Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 132 I“m Taking Young Master Yan for Sure
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 132 I“m Taking Young Master Yan for Sure

Zhang Peng looked at Xia Yu, smiled and said, "The person who destroyed the atmosphere here is gone, don't waste food."

"When did Master Zhang become so frugal?" Shen Qiang smiled and asked.

Zhang Peng put down the cup in his hand: "Brother Xiao Qiang, you seem like want to change to another place to eat? No problem, I'll be the host."

He said generously.

It really wasn't that necessary. Shen Qiang picked up a mouthful of food with his chopsticks and put it into his mouth: "I've already eaten half of it. It's not necessary to change places."

Zhang Peng looked at Xia Yu and found that she also nodded and raised her glass of wine.

"Master Zhang, as far as I know, Miss Bai is your fiancée. You're truly a generous person." Xia Yu waved the glass of wine in her hand with her tone bland.

Xia Yu's words had reached deep into Shen Qiang's heart, he could barely watch his fiancée stay with his friend, how could this fellow say nothing?

Zhang Peng laughed as if he did not mind: "She can do whatever she wants. I don't believe that my family's old man can accept a slutty woman."

Right, it seems like this is the kid's idea. Shen Qiang shook his head: "Young Master Zhang, won't your family's old man scold you that you even can't control your wife well?

Zhang Peng laughed, and used his hand to support his forehead, "Third Young Master, she is still the young miss of the Bai's family, which gives me the right to control her? Besides, it's about equality between husband and wife. Even if we get married, I still can't control her. "

So it turns out that Zhang Peng was wholeheartedly thinking about annulling the engagement, Xia Yu raised her head and looked at Zhang Peng a few times, as her mind recalled the expression he had towards Wang Qiaoling that day.

They were childhood friends, and Zhang Peng was quite concerned about her. It seemed like he was already in love.

Zhang Peng lifted his glass of wine and cheered with Xia Yu's then laughed: "Sister Xia, don't just watch, let's drink and eat!"

Three of them tried to eat food for six. Even though they had fought with their lives, still more than a half has been left out.

Before he left, Shen Qiang stared at the leftovers and said, "My brother is probably still hungry right now, I should bring some food back for him."

Just now, when he left in such an angry mood, Shen Qiang also worried about him.

"You made him eat the leftovers, if he knows he will beat you up, you better be careful." Zhang Peng intended to order two more dishes for him to bring back.

Shen Qiang waved his hand, "No need, it's a waste of time. We'll just pick up some of the food and go back. Even though he is not going to eat, I will eat when I watch TV and feel hungry.

If you say no, then I will stick to your decision.

Since Qingqing had left early, it was inevitable for Zhang Peng to pay the bill. Because he really wanted to know the further development of the three people, he directly left the two persons at the door and went to gossip.

"He's so impatient, but he is only looking for troubles." Shen Qiang shook his head from behind him.

"What do you mean?" Xia Yu truly did not understand.

"You still don't understand? He is going back to complain. But his father has already said that he can end the engagement if he wants to, but he will be directly scrammed out of Zhang's family. "Therefore, Shen Qiang said that he was looking for troubles.

Xia Yu and Shen Qiang went back home.

What surprised Xia Yu was that Shen Yan was sitting at home, watching television leisurely.

"Young Master Yan, where are they?" At that time, the two girls were very excited, what method did Shen Yan use to deal with them? Xia Yu really wanted to know.

"How would I know?" Shen Yan did not even lift his eyelids as he continued to watch his television.

Shen Qiang smiled and said: "If you want to know, you need to call Qingqing. My second brother has got no time to see them punching each other."

It seemed that this person has lit a fire and douse his feet in oil and leave.

Sigh! Being angry for this kind of man is really not worth it. Xia Yu had a face full of contempt.

"Bro, you didn't eat, right? I brought this back especially for you." Shen Qiang handed over the leftovers he had prepared like a gift.

"I guess you finally have some conscience." Shen Yan was really hungry, he did not hold back and directly took it, opening it to take a look, why did it look so familiar, "You brat, did you bring the leftovers back for me?"

"These are from Qingqing, how sad would she be if you didn't eat?" Shen Qiang said as he flew into his own bedroom.

"You brat, go to hell!" Shen Yan threw all the seafood in his hand over.

Xia Yu hurried over to clean it up. "Can't you two take a break?"

"Why didn't you stop him when he was packing up the leftovers? You deserved it!" Shen Yan pointed his spear straight at Xia Yu.

In other words, she was the one at fault?

Xia Yu stared at Shen Yan for a while and finally laughed.

Shen Yan also laughed. "Tomorrow, I will bring the artists from the preliminary auditions to the scenic area to play and advertise."

After this round, there would be many people eliminated, just like a ceremony to bless everyone.

He looked to be in a good mood and didn't seem to be trapped by love. Looks like another beauty's heart was broken. Xia Yu sighed in her heart.

Seeing that Shen Yan was still looking at her and waiting for her reply, Xia Yu nodded her head. "It has already been arranged. Do you want to go with me tomorrow?"

"Alright!" Shen Yan agreed without hesitation.

After Xia Yu finished packing, she returned to her room. She took a book and leaned on the bed to read.

Her mobile rang to break the silence in the room, she picked up the call and saw that it was Wu Qing calling. She frowned, then picked up: "Hello?"

"Miss Xia, I won't waste any more time. My mother and godfather's relationship was destroyed by you, are you still going to destroy another pair of lovers which is Young Master Yan and me? " Qingqing was filled with anger, it was okay that she could not compare to Zeng Mina in the past.

