Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 131 Miss Xia Really Has Skills
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 131 Miss Xia Really Has Skills

"Why should we leave?" Bai Hong was not convinced. Qingqing was just an actress. Xia Yu was only a secretary, but she wanted her to show weakness in front of them. That would be too disgraceful, wouldn't it?

"Where do you want to go? What a coincidence, since we are so familiar with each other, why don't we just eat together?" Shen Qiang had not seen these two people's jokes for a long time. He enjoys the excitement of watching the show, the livelier, the better.

"I think so!" Zhang Peng agreed by the side. This was a God-given opportunity, he wanted to see how shameless Bai Hong was.

He had always disliked her for fooling around among different men and acting so innocent, so today was the perfect time to teach her a lesson.

"Xia Yu, are you done yet?" Shen Yan was angry, but it was not convenient to get mad at the two of them, so he could only vent out all of his anger on Xia Yu.

"Miss Xia, you are too arrogant. As a person, you have to know when to advance and when to retreat." The people of Tengfei all said that Xia Yu was very arrogant, and even Zen Mina could not compare to her. Bai Hong had wanted to see her for a long time, so she certainly would not give away such a chance to teach Xia Yu a lesson,

Just as she finished speaking, Shen Qiang said unhappily at the side: "You two are really born together, the one who's treating is Qingqing, the one who spoke was Zhang Peng and me, why did you guys pick on Xia Yu? Who's gone too far? Who's arrogant?"

"Brother Shen Qiang is right, Young Master Yan, Xia Yu does whatever you need her to do, how come you are treating her like this? It was too chilling. If you don't want this secretary, I just need one. Let her work for me. " Zhang Peng added insult to injury.

"Zhang Peng, which side are you from? Who are you helping?" Bai Hong stared fiercely at Zhang Peng. No matter what, he was still her fiancee in name, but he was actually speaking up for Xia Yu.

"I'm helping myself, Bai Hong. It will be meaningless if we say it so clear. Since you dislike me so much and are unwilling to eat at my table, then leave. I really do not plan on forcing you to stay. " Zhang Peng wanted to disrupt the situation today, so he immediately retaliated.

Bai Hong had gone too far. She could even be that close with a man like Luo Cheng. Zhang Peng could be considered to be very patient. If it were him, he would have already told her to f * * k off. After all, Shen Yan still sympathizes with his best friend...

Wasn't it just eating together? The one who is unwilling to eat together should leave. There was no reason for him to offend his brothers and friends, as well as his secretary for her. "What you're saying. Who dislikes you?"

"Young Master Yan, you mean we can eat together?" This is becoming interesting. Zhang Peng looked at the Bai Hong, like asking "Are you leaving or staying?

Shen Yan really wanted to punch Zhang Peng in the face. There was no need to be so obvious. After all, she was his fiancée. Even if he didn't like her, she was a woman. He should still have some grace.

Qingqing, who was at the side, was also very pleased with herself. Even if she could not teach Xia Yu a lesson today, it was the same when she saw Bai Hong being humiliated. No, it should be said that it was totally worth it. Bai Hong is so much worse than Xia Yu.

From the looks of it, it would not be good tonight.

Seeing that Qingqing was already showing off, Shen Yan could only helplessly glance at her. He was puzzled, Qingqing and Xiao Qiang could actually eat together, would the sun really rise from the west?

One step at a time.

"Together, your room is big. Let's go to your room." Shen Yan immediately made the decision.

"I'll get the waiter to add a few more dishes." Qingqing's eyes swept across the Bai Hong and waved to the waiter. If you have the ability, why don't you just leave?

Look at her smug look. I only stay for Young Master Yan's sake. It has nothing to do with you. Bai Hong glared at her.

"Sis, my big brother is too perverted. Don't lower yourself to him." Shen Qiang glared at his second brother fiercely. In the entire company, only Xia Yu was still doing things for him with all her heart, but he actually couldn't distinguish from right and wrong. If he really offended Xia Yu, then let's see who would still do things for him in the future.

"Do you think I'm such a petty person?" Xia Yu looked at the two couples that had entered and smiled to Shen Qiang: "Looks like you don't need to take action today personally, there will be a good show to watch."

The corner of Shen Qiang's lips rose even higher: "Of course. Didn't that damned girl Qingqing like to complain? If she had the ability, she can go back and tell her mother that Baihong bullied her, and see if the Bai family will give them face. "

"Let's go, they're all inside." Xia Yu said.

"Sis, are you really not angry?" Shen Qiang glanced at Xia Yu. She really couldn't tell his second brother liked her?

"What you're saying, it's a small matter." After following a master like Shen Yan, Xia Yu had long prepared for this. If she were to lower herself to his level for such small things, wouldn't she be busy to death?

"I'm relieved that you can think like that. I am anxious that the company will collapse tomorrow." It's over. What a one-sided wish!

Alas, this was a situation where one had to suffer for their own sins.

Shen Qiang Looked at Shen Yan every time he spoke a single sentence, to the point where Shen Yan couldn't get angry even if he wanted to.

The corner of Xia Yu's mouth curved up in a faint self-deprecating smile, and she replied: "If I'm going to affect my work just because I'm offended by others, then I'm an idiot."

She had long since figured out that even if one were the leader of a country, they would still have to lower their heads in certain cases, not to mention her.

"Sister Xia is so generous. Just for this sake, you are my friend in the future." Zhang Peng came over with an exaggerated look.

