Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 129 Which Beautiful Woman?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 129 Which Beautiful Woman?

"That place is perfect, but something is just inevitable. It's getting late, I'll send you back." Shen Mo then walked in the direction of the car and Wu Shiyu could only follow. Looking at Shen Mo's back figure, she thought, she can't just give up like this, she must call Xia Yu again.

After sending Wu Shiyu home, Shen Mo went straight to the Red lip Bar. Zhang Hanyu and Young Master Yu were already waiting for him.

Seeing him walk over, Young master Yu was the first to speak: "Young Master Mo, did she help?" He knew how difficult it is to deal with Xia Yu, but he couldn't believe that she would beg Shen Yan for the sake of Wu Shiyu.

"It doesn't matter if Wu Shiyu helped or not. The key question is whether Shen Yan will believe Xia Yu in the future." Shen Mo didn't hope for Wu Shiyu to persuade her at all. If Xia Yu were a person without principles, Shen Mo wouldn't be at ease letting her stand by Zhang Hangyu's side.

Towards such a capable helper like Zhang Hanyu, Shen Mo always felt guilty. Zeng Mina continuously used Wanru, forcing Zhang Hanyu to compromise with Wanru and agreed not to get divorced for the time being.

Since he was willing to protect Xia Yu, it could only mean that Xia Yu's position in his heart was important enough to let him wrong himself for her. To prevent misunderstandings in the future, Shen Mo couldn't let Xia Yu stay by Shen Yan's side no matter what.

With the position of the Tengfei's Chief Secretary, Shen Yan naturally would not use someone who was disloyal to him. As long as Shen Yan doubted her, she would not be able to stay in Tengfei.

That damn woman, not only did she cause me to be in jail, she even almost destroyed the Yu's company. After you leave Tengfei, without Shen Yan's protection, I will definitely take good care of you.

"Young Master Mo, after Xia Yu leaves Tengfei, leave it to me to handle." Young Master Yu gritted his teeth as he spoke.

"No, no one can touch her." Shen Mo's face darkened.

"Young Master Mo!"

"She's still useful to me!"

Young Master Yu could only shut his mouth, but he was unwilling to accept this outcome. She was just a little girl, if she were a woman of Young Master Mo, he would have taken it, but it wasn't so. How could he accept this?

But since Shen Mo had already spoken, he could not openly challenge Shen Mo. Didn't Zeng Mina hate this woman? It looked like he needed to count on Zeng Mina for this.

Very quickly, Zeng Mina received the photo of Xia Yu and Wu Shiyu playing together in the outskirts. On the picture, Shen Mo looked at Wu Shiyu lovingly.

Of course, the word "lovingly" is quoted. In short, since Zeng Mina was jealous, she directly went to find Wu Shiyu without saying a word. Of course, she did not forget to call Qingqing before she left.

On the phone, she had already clearly indicated rather than hinted that Xia Yu has a special relationship with Shen Yan. And She had even tactfully advised him otherwise, but he did not seem to listen to her.

Xia Yu had first instigated Shen Qiang to take his father back, and now that she was fighting with her over a man, the anger in Qingqing's heart instantly flared up. Fire spewed out of her eyes as she held her phone. It looked like she needed to talk to Xia Yu face to face.

At the same time, Xia Yu had already returned home. Shen Qiang was in the kitchen trying out his innovative dishes, and when he heard the door opening, he brought out the dish for Xia Yu to try. "Sis, I just finished cooking, give me some advice."

Xia Yu turned her head to the side. It's not that she was picky, but that the dish was indeed terrible.

If he didn't say it was a dish, Xia Yu would be unable to tell what was on the plate, "Brother Xiao Qiang, please respect the food. Don't be fooling with them next time, if you want to eat anything, just tell me directly, I will cook for you."

