Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 125 I“ll give you an answer
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 125 I“ll give you an answer

"Sis, my dad said that we should thank you because of this." Shen Qiang said emotionally as he put a hand on Xia Yu's shoulder.

"I don't dare to take credit for this. It is because of the belief that your families share. That is, you don't want to leave one another." Thinking about that his families fought with each other not long ago and now they made up, Xia Yu was also surprised.

Although she was surprised, she was thrilled to see Shen Qiang being happy, and immediately congratulated him.

The people of Shen Mo left after they sent them to Shen Yan's villa. Once Xia Yu got out of the car, she rushed to her room and turned on the computer.

Since her friend said that Zeng Mina had contacted the media, she wanted to see what they said. She thought that the video of her conflict with someone must have been posted online, but after waiting a long time, she still couldn't find any news about the fighting, making her feel quite puzzled.

Just as she was searching the news, there was a knock on the door. She raised her head and looked at the door, and Shen Qiang had already opened it.

Xia Yu looked at the tray that Shen Qiang was holding, there was a bowl of hot porridge, a plate of pickles and an exquisite spoon on it.

"Give it to me." Xia Yu reached out and took it over.

Xia Yu carried the tray and walked inside. Shen Qiang closed the door for her.

Xia Yu put the tray on the table beside her. She sat down on the sofa and picked up the spoon.

She had been hungry for a long time. When she saw the delicious porridge, she immediately felt that she was hungry.

In the quiet room, Xia Yu sat on the sofa and ate the porridge.

"Sis, did Zeng Mina ask Bao Na to do that?" There came Shen Qiang's voice.

"Puff." Xia Yu was caught off guard and spat out into the bowl.

Shen Qiang's voice was full of detestation, "You're disgusting!"

Xia Yu took a piece of paper and wiped her mouth while looking at Shen Qiang with narrowed eyes. He stared at her with cold eyes filled with detestation, and his phone was still in his hand.

"Tsk …"

"Although she hurt you first, it wasn't right to tell my big brother directly, right?" Shen Qiang knew his big brother, and he would not let Zeng Mina go just like this. She had already stepped on his bottom line.

"Yo, you are a member of Shen Family. I was locked up for a few hours and didn't hear a word of consolation from you yet." Xia Yu rolled her eyes at Shen Qiang.

Shen Qiang shook his head: "They are already engaged, and you also know that my big brother doesn't like Zeng Mina. If we start a conflict because of this kind of thing, how could we get along?"

"That's their business." Xia Yu spread out her hands and said innocently.

"That is not only their business but also many people's business. Zeng Ziqiang withdrew all the funds in a fit of rage, the plan for the reconstruction of Shen's new region will be put on hold." The one who spoke was Shen Yan. Xia Yu did not see any changes in his expression, but from the way he spoke, she could sense that she had indeed caused some trouble to the Shen's.

Xia Yu couldn't help but put down the bowl in her hands. "Is Old Madame angry?"

"Not at all. What situation did she not experience before? Is she still Old Madame Shen if she's scared by the Zeng Family?" Shen Yan sat down beside Xia Yu: "But I'm afraid my big brother will have a headache."

Xia Yu nodded. Zeng Mina was not arrogant without reason, and the Zeng Family was still able to affect the Shen Family. Otherwise, Shen Mo would not have tolerated Zeng Mina messing around for so long.

"Do you think Zeng Mina will break up with Young Master Mo because of this?" Xia Yu's eyes swept as she asked.

"Not likely!" Shen Qiang said.

"What if there is someone else?" Xia Yu glanced at Shen Yan from the corner of her eyes. She had worked with Shen Yan for a while, why did she feel that Zeng Mina was paying more attention to Shen Yan than Shen Mo?

With a woman's intuition, she was sure that Zeng Mina liked Shen Yan.

Didn't he want to compete with Shen Mo? Zeng Mina had feelings for him, so after snatching her away, his chance of winning would increase by more than a little.

Shen Qiang glanced at his second brother, saying nothing.

"Psycho!" Shen Yan could not be bothered with her, he stood up and walked out.

What an excellent opportunity, yet he wasn't going to seize it.

Xia Yu pointed at Shen Yan's back and looked at Shen Qiang, then went on eating.

"Sis, take your time to eat. I'll go and listen to my second brother and brother Sijie discussing the countermeasures." Shen Qiang knew his two brothers too well, none of them were willing to suffer.

This time, Xia Yu made his big brother lose face; he would make Xia Yu pay double the price. This silly girl was still feeling proud, thinking that she had won.

Of course, Shen Qiang couldn't tell her about this. She might be scared.

Shen Mo sent people to fetch Xia Yu, and after sending her off, they returned to Shen Mo's residence to report: "Young Master Mo, we have already sent Third Young Master and Miss Xia back safely."

"Good. You may leave." Shen Mo replied indifferently and did not even raise his head.

Those people bowed to Shen Mo and left quietly.

"Young Master Mo, President Zeng's secretary called and said that Miss Zeng was in a bad mood at home. President Zeng thinks it would be better if you could go and have a talk with her. " Secretary Xiang Hui swallowed his saliva and said difficulty.

What did he mean by talking? It was apparent that he wanted Young Master Mo to lower his head.