"What you said meant that we were friends in the past?" Xia Yu said indifferently at the side.

Zhang Peng acted as if he was overwhelmed from the favor, "So Sister Xia treated me as a friend already. I'm really touched. I thought I was still in the probation period. I never thought that Sister Xia would take me so seriously. Trust me, I will continue to work hard and won't disappoint you. "

"Zhang Peng, look at how low you are." Bai Hong almost spat out.

Damn, do you really think I'm transparent when you flirt with other women in front of me?

"I like it. Didn't the Young Master Yan speak to you like that? So you're jealous, aren't you?" Zhang Peng rolled his eyes at Bai Hong.

He didn't think much of her before, except that she was a little bit delicate, and everything else was fine. Only today did he realize that she wasn't sensible. No, she wasn't at all.

If she did not get along with Qingqing, she would just fight with her, what's the point of treating Xia Yu like that?

"Zhang Peng, enough, you should watch your words." Shen Yan said, I don't have as much taste as you, so I'm not interested in your fiancee.

Listen, he doesn't care about you at all. Zhang Peng intentionally or unintentionally shot a glance at the Bai Hong, looking somewhat cocky.

"Miss Bai, why are you doing this? It's your business, sister Xia and I came here to eat." Shen Qiang and Xia Yu switched seats, separating her from Zhang Peng.

"Miss Xia really has skills; even Third Young Master became your protector." Bai Hong said sourly.

"Baihong, don't say that I didn't warn you. That brat, Shen Qiang, treated her as his master. If you offend her, you will offend Shen Qiang, and you will suffer in the future." Zhang Peng felt that it was necessary to remind her.

It was no wonder that the little vixen Qingqing would speak so kindly to Xia Yu. Bai Hong pulled him and asked softly, "Speak, what else do you know?"

Zhang Peng laughed, and did not keep her in suspense: "Young Master Yan himself told me, Xia Yu is magnificent, but what he has his eyes on is her intelligence."

Shen Yan said that? Bai Hong was stunned for a moment. Just as she was in a daze, Zhang Peng put a piece of cake into his mouth.

No wonder that Xia Yu didn't seem to care about it when she saw Shen Yan was holding onto another woman. This damn Zhang Peng was calling her Sister Xia on purpose to disgust her

It looked like Zhang Peng had the upper hand today. Bai Hong instantly withered away and no longer had any interest in anything.

Shen Qiang secretly pulled on Xia Yu's sleeves, showing it to her.

Xia Yu laughed, was there even a need for her to look at her intentionally? She had seen it for a long time.

The moment the two groups of people met, Xia Yu already knew that tonight would not be peaceful, so she could only pretend to be ignorant to the greatest extent possible.

Weren't you being haughty a moment ago? How come you are so upset now? Qingqing's mood was perfect, and she continuously fawned over Shen Yan, causing Shen Qiang to roll his eyes.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it will be Sunday in two days. Would you like to come to my villa in the suburbs to play?" Halfway through drinking, Qingqing suggested.

Zhang Peng was a player and quickly agreed: "Alright, Sister Xia, the scenery around Wu family's villa is perfect. It's worth playing around with."

"I'm afraid the result of the second round of the audition will be issued on those two days. My sister might not be free." This damned girl actually dared to show off in front of me, her villa? Didn't my father spend money to buy it?

"Miss Xia is not giving me face?" No one else said no, only she just refused. Qingqing glanced at Xia Yu unhappily, what do you mean by that?

"Xia Yu, leave it to the others." Shen Yan said while smiling at the side. No one knew whether it was because the atmosphere at the dining table was too oppressive or not, he wanted to change the atmosphere.

In any case, when he said those words, Qingqing was happy, but Shen Qiang's face became extremely ugly.

"Young Master Yan, are you very free?" Shen Qiang slammed the cup down on the table.

Bai Hong had long hated Qingqing's arrogant look. Seeing that Shen Qiang was showing signs of getting angry, she intentionally asked on the side: "I heard that Miss Qingqing is also participating in the audition, I wonder if she can be promoted?"

"Everyone has watched the news. Everyone should know what she did. There's no hope for her." Shen Qiang replied very impolitely.

If it weren't for the account of his foolish father, Shen Qiang would have directly sent her to the prison.

"You …" What was this? Qingqing felt wronged.

"You what? Why did you intentionally bring us here today? Do you want Young Master Yan to open the backdoor for you?" Shen Qiang had always wanted to find a chance to mock Qingqing. Now that Qingqing had voluntarily delivered herself to his doorstep, the words he said would naturally be unpleasant to hear.

Intentionally? Bai Hong looked back and forth between the few of them.

She had come with Shen Yan on a whim. Could it be such a coincidence? When they had just arrived, Qingqing had brought Zhang Peng and Xia Yu here.

Thinking about the look in Qingqing's eyes when she looked at her at the auction, Bai Hong understood everything.

Wu Qing, you were the one who first provoked me. Don't blame me for being impolite: "Third Young Master, you guys are really generous, why are you wasting your time on such a person?"

"Mind your own business!" This is obvious alienation. Qingqing slammed the table and stood up.

"I'm just not used to seeing someone like you, who has no ability yet can still pretend to be somebody, why do you care about me?" Bai Hong also stood up, confronting her.

"Enough, can we just have a meal peacefully?" Shen Yan smashed the wine glass in his hand onto the ground, then left the room without looking back.

The two girls quickly gave chase: "Young Master Yan!"

After the three of them left, the room quieted down.


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