Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 130 Coming to a Restaurant Was Naturally to Eat.
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 130 Coming to a Restaurant Was Naturally to Eat.

This child, how could he do this? Qingqing was a girl, why didn't he have compassion for girls? Zhang Peng glanced at Shen Qiang a few times, but all of them were ignored by him.

Today, she came over on her own accord, and he wasn't the one who was aiming at her on purpose.

Qingqing was also not an easy target. Today, she had taken the initiative to come over to treat him, occupying the initiative. If this really got in front of the elders, Shen Qiang would definitely be at a disadvantage.

Xia Yu quickly said: "Xiao Qiang, I'll ride in your car."

"Sister Xia, take my car, my car is right beside you!" Zhang Peng protested from the side. If she walked away from him to Shen Qiang, then what face did he have?

"It's all the same." Although Xia Yu said that, she did not stop and directly got into Shen Qiang's car.

Although Qingqing hated Shen Qiang, she couldn't openly offend him either. Looking at disappointed Zhang Peng, she walked two steps towards him and whispered in his ear: "I was wondering why you don't seem to care about it even if your fiancé ran away with another man, turned out that you are in love with someone else."

Zhang Peng shrugged his shoulders and sighed: "You saw it too, I was ignored."

Zhang Peng is really not Xia Yu's favorite type of man. Qingqing's mouth twitched, but she did not say anything. She got into her own car and led the way.

Qingqing liked eating seafood, so she booked a room at a seafood restaurant.

When they arrived there, Bao Na had also invited a group of her classmates to gather there.

These people all knew Xia Yu, so they went to greet her when they saw her.

Xia Yu knew that Bao Na had invited them to discuss her wedding with Chen Wenxuan, so she didn't talk too much with her classmates. After a few words, she continued to walk inside with Qingqing and the others.

"The girl beside Xia Yu looks really familiar. I think she's the famous star Qingqing." Some of the classmates recognized Qingqing, but they were not sure. They carefully asked others to confirm.

"Of course, it's Qingqing." Bao Na on the side said in a sour tone. She and Xia Yu were both secretaries, but she had only worked for a few days and was already fired, but Xia Yu had been doing very well.

"It's really her? I never thought that Xia Yu would be so close to her and even eat with her. Do you think she would help me if I asked her to get an autograph from Qingqing?" There was even Qingqing's fan among the classmates, thinking of Qingqing's autograph.

"It shouldn't be a problem, right? Is the person beside Xia Yu Young Master of Shen Family? " Someone stared at Shen Qiang's back and asked.

"Yes, that is the third young master of Shen Family." Bao Na said snappily.

Her worst failure was that she didn't know that Shen Qiang was the Third Young Master, and even treated him as an intern like her, although her mother and Second Madame were classmates.

She didn't even know it after she offended him, and she got no way to vent her anger. If her car was not smashed by Shen Yan, then it was by Shen Qiang, and the injuries on Chen Wenxuan were also most likely done by them.

Even if Bao Na guessed that it was them, she could do nothing about it. The anger made her stomach ache.

But her classmates didn't know, so they were still discussing on the side.

"Looking at him, he seems to be on good terms with Xia Yu."

"Who is that man?"

Zhang Peng didn't look like an ordinary person either, everyone was very interested.

"Young master Zhang, Zhang Peng!" Bao Na said sourly.

"He is Young Master Zhang? I heard that Young Master Zhang is very generous. How could Xia Yu be so familiar with him." From everyone's words, it wasn't hard to tell that they were full of envy.

"Hmph, do you know how hard she works behind people's back? Of course, she would make these young masters mad."

Bao Na was so angry that she almost exploded. Just now, when she saw Shen Yan holding onto another woman, she was not happy enough, and now that Xia Yu had caught another big fish, how come all the good stuff were taken by her.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. With a sullen expression, she turned around and left.

The other people all had different expressions as they looked at Bao Na's back, but most of them were ridiculing her.

