Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 128 I Don“t Have That Influence
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 128 I Don“t Have That Influence

"I am the one who should be asking this question, what is it?" Shen Yan leaned on his swivel chair and looked at Xia Yu.

This girl was so bold as to ask Shen Mo to bail her out.

Wasn't this slapping Shen Mo in the face? Even after stirring up trouble, she still didn't know how to restrain herself and went so far as to go out with him. Shen Yan really didn't know what to say about her.

Xia Yu thought of when he entered the elevator, Shen Qiang did say that he would call Shen Yan.

Could it be that he was looking for her because he was afraid that Shen Mo would harm her?

Although this master was a bit randy, he was still quite loyal to friends. Shen Yan's affability level in Xia Yu's heart increased a little bit more.

"Young Master Mo had some things he wants to discuss with you. Maybe he couldn't contact you, so he called me to go out." Xia Yu recounted the matter of her meeting with Shen Mo.

So, Shen Mo was asking Xia Yu out just for this? Shen Yan couldn't help but frown, and the gaze with which he looked at Xia Yu became somewhat heavy.

"Xia Yu, you didn't just agree to his request, right?" Shen Yan stood up and walked over to Xia Yu's side.

This girl, he only bailed her out for once, and she already sold out her master. She was competent!

I have this bit of professional quality. The case that Shen Mo was talking about had nothing to do with Tengfei at all. And she was the secretary of Tengfei, not Shen Yan's personal secretary, so she did not have the right to ask about this case.

However, since Shen Yan had asked her about it, she wanted to know his attitude towards the matter as well. So, she asked: "Aren't you watching the videos of that place every day?"

Xia Yu couldn't help but take a few steps back, wanting to keep some distance from Shen Yan. She had to ensure that she could successfully escape when Shen Yan got angry.

"Do you know the economic value of that land?" Did this girl promise Big Brother something? She was excellent, her hands were already at the main office.

It seemed that he was too indulgent towards her. Even Fang Yuan didn't even have as many guts as her back then. Shen Yan stood up and slowly approached her, wanting to see the girl's face clearly.

"I know, Young Master Mo also said that two-thirds of the board members support development, even if you join hands with Young Master Mo, it might not change anything, you are just putting on an act, are you that angry?" Xia Yu's back was already plastered to the wall, but she was still bravely continuing to speak.

Her elder brother had told her all. What was he trying to do? Shen Yan's beautiful foxy eyes tightened up even more.

"The problem is, I support development. Isn't this lying to my big brother? " Shen Yan's face was getting closer and closer to Xia Yu. Right now, he was curious about how his big brother had managed to persuade this girl.

"Young Master Mo said that your childhood memories are there, and it witnessed your brotherly feelings." Xia Yu difficultly swallowed her saliva.

Women are emotional animals, and that's a good idea.

Shen Yan exhaled: "You are right, since he has brought you to that place, there is no need for me to explain anything else, you have seen all the tall buildings around that place, if we do not develop it, it will affect the overall planning of the entire S city, so development is inevitable."

"So you're saying that development is required for the greater picture, but as for how to develop it, it's still negotiable, right?" Xia Yu asked carefully.

"A girl shouldn't be so smart. You wouldn't look so cute in this way." Shen Yan sighed.

"Tch!" Xia Yu hated it the most when men judge girls like this. What nonsense was this? Why would a girl have a head if she didn't use it?

"Don't be unconvinced. Otherwise, a good man will be scared away by you." Shen Yan laughed.

His gaze landed on Xia Yu's red lips as she slightly pouted, looking a bit cute. He couldn't help but stare blankly. He suddenly wanted to kiss her.

He slowly lowered his head and lightly put his lips on hers.

Xia Yu looked at his slowly lowering head and realized what he was trying to do.

Her eyes were filled with panic, but she didn't move away. She just stood there blankly, her mind blanked.

Was he about to kiss her?

Should she hide?

Xia Yu repeatedly thought of these two sentences.

She wanted to dodge, but her body didn't carry out her brain's orders. She just stood there blankly, not moving at all.

Shen Yan's eyes became more gentle and profound.

That peerlessly handsome face gradually grew larger in her eyes, and Xia Yu could even clearly see her own reflection in his eyes.

Really, are we going to kiss?

The closer they got, the more evident their reflections became.

Xia Yu's heart suddenly beat very fast.

The lips suddenly felt dry, and she couldn't help but wipe them with her tongue.

Shen Yan's eyes became deep once again. He no longer hesitated and lowered his head to kiss her.

Just then, the phone rang in the car.

This ring was like the medium that awakened a hypnotist. It bounced off the two who were about to kiss each other.

Xia Yu suddenly pushed Shen Yan's body away, her eyes fluttered as she moved her body away: "I …"

Shen Yan also seemed to be in a tight corner. He instantly stood up straight and spoke at the same time as Xia Yu: "You … …"

"I'll go answer the phone first." Xia Yu awkwardly took out her phone, turned and ran towards the door. When Shen Yan looked at her again, her hand was already holding onto the handle of the door. Xia Yu then turned her head, "Young Master Mo did tell me about the things that I told you just now, but I am only a little secretary of Tengfei. I have no right to ask about the matters of the parent company."

After saying that, Xia Yu rushed out of Shen Yan's office, and immediately picked up the call at the door. She headed towards her own office as she made that phone call.

