Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 126 Don“t Ever Talk about Money
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 126 Don“t Ever Talk about Money

Shen Mo frowned worriedly as he looked at the number on his phone.

Wu Shiyu smiled slightly and said: "Young Master Mo, if you have something to do, just go."

When Shen Mo called her, she was shocked, but she was also wondering why on earth he was looking for her now after breaking up with her without any explanation, so she came.

But to her surprise, he didn't seem to want to talk even after he'd drained a cup of coffee.

He just wanted to sit with me for a while?

This was not Young Master Mo's style. One had to know that his time was money.

Just as Wu Shiyu was thinking about getting another cup of coffee, she heard Shen Mo's phone ringing. This expression told her that the call was from First Madame.

Thinking about First Madame's slap on her face, Wu Shiyu heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. She was already prepared to stand up and leave.

Shen Mo gestured to Wu Shiyu to wait a bit, and answered: "Mom, did Zeng Mina come over? Tell her, if she wants to break the engagement, I will have Xiang Hui make a declaration immediately. "

His voice was so cold that it could freeze a person to death. Even First Madame, the mother, could not listen to him anymore, let alone Zeng Mina. However, Zeng Mina was right by her side. She had to take into consideration Zeng Mina's feelings so she couldn't lose her temper too obviously. She suppressed her anger and said: "Since you know Mina is here, why aren't you coming back quickly?"

"It's fine if you don't want to pass it on, but give her the phone. I'll tell her myself." Shen Mo's tone was as harsh as ever as if he didn't notice his mother's suppressed temper.

"Little Mo!" First Madame emphasized her words, "She's your fiancée, you can't do this to her!"

"Mom, didn't you always say that Shen's daughter-in-law must understand the general situation? Before she even enters the door, there is already no peace in the family, with brothers fighting and the employees of the company grumbling, is that the kind of daughter-in-law you have in your mind? " Shen Mo laughed grimly, that's what Shen Yan liked, quite an eyeopener for him.

Why was he so befuddled, wanting to use this woman to attack Shen Yan? In the end, Shen Yan was not defeated, and he ended up with a body full of shit.

"Little Mo, you must speak in your conscience. Is it interesting for you to blame Mina for all this unwarranted charge?" The First Madame was angry and started to clamor despite that the old Madame was present.

He did treat him like his brother, but how did he treat him? He didn't need his mother to remind him, right?

"Is it an unwarranted charge? I won't say anything about Shen Yan, he was always sloppy. Just talk about Xiao Qiang, you had seen how much he was attached to me when he was a kid. How about now, he's hiding from me. And Hanyu, we were classmates and partners for many years, didn't she know? After using his wife so many times, Han Yu is, after all, a senior manager, where should he put his face?" Shen Mo probably had enough of Zeng Mina, to say so much to his mother all in once.

Well …

First Madame was speechless, at the same time, she was shocked to the point that her entire body was covered in cold sweat.

She only wanted to rope in the Zengs, and she thought that Xia Yu was just an ordinary employee, if Zeng Mina wished to deal with her, just let her do it. However, she had forgotten about Qi Guogang. He was a person not a bit weaker than Zeng Ziqiang. Under Xia Yu's persuasion, their family was slowly making up.

Right now, Shen Yang and her son were extremely grateful to Xia Yu, even the Old Madame treated Xia Yu as one of their own people. If Zeng Mina continued to fight against her at this time, these people would definitely not be happy.

Old Madame and Shen Yang's attitudes were clear, First Madame had to admit it.

She had to grab the Zeng family, and she couldn't give up on these people!

She didn't bother to scold at Shen Mo anymore and immediately hung up the phone. She sat beside Zeng Mina and asked: "Mina, you are really going too far this time, how could you even contact the reporters? Don't you know that Little Mo is meeting a guest in Vientiane?"

"Auntie, I …" When it came to this matter, Zeng Mina was filled with anger. Xia Yu, that damned bitch, how could she figure out that she was the one directing Bao Na from behind the scenes, and even sent someone to take a record?

"You! Luckily Xia Yu called Xiang Hui, or else the consequences would have been unimaginable."

From First Madame's tone, Xia Yu has become a worthy hero? Zeng Mina was so angry that she almost fainted.

It was one thing for the rest of the Shen Family to take sides with Xia Yu, but how could the First Madame say the same? With Zeng Mina's temper as a young miss, she really wanted just to walk away.

But if she really were to do this, the Old Madame would definitely treat her with a worse attitude, and that bitch Wu Shiyu would also take this opportunity to win Shen Mo's heart once again.

"Auntie, I understand." Gritting her teeth, Zeng Mina had to lower her head. But deep inside, she has scolded Xia Yu into pieces, swearing that she would take revenge.

Although Shen Mo did not bring up the matter of Xia Yu when he asked Wu Shiyu out, but she understood that Shen Mo was warning her not to do it again. Otherwise, he would not be polite.

Xia Yu being targeted by Zeng Mina had something to do with her. Wu Shiyu had to say a lot of good things to Shen Mo: "Young Master Mo, Xiao Yu is too impulsive, I will warn her when I return."

Will you remind her? If she listened to you, would so many things have happened? Shen Mo said in his heart.

Of course, Wu Shiyu would not know about these words. He raised his head and looked at Wu Shiyu. She has indeed lost much weight since they broke up, there was a dull pain in his mind.

However, he concealed these emotions very well. He was a man who was mean to do great things, it goes without saying that he wouldn't be affected by worldly passions.