So, what if she stole Chen Wenxuan? Chen Wenxuan was just a poor employee, but the two people beside Xia Yu were obviously of extraordinary status.

Maybe someone would say, that Xia Yu's methods were not decent, and what she did was not aboveboard.

However, it was more shameful to be poor than to be a prostitute. No matter how dirty one's methods were, they would always be cursed as well as envied by people. After all, not everyone could do so.

Several classmates with high status were sizing up Zhang Peng. Although he was dressed in casual attire, all of his clothes were from luxury brands, and the car key on his finger also indicated that his car was worth more than a million.

Seeing him leave, a few of her classmates smiled and went up to her, saying: "Xia Yu, Young Master Shen and Young Master Zhang both have noble status, how do you know them?"

"Yeah, if you have any secret tips, just let us know a little."

Seeing that her classmates were chasing her again, Xia Yu stopped in her tracks, smiled, and replied: "Young Master Shen is my boss, I dare say I do not know him? Young Master Zhang is a friend of my boss, they meet with each other quite often. That's it."

"Your boss even brought you to hang out with his friends. It seems like you got along well with him."

Xia Yu nodded lightly and replied, "Not bad."

Everyone was clear what kind of thoughts they had in mind to get close to her, and Xia Yu had replied in an extremely ambiguous manner. In any case, the people that Bao Na invited did not treat her as a friend from the bottom of their hearts.

Weren't these people laughing at her on the street not long ago, saying that she couldn't even keep her own boyfriend?

Xia Yu would not be so foolish as to be totally honest with these people, what's more, this group of people had the word 'envious' written on their faces.

After hastily ending a few inattentive conversations, she continued to walk inside. As she walked, she took out her cell phone and dialed Wang Qiaoling's number.

Wang Qiaoling quickly answered: "Hello, Xia Yu?"

Xia Yu said: "Are you available? Qingqing is treating us to a meal, but only Shen Qiang and Zhang Peng are with us, it would be better if you came too. "

Last time when Zhang Peng helped Wang Qiaoling, the story of them being old neighbors was revealed. Xia Yu could tell that Zhang Peng was very concerned about Wang Qiaoling. Since everyone was already so familiar with each other, why not have a meal together?

Hearing that, Wang Qiaoling immediately laughed: "Xia Yu, it's not bad to have the future Lady Boss treat you to a meal. You have a lot of faces. I want to go, but I have an appointment. "

There were not many people talking about Shen Yan and Qingqing in Tengfei, but it was different in Shengda. Right now, everyone in Shengda knows that the two of them were dating. So when Xia Yu mentioned Qingqing, Wang Qiaoling immediately laughed.

"Talking about face? If I can make it to the end, I'll recite Amitabha." Xia Yu lowered her voice and laughed, she did not explain to Wang Qiaoling about her misunderstanding toward them, since there are a lot of rumors about Shen Yan, so it doesn't matter to have one more.

"Are you afraid that Shen Qiang would not give a face to Qingqing? After all, it is a public place, I don't think he would go that far." Wang Qiaoling thought of the various things that Shen Qiang had done, and she also broke out in a cold sweat for Qingqing.

Third Young Master's way of doing things depended on his own preferences. Moreover, he hated the mother and daughter from Wu family very much. Sitting at a table while eating, that scene could even be imagined by Wang Qiaoling.

"Right now, I can only hope that he will give a face to Qingqing." Xia Yu laughed, but she was not confident at all. Since Wang Qiaoling was busy, Xia Yu only chatted with her for a while before hanging up.

But just as she walked forward a few steps, she saw that Zhang Peng and Shen Qiang were both standing still and not moving at all.

Xia Yu walked over and took a breath of cold air.

It couldn't be such a coincidence that Shen Yan and Bai Hong were also eating here.

The relationship between the two of them was really chaotic. Zhang Peng was together with the mother of Shen Yan's son, while Shen Yan was together with his fiancée.

