang went home and asked his family to eat together.

Shen Yang was unwilling to show up because she didn't want to lose face, but Shen Qiang forced her to come. She was only showing up because of her son, and Shen Qiang only planned to sit with mother and daughter of Wu Family for a while and then leave.

Who would know that mother Wu and her daughter did not give up and secretly ran over to spy on them? They were found out by Shen Qiang. Even if it were to piss them off, Shen Qiang would present a good show.

He called his mother and his father intimately, and his parents were deeply moved. Especially Qi Guogang, seeing that Shen Yang did not walk away, he was thrilled and eager to please her.

In the end, of course, they were happy together. The mother and daughter, who were secretly watching from aside, were so jealous that they nearly vomited blood.

Shen Qiang thought that this was not a bad idea, so he asked his parents out for a few times. His original intention was to humiliate the mother and daughter of the Wu family, but he never thought that his parents' relationship would get improved. And now, his parents could smile and greet each other.

This was something that Shen Qiang had dreamed of for many years. Initially. He was worried that his grandmother would be unhappy, but she praised him for his sensible behavior.


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