Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 127 Snatching a Little Leisure from the Busy Life
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 127 Snatching a Little Leisure from the Busy Life

Xia Yu's eyes rolled a few times consecutively. Since he did not lack anything, then she would sincerely thank him again: "Thank you again Young Master Mo for taking the time to bail us out amid your pressing affairs. I am extremely grateful."

After that, she bowed very gravely.

Xia Yu bowed very gravely, making Shen Mo open his eyes wide. Her expression looked as if she was facing the portrait at a funeral.

Was this girl thanking or cursing him!?

After rolling his eyes a few times, Shen Mo opened his mouth: "Alright, err, so much for the thanking part, now come with me to a place first."

With that said, Shen Mo started the car.

Xia Yu was thoroughly bewildered, having no idea where he was bringing her. Xia Yu subconsciously turned around to look at her cousin, only to see her shaking her head. Xia Yu turned around.

Since he didn't want to talk, she wouldn't ask anymore. Let's see what would happen first.

Shen Mo drove very fast, shortly afterward, after making lots of turns, they arrived at a quiet suburban area.

It was five o'clock in the afternoon. The sunlight wasn't too bright, so they had just a good view of the place.

Xia Yu got out of the car and was immediately stunned.

In front of her eyes was a sparkling lake. The vegetation on the shore was lush, and wild ducks were flocking about.

Xia Yu did not know that there was such a place in S City.

It was beautiful, yet it still retained its original ecology. It didn't make sense, How could the others not have discovered this place?

Xia Yu took off her high heels and changed into a pair of soft soles. She jumped out of the car, took a deep breath and said, "It's beautiful and quiet."

"Beautiful, right? the first time Young Master Mo brought me here, I was like you, completely conquered by the scenery here." Wu Shiyu stood beside Xia Yu with a smile. All along the way, she had been guessing where Shen Mo would bring them.

She had guessed dozens of possibilities, but she hadn't expected this busybody would take them on a sightseeing tour.

"This place is one of the lands of the Shens. When I was a small kid, I liked to play here with Shen Yan. He really liked to come here to pick up wild duck eggs. After that, we both went abroad to study, and we never came here again. "

This was the first time Shen Mo mentioned what happened back then to an outsider. His expression was a little complicated: "Later on, when my family wanted to develop this land, I stopped it."

This place was indeed beautiful. It would truly be a pity if it were developed.

"I haven't been here in a long time." Shen Mo said softly, "It's been more than ten years, and it still looks the same as before. The water is still as clean and clear as ever. The ducks are still free and unfettered. The only difference is that we're not who we used to be. "

As he spoke that, Shen Mo looked at the two beauties in front of him. His usually overbearing eyes softened slightly, and his handsome face revealed a lonely expression.

"The Shen's has decided to develop this place?" Xia Yu asked softly.

"We will vote for it in three days. This place will no longer exist." Shen Mo said with some pity.

Two-thirds of the members of the board of directors were in favor of the development, and each time Shen Mo thought of this, he would be in a bad mood.

"Young Master Mo is saying that you want to put in the last effort?"

Was he looking for support? She was just a secretary of a subsidiary president, and she didn't even have the chance to enter the conference room, even if she wanted to help, she couldn't.

Xia Yu gave Shen Mo a look filled with helplessness.

This girl rejected so quickly? This was also normal as he had never left her a good impression. This was also a normal reaction for a human.

"It's better than doing nothing." Shen Mo firmly nodded his head, even if everyone is against him, he had to stick to it.

"Xiao Yu, didn't you notice that this place is wonderful? It would really be a pity if it were destroyed! " Wu Shiyu had never seen such a lonely and helpless Shen Mo before. Her heart couldn't help but ache slightly as she pulled on Xia Yu's sleeve from the side.

The words of a woman turning into an idiot in love weren't unreasonable, her cousin didn't even think about what Shen Mo was talking about before helping him to persuade Xia Yu.

"I think that the Young Master Yan has the same thought as yours." Xia Yu remembered that Shen Yan had been watching videos recently. At first, she didn't know where it was, but now she understood.

Although Shen Yan seemed licentious in his conduct, Xia Yu could still tell that he was a person who valued emotions much. Even someone as cold as Shen Mo was reminiscing the good times from back then. She believed that Shen Yan also definitely remembered that and wanted to protect this place.

"What's the use of just thinking?" Mentioning his little brother, Shen Mo was a little angry. In the past few meetings of the board of directors, he had always pretended to be deaf and mute when the topic of development was brought up.

Shen Mo certainly understood what he was planning. He was afraid of offending those board members because he would want more votes in the presidential elections.

How could a person who tried to please a director possibly expect those directors to take him seriously? Even if he successfully became the President of the parent company, it would not be of much help to the company's future.

But somebody just wanted the position, not worrying a bit about how much ability he has, and what harm it could do to the company if he did so.

From the start, Shen Mo had always looked down on Shen Yan, his little brother. He did not know if it went on like this, would he really lose the position of President.

But this was his problem. Xia Yu was not his advisor, nor was she his friend, so she had no obligation to remind him. But with her cousin's presence, Xia Yu could only smile and say: "Young Master Yan probably thinks that it's not the final moment yet."