It hadn't been easy for her to wait until Zeng Mina and Shen Mo were engaged, right? She believed that she would not lose to anyone else since she was confident with her appearance and reputation...

However, she still lost in the end, losing to a point where she couldn't vent her anger.

One of them was a secretary, the other was a middle-aged lady who had been engaged to someone else. How could she take this lying down?

Calling her in the middle of the night to talk something about this, Xia Yu unwittingly laughed: "Miss Qingqing, you can't say such nonsense, I can totally sue you for slander."

These words were so mean. Did she know who she was talking to? Qingqing laughed coldly: "Xia Yu, don't push it, I'll just say it like that. If you have the ability, go and sue me! I will stop talking nonsense, I'm taking Shen Yan for sure. "

Just tell him, why are you yelling at someone you don't know?

Xia Yu hung up the phone and immediately laid on her bed. She still had some activities tomorrow and needed to rest early.

As there were a lot of artists, Xia Yu got a minivan. Young Master Yan was personally accompanying, and everyone was in high spirits. Along the way, someone told a joke, and everyone laughed.

It was not very far, and after a while, the car got off the highway, left the toll station, and turned onto a road that was specially made for reaching the East Lake.

Shen Yan and his group arrived at the eastern gate of the Pinghu scenic spot, and the east gate was close to Heng Shan.

Pinghu was located on the north side of the Heng Shan. There were temples on the mountain, and a resort was built on a few small islands at the foot of the mountain. The resort was a completely archaic building. The islands were connected by wooden bridges, and the water between the islands was filled with lotus flowers. At this time of the year, the lotus flowers were in full bloom.

When they arrived, several people were waiting for them in the car park. Xia Yu and Shen Yan got off the car initially, and they shook hands with Shen Yan when they saw him. Soon, the artists got out of the vehicles. The person in charge of the scenic area led them on board the boat and directly went to the residence that had been arranged for them.

Actually, it's possible to walk from the parking lot to the villa, but because there are so many people, the area's welcoming staff made this arrangement in case visitors who saw their idols on the street might create chaos.

Reeds were growing on the shore, tall reeds poking out of the water, water birds swimming on the surface, and birds standing on wooden poles at the edge of the water, taking to the air every now and then. The lotus blossoms on the surface of the water were blooming amidst the lotus leaves. They were pink and white, swaying along with the wind. In a breath, it was filled with the fragrance of lotus flowers.

Xia Yu closed her eyes, letting the cool breeze and the lotus fragrance soak her heart, and squeezed away all those bad feelings.

Shen Yan sat there, listening to the person in charge of the scenery introducing while chatting with the others.

Xia Yu would occasionally turn her head to look at him, and the expression on his face was indifferent as if he hadn't noticed her at all.

The beautiful scenery and the cold air made her heart relax. Furthermore, Shen Qiang was a perfect partner for chatting. On the way, Xia Yu felt relaxed and happy.

When they reached their residences, the person in charge of the scenic area had arranged them separated rooms. Wu Shiyu asked to live with Xia Yu, as she had a lot of things to say to her.

Xia Yu originally wanted to be in the same room with her cousin, so she had no objections. Let them arrange it that way.

"Young Master Yan, then I will take my leave first. If you need me to send a boat, then please give me a call." After the arrangements were made, the manager of the scenic area said.

"Thank you, I will be counting on you." Shen Yan said.

"Of course!" The person in charge had a face full of smiles as he said his goodbyes and left.

After Xia Yu entered the room, she laid on the bed and opened her arms wide, looking at the ceiling, she exhaled and said: "It's so comfortable!"

Wu Shiyu stood aside tidying up her stuff and took out the daily necessities from her luggage. Hearing Xia Yu's words, she turned her head to look at her, and laughed: "Then you better rest for a while."

After saying this, she continued to keep herself busy.

Xia Yu did not have time to rest. There were so many artists, she has to keep an eye on, right?

After lying for a few minutes, Xia Yu stood up and spread her hair, planning to take a look outside.

"Sister Yu, wait a moment, I have something to say to you." Wu Shiyu stopped Xia Yu. She was still thinking about the matter of land development. Since the official voting would be held tomorrow, and Shen Mo worried so much about that, after thinking about it, she could only beg Xia Yu.

Yes, Shen Yan nodded, Shen Qiang, Second Madame, Shen Yang, and the others would naturally support Shen Mo. However, Shen Yan had clearly stated that he was a supporter of development.

Putting aside those imposing reasons, Xia Yu had no way to persuade Shen Yan, so she could only shake her head to her cousin.

"Yu, you also like that place, right?" Wu Shiyu panicked, and pulled Xia Yu's hand to prevent her from leaving: "I have never begged you before, this time you must help me no matter what."

In her mind, her cousin had always been a very reasonable person. Now, she was actually acting unreasonably with her. Xia Yu looked at the arm on her arm and laughed: "Sis if I have the right to vote, with a word from you, I will naturally stand by Young Master Mo's side. The problem now is that I do not even have the qualifications to go to Headquarters. "

Xia Yu truly got no methods to help.

"That's why I asked you to beg Young Master Yan. He likes you quite a lot, doesn't he? As long as you told him, he will definitely agree to it. " Wu Shiyu continued to shake Xia Yu's arm.

"You said he likes me?" Xia Yu was speechless, she pointed to her own nose and asked.


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