"Sis, I was trying to lighten your burden. You're so busy at work, yet you still have to cook after work. I do feel sorry for you." Shen Qiang also knew that this thing that he had made could not be accepted by Xia Yu. He raised his hand and threw them into the trash can, both the plates, and dishes.

Was he feeling sorry for Xia Yu or was he struggling with himself? Now that kitchen was dirty, he had to clean it, the place was thrown away, so he needed to buy a new one, he would have to waste a lot of time.

Xia Yu swiftly put on her apron. "Young Master, when you come back, you should just watch TV obediently. Don't move at all. And that would be of great help to me...

After Xia Yu finished cleaning up the mess made by Shen Qiang, just as she was cooking, Qingqing called her: "Miss Xia, I want to invite you out for a meal, would you like to go?"

Qingqing's voice was sweet and not greasy.

Since ancient times, there had not been a treat out of good intention, and Shen Yan hadn't been rather distant with Qingqing recently. She invited her to dinner at this moment, it is evitable for Xia Yu to be wary of this.

"Miss Qingqing is too polite, Xiao Qiang is home, I'm cooking for him." Xia Yu tactfully refused. Second Young Master was not here, so she needed to take care of the Third Young Master.

"Miss Xia, I really have something to talk to you about …" Hearing that Shen Qiang was also there, Qingqing held back but insisted that Xia Yu come out.

Maybe Shen Qiang heard the voice that came from the kitchen, and he came in: "Sis, who's calling?"

Xia Yu raised her head and saw Shen Qiang leaning on the door frame, looking at her. Xia Yu said: "Miss Qingqing, she said that she wants me to go out and talk about something."

"I'll go too!" Shen Qiang had wanted to see Qingqing's expression since long ago when their family had made up together. How could he let go of such an excellent opportunity? It was decided.

His voice was loud, to the point that even Qingqing, who was on the other side of the phone, heard him. Shen Qiang also wants to come? Qingqing mumbled to herself in the heart. After all, in front of Shen Qiang, she did not have the guts to reveal her cards to Xia Yu. However, she had already said it out loud, so taking it back wasn't an option.

She would find a chance to be clear with Xia Yu later on. It could be said to be a regular meal today, so she said, "Let's do this. I'll come over to pick up you guys. We'll meet each other later."

With that, Qingqing hung up.

"Hello?" Xia Yu asked, but got no answer, she kept the phone.

At this time, Shen Qiang had already gone back to his room to change.

Xia Yu looked at the half-cooked food and shook her head. Qingqing was weird, hearing that Shen Qiang would come, why did she still invite them? Isn't she seeking trouble for herself?

After all, Qingqing was Director Qi's goddaughter. He had shown more love to her than to Shen Qiang over the years. To avoid unnecessary trouble, Xia Yu got rid of him and went to the door early to wait for Qingqing.

Whatever she had to say, she should speak and then leave so everyone could relax.

Xia Yu stood in the shade of a tree on the side of the road and in less than a minute, she saw a red Ferrari driving towards her.

The car stopped in front of her, and through the window, she saw Qingqing dressed in a white dress. She turned out the engine and got out of the car, turning her head to look at Xia Yu. Qingqing, who looked like a fairy, found that Xia Yu was smiling at her, so she spoke first: "Didn't you just say that Shen Qiang was coming too, where is he?"

The two of them will quarrel as soon as they meet, so isn't Qingqing afraid of him the most?

Qingqing and Xia Yu looked at each other, as though she was scared by Xia Yu, her pupils slightly twitched, and said: "Xiao Qiang is just a childish person, how can I lower myself to him?"

This tone sounded somewhat like that she's a big sister. Who knew what Shen Qiang would think after hearing this?

Xia Yu looked at Qingqing's face. Although there was no sign of happiness nor anger on her face, her formal look made people feel uncomfortable.

If they sat together to eat, Xia Yu could not guarantee that they would be able to finish the meal in peace.