Liu Sijie walked towards Shen Yan's office with a stack of documents, Xia Yu and he nodded at each other and passed by

"Why is Young Master Mo looking for Xia Yu?" Just now, Xia Yu's expression was obviously in a fluster, Liu Sijie knew what kind of temper his master had.

He may seem to be indifferent to the world, deep inside he wasn't a broadminded person. Young Master Mo asked Xia Yu out openly, this person must feel unhappy.

When Xia Yu rushed out in a panic, Liu Sijie was really in sweat for her.

"He really had something to talk to Xia Yu about." Shen Yan pursed his lips, he did not hide anything from Liu Sijie.

Young Master Mo was testing Xia Yu as he took Wu Shiyu as his lobbyist. Fortunately, Xia Yu was cautious and didn't interfere with the affairs of the parent company. Otherwise, she would have been taken advantage just for the fact of overstepping her authority.

"It seems that Young Master Mo is really anxious." Liu Sijie looked at Shen Yan and asked, "Do you think the Zengs would stand up for Young Master Mo?"

Shen Yan sat on the swivel chair and spun, he shook his head and said: "Chief Zeng is well known for being greedy, if you want him to protect ecology with my big brother, you might as well kill him with a knife."

Liu Sijie nodded and said with some regret: "Although Young Master Mo was a little extreme, it's indeed a pity if such a beautiful view would disappear. "

Shen Yan exhaled: "It's a pity, but as you can see, even a person as strong as my big brother cannot keep it, so we can only develop it."

"Young Master Yan, do you mean to support development?" There were only three days left before the vote. Before this, Shen Yan had been silent the whole time, Liu Sijie was still not sure what he was thinking.

"Support development!" Shen Yan had already made up his mind.

Xia Yu spoke on the phone with her cousin as she walked towards her office. When she sat in the chair in front of her desk, Wu Shiyu had also finished greetings and went to the point: "Xiao Yu, putting aside personal grudges, Young Master Mo's suggestion is really constructive."

My sister, is this something you can worry about?

"Sis, I won't say anything more. We didn't hear Young Master Mo say anything today. Otherwise, if this news was to spread to that jealous Zeng Mina's ears, wouldn't the sky be pierced? " of course, Xia Yu wasn't afraid of Zeng Mina, if she were alone today, she wouldn't be scared of Zeng Mina no matter how big a trouble she wanted to cause.

If she were forced, Xia Yu would say that Shen Mo was the one who suppressed her with his power and forces her out. No matter how angry Zeng Mina was, would she dare to ask Shen Mo? But Wu Shiyu was different. She was Shen Mo's ex-girlfriend, and not only Zeng Mina, but even First Madame was also wary of her. If they were to really cause a ruckus, it would be her cousin who would be at a disadvantage.

How could Wu Shiyu not know that her status was awkward? However, this was the first time that Shen Mo had condescendingly come looking for her. If she didn't do something for him, Wu Shiyu would really be sorry.

"Young Master Mo and I are honest, if she wants to cause trouble, be my guest. Xiao Yu, I truly think that Young Master Mo's plan is pretty good. Could you please try to have a talk with Young Master Yan?"

My cousin was really going all out! Xia Yu laughed helplessly: "Sis, what can I say to him? You know how long I've known him. I really don't have that kind of influence. "

Moreover, if it wasn't for the relationship between her cousin and Shen Mo, it's even not for sure if Shen Yan would have let her stay, so how could he listen to Xia Yu's advice on such a big thing.

Xia Yu was telling her that Shen Yan was still wary of her.

Wu Shiyu understood, Xia Yu went to Tengfei was also because of her, and Xia Yu's temper was also not too good, she did not want Xia Yu to offend Shen Yan again.

"Since that's the case, don't take it to heart. I just feel that it's really a pity. As you said before, only the senior managers can decide on this. Why would we bother to worry about this? "Wu Shiyu smiled casually.

"Young Master Mo is after all the young master of the Shens and is also the successor that Old Madame thinks highly of. His reputation on the board of directors has always been good, I believe that even if he did not have Young Master Yan's vote, he would still have other supporters. Sis, you still don't know the capabilities of Young Master Mo? Furthermore, Young Master Yan did not say that he would not support Young Master Mo. Nothing is for sure." Her cousin's heart had never been able to let Shen Mo go, but when it came to fighting against that fierce trash Zeng Mina, her cousin was really not her match.

Xia Yu was really in sweat for her cousin, but her cousin was already completely immersed in it. Not only was Xia Yu unable to point it out, but she could only console her on the side.

"I hope things are as good as you say." Wu Shiyu smiled and said. Of course, she thought highly of Shen Mo's ability. She then chatted casually with Xia Yu for a while longer before hanging up.

"You called Xia Yu to ask her to ask Shen Yan to support me?" The moment Wu Shiyu turned around, she saw Shen Mo with his hands in his pockets, looking at her with his eyebrows frowned.

It looks as if he had been standing there for a while. In other words, he had heard the conversation Wu Shiyu, and Xia Yu had just now.

Wu Shiyu was well aware of how proud Shen Mo was. Asking Xia Yu out was already the limit for him, how could he let Wu Shiyu go beg them? She laughed awkwardly: "Young Master Mo, I just like that place too much, I had no other meanings."


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