Xia Yu looked back and forth between the two of them and then lowered her head. She was considering whether or not she should go to the bathroom to avoid the embarrassment.

Qingqing, who was at the side, had an even worse headache. She knew that she had caused a disaster this time, and if Shen Yan and Zhang Peng were to get into a fight, the restaurant would definitely get torn down.

Seeing Xia Yu coming over, Qingqing hurried over to her side and explained in a fawning tone: "Miss Xia, I really didn't know that Young Master Yan would come to this place."

As she spoke, she glanced at Shen Yan, hoping that he could bring Bai Hong away quickly.

Seeing Qingqing together with Shen Qiang, Xian Yu, and Zhang Peng, Bai Hong was also shocked, especially feeling displeased to see Zhang Peng directly ignoring them.

This was something that Bai Hong could not tolerate, and Qingqing was even giving Shen Yan a meaningful glance.

Bai Hong was angry. Was it shameful of me? Why should he let me go?

It was not that Qingqing realized there was no hope for Shen Yan and her, so she just turned around and chase after Zhang Peng, right? There had already been rumors about them previously, so what was with all this colluding together now?

Although Bai Hong kept saying that she and Zhang Peng's engagement was in name only, it was forced by the elders, and they do not interfere with each other; Actually, it was only because Zhang Peng treated her so coldly that she could only say this to save face. Her goal was obviously to attract Zhang Peng's attention.

But no matter what she did, Zhang Peng turned a blind eye, so she simply stared at Shen Yan. Aren't the two best friends? She would go out with Shen Yan every day and wander around under his watch to see if he was angry or not.

She knew that Shen Yan was working with Luo Jiancheng, so she entangled Luo Jiancheng, who was such a swine and willing to bring her along.

No matter what, Bai Hong was the young miss of the Bai family, how much face would he have if she was by his side? Even when he was talking business with Shen Yan, he also brought her along.

However, he had bought a sky-high necklace at the auction and given it to Bai Hong in the blink of an eye. It was unknown who had told his wife about all of this. His wife was just about to settle this with him, after hearing that he was with Bai Hong again, she brought a group of people to denounce him.

Luo Jiancheng was famous for being afraid of his wife. When he heard that she was going to arrive soon, he immediately promised to give some benefits to Shen Yan, begging him to bring Bai Hong away.

Shen Yan had just beaten Luo Jiancheng last time, and this fellow was challenging him recently. Although Shen Yan was not afraid of him, in the business world, having one more friend was better than having one more enemy. Shen Yan could earn money, and also get rid of the grudge between him and Luo Jiancheng, so he agreed without any hesitation.

Originally, Shen Yan wanted to bring her out and then separate with her, but Bai Hong was so hard to get rid of. Shen Yan had no choice but to bring her over for dinner. And it was such a coincidence that he could meet them here.

Especially when he saw Shen Qiang standing with Qingqing, he felt a headache.

"Xia Yu, what are you doing here?" Shen Yan had an unhappy expression. Amongst these people, he could only blame Xia Yu.

"Coming to a restaurant is naturally to eat. You can come so can I, right?" Zhang Peng saw Shen Yan directly rushing towards Xia Yu and was unhappy.

I didn't even bother about you holding onto my fiancée, yet you dared to lecture Xia Yu the moment you asked. Who gave you the right to teach the woman I like?

Oh, he's coming to pay his respects right away! Had Xia Yu ever put on a good face to you before? Shen Yan rolled his eyes at Zhang Peng several times.

However, Zhang Peng was already at odds with him today, that he had no intention of letting him go.

This brat had always wanted to show off in front of Xia Yu, and now that he had such an excellent opportunity, he naturally wouldn't let it go. If he were to continue speaking, he was afraid that Zhang Peng might really fall out with him.

Shen Yan could only tell Bai Hong: "Let's go."


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