Xiang Hui had been with Young Master Mo for many years, and he had never seen him apologize to anyone before. It's difficult to make him do it. If it were someone else making the call, Xiang Hui would not even pass the message over.

However, it's Zeng Ziqiang, the biggest partner of the Shen's, and he had to pass the message.

Heh, so she was on the right side? Shen Mo did not even lift his eyes, he took out his phone and dialed a number: "Shiyu, it's me, wait for me at the old place. I have something to tell you."

Calling Wu Shiyu? Xiang Hui was stunned.

The Master thought the matter was not big enough. He just asked his ex-girlfriend out. This was poking a hole in the sky!

Oh my gosh, no casualties, please!

Xiang Hui was so scared that his legs started to tremble. Seeing Shen Mo walking out, he wanted to stop him, but he didn't have the guts.

However, Zeng Ziqiang was still waiting for a reply. What could he say? Even though he was in an air-conditioned room, Xiang Hui's clothes were instantly drenched in sweat.

Zeng Mina, who was still waiting at home for Shen Mo to apologize, never thought that the result would be like this.

What was this?

She directly grabbed the tonic that the servant gave her father and threw it on the ground.

"Child, why can't you calm down?" Zeng Ziqiang was also very angry in his heart, but he couldn't lose his temper like his daughter. He had to persuade her instead.

"If he could do something like this, how can I keep calm?" Zeng Mina finally understood why Xia Yu was so arrogant. Her cousin was Shen Mo's dearly loved one, and she knew that no matter what she did, Shen Mo would always stand on her side.

Shen Mo, since you like that bitch Wu Shiyu so much, I would satisfy you two.

Zeng Mina grabbed her bag on the sofa and rushed out. She wanted to ask First Madame who was her daughter-in-law, she or Wu Shiyu.

"Where are you going?" Zeng Ziqiang asked after taking several steps after her.

"Shen Family!" Zeng Mina had already opened the door of the car.

Ah, this child was worrisome. Zeng Ziqiang called Zhou Jiamin with a troubled heart. She was the only one who could give him some comfort.

When Zeng Mina arrived at Shen Family, she found that First Madame was angry. How much trouble did Xia Yu bring to Shen Family this time? Her suggestion for Old Madame was to fire a person like this directly.

However, Old Madame did not speak up for a long time, while Second Madame sneered. Fire Xia Yu? Why?

Why didn't she say that Zeng Mina was arrogant and despotic, relying on her background to bully others?

Even Shen Yang felt that Zeng Mina was going too far. Xia Yu was Shen Yan's secretary, having nothing to do with her, yet she still caused trouble for Xia Yu again and again. Didn't she overreach?

However, since her sister-in-law had always been strong and forceful, if Old Madame didn't give an answer, she would never let it go. However, if they fired Xia Yu, let alone being unfair to her, Second Madame and Shen Yan would be ashamed, and the Shen Family would be embarrassed? Outsiders would think that the Shen Family were forced by the pressure of the Zeng Family and apologized to them.

Just as they were in a stalemate, Zeng Mina came over while crying and told the whole family about Shen Mo's date with Wu Shiyu.

Everyone comprehended Zeng Mina's words in this way:

Shen Mo couldn't forget Wu Shiyu. Zeng Mina was jealous and retaliated, even Shiyu's relative, Xia Yu, was implicated and imprisoned for no reason at all.

Ah, the young Miss Zeng was pretentious.

Even though she hadn't married the Eldest Young Master, she had already made a mess to the entire Shen Family. What would she do if she became his wife?

"Sister-in-law, Little Mo has always been a steady child, could there be any misunderstanding? Why don't you give him a call and ask?" Second Madame glanced at the crying Zeng Mina and said to First Madame.

Second Madame's words seemed to be ordinary on the surface, and she was even concerned about them. However, First Madame understood that she was ridiculing them: They made a problem and blamed some else.

Little Mo, what's wrong with that kid recently? He didn't seem to be in a good situation. Not only was he restrained by others, he even made such a big mistake which pleased Second Madame.

Moreover, Zeng Mina, if you had anything to say, couldn't you say it in private instead of yelling it out in front of the servants?

What, her fiancé cheated on her, she felt proud of that?

She claimed that she was a lady from a famous clan, but she didn't behave at all!

First Madame reached out to the table and took a few pieces of paper, passing them over to Zeng Mina: "Enough, stop crying, I'll give you an answer for this matter."

"Auntie, you know my feelings for Young Master Mo, but I also understand that we can't force people if it is about love. If there is someone in Young Master Mo's heart, I'm willing to satisfy them." Wasn't Zeng Mina here for an answer? Since First Madame said it that way, her crying sound also lessened by quite a bit.

Perhaps only she knew her real feelings for Shen Mo. Like her son, Shen Yang didn't have a good impression of this young Miss Zeng who was wandering between her two nephews.

However, she was an adult after all, and she could not show it too clearly. After saying a few simple words, she pulled Second Madame to the garden.

Recently, her sister-in-law and Second Madame were very close, and First Madame had already noticed this. Although Old Madame valued her son more than Shen Yan, Shen Yan was becoming more and more critical.

This was a dangerous signal. First Madame definitely could not lose the support of the Zeng Family after losing the help of her family.

She immediately took out her phone and called her son in front of Zeng Mina: "Little Mo, where are you?"


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