Shen Mo said indifferently: "Xia Yu was just following the orders of my playful little brother. She is not to blame for the fight between my brother and me. However, continuing like this is not an option, you should be aware of Zeng Mina's temper, and I cannot just happen to have the time to go and help her out each time, Xia Yu needs to understand this. "

Wu Shiyu did not agree that Xia Yu gets involved in the fight of the Shen brothers for the throne in the first place, she was even more worried when she has something to do with Shen Yan.

She knew Shen Mo too well. Shen Yan couldn't win against him. Clearly knowing that Shen Yan would not have a good ending, Wu Shiyu would never just stand by and watch her cousin going crazy with him: "Young Master Mo, what do you want me to do?"

Shen Mo was delighted with Wu Shiyu's performance. She was much more sensible than Zeng Mina. Unfortunately, she was not born into a good family.

"I'll take you two to a place tomorrow."

You two? Me and Xia Yu? Wu Shiyu was stunned for a moment before nodding quickly.

On the next afternoon, Xia Yu was at work when he called: "Come out for a bit, I have something to tell you."

With that said, without waiting for Xia Yu to say anything, he hung up the phone.

What kind of person is this? What makes you think that I must go just because you ask me to?

Xia Yu curled her lips and decided in the end to go. His fiancée was the one who started the fight. She is on the right side.

"Xiao Qiang, send the documents over." Xia Yu pushed open the door of the office.

Xia Yu's anxious look made Shen Qiang curious, he quickly ran in front of her: "Sis, what happened?"

"Your elder brother called. I need to go out for a while. Keep an eye on the things here." Xia Yu looked at him a few times, intentionally or unintentionally, look what a tyrant your big brother is!

They were clearly the ones who took the initiative to provoke her, and now they are here to denounce her.

Is big brother looking for Xia Yu? Shen Qiang's smile froze on his face. He had long since told her not to mess with his big brother, but she wouldn't listen, now she will learn.

After a long time, he finally reacted and quickly said, "I'll call my second brother right now."

When he said that, Xia Yu was already at the door of the elevator. She heard the words but did not look back, and she directly pressed the button of the elevator.

Although having done much mentality construction, Xia Yu was still a little nervous when she saw Shen Mo.

"Young Master Mo, what orders do you have?" Xia Yu braced herself and walked up to Shen Mo.

"Let's get in the car and talk." Shen Mo took the lead and got in the car.

Ah?! Xia Yu was stunned for a moment.

Seeing that Shen Mo was looking at her, she could only walk towards the car.

Fine, I shall get in the car. Why am I afraid of you?

She opened the door and sat down beside Shen Mo, completing the whole thing in one go.

"I'm not as scary as you think." Shen Mo said to Xia Yu, "You don't have to be nervous."

Yeah, not nervous, when pigs fly, she mumbled inside, looking out of the car.

"Xiao Yu!" Wu Shiyu's voice came from behind.

Was cousin there too? Why didn't she notice when she got into the car earlier?

She turned around and grinned at her cousin. "Sis, where are we going?"

Although smiling, Xia Yu was muttering in her heart. Shen Mo didn't want to bring the two sisters to a remote place and murder them, right?

Yesterday, it was Zeng Mina who picked up the fight, right? It was too unfair for him to do so, absolutely unacceptable for Xia Yu!

Without waiting for Wu Shiyu to reply, Xia Yu turned to Shen Mo's and said: "Young Master Mo, I did not do anything wrong!"

"Did I say that you did something wrong?" Shen Mo's tone was light.

"Then why did you call my cousin over?" When Xia Yu heard that he was not going to interrogate her, she felt more at ease, but she was still worried and asked the question.

"Isn't Secretary Xia afraid of nothing? Why are you still afraid of your cousin? " Shen Mo smiled slightly.

"Xiao Yu, why are you still so impulsive? Young Master Mo was busy yesterday, and you still bothered him, shouldn't you say thanks to him? " Wu Shiyu shook her head. There was really nothing she could do with this little sister.

Thank him? Whose fiancée is Zeng Mina? He must take care of the aftermath if he allowed his fiancée to cause trouble. Turning her head to smile at her cousin, Xia Yu saw Shen Mo from the corner of her eyes.

How rare, this man finally had an expression on his face, Xia Yu thought that he lacked this ability.

Since her cousin was present, Xia Yu naturally had to give her some face. "Thank you for yesterday."

"I've helped you so much, how are you going to thank me?" you might not say anything if you had to say it so reluctantly. Do I need your appreciation? Shen Mo intentionally asked her.

As expected, there was no free lunch. It was about a reward.

"Eh …. Should I wash your clothes and cook for you? " Xia Yu asked tentatively.

"I don't lack servants." Shen Mo shook his head: "I don't need a chef either."

"What do you need, then?" Xia Yu thought about it for a long time but still couldn't think of a suitable method, so she could only say: "Let me make it clear first, I don't have any money, I have already returned all my salaries to Young Master Yan."

What she meant was, don't ever talk about money with her.

"Xiao Yu!" Wu Shiyu helplessly shouted from behind, is the dignified Young Master Mo lacking money?

That's right, for the young masters of the Shen's, the thing he lacked the least was money.

Then what does he want? Furthermore, he brought her cousin along. He wasn't going to ask me to surrender, was he?

If he really meant that, what should she do? Xia Yu didn't think that Shen Mo was terrible, but the critical thing was that she had already offended Zeng Mina. As long as she was still the eldest young mistress, Xia Yu would not have the guts to go over.


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