It could be told that Qinging was unhappy just by her look, especially her eyes. Even though they were covered in makeup, one could still tell that they were a little swollen, as if she had been crying.

Xia Yu stared at her, she did not reply to her, and only asked in a testing manner: "What orders does Miss Qingqing have?"

Qingqing looked away, it was not that she hesitated to say something, but she did not want to speak at all.

"If you have nothing else to say, I'm going back. Third Young Master is still here." Since she wasn't going to say it, it meant she didn't think it through, so Xia Yu decided to wait until she had made up her mind.

Qingqing's expression changed several times before he replied: "I was in the wrong with that matter, but I really didn't do it on purpose."

Hearing that, Xia Yu immediately said: "Are you talking about the allergy event? That matter is already in the past, Miss Qingqing need not worry about it. "

If it's as simple as you said, do I still have to stand here and waste time with you?

Of course, Qingqing could only say this to herself in her heart, Xia Yu was Shen Yan's secretary. If she were to report it to Shen Yan accidentally, wouldn't he say that she was emotional?

"If I am wrong, I should admit it. I wonder if Miss Xia will accept my apology?"

"What are you talking about, I am just a small employee. How am I qualified to accept your apology?"

"In that case, let's eat together. I've already reserved a table." After Qingqing finished speaking, she turned around and was about to get on the car.

Just as Xia Yu was about to reject tactfully, with a car parked beside her, Zhang Peng stuck his head out of the window and asked with a smile: "Qingqing is treating you to a meal? I wonder if I have the luck to join you? "

"Master Zhang, what's there to say about you? You haven't seen your fiancee for a long time, aren't you afraid that she will run off with someone else? You still have the mood to eat with us?" Seeing Zhang Peng, Qingqing immediately thought back to the day when Bai Hong tried her best to seduce Shen Yan.

That woman was almost thirty years old. Even though she knew that Shen Yan and Zhang Peng's relationship was not ordinary, she still had the idea of going after Shen Yan. Qingqing felt so disgusted that she was about to vomit in her heart.

But what's more hateful was that Zhang Peng was utterly unaware of it even if he was betrayed by her. At least they knew each other, Qingqing felt that it was necessary to remind him of this.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Peng didn't mind in the slightest. He smiled: "Qingqing, don't you know how I got engaged to her? As long as she doesn't bother me, it's okay, I don't care what she does. I would like her to have taken a fancy to someone so that I could be free. "

What Zhang Peng said was the truth. If the Old Master had not forced him, let alone getting engaged to Bai Hong, he would not even spare her a glance.

Don't try to show off now. When the day comes that you really caught her red-handed in bed and you can still act so carefree, I'll be totally convinced by you...

Qingqing glanced at Zhang Peng and said: "Since Young Master Zhang does not mind, then let's go together." An extra person only took an extra pair of chopsticks. No matter what, she was still a so-called Young Queen in this business, so how could she still care about this meal?

"Good, I appreciate it. And only us, it won't be fun. Why don't we call on Young Master Yan? It'll be happier with more people. I wonder what you two beauties are up to?" Zhang Peng asked while smiling at the side.

Qingqing came for Shen Yan's sake in the end, she was just worried about not being able to find a reason to get close to Shen Yan. Now she had such a good chance, there's no way for her to reject. Therefore, there were no objections to Zhang Peng's suggestion.

"Alright, you can call Young Master Yan."

Just as she finished speaking, someone spoke up.

"My brother had an appointment with a beautiful woman and left earlier. If you don't believe me, you can ask my sister." Shen Qiang drove his half-new Audi out, just in time to hear them talking about his Second Brother, and he directly told them the bad news.

"which beautiful woman?" Zhang Peng immediately became excited and turned to ask Shen Qiang.

"I really don't know who the woman is." As Shen Qiang spoke, his eyes intentionally or unintentionally swept over Qingqing. Seeing that she was so angry that her face had lost all color, he felt so much pleasure...


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