"Is that so? Hopefully, at the last minute, he will be able to stick to his principles. " Shen Mo snorted.

"Xiao Yu, please advise Young Master Yan." Wu Shiyu shook Xia Yu's arm.

"This place is beautiful. I think even if it were to be developed, he would try his best to protect the ecology here." Xia Yu smiled.

"Really?" Wu Shiyu showed a surprised expression.

"I hope so!" It was impossible to predict the intention of the boss. As a secretary, she did not dare to guarantee it.

"That's it ?!"

Oh? Shen Mo lifted his head and met Xia Yu's gaze.

"That's it!"

Xia Yu looked straight into Shen Mo's eyes. Even if she supported Shen Mo in her heart, she would still say the same thing. She was just a secretary, the secretary of the president of Tengfei's Cosmetics Company.

As for the parent company's matters, she simply didn't have the qualification to make decisions, or even the right to know about them. She knew her own limitations and definitely wouldn't go across the border to persuade Shen Yan.

As expected, she had a strict principle. Shen Mo slightly raised the corner of his lips.

The sunlight became gentler as it passed through the green branches and landed gently on their faces.

The mottled shadows of the trees swayed in the breeze.

The two people beneath the tree stared at each other.

That was a quiet moment.

Shen Mo looked at Xia Yu just like that, and he suddenly felt that this woman was becoming more and more pleasing to look at.

It seemed like President Zhang was right, she was just responsible for the work. She was an employee of Tengfei, it was her job to do her best. Even if her cousin were a lobbyist on the side, she would never show favoritism.

He had been too reckless to directly make the decision of firing the secretary and lose such a good employee before he could understand what was going on. Fortunately, he could still mend it now.

Xia Yu, you are definitely mine. Shen Mo's mood suddenly improved, and he even smiled gently at Wu Shiyu who was beside him.

Did he smile? What did Xia Yu promise him? Wu Shiyu was a little confused.

But it was rare for him to be so gentle, Wu Shiyu was so touched that she almost threw herself into his embrace on the spot. Since she started dating with Shen Mo, he had never treated her like this, it seemed that it's thanks to her cousin today.

Although it was just a small glance, Wu Shiyu was still immensely touched. However, she was a reserved girl. She tried her best to suppress the excitement in her heart and pretended to be calm as she looked over.

He slowly walked towards her, raised his hand, and lightly tapped Wu Shiyu's forehead with his index finger and middle finger: "Since you like it here, and you still have the chance to see such a scene, why don't you take more photos?"

Wu Shiyu was stunned again. She looked at him blankly and did not react for a long time.

"What's wrong?" Shen Mo asked with an extremely gentle voice.

Wu Shiyu reacted, at that moment, she was no longer afraid of him, and quickly nodded: "um, thank you!"

Shen Mo meant to accompany her? Wu Shiyu's eyes were filled with tears of happiness.

"Speaking of thanks, I really have to thank you and Xia Yu for listening to my nagging for so long." Shen Mo held Wu Shiyu's small hand and said with a smile.

Then, both of them smiled at the same time.

An emotion known as tacit understanding flowed softly in their eyes.

As the two walked forward hand in hand, Wu Shiyu couldn't help but turn around to take a glance at Xia Yu. Before they met, she was terrified that the two of them would pinch each other's throats.

Now that the cloud had cleared up, maybe after the relationship between her cousin and Shen Mo improved, their relationship would also improve.

Just from the way Shen Mo looked at her, she could tell that there was such a possibility. Wu Shiyu thought very optimistically as the corner of her mouth curled up.

So this domineering President also had a moment that his personality returned to his original nature. In fact, it's so much better, at such a young age, why did he have to make himself look like a zombie? He seemed so severe that everyone is scared of him.

Seeing her cousin was happy, Xia Yu's mood also improved a lot. She did not disturb them, but went to the side of the pond by herself, sat on a big rock, and dipped her feet into the water for fun.

After all, Shen Mo was the president of the company, he could play around here for a while, but not for too long time. One hour later, they were in the car back.

When Shen Yan called Xia Yu, they were already back in the city.

Fortunately, Xia Yu received the call when they were at a traffic light. "Young Master Yan, yes, I think I'll be back in ten minutes."

Shen Yan raised his wrist and looked at his watch: "Alright, we'll talk about it after you come back."

Shen Mo looked at Xia Yu: "You really are his right hand, just a while after coming out, he is already calling."

Xia Yu smiled and said: "There is a document that I have been following, others do not know about it."

Shen Mo looked at her, saying nothing, and drove a lot faster than before

"Young Master Mo, thank you!" After getting out of the car, Xia Yu waved towards Shen Mo and turned to walk towards the gate.

"Goodbye!" Shen Mo started the car.

"Young Master Mo, I will call Xiao Yu again and ask her to help persuade Young Master Yan." Wu Shiyu really wanted to do something for Shen Mo, even though she understood that her cousin could really help little.

It was purely her attitude, her intentions.

Yet maybe that's precisely what Shen Mo wanted, although he did not say anything, as an attentive person, Wu Shiyu saw the smile on his face that disappeared in a moment.

Xia Yu directly pushed open the door to Shen Yan's office: "Young Master Yan, what can I do for you?"


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